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  1. JCB, You can find Dot's (bythehook) gorgeous pattern here, as well as her other great patterns. I've got one of these on my list to make...it's really beautiful. I love yours DesertCrocheter! (especially the green one )
  2. I haven't posted here in ages (the knitting bug bit me and I've been slacking on my crochet ) but my husband got me an mp3 player for Christmas and I couldn't resist crocheting cute little protective covers for them. I made a monster: He's done in Fizz with red button eyes and fangs crocheted out of size 10 cotton. I also made this sad little bunny: Plain old Caron simply soft with DMC embroidery. I'm glad that my interest in making covers for my player prompted me to pick up my hooks again instead of going for my needles.
  3. In my experience, ripples just do that. Maybe when you're finished with the scarf you could put a sc border on it and that would help.
  4. Hi spaycee, Here's a good site that shows how to join squares and motifs.
  5. A hacky sack or two would be really cool. You could do them in different colors or integrate a band logo or something in to the crochet. They're fairly easy to make and I've known a lot of kids (and adults!) that love them.
  6. Very pretty! Good job, for a good cause!
  7. I just wanted to thank Frogger for starting this thread. Since I posted on it previously about the 63 square afghan that I'd tossed on the back burner, it's prompted me to work on it. I've gone from four squares done to 12...three times as many!
  8. How precious! My mother in law is a "Frosty" fanatic. She'll adore this!!! Thanks so much for the pattern!
  9. I've never been approached and talked to while knitting or crocheting in public, but I *have* been stared at. Well, gawked at is more like it lol.
  10. Wow, absolutely fabulous! I love them both, but especially adore the vest...it's gorgeous! For the prices you paid for the garments, you couldn't have made them! That's very cool!
  11. I was thinking along the lines of arm bands.
  12. Eh, I like Martha okay. I admit that I used to watch "Living" almost every day because she really did have some nifty projects on her show. As for her coming up with all the ideas herself...well...I think not. Now Erma Bombeck on the other hand...I love love love her. Sadly, she passed away in 1996 after a kidney transplant. When I had to go in for gallbladder surgery the only thing that kept me going was laying in my hospital bed reading "The grass is always greener over the septic tank" and "If life is a bowl of cherries, what am I doing in the pits?" True, the laughing hurt my sore belly, but it was worth it.
  13. Your duck is simply adorable and AB is the perfect name for him! (Alton Brown is my favorite Food Network person!) I like the verigation on him, it's cute!
  14. Wow, I'd like to see more of your work if you just wing it like you did with this lol! The colors are spectacular and it just looks like a cheery, bright and fun bag!
  15. I usually crochet over part of the tail and weave the rest in. Maybe I crochet loosely, but I've had tails come out in the wash when I've just crocheted over them.
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