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  1. The toilet paper holder is a good idea! I made a wrap top out of the Incredible tape a few months ago. For the most part, I didn't worry too much about the tape twisting, as that is a natural tendency for it. I had read this some time ago so I didn't worry too much about keeping it perfectly flat. But I still had to stop periodically and untwist it when it would get too wound up (it would start folding back on itself, and the strand would get too thin). What I did was wrap a rubberband around the ball and dangle it in the air, allowing it to twirl until I got the twists out. But otherwise I just crocheted with it twisted, and it's pretty impossible to tell the difference. I love the color and texture effects of tape yarn and wouldn't hesitate to use it again, even if it can sometimes be a bit of a pita!
  2. This was the first issue of the magazine that I put back on the shelf after flipping through it. I have to agree, it was dreadful. I didn't get a chance to see any issues of this magazine before it came under the new management, but I do recall people complaining almost from the start about the drop in quality. I have enjoyed some of the past issues however, mostly a few issues from last year. But it's been downhill ever since. I too will not hold it against them that their schedule got derailed by Katrina, but I WILL hold it against them for NEVER making an effort to communicate to subscribers and general customers! For cryin' out loud _ I just checked, and they have NEVER touched their web page! The information and picture that are up are STILL from last spring, when the new management took over! They could have used that page to let their customers know - in one fast easy message - about their publishing difficulties, but they never made an effort. Although I usually mostly like my issues of Crochet! (only one I have a sub to right now), I have noticed that these magazines seem to be more of an extention of the marketing arm of certain major yarn companies, and I have to blame that for the seeming lack of good variety and quality and way too much reliance on the "frou-frou" yarns in many of the patterns, not to mention the unrealistic sizing. I mean, are they designing clothes for Barbie dolls or real people? Have they stepped out of their marketing office ("we've GOT to sell X amt of yards of Fun Fur to recoup our costs and see a profit! Push FUN FUR!"*) long enough to notice that real people don't look like the Barbies in their designs and aren't wearing all that fuzzy stuff? I really HATE big business mentality! Especially when it's hiding inside my yarn! *DISCLAIMER: this little rant is not meant to be directed at any one specific company. Mention of any identifiable brand names of products is strictly for illustrative purposes only!
  3. I happen to be holding one of those cards from the magazine in my hot little hands right now! At the bottom, below the part where you fill in your info, it shows the subscription prices for Canadian ($25) and International ($28). These would be in US dollar amounts. To see what the amount would be in your country's currency, you can use this handy-dandy currency converter (scroll down below the table).
  4. Well, they seem to be still having problems. After that initial load of backed up notices, a few came in until around 3 pm (my time, which is Central) and then stopped again. Browsing through the new posts I see several topics that should have triggered one of those emails to me, so I know it wasn't because everybody suddenly got quiet!
  5. According to the pattern you join through the inside loops only...
  6. Well, that figures! That's what I get for being lazy. It looks like the problem's been corrected now - I just got two day's worth of notifications dumped in my box all at once!
  7. Thanks Amy - and I just sent an email via the "contact us" link about this very topic, didn't think to see if it had been posted about first or I could have saved the effort! Hope we can have this resolved soon...
  8. I realize it can be rather tedious to tie all those knots, but if you want a traditional fringe with the homespun, it really is the only way, and it's not as bad as it may seem. What I did was decide how many fringe strands I wanted to use in each "group" - I find that 3 works fairly well (works out to 6 strands when installed), determine how many I will need overall, then wrap the yarn around a suitable piece of cardboard and cut them until I have them all. It helps to keep them bunched together, like a bundle of sticks, in smaller groups, say 20 or 25, or however many you like - this helps you keep track of how many you've got, too. You can work on tying the ends while watching TV or a movie, and it ends up going faster than you can imagine. When you've really got a lot of them, drafting a helper works great too! Oh - don't forget, you need to make the knot on both ends of your strands since you will be folding them in half when attaching to your item. Once knotted, the strands behave very well. I have several scarves and a couple of shawls I made with Homespun fringed, and they have handled several washing & drying sessions without any fraying. One tip when doing the knots: after you've made the initial knot, keep it loose and slide it gently towards the tip as far as you can move it before tightening it up. If you tighten it too far up, you will end up with mini-tassels on the ends of your fringes, though that doesn't look too bad either. And, if you really don't want to bother, there's always one of the other suggestions here. I've used chainstitch fringes successfully with boucle scarves I've made, and those looked nice too. Well, I just typed up how I did it, then thought to review the thread and Kathy (losingmymind2) already wrote it, so I won't repeat it here. Whatever you decide to do, good luck and have fun with it! Oh, and I would definitely not recommend dipping the fringe ends in anything. Even if you could tolerate the stiffness, the stuff would eventually wear off and you'd still have the problem of frayed fringes down the line. Best to do it right in the beginning, and then you'll never have to worry about it again.
