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    Kari Holtz
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    Mother, Wife, Writer, Poet, Designer, Fiber Artist, Karen (Kari) is a mixed bag of beliefs, skills, and life experiences.
    She is currently living in Northern Virginia with her husband who is the love of her life, her 9 year old son aka The Boy, and a big black cat named Hambut.
    She is grieving the loss of her 21 year old son and 7 month old grandson who were killed by an underage drunk driver June 17, 2011 and wonders if it will ever get to the point she does not cry ea
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    Washingotn DC Metro area
  • Interests
    crochet, spinning, needle felting, photography, poetry, herbalism, spiritualism, knitting, sewing
  • Occupation
    Freelance Writer, poet, herbalist
  • How long have you been crocheting?
    Since the early 1980s
  • Favorite things to crochet
    doilies, afghans, clothes, hats,
  1. kariholtz

    vigilant20.com is now vigilant20.net

    I have a pad host but I do know there are tons of freebies out there if that is what you are looking for. Just do a google for free web hosts. About your domain, alot of places will trannsfer your domain. Some charge and some are free.. Always Always read the TOS and everything before agreeing. I got away from yahoo websites along time ago.
  2. kariholtz

    Guardian Angel

    Oh! She's just gorgeous! *drools*
  3. kariholtz

    Posted twice accidentally! Please delete one

    I got it for you.
  4. kariholtz

    First time dyeing!

    Faith those are great!
  5. Just to be clear, I wasn't accusing you of anything, I just made a general statement. Sorry if you thought I was talking to you specifically.
  6. Well sorry to be the odd duck here but I loved it. I think some of the tips (like showing the man you are going to make somehting for, a picture or several, make sure he will like it first) were good tips that could be used for both hookers and knitters. You cannot judge a show like that by one episode, they did an espisode with the Knit1 folks, I didn't expect much, if any hooking on it this time. I am sure there will be some episodes that will have both and some that are just dedicated to a single craft.
  7. kariholtz

    Bobbles and Lace .. FINALLY!

    It's gorgeous Elizabeth.
  8. kariholtz

    Browser Help

    Do you mean using Crochetvile with a firewall or in general?
  9. kariholtz

    I went off the deep end...

    Marvie, I think this will be great for practice! Such a great idea, even if the patterns and textures don't show up at least you doing it!
  10. kariholtz

    Are there two "versions" of Crochetville?

    I am glad you got it figured out! Firewalls are funny at what they can affect. Thanks for letting us know what it was, I'm going to write it down in case someone esle has that problem in the future.
  11. It's gorgeous, I am captivated by Irish Crochet, it is so gorgeous.
  12. kariholtz

    I'm losing it!

    I use that in almost all of my online surfing. It works well as I usually am working on 5 different things online at once. LOL
  13. kariholtz

    Fino Alpaca Lace Scarf

    *drools* OMG I love that scarf! I love the drap on it! Wow! Looks so soft and silky (but you really need to smile girl! ) I have that book now I will have to go look at it lol. Great job! *wipes the drool off the keyboard*