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WIP Wednesday


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Guest calliope1779

I haven't really started anything new since I finished the block afghan. I really had to focus to get that one finished.


<img border=0 src="http://img28.photobucket.com/albums/v84/crochetville/frog1.gif" /> I started a shell afghan with scraps for a friend of mine whose son is due in May, but I haven't gotten very far!


<img border=0 src="http://img28.photobucket.com/albums/v84/crochetville/frog1.gif" /> I have a blue baby sweater that is sooo close to being done. The second sleeve is 60% done, I just have to attach it and sew on the buttons. Why I don't just sit down and finish it, I don't know. I think I'm going to give it to another friend of mine, if it's not too small for her adorably chubby baby.


<img border=0 src="http://img28.photobucket.com/albums/v84/crochetville/frog1.gif" /> I need to start on something else, don't I? Maybe I should branch out from the flood of baby items I've been doing lately. A doily maybe?

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Well my WIp's are basically the same but i have at least made progress on them .


My scrap granny square pillowgham is 1/4 done now which is really cool to me at least. I am hopeing to get it done in time for my Hubby's birthday on St. Pats day. I thought since we camp alot it will come in handy.


My other pillowgrahm has turned into a throw now.


My poncho is half done finally hopefully I will get it done next week.


I also finally found a pattern for my Mom in laws lap blankie

i decided on a ripple so i guess i will join the ripple group.


that's it for me

be blessed


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current stuff that i'm working on well... off and on:


*jillian and caroline ponchos (one each) from chelle's pattern - i made one too big.... have to frog it #been frogged, re-started in yellow chenille


*grayson's baby blanket - about 80% done (must be done 2/24 for shower) #DONE


*chase's baby blanket - hmmm... maybe 60ish% done (must be done 3/10 for shower)


*the thread bear, mr. speckles has a head, body, both arms (still needs to be stuffed but i did buy a bag of stuffing!)


*bottom of my basket that will go the amoire (sp?) in my bedroom is complete now with 3 inch high sides so far


*hubby's chenille blankie is about 10inches wide


*my nannie's cross is 90% done! STILL not done yet


*i have a FULL spool of red/yellow/blue acrylic hand spun yarn... that i think i have a purpose for :)



- for my REAL list of WIPs, go here (it's shameful!)

... and yes, i know the page is all jacked up. i can't figure out what i am doing wrong


*shamefully, i have started MORE!

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This is fun - also embarassing because I start too many projects instead of finishing one and starting another! From reading the thread, looks like I'm not alone!


- shawl made out of Foxfire organic cotton chenille yarn in oatmeal for my sister's birthday - Feb 28, I need to get crackin!

- black Omega sinfonia scarf - simple sc, hdc, dc pattern.

- Lily Chen shawl that I am making for my anniversary trip with my hubby. I am making it with Gems merino wool, off-white. It will be a sexy shawl for the lovely dinners I know he will take me on

- baby blanket - just sewing together granny squares. It's taking forever, I hate sewing together squares, don't think I will do this again.

- poncho - my own pattern of 2 rectangles. Made with Wendy Aran yarn, it is a blue speckled yarn. I love wendy yarn because I can make an entire project with one huge ball!

- little necklace I found on crochetme.com I'm making with some leftover sock yarn.

- and lastly an afgan for my son. I typically like shorter projects, so afgans sort of bore me. I'm doing this a couple of rows a week at a time so this will be on my WIP list for a while!


This was fun. To see what things I've done recently - checkout my blog - craftygirlz.blogspot.com/


Janet - CraftyGirl

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Here's my Works In Progress or rather this week Works Not Progressing on as I haven't had much time to Crochet.


P's hat (yes I haven't finished yet)

R's dish clothes and Tawashi

K's football (haven't forgotten hun just been busy)

N'niels ball (can't send to mom and dad without the boy something too!)

Special something for Secret Pal

J's doily

whatever else I have going on!

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I'm working on

Felted Wool Purse 50% done

Ripple Homespun Lapghan 25% done

63 square afghan 33/63 done (I really need to get back on this)

Need to make a two hats to go with the two ponchos that I have completed (using Chelle's poncho pattern)

Thats it for now


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I'm working on:


piecing together brother's afghan from a swap 50%

large granny square for same brother's truck 45%

fringe for nieces scarf 99%

baby blanket for hubby's great niece/nephew 40%

8/88 squares for a purple swap

several cross stitch projects



My daughter has two squares done on her first granny afghan

(this is her second afghan she's 13 and is now addicted to yarn. She's been swiping from my stash to start her own!)


:bounce :grouphug :knit

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I have started my grand daughter a poncho and matching hat

2. dishcloth out of Old time crochet:))

3 afghan

Just finished her a hat and a scarf with the fun fur. It turned out pretty.


