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WIP Wednesday


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Hmmm, my WIP list for this week. Well


afghan for bf's mom

ripple ghan for St. Jude's Hospital

a few filet projects that will never get touched


I want to make an afghan for my mom and might start that. Or i might try the star baby afghan pattern for charity. I also have to try my hand at Marlo's Market Bag. i got some Lopi for that. It's our 4 year anniversary tomorrow so won't get much done then but then i have the whole weekend. I work mon-thurs :) Happy Week everyone!!!

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This weeks WIP's include


secret projects

P's hat

J's doily and dish cloth

Sis's dishcloths

K's bag

my poncho

starting on christmas presents

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Surprisingly, I don't have that many WIPs.


Working on an afghan for two friends who are getting married this summer. Going pretty well.


Halfheartedly working on randomly colored cotton squares to make a blanket with.


Have a bunch of ends to weave in on some squares I made for an exchange. Made a few too many, so I've not worried about finishing the ones that aren't going anywhere.


63 Squares.... yeah. I may have officially abandoned this.


And then I have a million projects that I've purchased yarn for and just haven't started yet.

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My WIP list:


1. Another dishcloth for my Easter package shipments to Aunt & Grandmas.

2. Bookmarks to go in each package - I've done 2, another 4-5 to go!

3. Putting a back on my niece's ladybug.


I still haven't started my batwing shawl. :( Maybe this weekend.

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oh no! it's ck in time again!:blush


current WIPs that i'm interested in:


jillian and caroline ponchos (one each) from chelle's pattern - i made one too big.... have to frog it :grumpy


grayson's baby blanket - about 80% done (must be done 2/24 for shower)

chase's baby blanket - hmmm... maybe 60ish% done (must be done 2/24 for shower)


- for my REAL list of WIPs, go here (it's shameful!)

... and yes, i know the page is all jacked up. i can't figure out what i am doing wrong :shrug

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I'm working on a shawl for myself - have frogged it so many times, it or I may start catching bugs with our tongue in a while. Hopefully it's really going now.


Have a granny square poncho for myself I *could* work on and do occasionally like when the littlies are in the bath. Have an afghan I could work on, but don't.


If I finish my shawl this week then I think I will start my new spring poncho with the gorgeous eyelash yarn I got. I'm scared I'll look like a dork in it since it will be a bit shiny and not retiring (I'm very large).


I need to do some more snowflakes too.


If my yarn from CraftsEtc would come I could work on some more gifts for my MIL's birthday. I'm hoping to do another towel-topper and another dishcloth for her and I'm waiting for the orange cotton yarn. Also I could start my dd's afghan.


I guess the main thing right now is my shawl though, and then my poncho. I have a hankering to do some of Chelle's lacy ponchos for my dd's though. I dunno - stick to already-scheduled projects :goodbad start new unplanned-for projects:? :?


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Uh oh. I haven't done much since last week....


1. Am working on Inspired Lace Scarf. Have all 10 squares done, need to sew together and do edging.


2. Still working on rectangle grannyghan for FIL. Slow going...


3. Um.... I have a bunch of stuff I hate and do not want to finish laying around. Maybe I'll do something small. I want to do a purse, I bought some handles, but cannot find a pattern I like...


4. And I want to start a shawl, but can't afford any more yarn right now, so I will have to go dig some out of storage. I have about six or seven skeins of white baby yarn I could use for it...(Too cold out today, though....) Either the butterfly shawl or serafina?...


5. I forgot, I bought the red and blue yarn to start (just started) the "Spidey" Pillowghan for my nephew. Am using the "Spiderweb Square". Is supposed to be 8", but I might make it bigger. (Says to use a "G" hook, but I am using an "I" hook.) So much for something small... Well squares are small, it's just sewing them all together...:)

That's about all....:yawn Tina

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Ok this is my first WIP post :))


This place really inspires me to stay busy.


1. I have the granny square pillowgahn I am working on its about 25% done. Its a scrapy and I have to dig out all my odds and ends of yarn.


2. I have a poncho I am working on thats rust and a RHSS called heartland. I couldn't find a pattern that I liked so I made my own. Hopeing to get it done over the weekend.


3.Have a Lapgahm i am doing for my MIL she has been placed in rehab and needs one. I have been looking for a pattern for several weeks. I think I am gonna do a ripple since I have really enjoyed looking at everyones ripples in the ripple along.


4. I had another afghan i was doing as a pillowghan but after making 3 squares for it last night i think its gonna simply be a regular afghan now. Its out of some RHSS ombre that is burgandy green and cream and I added navy blue as a solid. Its for my livingroom.


