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  2. Welcome back!
  3. brenda loloh yeah the bread maker went to donation years ago, and i have a foreman grill under there somewhere, i like it for less grease and would rather use that for meat anyway,.but handy uses the outside grill and he does most of the cooking, so it is under there with theblender, and fry pan, lol Carol, sounds like a busy and tiring day for you and dauhter tomorrow, good luck, have fun, drink water, lol im up later than normal tonight i guess, just hot out,even though it is cool in here, im just not tired yet,lol had Handy help me empty one of those white drawer bin things on rollers out today, and move it out, just too much, and i reallydon't needit in thecraft room anymore.. I suppose once we redo the closet, i will miss it, thinking i could put it inthere,but thewheels don'twork well, onekeeps coming off, lol and part of theframe was cracked anyway,, so he put it out on the deck, and our neigbor wsnted it for his shed so off it went, I had just stored some yarn in it is all, and found other places to put that, that.. opened up some space too,so im ok with that,, well tomorrow will be a weekend day, nothing much going on here, i guess, kids mightdrop by, not sure, but we;ll see, lol all for now, gonna watch some expedition unknown with josh gates, hope its not one i have already seen ol see you all tomorrow, have a great weekend!!
  4. I haven't been seriously crocheting long, but I am taking it very seriously. Lol! I really do enjoy crocheting because it is so relaxing to me. I'm looking forward to making new friends that enjoy the craft as well, and learning from all of you. Thank you for letting me join.
  5. I mailed off 25 mini Christmas stockings I crocheted along with 9 stockings sent to me by Claudia over at Ravelry after our stocking along. We had over 250+ stockings made for the troops during the stocking along. Our deadline this year is November 1. So please join us in this last push for stockings for the 2017 Christmas drive for the Warmth for Warriors.
  6. Here is one that I'd consider a little short (widthwise) for me (assuming my wingspan=my height, it's only 1" longer than my wingspan at each end, but the fringe adds a bit); it's 15x65" (you need to sign up for this site which has Annies Attic/DRG patterns for free, they don't send annoying mails). Thank might give you an idea of size...I'm seeing others even shorter at 60" wide, but deeper, 18", so there's a range. If you're not on Ravelry you should be able to search on the first link for more, I've noticed links to a filtered Ravelry search from here don't work (gives you ALL patterns); I searched on 'stole' and selected free patterns; you can also filter by yarn weight.
  7. I don't know about your niece, but I was as tall as I am now when I was 13, and only an inch or so away from that at 12. Is she tremendously shorter now than her mom? For me, to keep it on my shoulders, I like it to be no less than 6 feet wide (I'm 5'3"), unless you are planning on it needing a shawl pin. For depth, I'd go for the same as an adult's.
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  9. I want to make a small rectangle style shawl for my niece for Xmas she is 12 years old my question is what size Width and Length do you guys think would be about RIGHT? Thanks
  10. Cindy, we've had temps in the 80's and on Sunday it's supposed to be 89! Blech.... Enjoy your getaway!! Working on the graph ghan...It's now coming along fine, ever since I set aside all the colors I needed for the GSD face! Not much else going on. Just waiting for Fall to arrive I can't wait for the weather to match my table decorations.
  11. I googled "elephant hat and diaper cover crochet pattern." There were several.
  12. Here's a Elephant Hat . On the same website there are Diaper Covers that you could adapt with matching yarn colors and attach a Elephant tail to the backside.
  13. Happy Friday! Mary Jo, why are you putting your head in the freezer? I use my standing mixer a lot so it stays out on the counter. The toaster gets put in the pantry between uses. I don't have a dishwasher either because I didn't want to give up storage space. I could really use a new kitchen sink, mine is acrylic and is scratched up. Everything else in the kitchen is ok. I'm back at my daughter's house for the night, we're doing a fundraiser walk early in the morning with a group from her job. Other than that I don't have any real plans for the rest of the weekend. I hope you all have a great weekend.
  14. Katy thats what I used to use---plastic or teflon coated but mine never seemed to hold up very good. I got sick of having to replace them all the time. I had a set of teflon coated pans years ago but after the stuff started wearing off I went with cast iron, steel, and I don't know what those other old pans (maybe thick brushed aluminum) are but no more coatings on pans except the Foreman grill. I have been eyeing an enameled cast iron pot but that stuff is getting awful heavy to lift---maybe if I was younger. I have wondered about those new coated pans they advertise now but since teflon didn't work out just not suckering into it until I find someone that has actually used them. Wish I hadn't messed up two of the pans in my stainless steel set by forgetting they were on the stove and boiling dry as I haven't found a suitable replacement for the set. My little pressure cooker is in the attic as I only used it for canning, no electric frying pan, should use the crock pot more, stupid bread machine should go to the thrift store-----I can make bread faster and more to what we like using the kitchenade and the oven, at least I only gave $5 for it at a garage sale. I sometimes think I would like one of those electric pressure cookers and a food processor but talk myself out of it. I use the Foreman grill all the time mostly for chicken. I love it for hamburger since you close it and I don't get grease splatter all over and the little grease burns from the splatter.
