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  1. I started a Navajo Afghan for our new couch. Since the one we have doesn't really match anymore. It will have to be relegated to the recliner in our bedroom. 😛 (Does anyone remember the Smoke Signals CAL?)
  2. Hello. It's been a long time since I have posted. I wanted to share a Navajo Afghan I finished this year for my sons' best friend, for a wedding gift. They hadn't registered anywhere for their wedding; and so I thought, "afghan". 😛 I asked my son what their living room colors were, and did my best to match them. It took me exactly 25 days to finish- I think that's a record for me. 😆
  3. That's so cute. My Grandma had a turtle done with granny squares (she loved turtles).
  4. I crochet (and knit) a lot for an OB Ward on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I made these sets for them. The bee was just a basic cocoon, I used a Bee Baby Hat pattern, on Ravelry (click on the link that says "For More Information"). The hungry caterpillar is an actual pattern.
  5. I have been making cards recently, for summer letter writing. I have been on a "Bee" kick lately. I saw a cute "Bee Happy" card on Pinterest, so I tried to make one. Then I did the Bee-Lated Birthday card.
  6. I crocheted this for a Co-worker (one of my bosses); whose mother has stage four colon cancer. I brought a card in for everyone to sign. It's supposed to be a thread pattern, but I used a G hook and worsted weight yarn. Not the best picture, sorry..
  7. Mom w/a Motif

    "Buffy" Dog

    I recently finished this toy, it's supposed to look like the knitted "Boofle" dog. (Which I LOVE!!) It's a free pattern, Dog Buffy Amigurumi toy pattern. I think you might have to sign up for the newsletter. Next time I make one, though; I think I will definitely use a bigger size hook and yarn. Those ears and arms and legs were pretty tight... Lol It came out even smaller than the original. Just thought I'd share..
  8. I have had this pattern forever and finally crocheted one... I'm sending it to a little boy I sponsor, for Easter. It isn't amigurumi, so I felt like it was somewhat "holey", but.. I still think it's kind of cute. Thanks for looking.
  9. Well I am almost embarrassed to post this (since they did so bad/lost), but... I crocheted our youngest son a Broncos Mohawk hat. It was "Wear your favorite team shirt/bring a can of soup for the 'Souperbowl'" (soup drive), at his school. We used to live in Colorado, and someone gave him a Broncos t-shirt (he was only three then). That was it, every time he would see anything Broncos, he would get so excited, and say "Yook, Mom! Brontos!!" (He couldn't enunciate his L's, or say Broncos..) He kind of outgrew it, but.. Just kind of fun.. Anyway, here's the hat (and the shirt I got
  10. Some of these are old, from before Christmas last year (gifts). The black one I recently did for myself (an "I don't feel like doing my hair" day.. ) I got the pattern from swellamy on Etsy. Great for last minute gifts (I should know, I did about six last Christmas, Lol!!)
  11. I had been wanting to crochet this little Santa bag since I got the magazine it was in (Nov/Dec 1995 issue of Crafting Traditons.. ) It's only been a few years.. Anyway, I finally made one! I can tell you, I am not a fan of the Loop Stitch. But... Once I got going, it wasn't too bad. I hope to make more, to donate to Pine Ridge with goodies for Christmas this year.
  12. I had been wanting to crochet one for Duke (well, since we got him ). Since this will be his first Christmas. Someone had gifted me one for Jetta, for her first Christmas. I did the cuff like hers (it's different than the pattern); and I used The Hook Hounds Dog Bone Applique instead of the bone in the pattern; since I wanted the bone smaller. The pattern is from Red Heart, the Dog Paws Christmas Stocking.
  13. I finished Duke's Dog Paw Stocking. (Yay!!) I had been gifted one for our other dog two years ago, and I tried doing the cuff the same as the one she sent me. (It isn't the same as the one in the pattern.) I would like to maybe find some letters to put on each stocking, but.. We'll see. I'm also working on a Santa Sweater for Duke (it's getting cold outside!..)
  14. I finished one little Santa bag. The pattern is from the Nov/Dec 1995 issue of Crafting Traditions. (And, I have been wanting to make one since then.. Lol) I still need to get some glue and glue on the eyes and nose. But other than that, it is done.
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