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    Stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of 6.
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    South Florida
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    Crochet, shooting
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    Doilies, blankets, I'll try most anything
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  1. I was once told, when first starting out, that it was very difficult to crochet with yarn when working with thread for a while. I took that statement and made some doilies made with a combination of yarn and thread. LOL I still, to this date, switch in between thread and yarn and love the differences in the yarns and the hooks. I've used size 12 hooks for thread up to Q for hook. I do not have a favorite hook or yarn. Just give me something so I can crochet!
  2. I don't like RHSS. I have become a yarn snob and am proud of it. I tie knots. I will frog only when necessary. I only swatch when making clothing. And only if the swatch is smaller than a gazillion stitches by a gazillion stitches. I crochet at church during the sermons. (Oh the horror and how rude and disrespectful! - To whom? Not the pastor and not to God. Anyone else can - well, that's between them and God.) I'm sure there are more, I just cannot think of them right now.
  3. I ALWAYS make room for a few skeins, hooks and books (pattern books, that is). In fact, if I didn't hubby would wonder what was wrong with me. When we travel to Ft. Mill, SC for our yearly vacation in June, I make sure I leave room in the suitcase to visit The Yarn Shop at Rainy Day Creations. I know I'll bring home some yummy yarn I can't get at home.
  4. Thanks! Let me share with you the message I received from the recipient: I don't know how to ever thank you enough Debbie, Thank you so very much for the beautiful blanket. It is SO soft, and the colors are just perfect for my room. Your timing was amazing. We all spent most of the day at work yesterday crying over the death of our friend and co-worker. She was killed in a motorcycle accident on Sunday, and left behind 3 children, and an office of people that loved her. I know you will remember her in your prayers. Thank you also for the beautiful card. That song touched me deeply. I have been praying for strength a lot lately. I get to missing (my son) when he's not here, and I'm trying very hard not to be negative toward his dad. He had changed a lot toward me since he remarried. I put the blanket on my bed as soon as I got home last night. Good thing too, cause it really was pretty chilly last night. Thanks so much, and God bless you and your family. ~~~~~~~ It's great to see the comfortghan did, indeed, bring much needed comfort.
  5. Wow, that's great! Thanks to your son for his service.
  6. The only place I don't bring my crochet is to a dinner party. Otherwise, I bring my crochet with me everywhere. Even to church. And I crochet during the sermon. I did ask the elders and pastor if I could and if it would be distracting TO THEM. They told me to go for it and it wouldn't be distracting to the pastor or others who might be teaching.
  7. Oh, how sweet! What pattern did you use?
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