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WIP Wednesday


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Oh yeah! My first Wednesday WIP post. I just finished an angel afghan for a friend. I purchased the pattern from e-patterns central. I took a picture of it a couple of days ago before I finished it. Here's a link as it's too large to post right now:



It's made from Caron Simply Soft worsted weight in white and I used an H hook. I haven't measured it yet, either. It's very nice. The name of the pattern is called "Heavenly Hearts" by Sue Childress.


This past weekend I whipped up a few bookmarks and keychains. I don't have pictures of the keychains, but here's links to pictures of my bookmarks. They are my design made with size 10 thread and glass and/or plastic beads.









I'm thinking of either making the flower poncho pattern by Nancy Brown that the CGOA just sent me for signing up. I'm thinking of making that with the Caron yarn that's left over from the blanket. I also have some Simply Soft variegated blue that would look nice with the white.


I am also wanting to make a "Pineapple Eyelet Lace Doily" by Sandra Jean Smith. It hase 6-triple pineapple cups that you can place votive candles in. I found the pattern in an Old-Time Crochet magazine - winter, 1999.


Whew! I never knew I could just ramble on! I'm so happy I found this forum. :c9


Edited to add links to my angel afghan.




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Okay I know it is Tuesday, but here are my WIPs for the week.



1. Kitchen/bath swap items ( I have 4 done and one more to go, although I keep seeing neat patterns so Woennspun just may end up with a few more things).


2. Secret Pal items (I am having so much fun comingup with projects for my person).


3. Teacher appreciation week gifts ( I am making each of my girls teachers, there are 4, kitchen/bath items and a bag)


4.Comfortghan squares for my friends comfortghan and for others who are doing one as well.


5. Gifts for my daughters swim coaches.



Whew! Got lot's to do and not enough time to do it all.

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Well, I have about 15 rows left on my green afghan for my husband's grandmother. That's all I've been working on this week.


I still have the white baby blanket in "progress," although I haven't touched it in more than three weeks.


I'd like to make my mother some slippers with some Paton yarn I found. But I have to do that tonight to send them in the mail tomorrow for mother's day!

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Works in progress? OY! :oops


Ok, one boy baby blanket on a P hook, varigated blue boucle yarn, about 20 rows done.


Blue squares 7" for Pam


A pink & varigated baby girl dress w/matching shoes & hat & blanket.


A shawl for the nicest lil older lady who is moving & I'm gonna miss soooooooooo much!!


Dish clothes for 4 swaps.


My kitchen/bath swap stuff.


PLUS I have finals all week. IF I don't go knuts, I may need to have my head examined!! :rofl

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Broke down and bought a rag rug pattern..... shape of TX... been working on it ....but........ doing it with plastic bags!!! Started A J's wrist bag ( I luv it) about 6 times. I want to make one, but doubt I would use it. I do have 3 great-neices but not sure I wanna make 3 of them. But I do have 3 diff colors of Aunt Lydias Denim I could use. The last one I started I was doing hdc, and I wasnt doing the inc's right. Might try again after I finish the TX rug.

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  1. Crossed Bucket Hat
  2. secret project
  3. The Boy demanded a hat yesterday
  4. couple small things
  5. ufo busting things

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I am now working up a Pineapple Eyelet Lace Doily designed by Sandra Jean Smith. I found the pattern in an Old-Time Crochet magazine dated Winter 1999.


I'm using white size 10 thread and a 7 hook.


I just finished round 27 of 30. This doily has 6 cups, made with 3 pineapples each, in which one may place votive candle holders. After round 30, I have to work on the pineapple cups. There are 5 rows for each pineapple and 18 pineapples total.


I am not sure who is getting this doily. A friend at church saw the picture of the pattern and asked me how much I would charge for it. I told her I wasn't sure yet. She told me to let her know. She has purchased a doily from me in the past for her daughter, so there's a good chance she wants it, but my mom would like it, too, and it would be great for a mother's day gift. I may have to work up a second one! :yay

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I've finished the baby set for the baby shower.


