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  1. i knwo tacky glue is like freekin cement too .. that might work as well .. but if it were me epoxy would be the route i would go as well .
  2. ginghers are nice too.. hold an edge and can be sharpened..
  3. megan.. this is something i am seriously hard at work trying to make.. my pattern will have a knit middle with crochet sleeves but the schematic will be such that you could easily make the body crochet..
  4. Simon.. i am in southern pines.. i will tell you though i know one of those colours is discontinued.. the modern is discontinued.. i think you can do whatever strikes you really .. like i said i just looked in my box and picked things that had some similar colours thru .. they didnt look that great next to each other but worked it was nice .. and thanks Drew.. i really do try to be a good friend despite the rumours to the contrary about me LOL
  5. its a sweater.. the middle is pink and the sleeves are crazy rainbow..
  6. hmm colours.. i had olive .. baroque..corinthian..waterfall...shaker..and modern i had bought a bunch and jsut threw some random skeins that i thought would look nice together ..
  7. hey guys .. meant to update this .. Shane recieved his "hug" and was thrilled.. and really touched some one would take the time to do "something so nice".. he told me it was just what he needed.. and he has used it often since recieving it .. his dad is doing so well .. as a matter of fact his mom and dad are coming to SC this week and stopping thru to say hi !..
  8. your stuff is always so pretty.. there are times i just dont even know what to say .. except i need to get off my duff and make some of this stuff.. i mean i do have all the bag patterns and a choler pattern..
  9. sometimes it doesnt have to be 100% the only way to know for sure.. do a swatch and run it thru ..
  10. wow great reincarnation.. i would have never frogged that bag.. it would have probably been tossed..
  11. well i sent mine off to my friend.. their birthday was march 22nd.. lets just say they were over joyed.. liked it so much i got a call the next day thanking me again ! after requesting they open it on the phone wiht me .. hehe
  12. honestly i dont understand your need to keep starting threads to talk about how bad your michaels is ..
  13. i cant recommend anything with out yardage
  14. well i have thought about this alot because when i get home.. i am making my "dream crafting place" .. i am having a "craft cottage" built in my back yard .. so i have a separate place to have my stuff.. be able to design .. have a studio.. and even have a place for fittings and the likes for clients and no one has to come trapsing thru my whole house to get to it .. it will flow with the design of my house (which is victorian) .. it will have alot of windows and window boxes for flowers and perhaps even a glassed in sunroom off the back to sit and relax and work.. I will have a wall of shelving and integrated storages as in baskets and clear containers and cubbies .. so i can see what i need.. my yarns will be grouped by colours.. i will have a work table in the midde of the space with drawers under and a sewing machine on top as well .. there will be a small washer and dryer.. a stove for dyeing.. and a large utility sink.. i will also have my computer out there so i can check on business with out having to go back in the house and upstairs to my office .. of course let's not leave out the espresso maker.. and small fridge for snacks ..or the loft for stoarge.. i have it thouroughly thought out and even "down on paper" its one of the things i look forward to most when i get home .. oh yeah it will be cliamte control as well .. there will be heating and cooling in there ..
  15. that yarn is like a cobweb.. and delicate in looks.. i wouldnt bead it .. it will drag the shawl down too much.. ecen the smallest beads would add too much weight.. or wouldnt show.. i suggest fringing wtih a silk ribbon.. it wil be dressy and very light weight..
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