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  1. Well, I don't necessarily agree with this sentence, but as someone who's currently working for a prosecutor (and working towards becoming a prosecutor - 2 more years, baby), it looks like this guy wasn't going to go to jail anyway. The problem was that the evidence was really shaky and the girl who was allegedly molested told the judge her mom told her to say that. The prosecutor was even going to drop the charge because he couldn't prove anything. So this guy got a plea bargain. The prosecutors didn't expect to get anything, and thought he'd get off scot free because of the evidentiary issues. So I figure, maybe he did it. Maybe he didn't. But they didn't think they could put him in jail. So at least this way, someone in need gets a crocheted item they wouldn't have had before.
  2. You can definitely spin dog fur - the longer fur is a lot easier than the short fur. Crochet! had an article on it a few issues back. You'll want to remove the stiffer guard hairs, but the rest will certainly spin up beautifully. Note that dog fur is apparently SUPER warm. Almost too warm for sweaters. Also, I have heard that it is easier to spin fur that has been brushed out rather than clippings, but it can be done either way.
  3. I may just give it a shot. It's just a steel hook - I think the cost of the envelope and the postage might be more than the hook is worth in the first place. And I'll throw another hook in my checked luggage, perhaps.
  4. I own a nice set of Crystallites for crocheting with yarn while flying, but as of late, I've gotten into doily making, and was wondering if anyone had ever tried flying with a teeny thread hook? I may just suck it up and fly with my yarn, as I can always be working on cotton squares for my blanket, but this would take up less space. And I always get comments from people about (1) my age and (2) the fact that I'm using a wild vareigated color for my doily.
  5. Can someone point me to the pattern that a bunch of people were using to make those adorable crocheted crochet hook cases? Also, anyone know of a Knitting needle case? I was asked to make one for someone, and I'm just trying to see if there's a great pattern out there before I start attempting a design myself. Thanks!
  6. I've never gotten into the expensive purses. I'll admit to having spent $50 on a purse, but it was gorgeous gorgeous leather - and I got years of use out of it. So many of my friends are into designer purses - and I'll admit that I have seen some cute ones, but I can't even believe people spend hundreds of dollars for purses! When I see one I like, I call my cousin who's a student in NYC and have her look for a knockoff at one of the many many street vendors. She's never failed me.
  7. I've been making this , and I'm just about done with the flag part - now I just have to make the stars. I've tried to get started on them about eight times now, and I hate them and can't seem to get them right. I'm wondering if there's a better way to do this - I was considering buying felt and cutting out stars, but I worry that will look ridiculous. Now I'm considering buttons, though I'm not entirely sure where I will get buttons of the correct size. HELP!
  8. This came through on a few mailing lists I'm on. Thought I'd pass it on for a good laugh. How To Felt with Acrylic Yarn by Gail List of Materials Needed: 1. Some acrylic yarn. Make sure it doesn't have any natural fiber content in it whatsoever. That would be bad. 2. An oversized stock pot. The one you attempted to use to Brine your turkey before you accidentally killed all your relatives will serve you well here. Plus, it'll hide the evidence. 3. A blow torch. 4. An oven. Preferrably one that you don't plan on using much in the future. 5. A welding sheild. 6. Some tongs. 7. Some leather gloves. Not the nice ones - the heat shielding kind. Step 1: Knit something out of that acrylic. Make it bigger than you want the final results to be. Step 2: Drinking some alcohol is probably a good idea here. Step 3: Turn on the oven as high as it will go. Throw your knitted acrylic garment into the oversized stock pot, and stick that in the oven. It is a matter of great debate on whether or not you should add water - water will probably slow the felting process, but may keep the yarn from melting to the bottom of the pot. Maybe you should add some canola oil or something. Step 4: Open a window. Take the batteries out of the fire alarm. Step 5: Check on your garment. If all is going well, it will become soft and melty. With the gloves and tongs, coax it into the shape you want. You may also want to stir it around to make sure that it isn't sticking. Step 6: Once your garment has shrunk down and appears to be the correct shape, remove the stockpot from the oven. Throw a bunch of water into it. You might want to put on the welders shield now. Then, with the tongs, remove the item from the pot, and arrange it charmingly. You should no longer be able to see individual stitches. You may find that your garment is a bit inflexible - that is to be expected. Step 7: Once your garment has cooled, you can use the blow torch and tongs to make any last minute adjustments, such as creating holes in your slippers for the feet. Step 8: Enjoy your fabulous felted acrylic garment! Tune in next week where Gail explains how to use flexible rods to keep your stockinette from curling!
  9. Piper0110

    Andean Plying

    I've been thinking about Andean plying my latest spun yarn - but I'm a little scared. I've heard horror stories about the plying bracelet turning into a gigantic tangle of badness. Anyone have suggestions on this? Tips? Warnings?
  10. How about making washcloths for use in the bath/shower? I want to start up a supply of washcloths for washing my face, as I wonder if perhaps using a fresh one every time I wash my face might clear up these pesky zits that keep appearing. I've got some Sugar n Cream lying around (quite a bit, as I'm working on a blanket out of it), and I might be able to sacrifice some to save my skin - if this is a good yarn to use for a cloth that will be used on your skin. Ideas?
  11. Megan, I'm plotting the same exact thing! Except not for a co-worker, but a fellow volunteer. Let me know what colors you decide on! I'm still trying to figure that out - being sneaky and trying to discern her favorite colors.
  12. I've done some pretty giant afghans - I think the one I'm doing now might be the biggest and most work. I'll have to measure it when it's all done, but the entire thing is in double crochet, so it's slow going. Beautiful, but slow.
  13. I have a very good friend who I need to send a thank you gift to. Well, I don't need to, but I want to. Anyway, she's a very mod, hip, crafty, wonderful sort. I want to make her something to let her know how much I appreciate all she does. But I don't know what. She lives in California, so I'm not sure about a shawl, plus I've never made one before... but perhaps. Does anyone have any good ideas? Thanks!
  14. Piper0110

    How much?

    Ok. So I've just finished spinning and plying my first bit of yarn. 2 ounces, pretty blue, I'm content with it. It's not even, and I didn't intend it to be, but I like it, and I think my technique's improving. Will photo once dry. So now I'm looking at this roving I bought. It's a total of 12 ounces. And I'm trying to figure out how to spin it. To do my two ounces, I just divided the roving in half, spun one, then spun the other, plyed together, the lengths were pretty close. But for 12 ounces? Is my best plan to just divide it into 12 pieces? I only have one spindle. Also, I tried plying from center pull balls and that was a disaster. As the balls neared the end and collapsed, the twist killed them and I ended up with massive tangles. Other suggestions? I've heard people using toilet paper tubes or something along those lines. Thanks!
  15. Oh my. That is incredibly beautiful. I ony dream of making something that gorgeous.
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