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  1. I am looking for any patterns with gingerbread theme: cookies, people, houses. Or nutcrackers. Time to start making decorations for next Christmas Thanks:manyheart
  2. I am having trouble finding this. It used to be sold in Walmart and Zellers, but I can't find it now. Does anyone know of another source please?
  3. Don't hate me....I also crochet. lol. I am looking specifically for the Simply Knitting Magazine #35, I believe it is Dec 2007. I have dozens of mags to swap, or will pay for it. Thank you.
  4. That is cool...although I don't know where that is, lol. I guess I better start looking at Michigan maps.
  5. Thank you! We are moving to Utica for now....possibly to Troy later. It is a huge move for us. Have to say I am a little nervous!! But nice to have a warm welcome, thanks!
  6. Sorry, but I decided to cancel the sale! I just got back from the post office and it is ridiculously expensive to ship these ANYWHERE!!!! I might try and sneak them into the moving truck when my hubby isn't looking, and sell them once I am state side. Thanks for the interest, I will let you know if I am going to sell them in July.
  7. I had to right click and open in another window for it to work.
  8. Nothing shows up when I click on the link. oops, never mind, I worked it out. I love this pattern!!
  9. I just finished a baby dress made with the love knot stitch and I can't find any booties to match. I have checked Crochet Central, any other ideas??
  10. Have you checked out http://www.e-patternscentral.com/for the pattern? It might be there and you can buy the single pattern that is shipped directly to you computer. Word of caution tho: you can only print it from the computer you have it sent to.
  11. I haven't posted here in ages, but just had to when I saw this lovely necklace. Great job!!
  12. Welcom Rose! My husband lives in Utica, MI, and I will be moving down there this spring....we'll practically be neighbors:)
  13. I have always thought that if anything I made anyone was at the scene of a crime then there would be plenty of my DNA on the scene...lol.
  14. Hi Carol, my husband lives in Utica. It is his first winter down there. What part of Michigan do you live in? I love going down there, the shopping is phenomenal!! Welcome to crochetville.
  15. My six year old would go crazy if she saw that!!! It is lovely!!
  16. I just realized I was there last summer. Is it a large flea market type thing? I bought some lovely Kiss yarn for 75 cents a ball...hmmm, wonder where I put it, lol.
  17. Oh, I had forgotten about that. We went up to Sarnia, Ont for the day while I was there (actually we walked along the lake side and never made it into Sarnia). I saw the sign for Mary Maxim on the way there, but we were a little confused about where it was. That is great tho....I have never been to a Hobby Lobby either. Thanks.
  18. I am flying out to Michigan this week and wondered if anyone from there knows of some great yarn stores to visit. I will be in the Sterling Heights area. Thanks.
  19. I want to make my 5 year old a hat that he can wear on halloween that goes with his dinosaur costume which doen't have a hat, and it will be too cold to go out bare headed. Has anyone seen a hat with spikes on it that I could use please??? It can be knitted or crocheted.
  20. You have done a lovely job!! I can't wait to see it finished...please model it for us!
  21. Thanks everyone! I will try both methods...fire and bleach. I think it is Merino wool that I got at Michaels, and it kind of looks like the other Merino wool I have, but another color. On the other hand it might be some I got from the Salvation Army, and they take their labels off, so I wouldn't know what it was. Fingers crossed that it is wool tho.
  22. I am felting a purse, and I am unable to tell if the skein of yarn I am using is wool. The label is long gone, but it feels similar to the other wool I am using. Is there any way to test to see if it is acrylic or wool, or do I have to go and buy another ball (that would suck since I only need a small amount)?
  23. I have wondered about that for years. I think it would even make me want to go back to church if I could do that during the service. I wouldn't want to distract anyone else, but it would help me sit through anything if I could knit or crochet.
  24. Welcome, Angela. I live in Canada, but my husband lives in Utica, Michigan. It is a lovely state, with the Best shopping, lol.
  25. Wow, thanks! That helps a lot!!!
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