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  2. Wanted to drop by and say hi. Off to feed the fur babies and then to help clean the church. Hope everyone is doing good.
  3. It's been a crazy week but I wanted to pop in and say hello. I hope you are all doing well.
  4. Katy such a pretty lapghan. I dont know how you manage to make all those colors look so good together. Its not too big. It's within the suggested size range and even if it was bigger I know that they would gladly take it because they know they can find someone that needs it. Hauling brush is much easier than it used to be. It was rough back in the day using the heavy duty wheelbarrow and me having to push it up hill to the other end of the 5 acres. Now I have a little trailer to hook up to the lawn tractor. I had the brush already cut up so it easily fit in the trailer. It needed moved so we can mow. Mary Jo they are looking forward to football season here too. No one here expected the baseball team to do any where remotely well and so far its been even worse than expected. Now I understand. You already had a dr appointment for something else when the foot started hurting. I thought you had gotten an appointment set up awfully quick. A few things still in dryer. I need to iron a shirt. I spent some time prepping for another round with the phone company. We have a plan so even though we are in a rural area we can make and receive calls in the metro KC area and it not be long distance either way. I have found what appears to be another number being misrouted and treated as long distance when it shouldnt be---- my orthodontist office. It took a lot of calls and email on the other number before they checked and fixed itAnd I just got the cell phone company straightened out. They had started tacking on a city license fee but I dont live within any city limits.
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  6. I'm still working on these squares. It's taking me longer than I expected. Life happens and throws us for a downward spiral. Hoping to get to some this week or weekend.
  7. I plan to try this blankie pattern stitch. it is simple but pretty enough. I keep looking for simple but suitable blankies :
  8. Wow, that's what I call dedication. What a great statement for crocheting. Love it.
  9. Thank you!
  10. Wow love the afghan Kathy and yeah Target fits it perfectly. Thanks, I hope it stops soon also. The Dr. I see tomorrow, does not handle that area of the body. Ok Hockey. Tonight we find out if the Lightning plays Boston or Toronto. Let's hope Toronto wins. Hopefully round 2 will go well for us. Just think 5 more months and I can start watching Football again. Sorry couldn't resist. Have fun off to find something mundane to crochet.
  11. my we do all sound so busy! sorry bout the foot mj and hope it heaks soon bgs you work too hard lol hauling brush and the like sheesh!! good to see you carole and carol and everyonr else nothing new here rain some su n some lol either way a typical in nebraska day lol \oh got the last i think lapghan for thr warriors done today turned out good i used lots of odds and end balls and half skeins and i call it On Target lapghan you will see why the name fits in pic below lol rhss ilty and some impeccable are in it it measures about 35 to 36 inches square hope that is not too big for them heres that pic enjoy your day!!
  12. They are beautiful and so great of you!
  13. Thank you very much. Your words warm up my heart and motivate to go on, because it's not easy to be a teacher nowadays... Kids' appreciation of crocheted toys is both the challenge and motivation for me too
  14. Good morning Lyn and Mary Jo. Its always good to see your smiling faces when I sign in. Mary Jo how is hockey coming along? Hope the foot quits hurting. Lyn any word on the car? Carole give that mended heart a try anyway. I am curious about what you think when using the rollers or clips for bobbins. Not very motivated here either. I need to work up the soil in our raised beds. I never got the cold crops planted just dh's potatoes. Its cloudy and sprinkling and going to be that way all day. Yesterday I got so hot I had to dig out a pair of shorts but today its back in the sweats. Surprisingly after all the outside work yesterday I am not terribly sore like I expected to be. Today I need to work on bills, laundry, and I have a stack of papers to read and sign in preparation for a phone conference tomorrow.
  15. yes. I called it a bunting in the pattern
  16. yes, that was what I hoped would happen. if you have a fave team I'm guessing you would place your colours as needed
  17. She is an Our Generation doll from Target. She was my first 18" doll. She has put in a lot of work for me over the years. I would love to find some like her at a thrift store - never seen one
  18. Beautiful outfit. This is the kind of doll that I have, mine has dark hair. I bought her at the thrift store so that I would be sure the outfits fit.
  19. Cute, I guess the colors can be changed for other teams. Thanks
  20. I love it!! She's ready for the dance
  21. Cute, my hair has gotten so unmanageable that I need to make the hat for myself. Thanks
  22. So cute, seems I have missed some over the years. thanks
  23. Cute!! I don't know what they are called now, we used to call them buntings. Glad to see you are back with new doll outfits. Thanks
  24. Oh so sweet, I love everything! thanks
  25. 8:40 its trying to brighten up,but the rain will be hit and miss
  26. Lovin2Crochet Sometimes that is all you need. Up extra early this morning. Brenda, I do not know what I did to my foot. I am hoping I just pulled a muscle and it is nothing serious. I go to the Dr. Thurs. see what he has to say. Just wanted to check in. No coffee yet this morning. Working on fixing that now. Have a fun day.
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