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  1. I hold mine like a knife. I agree, whatever works. I was thinking the same thing about holding the yarn; I've seen some interesting ways on you tube. I wonder how some keep tension with a few of the ways they hold it but if it works for them, good.
  2. Hi! Off hand I didn't find anything like that but I only did a quick search. Maybe someone else knows of something. You could try something like a dishcloth and sew them to squares: http://www.yarnspirations.com/patterns/pineapple-dishcloth-2.html?id=197816 Or how about these pillow squares. Just skip making them pillows and make as many squares as you need. Not 2-D I know, but an idea. https://www.etsy.com/listing/530202569/pineapple-pillow-crochet-pattern-pillow?ref=shop_home_active_1 https://www.etsy.com/listing/271800408/pdf-pineapple-pillow Just for extra fun, here is a plushie you can also make to include in your gift. https://spinayarncrochet.com/pineapple-plushie-free-crochet-pattern/ I hope that helps some.
  3. I agree, it depends on what you want to make. I don't think it is old fashioned to stick with WW. I am not even sure why you would think that. There are tons of patterns for WW and lighter yarns. What do you want to make? That might be easier to help with than you trying to make something for bulky.
  4. Thank you everyone for the kind words.
  5. Interesting. I find Simply Soft lighter than something like Red Heart Super Saver. Either way both soften and lighten up after washing. If you are on Ravelry, here is the Lego blanket search. Click on a few then click on the yarn suggestions tab to see what others used. If you click on the "used" how ever many times, it will take you to just those projects and you can see yourself. If you are not on Ravelry, you need to join to see but it is free to join. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#craft=crochet&view=captioned_thumbs&query=lego&sort=best&pc=blanket Hope that helps.
  6. Well guess what the mailman just dropped off at my house? Thank you so very much Mary Jo. It is lovely. And you are also, with you being without power last month and all yet you found time to make another bag. Love the dark colors and the extras are so cute. I was just thinking today how I needed to get my Halloween decorations up. LOL
  7. It is frustrating. I have that happen on some projects. The reason it isn't doing it on the rest of the shell is because they are already close together. With that first double treble, you are stretching more from one point to the next. I agree with redroses, on that first one, you need to hold it close so you are not giving it any extra length. Do watch your tension, too. I've seen lots of ways to hold yarn. You really should figure out a way that works for you and keeps tension. Good luck!
  8. Welcome to the boards! I agree the pictures are a bit fuzzy. I do think it is the long strip type though. The petals don't stack right for an Irish rose and you can kind of see the twisting in the center of the second photo. I think you do one strip of red and one of black and twist them together. Not sure though. Here is a blog with photos on making the rose. You will have to figure it out to make it larger. https://hachiyarns.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/crochet-roses-in-9-steps-free-crochet-pattern-with-step-by-step-pictures/ Here is one with a video. https://katicrafts.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/crochet-rose-pattern/ Hope that helps!
  9. I did a little looking and didn't find it. I did find it was on Joann for a bit. It looks like just a regular five or six sided tree skirt. Just find a pattern like that you like and use the glitter yarn. Don't forget to add fringe, if you want it. Here are a couple: http://jessieathome.com/granny-stripe-tree-skirt/ http://engineeredcrochet.blogspot.com/2012/11/simple-christmas-tree-skirt.html Hope that helps some.
  10. I gave a quick look and didn't see it. If no one else knows what book or magazine it is in, you'll need to break down your search so it isn't so overwhelming. Look through just the table of contents, if you can. Stack the books/magazines that you looked through on one side of the room. Don't try to look through them all in one day. Take several. You might want to make a list of your magazines and books and what is in them so you don't have this problem in the future. Good problem to have though.
  11. Crochet Garden is one of my favorites. She uses thread for a lot of her dresses. Here is the link to dresses but she has a lot of other things, too. http://crochetgarden.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1_4&zenid=usjbdlmj49vsv50aqq0uaev2t3 You can find her on Ravelry, too. Hope that helps.
  12. Hi and welcome to the boards! Here is the search for free monkey at Ravelry. You need to be a member to see and in some cases, download the patterns. It is free to join though. Not sure what size you need or what your intentions for it is. There are different sizes and types. Lots of toys so maybe you could find one you like and just do the head part. There was a couple coffee mug cozies that might work for you too, if you close off the top and/or bottom. Lots of monkey hats that might work, too. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#query=monkey&view=captioned_thumbs&sort=best&craft=crochet&availability=free&page=1 Good luck!
  13. From what I understand; Cotton Cakes and Baby Cakes are on clearance or possibly gone from stores. They are gone from the website. Caron does have new cakes though. Tea Cakes. A wool/acrylic blend with heather effects. 80% Acrylic, 20% Wool. Super bulky (6). http://www.michaels.com/caron-tea-cakes-yarn/M10527355.html?dwvar_M10527355_color=English Breakfast Sprinkle Cakes. A sprinkle of tweed. Another blend of 77% Acrylic, 20% Wool, 3% Other Fiber. Super bulky (6). http://www.michaels.com/caron-sprinkle-cakes-yarn/M10527493.html?dwvar_M10527493_color=Mocha Rainbow Cupcakes. Mini version of regular cakes with a pom pom on top. This is 100% acrylic. Light (3). http://www.michaels.com/caron-cupcakes-yarn/M10528406.html?dwvar_M10528406_color=Tutti Frutti Big Cakes. This is 100% acrylic. It has 603 yards/331 m. Medium (4). http://www.michaels.com/caron-big-cakes-yarn/M10527477.html?dwvar_M10527477_color=Peppercream#prefn1=brand&pmpt=qualifying&prefv1=Caron&start=2 A little something for everyone.
  14. Hello and welcome to the boards! Here are at least three people with blue for sale. You will have to sign up to Ravelry, if you haven't already, to see and PM them. http://www.ravelry.com/yarns/library/yarn-bee-bamboospun-77-23-blend/stashes?status=trade&cf=%3F&photoless=0&search= Hope that helps.