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  1. It works on other people's usernames now but when I click on my own it says
  2. I just clicked on someone's user name to search their posts but it told me something like "You must wait 20 seconds between searches. You have 20 seconds left." I've seen that message before so I waited a minute, clicked again and again it said I had to wait 20 seconds and had 20 seconds left. I clicked on someone else's user name and the same thing happened. ETA: Odd. I clicked on my own user name to view all posts and it said nothing existed.
  3. I don't find it that much ugly, but it's put together horribly. It looks like it needs an edging. I don't like scarves so I don't usually wear them but if I did, I might make this using my own color scheme, sew them together straight, edge it and then show it off. Honestly, I think the last several bunches of Lion Brand entries have included many really ugly, badly designed, poorly executed and terribly photographed crocheted items. This would be a good Crochet Snark entry .
  4. Thankfully, I decided to try the pattern before I bought the yarn and it makes absolutely no sense to me. The third round doesn't add up, not even close so I messed around until I think I figured it out. Now, round four with all it's B nonsense is just not working. I think it's very badly written. Has anyone actually made the afghan?
  5. Thank you so much! My dad thanks you, too The afghan is for him.
  6. Neither of those work for me. Thanks for trying, though!
  7. Michaels' website used to have a pattern called Colonial Blue Quilt. I saved the pattern but somehow omitted the yarn info and the website doesn't offer the pattern anymore. Does anyone else have this saved and will you tell me what size yarn (I'm assuming worsted) and the amounts for each of the three colors?
  8. Amy, I've been using PUL covers (mostly Bummis). The elastic can get irritating to my little one, though, so I purchased a few fleece pocket diapers that work really well, are really soft but are really expensive! I want to try the wool next.
  9. I use cloth diapers I like the wrap. I especially like the button closure - I don't like pins or snappis and didn't want to use velcro - so I haven't tried the cover but buttons would work perfectly for me. Your wrap is a very pretty color.
  10. I never understand why people do that to themselves! Here is the book. I found it on amazon for $15 US dollars.
  11. Is this what you mean? The site calls it Russian Joining.
  12. My problem with "Thank you" is my mother! Our grandmother usually gave us age-inappropriate gifts that were often tacky and my mother always instructed us to smile and say "This is nice, thank you!" Then when we got home, we'd give it away. So if someone says to me, "Thank you" and I never see the gift on them or in use, I imagine it is because they are being polite but didn't like the gift.
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