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    Hello! I'm Sherry, I have 3 children and a husband and a dog! I am an Air Force wife, and we are currently stationed in North Dakota.

    I'm attending college online through American Public University working towards my Associates in Accounting (I plan to start my Bachelors right after)

    I play World of Warcraft and blog about it. I recently got into fitness and am on Spark People too (same user name as on ravelry)

    During the warm months we enjoy camping and hiking and biking, though
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    North Dakota
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    World of Warcraft, Reading, Camping, Biking, Hiking, and maybe learning to Knit :-)
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    Since March of 2005
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    small ones, my hands tend to ache too much to do bigger projects in a reasonable time
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  1. mc_crochets

    Hello, Again!

    Thank you all for the warm welcome, I saw a few names that seem familiar too :-)
  2. mc_crochets

    Hello, Again!

    Hello folks! I have been a member here since 2005, but, I have not visited the forums since April 4, 2006! A lot in my life has changed since then and I got the crochet bug again last week...in fact, I found my box of squares from a swap I did on here called "blue squares too". Currently I'm lining those squares and getting them ready to join into a lap blanket for my ever-freezing husband! In my absence, I've became a widowed single mother, a gamer, a girlfriend, a military wife and now a student! I've moved 5 times since 2006! Of course when I found my box of squares, I came here to Crochetville to get back into the board and Amy helped me with my log in details so I didn't have to start with a new user name That is my little mini-series, now I'm ready to add up the wip's
  3. mc_crochets

    photo test

    wow excellent cat!! the blanket is VERY pretty!! I bet you are WAY proud of that!!
  4. mc_crochets

    Just wanted to share...

  5. mc_crochets

    Help with dolls...cleaning and repair?

    you might spot clean them, the cornsilk hair washes pretty good with shampoo...if my barbie memories serve well.....just be VERY gentle or it'll matt up
  6. mc_crochets

    Now I've seen everything! (Spaghetti hat)

    OMG I would wear it...I work for walmart and we are always doing kooky things to earn money for childrens miracle network...think of all the dollar bills that thing would earn for childrens hospitals!! (my stores funds, directly help Arkansas Childrens Hospital....we have raised over 14,000 this year...that WAS our goal..but now we are shooting for 20,000 since we hit 14,000 in JULY!!) I'm so gonna make that one day!! or someone else could make it and send it to me
  7. mc_crochets

    Regarding Bernat's freebie ...

    I got the brown one in the mail yesterday too!! I'm a bit relived that I didn't get the aqua..not that it isn't lovely, just not something that I would want to wear for myself...hubby also got the brown one at his mothers home address Heck I should have signed up my mother even though she lives elsewhere.....she coulda forwarded it to me right??
  8. mc_crochets

    Blue Squares Too

    :cheer:cheer :clap:clap :c9:c9 I got MY squares today too!!!! I was really surprised when I heard the mail person honking at the mail box (one comes right up to our door, the other just lays on the horn...our mail box is like 90 feet from our house cause its more convienent to the mail people, instead of being right at the end of our driveway, which is like 10 feet anyway) I'm so excitied, and I can't wait until I get all my prior projects DONE so I can start on this one!! I'll try and take a pic of my squares at a later time...as for keeping up with them, I was thinking of using embroidery thread and *gasp* embroidering the name and location onto the square....that would take me ages though perhaps I'll back the project and write on the back of it?? Like they used to do with quilts, writing the names and dates and such on squares?? It would make a REALLY cuddly throw if i backed it I think......:shrug perhaps Sherry
  9. mc_crochets

    Share those little project vents (grr!)

    i'm in favor for the center pull that wont, the error you find at the beginning of the previous row.....and my biggest pet peeve would be SPLITTY yarn!! no matter how careful you are, it SPLITS and then frogging is so awful you contemplate just cutting the yarn and throwing away the messed up part!!
  10. mc_crochets

    My Blog

    on my screen, it looks normal....It could be one of the pictures you posted was a little too big, and on your screen it pushed the sidebar to the bottom to make room for it. You might try using clickable thumbnails instead of full size photos instead to avoid that problem. but on mine it looks great!!
  11. mc_crochets

    Changing background on blogger?

    Hey thanks for the link to blogskins...I've browsed there a few times before, but never found anything I liked....Now I have a new skin over at my blog!! Its slightly modified but cute nonetheless!!
  12. mc_crochets

    Blue Squares Too

    I saw mine too Are we bad or what
  13. mc_crochets

    Blog freebie

    Snagged him, AND checked out your blog.....it looks great!! I'd love to see pictures of your finished kitchen
  14. mc_crochets

    Blue Squares Too

    DOH!! I forgot to take a picture of mine too...of course i can't find my digital camera either So I apologize to yall....of course almost all my squares were the same, and rather plain though so maybe noone will miss the picture
  15. mc_crochets

    Information that changed the way you crochet

    for me it was having someone tell me....MAKE YOUR STARTING CHAIN LOOOOOOOOOOSER because I was struggling to go back into it all the time I never realized how tight my starting chains were! I also learned to go into the "bottom" loop for the starting chain for a nice finish, and I'm going to start using the chain 2 for beginning a round of dc's....now to check and see if I've been doing hdc's the whole time because of the height