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  1. I really like this outfit love the colors you did it in.and how nice of you to give your babies a new home.
  2. Now I love that outfit. I may have to try that for my granddaughter. Thanks for showing all the doll clothes you do. sondra
  3. Can't say I have ever seen them, but sounds interesting. Hope some one can give you a pattern. sondra
  4. Where can you buy the shoe molds? sondra
  5. Well I have done pretty good this week. 1 My little pink pineapple dress is done and fits her perfect. She will wear it in the wedding. I just need to find a pretty slip for it. And get a picture of her in it. 2.Almost have the comfort ghan done for the little girl. 3. have been working on the kitchen and bath swap 4. Have finished 4 book marks. sondra
  6. 123mama

    Pooh & Friends

    You did a fine job on all of them.
  7. I am making the little pink pineapple dress. All was smooth until the sleeves, they are taking longer to do than the whole dress. squares for the comfortghans for other people and now to make squares for my comfortghan for the little girl things for the kitchen swap my daughter a top and last my afghan sondra
  8. Circular Skipping Stones Afghan (2/3 done) I would love to see a picture of this one. It sounds interesting.
  9. What I am working on. 1. Things for the kitchen and bath swap 2. A top for my daughter from the Sherbert Tank Top of Jessi's 3. A little pineapple pink dress for my nieces little girl. 4. Still haven't finished my one afghan.
  10. I have started my grand daughter a poncho and matching hat 2. dishcloth out of Old time crochet:)) 3 afghan Just finished her a hat and a scarf with the fun fur. It turned out pretty. Since I have been here I hve been doing a lot of different things. So keep posting so I can see all your pretties.:)h
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