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    Originally from New Jersey near Phila. Stepmother to 3 Grandmother to 7
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    Tampa Bay Area, Fl.
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    Crocheting, Knitting, Gardening and reading.
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    Dresses for Barbie dolls that are from another period, Bride Dolls and Angels. Let's not forget totes.
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  1. Hi Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.😁
  2. Here we are on the 4th. A lot different from when I grew up. We lived in a small section of Camden, NJ. We had a WWII memorial in the middle of the town and we always had a big celebration with speeches and a parade. The street I lived on, had a big neighboorhood BBQ in the front yards. The kids ran thru the hose Dad hooked up to the Flag pole and pointed to the ally. We had sparklers and caps. Cap guns, cap sticks and just a hammer and caps. It was always loud and fun. When it would start to get dark, we would pack up chairs and walk to a bridge that crossed over a main road and sit to watch fireworks in 4 different locations. Then we would all go home and finish with the nieghborhood party. Here is my table and tree deducated to our Military and the fun we had as kids.
  3. Up at 6 this morning. 3 H's are making their appearance this morning. Just a drive by to say Hi.
  4. Love the basket and what you started and ran out of plarn for. My bags over here are brown only. We don't get the fancy colored ones. Went out this morning at 8:30 to the store. No lunch meat only cheese and chicken and turkey. No roast beef, cornedbeef or salami. Lots of the shelves are empty. No lysol.
  5. I saw this and jsut cracked up. Thought you could use a chuckle.
  6. Good Morning. Sun is up, but it is hazy and cloudy today. I don't see any blue skys. Today I get my yarn, and hopefully this green will not be so bright. Just wanted to pop in and say Hi!
  7. Hi Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.😁
  8. Good Morning. Ratdog good new about your son. Can't figure out what the heck is going on. Everyone has a different opinion as to whether to open or not for the 4th. Some are even closing the beaches. The big problem is people are tired of being holed up at home. You can see it on the TV reporters and such. Oh well, I am enjoying staying in, as it is to hot to be out there. I have 2 panels done and waiting for my yarn that will be in tomorrow. Time to change the table and tree for July. Have a fun day.
  9. The Saraha dust seems to be staying away from us, or I just can't see it. I stay indooors this time of year, as the pollen is to bad for me. My nieighbor has a gardinia tree that is in full bloom and as soon as I step outback, the smell hits me. So inside I stay. All you all that are being affected, perhaps this stay at home is a blessing. Kathy, I do hope Handy does not need the rescue inhaller to often, or the treatment. Well, almost done the catcus square. Have fun.
  10. Oh man Lea, thanks for the laugh. It reminded me one day when I got a grocery order delivered, the girl appologized because it was in plastic bags. She said the store ran out of the paper. Do these people not realize that the more paper bags they use, the more trees they cut down? Trees give us oxygen. I can see us now hooks and yarn in hand with our mask of many colors. I can see us on the news asking what we are protesting. I needed the laugh. One of these days I am going to get the T that says, " I crochet so I do not strangel someone." It is a toss between that one and "I may crochet, but my real hobby is collecting yarn." Well, we have lots of clouds, but no rain in sight. I think we have some of that cloud, as they are asking people with allergies and asthma and other lung problems to stay indoors. That is my day and again Lea, thanks for the laugh.
  11. The clock is just beautiful. I can see it now sitting in a pretty pink themed bedroom. The bug is adorable and just cute.
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