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    Originally from New Jersey near Phila. Stepmother to 3 Grandmother to 7
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    Dresses for Barbie dolls that are from another period, Bride Dolls and Angels. Let's not forget totes.
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  1. Wow love the afghan Kathy and yeah Target fits it perfectly. Thanks, I hope it stops soon also. The Dr. I see tomorrow, does not handle that area of the body. Ok Hockey. Tonight we find out if the Lightning plays Boston or Toronto. Let's hope Toronto wins. Hopefully round 2 will go well for us. Just think 5 more months and I can start watching Football again. Sorry couldn't resist. Have fun off to find something mundane to crochet.
  2. Lovin2Crochet Sometimes that is all you need. Up extra early this morning. Brenda, I do not know what I did to my foot. I am hoping I just pulled a muscle and it is nothing serious. I go to the Dr. Thurs. see what he has to say. Just wanted to check in. No coffee yet this morning. Working on fixing that now. Have a fun day.
  3. Good morning. Wow Brenda, I can't believe you went thru all that. I am going to say OURCH!!! Our eye Dr. has a van that will pick you up and drop you off when you get cataract surgery. Yeah, I am just going to hide for a while. Luckily I had another pair that will do till I get the new ones. Hope everyone has a good day. Have to go.
  4. let's see I use Clrox2 in my wash. Less chance of it splashing on my clothing and making spots. It is a rainy day and I think I will stay home. This has not been a good month. The leg hurt, I had to go to PT, now the foot/ankle hurts and last night when I went to bed, my glasses broke. Luckily I have my old pair, so I am not totally blind. So I am either going to hide or wrap myself in bubble wrap. Now that I am done feeling sorry for myself. The dolls and monsters are going out today. I will be putting it in a bag to keep it dry. Have a fun day.
  5. I like the hat. Someone will love the warmth it gives.
  6. Omelet ended up being ham and cheese. Next will be broccoli. It is 2:20 and it is 82 already. This is my weather. Not much going on. Waiting till 3 to watch the hockey game. Our team is waiting for their next team they will be playing. Either Boston or Toronto. Off to my corner. Have a fun day.
  7. Thanks for the laugh. It is so cool that the kids wanted a crocheted moose. He is just adorable. You did a great job on him. Just adorable.
  8. Thank you Brenda. I have down loaded the pattern. Not much going on today. Had to call the plumber yesterday, so because it would be after 5 I had to pay overtime. Our kitchen sink would not empty and I tried everything before I called them. Luckily it only took about an hour. Going to make a nice omelet this morning. I have not had one in a while. Not sure if it will be ham and cheese or broccoli. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Have fun today.
  9. Thank you they were fun to make.
  10. I am not sure what hospital it is. I send them to Peggy85225, she is the one who then gives them to her grandson (who has cancer, but remission now). He takes them to the nurses for the kids. This way I just put them in a box and they magically disappear. Darski, I love the afghan and outfit, but you stuff is always pretty.
  11. Thank you all. Everyone likes the sock monkey. I prefer the crocheted ones. They are now sitting in their box waiting for the post office to come get them.
  12. So glad this week is over. Tired of seeing Dr.'s and such. Well here is the gang, that will be going to AZ. If you want to see the last monster you can look here. I am trying to knit ugly sweaters, I think I may try on in crochet see how that goes. Well, off to make breakfast and have some coffee. Have fun today.
  13. Good Morning, I have finished the last monster for my box and they are ready to go. You can find the last one here. Here is the whole group together, along with a friend I added that is knitted.
  14. Good Morning. Yes, I am still on a break, but always on the look out. I heard that about cats. Several people have told me their cats love to crawl into the tote. Must be because it is cotton and it is soft. I also hear of a duck trying to steal one. I remember you told me this is the place to post pictures of charity work. I have finished my first project to go to the Children's Cancer Hospital in Phoenix, AZ. I just have to pack up the box and get it ready for pick up. Here they are. Most are crocheted, but the monkey in the back is knitted.
  15. I have finished the last doll, monster to go to the kids in AZ. Here is Monty the Monkey. He and his friends are all packed up and ready to be picked up by USPS. Oh the sock monkey in the back is knitted.