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    I'm a working, married mom of 4 great kids that likes to dabble in all things creative!
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    Detroit, Michigan
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    Crocheting (obviously!), photography, any type of crafts, music, reading, cooking
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    Direct Care
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    I like to try new things, sometimes make my own patterns although I haven't done that in a while.
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  1. That is simply wonderful. For sure to be a white Christmas with that:flake You put a lot of time into that, and I appreciate you sharing the pattern!!!
  2. Hey all! Updated my new blog with 2 hat projects I made, and "reviewed" the patterns I used. Thanks so much for checking it out!
  3. I'm sure they get a ton of requests. I have to say though, they did send me one box....but I don't know anyone that they regularly send a box a year too...I know I never received a 2nd one. They were very generous in their donation to me
  4. WIP Wednesday! I have on my hooks Darla from Cool Crochet, and that is all! I finished a comfort pack just yesterday evening, and when I was done with that I worked up a quick gift for my sister and finished that also, so that leaves only Darla! I hope I can have her done by next Wednesday:blush (but I doubt it)
  5. Well, I'm a day late and a dollar short as usual.... On the hooks "Darla" from Cool Crochet Bookmarks And I am also working on stitch markers for the swap
  6. Well, I haven't had much crochet time lately. All I have in the works are some bookmarks,dishcloths,hair scarfs, and stitch markers. Hopefully things will calm down a bit and I and I can get to my bigger projects.
  7. I am shocked at myself.....I only have 2 WIP's to speak of. The Tunisian Jacket which I am thinking it will turn into a UFO before I know it And a shrug for my daughter I feel empty... . I need to go start some more things.
  8. An embarassing WIP Wed for me. From my list last week the only thing that I got finished was the summer scarves. Yea. That's it. :lurk So, still on my list is the 2nd slipper in a pair for my daughter, my mary jane's, the tunisian jacket, the shrug, the comfortghan sq. , and now I have also added to the list by starting another project a draped jacket thingie from craftster. I guess I am in some sort of slump. Deneen told me to do some dishcloths. So I am going to try that. Believe it or not I have never made one before.
  9. Ah...WIP Wednesday again. Well, on my hook or waiting to be finished: Mary Jane Slippers...2nd of the pair for my 3 yr old (I actually made the other half of the pair and somehow skipped a few rows so it was too small:irk ) Not sure how I didn't notice but I was so disgusted I put it down for a day. And a pair for me The Tunisian Jacket....gonna be a regular on my list for a while A shrug.. And something I need to do right now, a square for a comfortghan...way overdue (feeling guilty) And I am going to weave the ends on my 2nd summer scarf and send them out (ugh I have
  10. Well, I missed last week for some reason... That is how scatterbrained I have been. My list this week is suprisingly short. A jacket in the Tunisian stitch....I have a feeling this will be on my list for quite a while. I am slow going at getting used to holding this long hook and having to figure out how to hold it as my piece keeps getting bigger. I didn't know what I was getting into when I started this.....but I so want this jacket. I swear I probably won't finish it until September when it gets cool again (it is made with LB Suede), but hey, at least I am honest...lol A ponc
  11. I don't knot, personally... But I don't want to discuss that..lol..I will just say this is a great "hidden ends" tutorial......... http://pandacrochet.8m.com/hidden_ends.htm I hope this helps a bit with the ends...I saw someone mention that they had a hard time weaving ends, and talking about work coming undone.
  12. Ah here we are again. I haven't finished any of my WIP's from last week. I did get the 3 ponchos done. I only have the straps to do on my tank top....other than that....everything stll sits. Neglected I suppose. Geez, what have I been doing this past week crochetwise? Oh....yes...reading the show and tell here and ading to my Works in Mind list...that's right.
  13. Well, it isn't too bad. Some FO's from last weeks list... Sweater Jacket Coming Home Poncho 2 out of the 3 ponchos for mom's coworker....ok, so I still have 1 more row and fringe on the 2nd one... WIP's...still... My tank top Chelle's tanks for my girls Scarf....I don't think these colors are summery enough...think I am going to change Baby Blanket for my cousinn Raok's, and some thank you's.......mostly done Wait..wait... ...oh my..this list is actually smaller than last weeks...I have managed to only finish things and not start anything new in 1 week.....
  14. Well, once again I am a day late, but hey, it takes a while to dig out from my pile of WIP's.....which are Sweater Jacket (just have to make 2 flower pins) Tank Top (adult...my design...so it is taking forever and so much frogging) 2 of Chelle's tank top patterns for my 2 daughter's Summer scarf (going between 2 ideas to see what i like best) Coming Home poncho for myself (still don't want to touch it after frogging the whole thing....) baby blanket for my cousin(need more yarn) 3...ugh...3 kids ponchos for a lady at my mom's work Some little pins and things for RAOK's .......wha
  15. Alright here goes. Cell Phone Cozy (my first pattern of my own!) - about 90% done...still working out some kinks in the way the flap looks Chelle's Sweater jacket for my 3 yr old....almost done...one sleeve and trimmimg to go! Hat to go with it.. only a few rounds into it Square for HMB...barely on the hook! Wrist purse for my neice.....not very far into it Starting within a day or 2: 2 shawls for my mom's coworker a poncho and purse for someone's god daughter One of these days I will get to a poncho for myself...i have the yarn...and the pattern...... *sigh* T
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