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    chihuahuas, french bulldogs, crochet, walking, designing crochet patterns dolls especially
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  1. Most people have multiple projects but I am one of they weirdos that doesn't like to do that. Only time I do that is when I have to get more yarn or I have to make something fast for someone and need to stop a current project to get another one done in time. I do have a knit dishcloth always partially done to take with me if I need an on the go project but that doesn't count does it lol
  2. Wow Darski what adorable patterns Thank you for sharing
  3. I don't want it to seem as if I don't like download patterns I'd actually rather have them it's instant gratification I love that. I just like to have a pattern in hand. I'm not nuts about keeping my computer open while I'm crocheting it's too hard for me to stay off the internet and them I get no crocheting done But it's super easy to print out a pattern so I'd rather do that than wait for it to come in the mail.
  4. I even print some my own patterns out because I like to have them in my hand and it serves as a backup A couple of weeks ago I learned the importance of backing up my files. My computer crashed and I lost a few of my patterns I had to ask a tester for them.
  5. I'm 43 I've been crocheting for about 13 years
  6. I was trying something new and fun with Ami You can look at the next days post to find out what happened http://fuzzyfeetworks.blogspot.com/2009/05/ooh-what-big-mushroom-i-wonder.html
  7. You pull up a loop in one stitch then pull up a loop in the next stitch then pull through all loops on hook. You're making 2 stitches into 1.
  8. I'm making 1 of these right now & made another already for my 21 yr old stepson
  9. You poor Dear you And I complained about my chihuahua Poco marking on my Gingerbread boy because I made him wear an elf suit for a pic Maybe you just need to keep all your yarn and books in some of those huge ziploc bags they have.
  10. Those are really cute I'm not really a big threadie at all but I have oohed and awed over the patterns of the little shoes and hats that Tampa doll posted.
  11. Somewhere somebody did the ones in thread in worsted and said they worked up fine, actually they said the patterns were less confusing.
  12. By the time I got the explanantion I was so fed up I couldn't make myself try again, and by now I'm sure I've thrown away the pieces of Pooh I had started on.I plan to try again & if I have any questions I'm asking you You have inspired me to try again
  13. When I tried and tried to make Pooh and got so darn frustrated with his leg I emailed them several times and asked what am I doing wrong and they tried to tell me there's no problem with the pattern But they did try to explain the leg instructions better for me. I have to say if the pattern was wrong and other people had trouble too it makes me feel so much better I thought there was something wrong with me. I hate to be happy other's had problems but gosh darnit I knew there was something wrong. Now I'm irritated that they didn't look at it then and say the pattern is wrong , here's the cor
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