5. I am making a poncho from some scraps for My Grandsons 3 foot Shrek doll. I had made him a poncho over the weekend but now he says sherk needs one two LOL . (he's 2 1/2 )


thats it for me



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My WIP's


1. I'm working on a tablecloth for my son's wedding present

2. Working on some bookmarks for my daughters class to send to there pen pals 6 made 19 more to make

3. Look for some Easter or spring time doily's to send to my sons

4. Towel toppers for Easter Gifts

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Here is a sneak peek of my progress. I’m about one third through not counting the detailing and what ever edging I am going to do. I will post a more detail picture progress on the (My New Project) thread when I get about half way done.




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It is still Wednesday - piano lesson day.


Working on:

ripple afghan for wedding present - 3/11

baby afghan - April

Country Treasures afghan (Crochet World) - Xmas gift

Scrap shawl for me - as I get scraps


Next up:

Scarf for reacquainted HS friend

Shawl for me - LB Alpaka

Couch 'ghan for dh

one or more of those darling book thongs - grandma's old thread and *tiny* hooks finally put to use


wow-that's all - ciao fo now! Cecilia

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Guest minwifeof4boys58

I have nothing big to post this week... I keep trying Chele's poncho and it comes out too bulk.. not feathery like everyone's photo's.. I ahve never worked those stiches and have frogged 4 times... I think I'm going to just start over.. I think I have figured out what I'm doing wrong...


I bought the yarn for an afgan for the park ranger where dh is a chaplain


finished the sides to a purse for my neice...


bought the cotton yarn for book thongs.. ( so very cute)..


Hopefully next week I'll have pics to post of something finished.. if not I guess I could always take pics of the yarn :)




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<span style="font-family:comic sans ms; color:purple;">I've got a lot of stuff I'd *like* to do, but don't know if I will.


A kitchen set for my mom's new motor home


Something for me (haven't decided what though...)


Work some more on my 63 squares...I only have 4 and a half finished


A handbag...or two</span>

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Mary Jo (Tampa Doll)


I just viewed your album and I wanted to say

I am simply in awe of your work. It is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I must have the pattern book that you are using for the Disney princess afghan, could you please tell me the name and where you found it. thank you so much!


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My Disney Princess afghan is not from a book. I made it up. I basically used a regular afghan pattern and the charts for the Princesses are from a counted cross stitch book.


I got the counted cross stitch book at Michaels. It's a Leisure Arts book Disney Home, Princess Collection.


My one granddaughter likes the Disney Princesses and since there is no pattern, I had to make one up.


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Well, my WIPs are just about the same as they were last week.


I have some ends to weave in on some extra squares I made for an exchange. Since I don't have all the other squares that are being sent to me, I'm not concerned about getting this done.


Finished a bunch of rows on the afghan I'm making for my friends as a wedding gift. The pattern calls for 53 repetitions of the two row pattern. I'm at 30. So that's progress.


I've got some random cotton squares that I'm making for a hodge podge blanket.


I'm considering starting squares for a blanket I'm making for my bed - for those of you with the 200 Crochet Squares book, it's the lily pad blanket pattern from the front. I'm travelling in 2 weeks, will need something to take on the long plane ride. And squares are easy for that. So it'll either be squares for this or my cotton squares.


I've also got a scrap granny square stitch afghan in red/white/blue on hold. Out of scraps in the proper colors. So that doesn't count as a WIP. :)


I'm proud of my lack of WIPs. But my stash is calling to me again.

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Today is WIP Wednesday and what have I accomplished:


1) 2 blankies are mae for the CAL


2) I am working on the two caps to match. Anyone who reads my posts knows how I feel about hats, but it MUST be done.


3) Yarn purchased for the 63 Square CAL, will start later

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hmm lets see...I didn't get any of my wip list done last week, except cleaning off my back deck and planting my rose bush so I've got houswork out the boohoo's lol and my wips crochet wise are:


1. Eddie's ripple ghan

2. 63 Squares (back on wip's woohoo)

3. Scott's hat i'm sort of designing

4. robert's eagle (which moved to the wim's after 63 squares came back to wip)


so there ya go...my wip wednesday this week!

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dish cloths

super secret Christmas presents

Something for my Secret Pal (insert wicked laugh)

a hat

designing a shirt/sweater type thing

bag for K (yeah still)

P's hat (which is taking top priority)

odds n ends

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Well let me see That darn sock monkey it's not that is hard or confusing I don't know why but when I ran out of thread I also ran out of steam got more thread but not the steam:blush


Potholders and bookmarks :) That's about it.

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Guest minwifeof4boys58

... I finally broke down and bought the 63 crochet squares book.. and I finished 2 squares in that... I absolutely fell in love with one of the squares and think I will plan a whole afghan in that. The current one is for the park ranger where dh is chaplain in the summer.


I have strted working on a cotton beach bag... the one on the net calls for mutli colors but I am doing just three.. natural, a light blue and a bold yellow... it looks great so far!


I finished the faux fur trim on my aunts hat...


worked about 10 rows on my personal afghan

hhhmmm... I think that's it... but for my crazy schedule... that was alot!




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