  9. I can't stand long nails and keep mine short, which is funny because I have naturally hard nails that grow fast (which drives me crazy). In order to cut them, I have to do it immediately after a shower or I have to soak them, and I have to use toenail clippers as the regular nail clippers aren't strong enough to cut them. When my nails get a little too long, I also get severe thick dry skin right around the tips of my fingers at the nail edges that flake and catch my yarn. But it's rare for the nails to snag, as they rarely break or chip. Disgusting, I know! I go through phases with the manicuring and nail polish routine, would do it more often if I wasn't so impatient - even with the instant dry polishes. I almost always manage to screw up at least one nail from not waiting long enough. Your nails are lovely, and I'm glad you aren't hampered by them. I know my daughter wishes she'd inherited my nails, she would appreciate them alot more than I do, and hers would look like yours. But alas, she has the soft, easily breakable variety and goes the acrylic route to get the look she craves. And all of this reminds me, I have a date with some nail clippers - the nails have again gotten out of hand (so to speak).
  10. According to the pattern, you join the squares in strips "With matching color using Placement Diagram" (quoted from "Assembly"). So you will be using one of the colors of the squares you are joining together. I'm not sure I would join them as strips, however, as that seems to be a bit much work especially since the colors change so often over the length of the strips. Might be easier to join the square blocks together using one of the two darker colors, then adding the lighter color strips - you can probably use the ecru for this part throughout, and use the matching color to sew up and attach the squares for the dark border (guessing it's clay? hard to tell on my computer, colors don't show up right here). It's a bit tricky, but I think that'd work easier than the strip method alone like it says to do. At least that's the way I'd do it. HTH. ETA: I also wanted to add that I agree with Yelutci as far as which colors to use - use the celery to join the blocks together and the ecru to frame them. You may also want to use the ecru when joining the outer dark strip to the ecru strips (your choice whether to switch off to rose for the rose squares or just continue with ecru across that square too - you may have to play with that a bit) and use the same color as the square itself to join the dark squares to each other for the outer edge. This way your squares will be more uniformly square. Does this make sense? Hope so... Also, remember you will only be sewing through one loop of your edge stitches ("Inside loops only" per the instructions), not through both.
  11. Well, you've proved that you've got a treasure chest full of creative imagination! I really enjoyed reading that, and the pirate stuff all looks great!
  12. Wow - thanks for following through like this, sakurasaku! It's good to know, as Halcyon seems to have a very nice wide color selection. I'm going to keep the link handy for whenever I get out of my budget bind.
  13. That is one gorgeous afghan, you did a fantastic job on it! As far as inserting thumbnails, sorry - I don't know how to create them outside of photobucket. You COULD link your picture here directly (I think - it depends on whether geocities allows hyperlinking or not. Check this post for more info on hyperlinking if you don't know what it is.) IF you were to resize it so it was within the forum guidelines, which state that all pictures must be no bigger than 480 x 360 or 360 x 480 (depending on the orientation). The main thing to remember is that the larger number of the two must be no larger than 480. The other number will usually adjust automatically. Also, I noticed you have a weblink included in your sig line. I'm guessing you were trying to make it clickable by putting the html tags around it, but that doesn't work and it isn't even necessary to do anything to make your url clickable as long as it is configured properly, which yours appears to be. You can edit and remove the tags from the front and back of the url and it should then display correctly in your sig line. If not, feel free to contact me if you like and we can figure it out together.
  14. It's the same here for me. Whenever I want to add in a note for "reason for edit" on a post, I have to click on "go advanced" to be given that option. I too have the "advanced" setting on. It's a bit of a pain, especially with my slow computer! Oh - and I use Mozilla, full suite.
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