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    Stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of 6.
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    Doilies, blankets, I'll try most anything
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  1. Frogged the halter top. Even after placing it up to her bare skin to make sure it fit, when I finished she says, "It's scratchy." So I frogged it and was going to make her a headband. But because she's got an attitude right now, I've put it on hold. The hat is finished.
  2. Wow. Is it Wednesday already? 1. STILL working on the blanket for my kids. Only 3 more squares to go. 2. Halter top for oldest daughter. 3. Hat for youngest daughter. 4. Doily
  3. 1. Blanket for a friend 2. Blanket for my kiddos (still working on that) Will not start anything until those are finished. Many ideas swirling about, though...
  4. Oh, that's sounds great!
  5. Good morning. Checking in with my WIPs. I am working up some swiffer pads. I made one that was a tad small. It fits but I have to stretch it big time to fit. It also works great. It works the same as their pads. I have a bag in progress but don't know if I will keep it or not. We have lots of bags around here. We'll see. I was going to make a plain bag - rectangular - with a long strap to cross over the body. It was going to be for all the toys all my kids bring along everywhere we go. We'll see. I am also working on an Arrowhead Afghan with Popcorn Stitches. I found i
  6. I am now working up a Pineapple Eyelet Lace Doily designed by Sandra Jean Smith. I found the pattern in an Old-Time Crochet magazine dated Winter 1999. I'm using white size 10 thread and a 7 hook. I just finished round 27 of 30. This doily has 6 cups, made with 3 pineapples each, in which one may place votive candle holders. After round 30, I have to work on the pineapple cups. There are 5 rows for each pineapple and 18 pineapples total. I am not sure who is getting this doily. A friend at church saw the picture of the pattern and asked me how much I would charge for it. I tol
  7. Oh yeah! My first Wednesday WIP post. I just finished an angel afghan for a friend. I purchased the pattern from e-patterns central. I took a picture of it a couple of days ago before I finished it. Here's a link as it's too large to post right now: http://www.busybeescrochet.com/images/crochet/angel1.jpg It's made from Caron Simply Soft worsted weight in white and I used an H hook. I haven't measured it yet, either. It's very nice. The name of the pattern is called "Heavenly Hearts" by Sue Childress. This past weekend I whipped up a few bookmarks and keychains. I don't have
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