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  1. AJ sounds like you have the same problem I do .. project ADD .. LOL.. cant wait to actually get started
  2. hahah this happened to me once.. and ONLY once LOL i learn fairly quickly .. glad you did too !!
  3. another quick thing too .. is that they o nly give you ounces.. no yardage so .. its hard to find yan substitutes.. because i like to go by yards.. i guess i could try to figure it out cause they probably used like a super saver type yarn .. its just maddening .. when i am trying to find what i need and have no yardage..
  4. wow.. i am not the only one then.. that is what i dont want to do .. order the yarn and not be happy .. so i am taking my time.. and i may go back to the original plan of just dyeing my own if i cant decide soon .. this is a for me project.. I RARELY do that .. so i am going to spoil me just alittle on this one .. there is no one else in my family or other wise that would appreciate the enormity of this project.. even though they do crochet.. so the search is still on and I will let you all know when i start and what i decide .. OH! the agony of it all !!
  5. well it should come as no suprise to any of you that .. i havent even started this afghan .. UGHHHHHH.. ok .. i am gonna quit stressing but I cant seem to decide what yarn I want.. I am even considering dropping the money on some noro silk garden for this.. i think that would be fabu.. but then I still need two colour variations and then a black for the "outline" and would have to search for a yarn that was similiar to do that .. why do i do this to myself.. why couldnt i just stick to my fishermans wool plan?? tell me?? why do i torture myself so ? I know that this will
  6. deneen.... you can also adapt table coth patterns to make a sarong.. i know its one of my crochet fantasy mags ..where they did that ..
  7. that shawl idea is nice.. but i want the blanket.. and i think I am going to end up dyeing yarn for this.. like some fishermans wool.. or something.. cause its not too expensive and then I can do my own colours and i will have a wool blanket..
  8. i am so in on this but not gonna use red heart yarn .. call me a snob ! i know.. but its for me .. so i just cant..
  9. if i had this pattern I would join in .. I have to hunt it down .. i think its breathtaking !!
  10. something like that Drew .. with the help of very tight corsets..
  11. just a little reminder that i always post this on my blog and i am too lazy to do it here plus.. i just want the traffic! lol and there are pictures today!
  12. being lazy LOL .. and trying to get blog traffic.. i am a traffic whore LOL .. its on my blog if you wanna read it ..
  13. i did it on my blog... sorry being lazy! Three Olives and Some Yarn
  14. can we get a sticky or thumbtack so this can be at the top please?
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