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  1. oooooooooooh i sooooooooo love it!! well, I love all your Dora patterns. Thank you so much for sharing.
  2. I make mine using both netting and cotton.
  3. OH another I sooooooo love!! I love the hat! I want one like that for myself lol
  4. I said this out loud .....omg I got to get me a doll !! I LOVE it!! I might even have yarn that color. Thank YOU so much Darski for sharing all your patterns!!!
  5. Broke down and bought a rag rug pattern..... shape of TX... been working on it ....but........ doing it with plastic bags!!! Started A J's wrist bag ( I luv it) about 6 times. I want to make one, but doubt I would use it. I do have 3 great-neices but not sure I wanna make 3 of them. But I do have 3 diff colors of Aunt Lydias Denim I could use. The last one I started I was doing hdc, and I wasnt doing the inc's right. Might try again after I finish the TX rug.
  6. Been working on the "plastic yarn" goose dress. Think I have the pattern down pat, but making another to be sure. Then to write it out so others can understand LOL I know what it is..but will they?
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