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    Originally from New Jersey near Phila. Stepmother to 3 Grandmother to 7
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    Tampa Bay Area, Fl.
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    Crocheting, Knitting, Gardening and reading.
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    Dresses for Barbie dolls that are from another period, Bride Dolls and Angels. Let's not forget totes.
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  1. That is just adorable. Brenda made one for me. Thank you very much for thinking of me.
  2. Yeah it is called Annie's Attic Gingham Kitchen Set. If you look here, and look at the second picture, you will see all the patterns are in the book. From a towel rack to a rug. It is discontinued on Annie's Attic. Now Treasured Heirlooms has it also. I have only made the placemats so far.
  3. I just finished Baby Tree here and yesterday I finished an angel. They are 5" dolls and the outfits are knitted. I am hoping to work on some crocheted outfits.
  4. Good morning, no clouds or thunder this morning. I need some rain. Not like they got in Pa yesterday, but we do need rain. I have to call and have someone come out and check out my sprinklers, as they are not doing their job. The package for my SIL for the American Legion Silent Auction is on the stoop waiting to be picked up. I can relax for a couple of months, then start over again. A little early, but thought you might like to see the newest member of Ami Ville. This is Baby Tree.
  5. Well, it is 7:48 and getting close to time to close down. There was a lot of booms and noise this morning, but no rain. All the rain moved to the interior. We got Nada. Well off to get everything ready for the night. So I will shut down and say good night to you all.
  6. Very cool. Love the way that yarn is working. Neither stocking has the same pattern.
  7. Thank you Chris for the beautiful scrubbers and potholders/dishcloths for the American Legion Silent Auction. They are so pretty and cool.
  8. I got some help with the American Legion Silent Auction. Look at all the scrubbers, potholders and dishcloths. Aren't they pretty? Thank you so much FGM in MA.
  9. Up, but not in the mood to do much of anything. Won't even turn on the news. So tired of all the screaming and yelling. Stop and do something. I am off to make breakfast.
  10. Oh pretty.
  11. Good Morning. Just got my first cup. To hot to go out, so I guess I will stay inside and crochet. Sounds like a good idea to me. Off to make breakfast.
  12. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pretty.
  13. Very cool. Love the idea.
  14. I just got CrochetWorld for August. Inside is a placemat almost like the one I made. The difference is that it is made with squares. There is also no edging. I just looked at it and it is 36 dark color 36 white and 86 other color. No thank you very much. I had my first trip out for the day, next trip is to put the trash out tonight. To hot to move, but I love it.
  15. Good Morning. Got up this morning and cleaned the kitchen family room. Need to do the floor again, not quite clean enough. Yesterday was a nice quite day. The kids called, so that was nice. Dinner was steak and lobster tail. Something special for DH. Well off to my corner to rest, before I make breakfast.