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  1. 123mama

    My Birds N Blossoms Filet Shawl

    beautiful and congratulations
  2. 123mama

    mady's first hat *updated 1 yr later*

    very pretty hat
  3. 123mama

    Bracelet giveaway

    it is very pretty and I would live to be entered to win it sondra
  4. 123mama

    Halloween Kitty Tote/WINNER ANNOUNCED

    Yes I would love to be entered to win love that work
  5. 123mama

    Some of my works with beads and threads

    Every thing is so nice. I would love to get the pattern for the extra-long-scarfshawl.
  6. 123mama

    Crazy Patchwork - Blues and Pinks/Purples

    very nice and comfy looking
  7. 123mama

    Mother’s Day Table May 2011

    Very pretty Maryjo
  8. 123mama

    Shannon's Afghan

    I see why she wanted aother one that is beautiful
  9. 123mama

    For Daughter, RR in pinks and purples.

    very pretty and she will lopve it to
  10. 123mama

    Covered Ornaments (5 images)

    Very nice would love the pineallke one
  11. Denise Tunisian Hook Contest Entry Admin Note: This entry is ineligible for the contest. All entries had to be posted by noon CST today. (See contest rules in post #1.)
  12. 123mama

    Reintroducing myself

    Glad dyou are back and hope your new year is much better.
  13. 123mama

    November 2010 Table

    Love it love it.. I wish you was my neighbor and you just might give me the boost to crochet again.. since I was sick just dont have the umph
  14. 123mama

    *WINNERS*Fun Light give away

    please add me
  15. 123mama

    *winner*Woodsmans Weather Stick Give away

    Sounds nice enter me please