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    I love to crochet using plarn.
  1. this is for a baseball cap tho, however might be more of what you are looking for..........
  2. I havent made this, however had it saved as a file for a someday lol
  3. I am not good at explaining but I will try. Seems to me, it is just a small square turned with the points up to look like a diamond.
  4. sorry, not even sure what UGGs look like, however I did a google (crochet Pattern for slipper boots like uggs) and came up with some of these......hope it helps
  5. Beautiful!! What pattern did you use? I have lots of the red sparkle yarn.
  6. Dot has a lot of hat patterns.......
  7. When I first saw the pictures, I thought, oh, two triangles sewed together, and I wouldnt have thought of that myself, then I kept reading and looking and oooooooooooooh, its a hexagon!! Never would have thought of that either!!! What a fantastic way to make a potholder!! Thanks!!!
  8. here is the link at e pattern central.......
  9. another way to make........
  10. awwwwwwww, I click on your link and I get this........ Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator
  11. ran across this one today, hopefully it isnt the one you dont want lol
  12. i googled and this is all I could come up with: this is a pattern for sale, however, I think you could use the idea and make your own.
  13. I love to google lol anyway, here is an idea for you, and explains how to make them.... hope this helps
  14. I like mohair, but when I use it, it is with another yarn. I have made fingerless gloves with the regular yarn and mohair, To me, its very pretty. And yes it is a total pain to undo lol
  15. ooooooh thank you thank you