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  1. I'm almost finished with my size 3T halter. Just two more ruffle rows to go! Then on to the hat and the size 6 halter and hat.
  2. On the hook right now is a halter, size 3T for my niece. WIM: Size 0-3 month Summer Sky hat Size 3T Summer Sky hat Size 4 or 6 Summer Sky halter Size 6 Summer Sky hat In that order.
  3. *sigh* I'm working on: - finishing the test pattern shorts for Etaria. - starting another size 0-3 months test pattern because I used the wrong yarn and ended up with a shirt big enough for a 3 year old. - Not crochet, but I'm working on the first of five new PJ sets for my daughter. I can't find PJs with shorts here and what I do find is way to hot, so I bought two pieces of fabric, frogged a bedspread (I ripped the quilting out and it was as much a pain as frogging yarn) and got a piece of fabric from my mother, so I can make at least 5.
  4. * Summer Angel Tee-Shirt * Summer Angel Shorts - not actually on the hook yet, but a WIM * Scrap squares for lapghans
  5. I have put aside my ruffly baby hat and am making another baby sweater. Those are addicting! They are fast and don't use up that much yarn so I'm depleting my baby colors stash fast. I also have a pair of socks to finish, but I'm not fond of the size. They fit, but they're not snug, so they may get frogged.
  6. Aren't you ambitious! Those are so cute. Makes me want the pattern, too! My neice likes Winnie the Pooh stuff.
  7. My only WIP is a ruffly sunhat from a pattern I found at another forum. It's turned out a little too small for my almost three year old, so it'll be for the new baby and I want to make a matching one for my older daughter. I also have to make a birthday present for my sister in law. Her birthday is this weekend, but I won't have it finished because I'm still waiting for a yarn shipment.
  8. I HAVE NO WIPs!!!!!!! I ended up frogging the white baby blanket I've been "working" on for more than a month and I made a baby sweater out of some of the yarn and the rest is getting put away for now. Last night I finished it and the matching bonnet, so aside from buying a ribbon, I'm finished! WIM are another story. 1. Socks for my mother 2. Halter for my sister-in-law. (I have to wait for the pattern to get in) 3. Another of MommaChelle's halters for my little one. (I'm waiting on yarn)
  9. Well, I have about 15 rows left on my green afghan for my husband's grandmother. That's all I've been working on this week. I still have the white baby blanket in "progress," although I haven't touched it in more than three weeks. I'd like to make my mother some slippers with some Paton yarn I found. But I have to do that tonight to send them in the mail tomorrow for mother's day!
  10. Wow! That's a lot to digest at this moment, but I'll log back on tonight when I crochet some more and print some of that information. Thanks so much for all this! I don't cut. Like a fool, I continue to weave in the ends in every time I wash it. Now, however, I'm going to see if those ends can be woven in better without taking the blanket apart.
  11. Crochetaddict033 - thanks SO MUCH for that tutorial! I just finished my second granny square blanket, and while it's too late now, I hated how both blankets got that little knot at the end of the square when I was done and I always had to join that side twice because I'd have an extra stitch or not enough stitches. That technique is just wonderful. Aggie May - Do I weave in a few stitches and then split the yarn and weave in a few more stitches, or split it in the first place and then weave it in? I have never heard of doing this, but I see how it makes so much sense and wouldn't be easy t
  12. I accept your challenge and request your help, please. I currently knot and leave about 5 or 6 inches of tail, which I crochet over (assuming I'm using a pattern that will hide it, which I am now). I don't cut until I'm finished so I can shake out the item, wash it (which I find kind of "sets" the ends in) and give it a tiny tug to make sure it's not going anywhere. For the most part, that works, but the last blanket I made, the ends kept poking out so I was glad for the knots. Anyway, I'm a visual learner. If you give me instructions, I could probably follow them and tell you how it goes.
  13. Well, you learn something new everyday! I haven't had a problem so far with knotting, but I don't make doilies, either. My daughter is a "clothing picker." I fear if she found a loose end and it wasn't knotted, that would be the demise of the sweater/dress/hat/whatever.
  14. I'm sorry to hijack the post, but are we not supposed to knot our yarn? How do we keep the ends from coming out? I don't trust just weaving in, and I've always knotted my yarn. I know you're supposed to change colors or join in with a new skein in a seam or the end of a row, but I didn't know you weren't supposed to knot the yarn.
  15. I'm about halfway through with the blanket for my husband's dear grandmother. Even though I've had frustrations with it, it's actually an easy pattern that works up pretty quickly. I haven't picked up my white baby blanket in a week. I want to make more slippers for my mother to send in her mother's day package later this week. I am stuck with 50 ounces of Lion Brand thick and quick chenille in Black that I really want to get out of my stash, but I don't know what to make. I'll consider thinking about projects for that a WIP.
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