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  1. awww, batty, you should go! It's outside so any germs will blow away Nadine (another native mass villager) are going.
  2. Wow, lost of Mass-holes! anyone going to the knit out crochet too in boston tomorrow? Weather isn't supposed to very good but.. who knows. I'm on cape cod and visit up in worcester about once a month. I used to livein Attleboro and grew up in Franklin. I've lived in Lowell for a few years once too.
  3. I'm in MA too, Cape Cod actually but my mom lives in Northbridge, up near Worcester. I grew up in the Franklin area. If I ever go off cape I should let y'all know and we can meet up. hehehe
  4. WIP WEdnesday, again so soon!!! 1. radKIDS afghan for the auction - my friend made the center panel with a graph and I'm going to do the edging. 2. a peach ripple afghan for my mom for mothers day 3. a blue and tan afghan for my boyfriends mom for mothers day 4. stuff for my secret pal 5. secret project I have so much stuff in mind though it's killing me!!!!! I just got two of the cutest cross stitch designs and those will take a while. I also have a rainbow baby afghan I want to do that i got the kit for. I would like to make a horse head filet crochet for my aun
  5. Hmmm, my WIP list for this week. Well afghan for bf's mom ripple ghan for St. Jude's Hospital a few filet projects that will never get touched I want to make an afghan for my mom and might start that. Or i might try the star baby afghan pattern for charity. I also have to try my hand at Marlo's Market Bag. i got some Lopi for that. It's our 4 year anniversary tomorrow so won't get much done then but then i have the whole weekend. I work mon-thurs Happy Week everyone!!!
  6. Here's what I have going on - nothing that excites me though 1. Mystery Exchange Gift 2. RAOK project 3. ripple ghan - that is coming out too small and I think I have to frog 4. Afghan for my bf's mom- 3/4 done 5. Scrap ripple ghan 6. ABC ghan for my "nephew" - it's coming along VERY slowly 7. Hass Design Little Hearts Doily 8. Name Doily 9. Lilacs and Lace Afghan - put on the way way back burner. 9. Other non crochet related WIP (beaded banner, latch hook Elmo, felt applique stocking I always have a million things going at once and get so bored and start something new. At le
  7. i can't get into Anna Knit's site....is it down? anyone know where i can get these bars now????
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