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    I'm single, live with Mom and my cat, Cookie. I have 4 nieces and 2 nephews.. and I spoil them !
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    Rancho Cucamonga, California
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    Crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, photography, travel, reading & gardening.
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    financial institution
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    Since the mid 70's... but more *avidly* since 2000
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    Things that go fast. I get impatient. I like a *Finished Project*.
  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. But I have communicated with AmyS, and I have decided to forego my turn at the hook. We really need to get this comfortghan moving and on it's way to the deserving recipient. I am sad to have been passed over... but I don't want to cause any more ripples in the pond.
  2. Deb

    One-Color Freeform Baby Blanket

    I would've never thought of freeform and all one color! What a GREAT idea! Your blanket is lovely! I'm sure the parents will love it - whatever shape it turns out to be!
  3. Hi. I guess I was passed over because I hadn't been to this site for awhile? I was really looking forward to participating in this (Jimmie Lu - didn't I volunteer to help with the website?). I am completely bummed. I'm not making excuses... I had a pacemaker put in recently. So I have not been up to surfing the web, and especially reading all threads on this site. I would have responded to an email if one had been sent. I am disappointed.
  4. Looks like I am next in line! It's been a LONNNNNG time comin'.. but worth the wait I am sure. Ready, set, CROCHET!!!
  5. Deb

    Sad News........

    Sending loving thoughts and prayers your way Coralie. Sorry to hear of your loss.
  6. Deb

    NEW Simply Creative Crochet Magazine

    I love the bell sleeved sweater too! In different colors... but that Karabella yarn comes in LOTS of shades. I just need to order me some. I want to wear this sweater on my trip to Alaska in 2007.
  7. Yooo hooooo DonnaLynn! Do you have the hook?
  8. Deb

    How to Subscribe?

    Ok. Here's another dumb question... What does that do? subscribing to a thread?
  9. Jimmie Lu - sorry.. I didn't receive an invitation in my email... did you send it to definitelydeb@gmail.com ? (some of my email goes the wrong way because people spell the definitely with an "a" instead of an "i")
  10. Deb

    Crocheting with old T-Shirts?

    Oh NO! Now I'm gonna be up all night thinking about this!
  11. Deb

    My yarn is possessed

    I'd have to agree with snugsmontreal... the yarn will eventually tell you what it wants to be... or you'll find the perfect pattern when you least expect it (and probably when you have 16 different projects that HAVE TO get DONE NOW! and it'll make you nuts having to wait!). Have I been in your position? haha.. too many times. Good luck with that possessed yarn.
  12. Deb

    I'm going to use my whole stash up!

    Last summer I went for a pre-determined THREE WHOLE MONTHS without purchasing a single skein of yarn; a stash-busting whirlwind was what I was. I made a bunch of lapghans and hats for charity. When the 3 months were ALMOST up... I was at Michael's nearly every other day, wandering the yarn aisles and petting skeins and promising them that I would be back to liberate them to a better place. When I was free to buy again, I went crazy. I bought WAY TOO MUCH with no projects in mind. So.. I am never doing THAT again. Now my plan is to make something for a gift or myself, and make one thing for charity before starting the next project. So far.. so good.
  13. Deb

    Crochet Dreamer

    Don't you believe THAT nonsense! Crochet can be JUST as HIP as knitting! Welcome to the 'Ville. And I hope you get some YOU time soon to pick up that hook!