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    I'm a working, married mom of 4 great kids that likes to dabble in all things creative!
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    Detroit, Michigan
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    Crocheting (obviously!), photography, any type of crafts, music, reading, cooking
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    Direct Care
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    I like to try new things, sometimes make my own patterns although I haven't done that in a while.
  1. creativegoodness

    Spider Stitch Wrap

    You did a wonderful job! Looks great on & off!
  2. creativegoodness

    New from the Ozarks

    :welcome Hello from Michigan!!
  3. creativegoodness

    Hello, newbie here! =0)

    from Michigan
  4. creativegoodness

    Tree pattern

    That is simply wonderful. For sure to be a white Christmas with that:flake You put a lot of time into that, and I appreciate you sharing the pattern!!!
  5. creativegoodness

    Stuffed Dog Pattern Tester and Blog Reviewer Needed

    Well, hi. Lol I'm probably way too late for this but just re-joined. If you need any testers in the future I'm interested for sure, your patterns look fun & adorable
  6. creativegoodness

    List Your Blog Here

    Hey everyone. The link to my new blog is in my signature. I only have 2 posts so far, the blog will be for crochet projects & patterns (none up yet though) and also all the other craftyness in my life, plus maybe a few things my kids & I have done, and all that good stuff. I'd love to have you stop by, promise to return the favor
  7. creativegoodness

    Have You Updated Your Blog Today? II

    Hey all! Updated my new blog with 2 hat projects I made, and "reviewed" the patterns I used. Thanks so much for checking it out!
  8. creativegoodness

    My New Blog

    Hi! I'm back here after a few years away. I got so busy & never made time for myself & things I love to do. But I'm back, getting back into the swing of things. I started a blog, it's brand new with no followers or anything. I have 2 posts so far haha. But I do plan on updating often, the blog will be about crochet and my other crafting projects, as well as a few ancedotes on my life since I have four kids and plenty to share and vent about. So, if you could please check it out, give me any suggestions on layouts & such, (I don't remember anything!) I would greatly appreciate it!!! My new blog, Creative Goodness can be found here I'd love to see you all there!!
  9. creativegoodness

    Crocheted Slippers

    Well how happy was I to see that your pattern is posted! (don't mine me, I'm back here after a few years and trying to catch up a little!) You make a very detailed tutorial, I appreciate the effort that went into that! I'm going to make a pair very soon and I really do for sharing your pattern. I like the black version too! Now I need to choose what color yarn for mine!
  10. creativegoodness

    Sock Monkey Christmas Hat

    Ok now that is just so flippin fun! :monkey I just :bheart it!! The yarn you chose for the monkey is perfect. Awesome job.
  11. creativegoodness

    Hello again from Michigan

    Wow, what a wonderful welcome Thank you!! It's really nice to be back here. I'm trying to remember how to subscribe to threads I've posted or commented on, and trying to get my signature & all that set up. I'm really thrilled to be crocheting again, and it is really cool to see some fellow Michiganders (former & present!). I'm really excited to jump back into crocheting, and Amy was kind enough to merge my old account here with the new one and I'm able to go back and look at what I posted. That was neat Anyway thank you again for the very warm welcome!
  12. creativegoodness

    "Baby it's cold outside" Snowman

    Your snowman's face is just adorable!! Looks like a fun pattern. Looking forward to trying it, and thank you very much for sharing it:hook
  13. creativegoodness

    Grandma Trees!! *Updated post 5*

    Those are really cute & will be a nice break from my usual holiday time snowflakes (although I do *love* those). Thanks for sharing the link. I really like how you decorated them! These will be great to put in my holiday cards...er...if I actually get around to sending them this year
  14. creativegoodness

    Praying Angels Ornaments

    I love angels! Your friends & family are lucky to be getting such cute gifts! Do they take long to work up?
  15. creativegoodness

    Hello from cold and snowy Michigan

    I'm from Michigan too!!! Lovely weather we're having :yuck glad to see another Michigander here, I just joined up again after years of being away so I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone!