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  1. it is very pretty and I would live to be entered to win it sondra
  2. Yes I would love to be entered to win love that work
  3. Every thing is so nice. I would love to get the pattern for the extra-long-scarfshawl.
  4. 123mama

    Shannon's Afghan

    I see why she wanted aother one that is beautiful
  5. Very nice would love the pineallke one
  6. Denise Tunisian Hook Contest Entry Admin Note: This entry is ineligible for the contest. All entries had to be posted by noon CST today. (See contest rules in post #1.)
  7. Glad dyou are back and hope your new year is much better.
  8. Love it love it.. I wish you was my neighbor and you just might give me the boost to crochet again.. since I was sick just dont have the umph
  9. Since today is my birthday I willm take a chance and try and be the winner
  10. Got it done and it looks very nice on your bed:cheer
  11. I like the bags but didnt that hurt to get those tatoos?
  12. Congratulations:manyheart
  13. Would make a very nice bag for Ohio State Buckeyes:manyheart
  14. That is something I really like. I also like the idea of drilling holes in the plastic container
  15. Very pretty grannie blankie for baby.
  16. Beautiful is that a doily pattern? Would like to make one for the couch
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