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  1. My WIP's: Grey and cream poncho (no pattern just sort of winging it) bathsets ( soap savers, face cloths and backscrubbers) done scarves done comfort packs (making one for myself and one for my friend) doily ( this thing is giving me more headaches) That is all for now. Hopefully I will finish all of these soon and then get started on some fingerless gloves for myself.
  2. Here's my WIP update: Finished bathroom swap items and sent them off, working on kitchen items now. working on squares for a comfortghan I am making for my friend and also for a few other comfortghans for crochetville members. working on secret pal items. attempting a bath pouf for my mother ( not mothers day related)
  3. Okay I know it is Tuesday, but here are my WIPs for the week. 1. Kitchen/bath swap items ( I have 4 done and one more to go, although I keep seeing neat patterns so Woennspun just may end up with a few more things). 2. Secret Pal items (I am having so much fun comingup with projects for my person). 3. Teacher appreciation week gifts ( I am making each of my girls teachers, there are 4, kitchen/bath items and a bag) 4.Comfortghan squares for my friends comfortghan and for others who are doing one as well. 5. Gifts for my daughters swim coaches. Whew! Got lot's to d
  4. :wow Tampa Doll, that is absolutely amazing! I am just in awe of your work. Darn it, now I have t learn to do that! LOL! Seriously, that is wonderful, and the recipient of that gift is one lucky person! Nice job!
  5. I know it's Friday, but here are the projects I have going on: Finishing up a gift for my secret pal (almost done) I am starting my very first poncho. I have tons of this thread that I originally planned on using for another project, but I ended up hating the yarn so I used another yarn for the project. Now I very much love this yarn again and decided to make a poncho out of it. I am making a little mushroom house for my girls Bushwillie's. I am making some bookmarks for my girls teachers. Those are all my crochet projects, but I have about 2-3 sewing projects going on as w
  6. Raleigh here. So nice to see other NCer's
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