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  1. RebeccaVelasquez

    Spinning cotton?

    spinning cotton is more difficult than spinning wool. the fibers are much much shorter and have to be spun very tightly (fast). i use a tahkli support spindle to spin cotton. unless you have a lace flyer, it is very hard to spin cotton on a wheel. i've never tried using a spindle..... my guess is that it would be just about impossible, though:( HTH;)
  2. RebeccaVelasquez

    penny pincher amulet type bag

    a while back i saw a pattern for a little bitty hand held coin purse that somehow turned inside itself to keep coins snug... i think the pattern said it was 'mad' money, for a long time ago when a young lady was on a date if he proved to be a cad, she would have money for a taxi ride home..... grrrrr... did i make this up?
  3. RebeccaVelasquez


    who knew that mushrooms could be so dang cute!?!
  4. RebeccaVelasquez

    Does anyone else take crochet with you everywhere?

    i'm never ever ever anywhere without something to be working on. you just never know when 'blank' time will happen:lol
  5. RebeccaVelasquez

    Pretty In Pink Stole

    very pretty :cheer
  6. RebeccaVelasquez

    An oldie but a goodie - granny afghan

    so great that you have your afghan back! it's lovely
  7. RebeccaVelasquez

    Sun Pillow for Dad's surgery

    great pillow! he is going to feel all the thought and love that went into every stitch --- i wish him a quick recovery!!
  8. RebeccaVelasquez

    Hair accessories for my brother's wife

    how beautiful! a very thoughtful gift! i bet she is very pleased:c9
  9. RebeccaVelasquez

    Greek Key Scarf

    oooooo - i love that! great job:hook
  10. RebeccaVelasquez


    whoa! you have a whole garden! fun fun - you've done great on them
  11. RebeccaVelasquez

    Leftover Serafina

    cute! what a fun way to use up scraps! great idea:clap
  12. RebeccaVelasquez

    Honeycomb bag

    very very cute! nice spring purple
  13. RebeccaVelasquez

    New Crochet Me!

    i'm not big on the amigurumi, either.. they are cute and all.... but i only have so many shelves, ya know? i think the new issue is cute and funky fun (especially the Shroom )
  14. RebeccaVelasquez

    Winter Wool - sign up closed!

    giving this a bump any package receiving to report?
  15. RebeccaVelasquez


    if you put together babyghans for charity, please PM me..... i have some babyghan stuff to donate