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  1. Red Heart SS IS cheap and has good color selection, but it is too hard and rough for a baby blanket. I will keep looking. I was wondering about Mary Maxim Starlette yarn for afghans too.
  2. Have you washed the Brava yarn yet? This might be a good choice for the blanket since it is for an infant and being Sports weight it wont be as bulky.The shipping price is good too. Thanks
  3. I just checked online and they don't have the colors I need for a spiderman blanket
  4. I know about those yarns, but wondered specifically how folks found them for afghans. I don't want a sheen like with Bernat Satin. And I am wondering if Caron sport would be a bit floppy.
  5. Ok, so this might be a better way for me to work out what yarn to use! I am making a round ripple afghan for a six month old and can't quite work out what yarn to use. Definitely NOT Red Heart Super Saver!! Looking for either a worsted weight or sports weight yarn. Want it to be soft but durable, and prefer NO sheen. What have you used and like best or least?? Thanks:manyheart
  6. Is it as thin as a sports weight? Is it even or are there thin and thick patches? Thanks.
  7. I am looking at ordering some yarn to make a round ripple afghan for a six month old boy. I have narrowed it down to two different yarns: Hersschners worsted-weight 8 yarn Hersschners 2-ply afghan yarn Has anyone used these yarns and can tell me if they are softer than Red Heart, and how they work with afghans? Thank you!
  8. I considered this too. I don't want a really thick or thin blanket. I am having trouble finding the right colors in a soft yarn. I don't want to use a shiny yarn either. That is why I considered Starlette.
  9. I need some advice please. I want to make a round ripple spiderman blanket, and I want To use a softer yarn than the Red Heart Super Saver that is recommended. Has anyone used the MM Starlette yarn? Also I am not sure which color blue to use to get the right shade for spiderman. red Heart 886 is the recommended, but not sure if that would be Med blue or True Periwinkle in Starlette. I appreciate any help. Thank you
  10. I am looking for any patterns with gingerbread theme: cookies, people, houses. Or nutcrackers. Time to start making decorations for next Christmas Thanks:manyheart
  11. I had to right click and open in another window for it to work.
  12. Nothing shows up when I click on the link. oops, never mind, I worked it out. I love this pattern!!
  13. I just finished a baby dress made with the love knot stitch and I can't find any booties to match. I have checked Crochet Central, any other ideas??
  14. Have you checked out http://www.e-patternscentral.com/for the pattern? It might be there and you can buy the single pattern that is shipped directly to you computer. Word of caution tho: you can only print it from the computer you have it sent to.
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