  15. Bgs bless his heart handy shampooed all the carpets while i ws hoapital bound ao that was a wonderful surpirise when i got home i think he might have needed something to keep his mind off things!!but they are done !!
  16. oh those spoons sound nice i use either teflon or plastic so as to not scatch any cookwear or anything and i do have a pampered chef marble rolling pin( never used i might add lol) chef that i love i gave daughter my stainless steel bowl sets and kept and use the bowls that were moms they are heavy and breakable but i am careful i only have a small portable hand mixer but dont make allthe good hings you make lol so that is fine i have a blender butthat is in a cupboard since i got the food processer which just does everything lol it keeps the electric frying pan the pressure cooker and the deep fryer cooker and the crockpot company!! they have become great cupboard buddies lol more later ending of cd 6 on tap here
  17. Yesterday I got the steamvac out and ran it over the carpet in the living room moving around as much furniture as I could. I ran it with just water no shampoo added as I have no idea what will set off TC's allergies/asthma. Did some dusting when moving things around and that bothered my allergies so by night time my back ached and I was stopped up. It was time for my flonase, double strength mucinex, and a couple of ibuprofen and my chair. Today seems like I am busy in the kitchen---baking dh's chocolate chip bagels he takes in his lunch, corn bread, climbing okra battered in cornmeal. Made some cinnaberry crunch dip to go with scooby snacks and sliced cheese to take for our bonsai master event tomorrow. Still need to make our lunches for tomorrow. I have laundered the batch of baby afghans that I finally finished last night and they are in the dryer. Maybe I will get a chance to take a picture. They are pretty plain----just a solid pastel edged in white in the blanket stitch. Mary Jo seems like when we finally got a new refrigerator what struck me the most was that it seemed like I had to bend over lower to reach stuff in the bottom. Sounds like you timed it right so that you could pretty well start out with all new stuff and new refrigerator after all those days with no power. Carol sounds like you all are gradually making it back to normal. Bet everyone is just exhausted from all the stress and clean up. Katy its another hot one here today. Now I have always lusted for a set of stainless steel appliances. We generally get what we find in the best deal and don't worry about color. Stove, fridge, and kitchenade are white. I use my kitchenade mixer quite a bit. Used it this morning to make the bagels and mix the cinnaberry crunch dip. I have attachments for it to grind and shred. There is a can opener attachment but I just do the manual can openers. We never replaced the last electric coffee pot and went back to a stove top percolator. Toaster and vitamix are stainless steel. I treated myself to my vitamix a couple of years ago with money saved up from birthdays and Christmas. My blender never did a very good job when I needed it to puree pumpkin, apples, etc. One of my best splurges was several years ago when I decided to invest in several large stainless steel spoons, slotted and un slotted and give up on those cheaper plastic and metal spoons that never seemed to last very long. Hardly a day goes by that they don't get used and they are all still fine----lasted much longer than the other stuff I was using.
  18. Do you have the links to it
  19. Adorable!
  20. Awww! He's precious!
  21. I hope you are not getting tired of my questions but I have another one. I will send you a picture of the first leaf I did and I am starting the second one. For the 2nd Leaf( the one I am working on now) it says to Repeat Rows2-4 of First Leaf. I have done that but after that row it says to turn. I don't know whether to turn or not. Row5: To join, Dtr in end of row 6 on previous leaf, I get that, sl st in first st on last row of this leaf, are they talking about row 4 that I just joined with row 6 or row3. And then for Row 7 its says to Dtr in end of row 6 and looking at the picture the Dtrs are not done in the same row they are seperated by at least 2 rows so I definitely think this is an error. If you can, let me know what you think. My chain got pulled loose, anyway if I try to turn and do it the other way its not easy. Mary II tried to stretch this out more so you could see it better.
  22. So cute!!
  23. Just adorable.
  24. I love snowmen. This is super cute. Love the hat!!
  25. Good morning. We are heading into a 90 degree day. Hopefully this heat wave is short lived! I'm off work for the next six days. I'm going away for the weekend with one of my daughters and my sisters in law and nieces on dh's side. My oldest daughter wanted to go on a field trip with her oldest boys so she isn't going. Dsil and Dh went along with them as well. They left at 6:30. Mary, hope the dr visit goes well. LeeAnn, take a minute or two here and there to breathe! Hope you all all have a great weekend!
  26. I used a stitch just like this video to make a strap for my daughter's yoga mat and it is still in use. Also, I used 2 strands of RHSS yarn instead of 1 to give more stability. The strap hardly stretches at all.
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  28. Yes, I wanted to build a snowman!
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