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  1. I started a Navajo Afghan for our new couch. Since the one we have doesn't really match anymore. It will have to be relegated to the recliner in our bedroom. 😛 (Does anyone remember the Smoke Signals CAL?)
  2. Hello. It's been a long time since I have posted. I wanted to share a Navajo Afghan I finished this year for my sons' best friend, for a wedding gift. They hadn't registered anywhere for their wedding; and so I thought, "afghan". 😛 I asked my son what their living room colors were, and did my best to match them. It took me exactly 25 days to finish- I think that's a record for me. 😆
  3. That's so cute. My Grandma had a turtle done with granny squares (she loved turtles).
  4. That's very nice. I have a Kitchen Aid mixer that my Mom gave me, too. Your cover is pretty.
  5. I sent it to Titus2Woman a while back. Thank you everyone.
  6. I made another one. Just need to finish sewing on her buttons. This one will be going out as an RAOK. Thank you everyone.
  7. Aw, thanks you all really made my day! For those who are wanting the book, I would try Amazon dot com. You can find used/like new books for a fraction of the price. (Click on the link here; and Crochetville gets a fraction of the cost, too. ) It was published by House of White Birches and edited by Laura Scott.
  8. I crocheted this for a CAL I am in, on another board. It's from "101 Easy Scrap Crochet Projects". I had always wanted to make one, finally did... I used my 'magic ball' for the top part, then mostly scrap balls for each stripe in the skirt. It's a doll, and a bag holder, all rolled into one. Thanks for looking. I made a second one, added a pic to post#24, but I thought I'd add it here, too.
  9. I am right-handed. But my husband is left-handed. Tina
  10. Darski you are making me want to go out and get a Dora doll for myself so I can make all these cute clothes! Cute, cute, cute! Tina
  11. I had a cat who was the best cat ever..... until I got another cat. Then they had what I called a 'Pee for All'. It was not funny, though. She would pee (because she didn't like the other cat in her territory); then the other cat (a stupid male, the stupidest cat I ever owned...) would pee on top of her pee!! I tried getting them separate litter boxes, giving them both extra attention, taking them to the vets... nothing worked. We had to give them both away and ripped up the carpet and the floorboards underneath were saturated with pee. We had to cut out the floorboards and redo them, too. (F
  12. She might not like that 'visitor'. My cat went in her box fine until I got another cat. Then, what I call the 'Pee for All' began. Mert (Mercedes) would pee on the floor in my room (right by all my crochet books on the shelf). Then, Oreo would pee over there cuz he was a dumb-dumb. (And because she was peeing there.) Then, she would pee on top of his pee. We had to tear up the carpet it was so bad, nothing would get the smell out. Even the floor boards underneath had to be cut out and replaced, it soaked into the floorboard. It was all because she didn't want to share her territory with anothe
  13. I guess I will post this week... Wednesday comes too soon now --An Evening Shawl- this is actually coming along (it's my car pool project- some days, that's the only way I get any crocheting in!) --I started the Bathing Suit Cover-Up from Chelle's site, but I have to keep this one hidden, or my husband will say "Did you buy more yarn?" "Uuuhhh...":lol It's for my neice, who will be two next month. --Rectangle Grannyghan, now that I got yarn to finish it! Is that it? Well I have a couple WIM I need to start, too. But that's all I'm working on right now... Tina timelesscreations.b
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