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  1. princsstrish

    I think I'm in love...books?

    I just caught Prudence Mapstone on Uncommon Threads, that new show on the DIY network. Freeform looks alot different to me now. She does awesome work!!!
  2. princsstrish

    what's with the symbols everywhere?

    yeah, and the acronym O M G - which is widely used online is now, starred out...like this ***
  3. princsstrish


    *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
  4. princsstrish

    Mickey & Minnie ready for Halloween

    That is just fantastic!!!!!!!!! I think I'm in love
  5. princsstrish

    Knit out and crochet too Boston

    Nay - No reply yet at all.
  6. princsstrish

    This has to e original

    If you go to her blog as linked by Shell, it is further down on the page, should be working now. I just checked and saw it. Great idea btw!
  7. princsstrish

    What do you think? A cream & white afghan?

    I'd either go with the white with like a baby coordinates type yarn white with a pearly thread going through it. or else white with an accent color. Maybe a beige of some sort? Keeping it neutral. If they have wood anywhere in the room, could matche the color to the wood.
  8. princsstrish

    new from North Attleboro Ma

    Hi! : to Crochetville from Cape Cod, MA! I hope you find what you are looking for. Make sure to share with us when you are done!
  9. princsstrish

    Crafter's Book Club

    I've already done mine. Gotta wait a while before I can start up again Another good place to buy books at $9.95 is at http://www.zooba.com Yes, they have craft books. You pay $9.95 and get one book a month at that price. You can buy additional books for $9.95 too. It's good to get my craft fix in between times I can join the book clubs
  10. princsstrish

    Fuzz-Butt the Wonder Goat

    ***< i LOVE Her!!!!!! She came out just fabulous!! WTG!
  11. princsstrish

    Knit out and crochet too Boston

    Nadine and I were there but I didn't see your fabulous bag!!! I had a "blogger" bright yellow/green name tag on since I was one of the first 25. I wrote my opinion of the knit out on my blog. Needless to say, I was seriously disappointed!
  12. princsstrish

    Another football afghan

    I have the Patriots graph and would like to do it for xmas, but I'm nervous. If you are working in sc, does that mean you end off at the end of each row? so lots of ends or is there a way to flip the work and go back the other way but still keep the front looking presentable?
  13. princsstrish

    Anybody here from MA?

    awww, batty, you should go! It's outside so any germs will blow away Nadine (another native mass villager) are going.
  14. princsstrish

    Anybody here from MA?

    Wow, lost of Mass-holes! anyone going to the knit out crochet too in boston tomorrow? Weather isn't supposed to very good but.. who knows. I'm on cape cod and visit up in worcester about once a month. I used to livein Attleboro and grew up in Franklin. I've lived in Lowell for a few years once too.
  15. princsstrish

    Baby Chest Measurements

    My SIL just had a baby girl yesterday. Measurements were 8lbs 3oz. Her chest measurement was 13 3/4".