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  1. megan

    WIP Wednesday

    • Knitted Baby Cardigan 70% done • Knitted iPod Cozy (blue) 95% done • Knitted iPod Cozy (pink) 30% done • Pike Place Market Bag in hand dyed yarn 20% done • Draped Bed Jacket 40% done, to be today as I hate it, and it's for me • Crocheted pencil bags (2) 35% done, after being reinvented • Baby afghan... just realized has to be done in a week, at 0% but starting today! Where does it all come from?!?
  2. megan

    WIP Wednesday

    I dread trying to remember all of my WIPs.... 1) Afghan for my sister's future child (due Aug 1) 2) Afghan to enter into Iowa State Fair competition 3) Bed jacket for ME 4) Washcloths for a Crochetville charity project 5) Pencil bags, which will soon undergo a major modification 6) Knitting swatches (I'm teaching myself, so these are all over the place) Plenty of WIMs, but I'm trying not to let myself think about them
  3. megan

    WIP Wednesday

    Wow, my first WIP Wednesday.... Let's see, I'm working on: - a couple of striped pencil bags in LB Microspun - two squares for a comfortghan - a ripple lapghan in LB Woolease (have to finish this one up soon, it's a graduation present...) - a wool afghan for a cousin who is getting married soon That's about it; I'm too busy to take on anything else right now!
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