Now working on the pineapple pillowghan, got 3 more squares done, need 9 more to finish.


Have the yarn I need (I hope) to finish the cocoon sweater-I think I'm giving that to my mom for Mother's day, it's a bit tight on me and she isn't quite as big as I am, I think she'll like it too.


Finished a pair of socks from sock yarn and a basic pattern the other day, love them.


That's all I'm owning up to right now :wink



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Wed., May 4


:hook WIPS

1. Sylvia Cosh sweater from her 'Sweater Book'...it's slowly coming along

2. Flowers, flowers, flowers.

3. Guardian Angel afghan....put aside to work on other things.It's in pink and I really wish I could wiggle my nose to make it white. Grrrrr

4. 12 squares of the Leisure Arts "35 Granny Squares Combine to Make a Granny Sampler Afghan" by Martha Brooks Stein. I haven't touched this in the longest time.

4. 'Hooked On Fish' fish for Brendan's Boxes (YaYa Yarnhood's nephew)

5. Kitchen/Bath Swap projects

6. Comfortghan Squares for Heather (YarnFeather) children



1. Scarves for Kari (Summer Scarf Swap, I won't say how many)

2. Comfortghan Squares for Pam (Yarnmistress)

3. Black boa (wish I had taken a picture of this before sending)

4. Sock Monkey Bookmark (see pattern under Original Patterns)

5. Henny Penny Hot Lid Mitt (see under Show & Tell)


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Actually for me this will be WIM since I don't have anything actually on the hook right this minute.



1) 2 more snuggles probably will be 2 round ripples I have made 10 snuggles and had a goal of at least 10 plus some toys to deliver wiht them


2) An A pillow from the pattern that Woven & Spun so generously wrote up


3) I really want to make a shrug like that Pink Fluffy one , I forget who the talented designer is but I'm in love with it


Well oops I just remebered I do have something partially made I have almost all the parts of Jennifers Baby Doll just need to do the toes and fingers and add the hair etc....

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Wow it's already Wenesday. I guess it's time for another WIP list


1. The infamous crocheted monkey for my step-daughter. Seriously, do you guys think I should frog this project (Input please.)

2. The knitted poncho for a christmas present. Still no more yarn for that project, so no progress either, once I finish one project I'll buy more yarn for this one first.

3. The Diamond and Lace poncho. I have to buy more yarn for that one.

4. The Sweet Feburary Shawl. You guessed it, I need more yarn.

5. The crochet tote bag that I am designing. Nothing new on this one either, other projects have a higher priority then this one. My goal is to finish it before I go on vacation this summer.

6. The cabled knitted sweater for my friend at work. One sleve almost done.

7. Still working on the poncho for my friend at work. I lost my needle today though so I won't be working on it until late next week.

8. The Butterfly Shawl at crochetville.org. I'm making this one with black worseted weight yarn for my GrandmotherI do have one FO for this week though, I made a crochet hook case for myself.

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Ok I'm jumping in here. I know it's Thursday but sometimes I'm slow :lol


I have been working on a victorian baby cape forever now. I got a whopping 15 rows done this week. I could usually finish this thing in a couple of days but....


my oldest daughter is getting married in 17 days. We ( I ) had a total of 2 months to put together a wedding with 50 guests :eek It's coming along nicely.

I made the bouquets, boutoneers, coursages & veil. The grooms parents are handling the food, thank goodness :clap

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Good morning. Checking in with my WIPs.


I am working up some swiffer pads. I made one that was a tad small. It fits but I have to stretch it big time to fit. It also works great. It works the same as their pads.


I have a bag in progress but don't know if I will keep it or not. We have lots of bags around here. We'll see. I was going to make a plain bag - rectangular - with a long strap to cross over the body. It was going to be for all the toys all my kids bring along everywhere we go. We'll see.