Since I have been here I hve been doing a lot of different things. So keep posting so I can see all your pretties.:)h

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Well, as usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short, lol! I totally forgot about this, had been planning on posting here the next Wednesday that rolled around - and then I missed it! Oh well.


I am currently actively working on two projects:


The little girl's winter set, a hat scarf and mitten set, from a pattern in the January issue of Crochet! magazine. I had completed one whole mitten but I made several errors on it (it was my first mitten ever) so I've decided to scrap it and redo. I am almost done with the second mitten, will begin working on the third (the new second) very soon. I plan to get a pic of it in it's current state today, will post it to my blog tonight. There's a pic of it taken earlier in the week posted there already.


My other project, which I plan to work on today in my limited "free" time at work, is the LB homespun prayer shawl made from the color Edwardian, it's currently at the top of my blog. I will also be posting an updated photo of it tonight.


I have three other projects that are wips but I haven't worked on them in over a week (or longer :rolleyes2 ) so I will save them for next Wednesday (and hopefully won't forget what day it is again!), maybe by then, I'll have actually done something with them... :rolleyes

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Here goes my list....

cancer ribbon afghan

snowflake afghan - just needs one more panel and edging

baby afghan - 3/4 done

the ripple afghan in circle for guest bedroom - 1/2 done

knitted afghan in pinks that has been sitting for months since I got back to crocheting


to do list...

more totes

baby bibs


more butterfly book marks


Lucy mllorf.blogspot.com

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Good greif its Sat!

Well it seems as though i am even later than everyone else I meant to post everytime I logged on but it just didn't work out that way (i was to Lazy lol) so here goes.


1. My poncho = haven't touched it all week.

2. poncho for my online buddy=almost done

3. Pillowgahm= haven't even touched it all week

4. lapgahm for MIL= haven't touched it LOL really need to get it done as it was supposed to be a Valentines day gift

5. throw for new couch = frogged it


But this week I did make a bag.

I finished my poncho finally.

After reading someones Blog (sorry I can't remember who) I headed out to the thrift store and got three wonderful sweater for 1$ each and have been taking them apart.


Be blessed


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Here's mine and it's wee small


Finish adding some details to a sweater for Poco my pup


Finish the starfish blanket for dd only a few rws to go just can't seem to get into it


I have lots of ideas rolling around in my head too

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hat for P (had to frog it cuz it didn't look right grrrrr)


another hat

project that remains secret (couple of those)

have to start on birthday presents for a couple of folks who have bdays coming up.

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Mine are on my blog. I tried typing the words in smaller, but the edited post apparently hasn't posted yet. (Sorry.):)


I also posted a couple of pictures of my WIPs here, the "Spidey" Pillowghan, and "A Purse I am working on".

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I'm working on

Felted Wool Purse 80% done

Scrub disclothes

Ripple Homespun Lapghan 25% done

63 square afghan 33/63 done (I really need to get back on this) :blush

Need to make a two hats to go with the two ponchos that I have completed (using Chelle's poncho pattern)

Thats it for now

Michelle :wink

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This is my first time to post on WIP Wednesday. I've got....


In progress

afghan--almost 1/2 finished

Homespun cloche--thinking about junking it. Homespun is hard for me to work with, but I LOVE the way it looks and feels.

Started a "Super simple trellis stitch" poncho for myself last night, using Caron Simply Soft, which felt nice and soft (plus it's cheap), but upon rolling it into a ball I discovered that it's frayed in numerous places. Grr.

Still need to put the button on my small felted pouch.


Finished a book thong for a co-worker last night, yay!



small felted pouch for my mom to carry her phone, keys, etc. on her daily walk

Felted camera case for a friend

Felted purse for a co-worker's daughter

Rectangular felted bag (for ME)

Rolled brim hat from Lion website

more book thongs

Doggie afghan for Preston (see him on my blog)

Felted slippers for Hubster (these may wait until fall since it's already getting warm here)


I think that's all for now....

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WIP WEdnesday, again :) so soon!!!


1. radKIDS afghan for the auction - my friend made the center panel with a graph and I'm going to do the edging.


2. a peach ripple afghan for my mom for mothers day


3. a blue and tan afghan for my boyfriends mom for mothers day


4. stuff for my secret pal


5. secret project


I have so much stuff in mind though it's killing me!!!!! I just got two of the cutest cross stitch designs and those will take a while. I also have a rainbow baby afghan I want to do that i got the kit for. I would like to make a horse head filet crochet for my aunt. I have several piles of yarn earmarked for afghans for friends and neighbors. In between I like to mix it up and do some thread projects, spur of the moment.


Geesh, can you say overwhelmed!!!

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