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  1. Oh Kelly! Thank you so much. Those are exactly what I was looking for! Now for the hard part, choosing!!
  2. Thank You Kelly!! Those are exactly the type of spindles I've been looking for!! The selection at the Woolery is just amazing. Now to spend my birthday money!!
  3. Thanks girls!! Now I'm planning on using my leftover yarn and the same square motif to make a lined change purse/wallet with zipper. That way i won't have to take my purse and my craft bag! I can just slip my change purse into my craft bag and go!
  4. Thanks Kathy for the link. She's the one I got my first one from but it got broken. That's not quite what I'm looking for now.
  5. Hi all, I've been really happy with my wheel but now I'm kinda wanting to master the spindle for portability of my craft. Who has the best drop spindles that you know of?
  6. Tita I just went to Joann's and got 2 drapery tiebacks. They are all the same length although I'm sure you could also use the drapery cord that they sell by the yard as well. The one's I got were 4.99 each which was a little spendy but the braid was just so pretty I couldn't resist. Thanks for the compliments all of you!!
  7. Thanks, it's always nice when a long project lives up to your expectations.
  8. My Heart Knits, a knitting & crochet blog. http://heartknits.wordpress.com
  9. WoolandFlax here Heartknits on Ravelry.
  10. I just finished this project which took me a little over a month with all my other stuff going on. My pictures are on my blog.
  11. Great job on that bag! It looks very well made and unique as well!
  12. that is beautiful!! I've been eyeing that shawl pattern for a few weeks and wanted to see someone work it up before I tried it. Thanks!! What weight was the alpaca you used? and how much did it actually take?
  13. Thank you Jimmie Lu!! Now I am no longer buttonless!! I will use them both!
  14. Guys, this is driving me nuts!! I'm participating in the knitting olympics because I signed up for it before this started but there really isn't a place like this to post on my progress. Could I post it in here with ya'll? Pleassssssssse!!!! I hate feeling left out.
  15. How is everyone doing with their Swirls? I've had to let mine sit for awhile while I worked on things that had deadlines. Now I'm giving myself a deadline on this, it has to be done before the Olympics start!! I have the center swirl done and 1 pie wedge so far. Anyone else have progress to report? I can't wait to see this on someone!!
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