I am also working on an Arrowhead Afghan with Popcorn Stitches. I found it in a Better Homes and Gardens "White Crochet" book. I am using an H hook and baby blue Caron Simply Soft. It's going to be for my kids to all cuddle under when they're watching tv or just wanting to snuggle on the couch. I am going to make it large enough for all 6 kids to fit under. :eek

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It has been a while since I have posted so I figured it was time to get going and why not start with this thread right here.


1. Circular Skipping Stones Afghan (2/3 done)

2. Bamboo Purse (Just need to line it)

3. 63 Squares Afghan (5 done)


I think that is it for now. I have loads of things runnning thorugh my mind, so I am sure this list will just grow. Happy WIP Wednesday!

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I have a whole pile of UFOs, but the only one I'm actually working on right now is "the shawl of doom" which has been frogged more times than I want to think about it. Almost half way through and still unhappy with the shape, but it will have to do.

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Well, I missed last week for some reason...:think


That is how scatterbrained I have been.

My list this week is suprisingly short.


A jacket in the Tunisian stitch....I have a feeling this will be on my list for quite a while. I am slow going at getting used to holding this long hook and having to figure out how to hold it as my piece keeps getting bigger. I didn't know what I was getting into when I started this.....but I so want this jacket. I swear I probably won't finish it until September when it gets cool again (it is made with LB Suede), but hey, at least I am honest...lol :devil


A poncho/hat/mary jane slipper set for Megan. I'm assuming these won't take long as they are little (3/6 months) I only started last night but didn't get far...the kiddies were being a handful and a half.


I have a gazillion WIM's. And I just got some pattern books in the mail....2 from Patons, for summer tops, and this awesome triangle flower motif shawl. And Schachenmayr's Inspiration No 55.........

and so there grows the WIM list. The weather today calls for a thunderstorm and 75 degrees, and tomorrow drops down to 60 degrees (gotta love that Michigan weather...NOT) so there are 2 good crochet days (but...aren't they all?!)

Have a great day all!

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I've finished the babyghan and gifts. I'll have to give them to Denise's mother to make sure she gets them at the shower this Saturday as we will be out of town all day that day.


Need 7 more squares on the pineapple pillowghan to finish, he'll have a late birthday present since this week and next will probably be hectic. He said he understands.


Made and finished a pineapple shawl from a frogged sweater and will give that to Mom on Saturday when they get to Aunt Dot's, started me one in Homespun Metropolis. You can't see the pattern as well with the tweedy look but it's going to be very soft and very snuggly. Almost finished with it.


I will get (back) to the 63 squares as soon as I finish the pillowghan.


I will also get to the UFO arrowhead MAM afghan I said I was going to finish.


That's enough for now.



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I HAVE NO WIPs!!!!!!!


I ended up frogging the white baby blanket I've been "working" on for more than a month and I made a baby sweater out of some of the yarn and the rest is getting put away for now. Last night I finished it and the matching bonnet, so aside from buying a ribbon, I'm finished!


WIM are another story.

1. Socks for my mother

2. Halter for my sister-in-law. (I have to wait for the pattern to get in)

3. Another of MommaChelle's halters for my little one. (I'm waiting on yarn)

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Here are mine...

  • Ripple shawl done in Microspun, a little over halfway done
  • Openwork asymmetrical poncho, more than halfway done...I don't know if I even like this one...could be why I haven't touched it in a while
  • Afghan, almost halfway done....it's been in its basket, untouched, for a few weeks now. It's hard to get motivated to work on when progress is so slow, and I know I won't get any use out of it for several months.
  • And finally, my second knitting project, a long vest, just a few rows done.

Lots and lots of WIMs, though...

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Wow, my first WIP Wednesday....


Let's see, I'm working on:

- a couple of striped pencil bags in LB Microspun

- two squares for a comfortghan

- a ripple lapghan in LB Woolease (have to finish this one up soon, it's a graduation present...)

- a wool afghan for a cousin who is getting married soon


That's about it; I'm too busy to take on anything else right now! :hook

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