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  1. I got my squares today Just wanted to Thank everyone for their participation in this great swap. All of the squares are great! Thanks Melissa for all of your hard work! Michelle
  2. Uhh Melissa - you havent heard from yourself??? lol Michelle
  3. Mine are on their way to you Melissa - You should receive them Friday or Saturday Michelle
  4. I totally agree with Faith! I have about 25 or 26 done now Michelle
  5. Ellen you might try this - Hope you find it Michelle
  6. Very Nice Carmen - like your colors choices - I'm still trying to decide what colors to do mine in. Michelle
  7. I just received my bookmarks!!! Thank You so much - They are beautiful ladies Elizabeth - green and white Kimberly from Belgium - Multicolored red/pink/yellow/green/purple Cortney (Vatonc1) - Filet Lighthouse Samio - Baby Blue Heart Juanita (Bluefuzzy) Purple Becky (Crazzycow) Red, White and Blue Trish (Princesstrish) - Muticolored Star Bookmark Subha (Yarngal) - Victorian Memories - gold Brenda (Angelfairy) - Red Angel Cheryl (Diamond) - White and Pink Bookthong Thank You Again Holly Thank You for running this swap and doing a great job at it!! Michelle
  8. Very Nice - Love the color choice Michelle
  9. Nope your not missing anything - It is a blanket Michelle
  10. I totally agree with this, also you know who you are making them for. The last swap I did a little detective work and found out what color their kitchen was, so that they would match. Plus sending directly to your partner or partners is more personable. IMO Michelle
  11. That is sooooooooo cute!! and so is your daughter! Michelle
  12. Like your color choices Colette - Nice job - on a side note you really on have 30 more to go. You keep one for yourself and send in 34 Michelle
  13. Very pretty - great work - I think you should buy her one of the cheap ones for her husband to throw to the crowd, so she would get to keep this one! Michelle
  14. Was it a blue hat? Faith's little boy is wearing a blue hat, but she changed her avatar, check this thread to see if this is what you are looking for http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=10231 Michelle
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