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    Dresses for Barbie dolls that are from another period, Bride Dolls and Angels. Let's not forget totes.
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  1. She is now at Peace. My sympathies and prayers go out to your family.
  2. Happy Sunday. Thanks Brenda for the explanation. I can see that. Bright and beautiful day. Hey Brenda, I had to laugh at what DH said about the game. That was a funny play. The ref fell down to get out of the way and tripped the KC player. Good thing it was into the end zone. Andy and the boys looked good. The Bucs looked good and so did the Cardinals. It is going to be a fun year. Well off to do some work. Talk later. Oh thanks for the pattern.
  3. Another week down. Sun is shinning and no rain in site. Looks like I have to turn the sprinklers on. So how is everyone doing today?
  4. Love the hats and the pom pom's. Uh maybe I missed it, but why do you have a grater on the table? Off to watch some football. Getting the Bills and Browns game. Time to get out the pills.
  5. Brenda the afghan is pretty. Yeah, I taped the Eagles game from last night and tonight I am going to have to tape the KC game as it is not on till 11 PM. It is a repeat. Tomorrow the Bucs play. Waiting for my grocery delivery. Have fun.
  6. Good Morning. No rain yesterday. Looks like none today, but who knows. Not much going on in my life today. Happy Birthday Legalwoman17. Hope you have a great day. Have fun today.
  7. Pineknott sorry to hear about your MIL. Well it is getting time to put the trash out and get out the pills for tomorrow. Didn't get my cleaning done, maybe tomorrow or Saturday. Got some clouds, but no rain. Have a fun night.
  8. Good Morning. Bright and sunny this morning, but looking at rain this afternoon. Normal weather for this time of year. Going to try and do some cleaning today. Don't know how much I will get done. Got a new cane yesterday. It has flowers all over it. Now when I go out, I will have a pretty cane. Off to make breakfast. Have fun today.
  9. That is so cute. It is like she has the cupcake without the cupcake paper on it. I love it.
  10. Thank you Tribble79 and bgs. That is what I have been saying all along. We were taught that you have to work to get what you want or need. If you did something wrong there were consequences. You listen to the other side, give your side and agree to disagree. I never heard of riots till the 60's. I am not getting on my soap box here. I do hope the grass guy comes today. I am expecting George of the Jungle to start coming out of the grass to swing in my trees. He was on vacation for 2 weeks. The first week someone came and cut the grass, last week they did not. Good thing he has a riding mower. Well, I am off to make breakfast, now that I have some coffee in me. Have fun, be back later.
  11. Thank you. I love this movie and so did my Mom.
  12. Nah Brenda I have not. I am afraid to ask my SIL. They had a meeting last month, but nothing has been said or asked. I will ask soon. Ok as for the QB's all the #1 back-up's looked good. Bridgewater from Minnesota looked really good. He is with the Jets now. Today is the worse day to be out in the sun. It is cloudy with the sun peeking out. So you stay out longer and end up getting burnt. Geeze Lise, that is scary. I think I would be picking my kid up and bringing her home, but that is me. I am a scardy cat. I am sure she will be fine and they will have extra security there.
  13. That is great owlvamp. It is always nice to hear how everyone helps out. The tree people were here yesterday, so we shall see them in about 10 weeks or less. With all this rain, they are very busy. He did say that since it is a small job, he may get here sooner. The sun is out, but off to the west I see dark clouds, so I guess we are in for more rain. Well off to make breakfast and get the trash can, before it rains. Have fun
  14. Thank you all. I get hot everytime I walk past the table.
  15. Shoot I always find myself standing in the middle of a room wondering why I am there. Dr. went well. My A1C is steady, which is very good. Still having trouble with the leg, but it is now the muscles, so it is only stretching that will help it. The tree people came and they say up to 10 weeks, could be sooner. Working on some dresses for an 8.5" doll, so just something small. I need to make some potholders and such, when I am not in the mood. A great way to cut down on the cotton stash. Hey Brenda, even though they did not win, KC looked good.