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    chihuahuas, french bulldogs, crochet, walking, designing crochet patterns dolls especially
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    Toys, Baby items
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  1. Chiscrochetcrazy

    Crochet confessions....

    I guess the moral to this story is if someone begs you enough for the same thing they probably really want it lol I have made many things for people & most don't care or use the things then there are those people who are just so thrilled. Maybe you should make another set for him next year
  2. Chiscrochetcrazy

    Stitch Markers .. what works for you?

    I used to always use safety pins but a friend sent me some of the little plastic pins looking ones & I love them. They're really quick to get off & on when making toys.
  3. Chiscrochetcrazy

    teddy bears for Christmas

    This is one amazing bear! I love all those patterns but I fear trying them lol
  4. Chiscrochetcrazy

    I think I am knitting wrong

    Hmm I feel the same way about purling as you. Maybe I knit like you?
  5. Chiscrochetcrazy

    I think I am knitting wrong

    I'm not a left handed knitter but I think I knit wrong too. I don't really notice my knitting looks different just that when I see people knit I don't knit like that. If that makes any sense at all. I don't really knit anything more than dishcloths and hats allthough I have upped the ante & tried new patterns for dishcloths. In some ways I feel like I'm knitting wrong and then again I feel like I'm knitting just right for me : )
  6. Chiscrochetcrazy


    I think I will use regular yarn and brush those little boogers lol I'd rather have a root canal than attach all of those doodads and then weave in those ends.
  7. Chiscrochetcrazy

    What's on your needles right now?

    Mary Jo the bears and dolls are all so cute. I have yet to make anything like that at all. Are they done flat because I cannot knit in the round yet.
  8. Chiscrochetcrazy

    Call The Midwife

    Just wanted to day I LOVE this show!
  9. Chiscrochetcrazy

    Maggie Weldon New Site

    Yes it works
  10. Chiscrochetcrazy

    Do you do multiple projects at one time?

    Most people have multiple projects but I am one of they weirdos that doesn't like to do that. Only time I do that is when I have to get more yarn or I have to make something fast for someone and need to stop a current project to get another one done in time. I do have a knit dishcloth always partially done to take with me if I need an on the go project but that doesn't count does it lol
  11. Chiscrochetcrazy

    Projects, What Part do You Enjoy Most?

    Most of what I make I design my own pattern for now. I can hardly follow someone else's pattern because I like doing it myself. For me I love everything up until I have to take pics and type up a pattern I thoroughly hate that part lol I have tons of things I've made that I have never typed up the pattern for or even taken a picture of.
  12. Chiscrochetcrazy


    Hmm well if I do that it will take a couple of months to make lol I'm trying to make my husband a Nudu hat like Billy Gibbons from ZZTop wears. I didn't want to felt the hat part for 2 reasons my husband wanted the hat to not be itchy on the inside and I'm concerned about how much the hat itself will shrink.
  13. Chiscrochetcrazy

    Amigurumi help

    I use Red Heart or I Love This Yarn and I usually use a G Hook. I crochet so tightly that my hands hurt so other people may use an F hook instead. Mostly all I crochet are toys.
  14. Chiscrochetcrazy


    So I'm making a hat but I want to crochet on some pieces using wool and have those felt. Will this work? Will it make the non wool part of the hat's shape change?
  15. Chiscrochetcrazy

    Armadillo From Amarillo

    Really cute! I have many of them dead and alive lol