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    Kari Holtz
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    Mother, Wife, Writer, Poet, Designer, Fiber Artist, Karen (Kari) is a mixed bag of beliefs, skills, and life experiences.
    She is currently living in Northern Virginia with her husband who is the love of her life, her 9 year old son aka The Boy, and a big black cat named Hambut.
    She is grieving the loss of her 21 year old son and 7 month old grandson who were killed by an underage drunk driver June 17, 2011 and wonders if it will ever get to the point she does not cry ea
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    Washingotn DC Metro area
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    crochet, spinning, needle felting, photography, poetry, herbalism, spiritualism, knitting, sewing
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    Freelance Writer, poet, herbalist
  • Favorite projects
    doilies, afghans, clothes, hats,
  • Crocheting since...
    Since the early 1980s

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  1. Congrats!!!!!! You have every right to feel great about it! It's a great pattern
  2. The ghan for Pine Ridge (almost done) couple baby blankets for charity in progress. Couple hats started (for charity) I also have to start Christmas presents... I am making everyone in the immediate (hubby and boy and step kids and grandkids) Kim's Alphabet Pillows I figure the first letter of each of their names would be a cute "personalized" homemade gift, also making shawls for daughter and daughter-in-law.
  3. All links open in a new window, quite possibly you have a pop-up blocker that is prohibitting the windows from opening. You should be able to change those settings.
  4. Well since tomorrow we're heading out on vacation my WIPs will be WFTR (works for the road) I'm going to work on granny squares for premmie blankets Tiggzie's winged hair kerchef Some scrunchies
  5. Crossed Bucket Hat secret project The Boy demanded a hat yesterday couple small things ufo busting things
  6. Salt River Poncho dish colthes pot holder hat bag shawl dress ball Little surprises omg I have to many wips!
  7. dress for Belle hat freeform scrumble (yeah I am taking the plunge) scarf for my swap partner (I wanted to send two)
  8. Belle's Birthday dress hat dish clothes scarf surprises
  9. Not much this week as it's been busy and hectic hat bag potholder
  10. P's hat K's bag J's doily N's ball little things
  11. Doily hats secret things for eyes who read here bday presents I have more WIM's (work in mind) than WIPs actually for once.
  12. Dishclothes hat for P (had to frog it cuz it didn't look right grrrrr) bag another hat project that remains secret (couple of those) have to start on birthday presents for a couple of folks who have bdays coming up.
  13. Here's my Works In Progress or rather this week Works Not Progressing on as I haven't had much time to Crochet. P's hat (yes I haven't finished yet) R's dish clothes and Tawashi K's football (haven't forgotten hun just been busy) N'niels ball (can't send to mom and dad without the boy something too!) Special something for Secret Pal J's doily whatever else I have going on!
  14. My WIPs dish cloths super secret Christmas presents Something for my Secret Pal (insert wicked laugh) a hat designing a shirt/sweater type thing bag for K (yeah still) P's hat (which is taking top priority) odds n ends
  15. This weeks WIP's include secret projects P's hat J's doily and dish cloth Sis's dishcloths K's bag my poncho starting on christmas presents
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