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  4. It's beautiful, Mary Jo! We have so many of the same memories. I was always so excited to get ready for school with all the new supplies. I grew up in Iowa and we had quite a large group that walked to school together...always a new outfit on that first day!
  5. Hi Ladies. Summertime is definitely affecting my life. Lol We're under heat advisories yet again and we're not walking Gracie between about 10 and 4...her paws could burn. She gets her bath and haircut tomorrow. Only the border is left on my current granny 'ghan and then I have DD's request for some more face scrubbies. Have a good evening, everyone.
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  7. thanks linda i think i still have ithe addy but if you would pm me might save me some time locating it lol thanks but go ahead and send it to me again brenda here is a good link on the eclipse as seen and as it will be seen in your state i guess lincoln has a better viw but omaha will get a good show too
  8. Katy I would say yes to the nest,with the up coming hurricane season with its winds,so many critters get displaced Do you still have the address,if not I'll pm it to you.Thats really thoughtful to include the paper towels. I miss the stories and photos from YarnMonkey too
  9. Lovely, very summer-y! I loved shopping for school supplies too, don't forget book covers and Pee Chee folders. It's 96° here right now, I need a twin pop! According to google, Walmart carries them.
  10. Summer colors! Love your August choice ... light, breezy and bright for the triple H. (For those of you not in PA, the daily forecast is always the same, hot, humid & hazy.) Gotta stop this post so I can get an Italian ice from the freezer now. LOL
  11. above some dishcloths i made for pine ridge mailed out early july
  12. touching base looking for new eye candy!!!i know you all have something to post!!
  13. that is one pretty tote mj love the "flavors" of cotton too nice job!!we have twin pops here but hard to find sometimes i like the cherry ones lol oh my yes bgs omaha and surrounding areas expects to be very crowded for the eclipse how long i wonder since the last total causei think i have seen one when i was yoyunger as we all made a pinhole in poster board to glimpse at it well linda you will have wheels soon tou have done the hardest wait now its coming to an end crochetfan hello you have been missed!! hope you are back to stay a spell with us i ran into yarnscrapper on another thread and said hi ya but no answer yet wonder how peanut looks now sheesh all grown up im sure!! trib must be busy and i too thought about lovin2crochet and lacey and katie too and mini too!! they will check in when thry can im sure when i was recovering and couldnt get on the pute r i really missed all of you!! i honestly thought you would just give up on me and i couldnt do anything about it you know it was a double whammy on top or trying to recover i tell ya but over and done now thankgoodness lol and i have a gorgeous ghan from all of you that is priceless to me!! linda does the va beach still need crocheted nests its been a while since i sent them some i always enclosed a roll of paper towels too for clean lining for thr nests lemme know ok rain all day on and off nothing doenpourish just gentle rain will help the plants aand our grass seed a lot got another little grouping of squares done to photo to add to the pineridge box brenda all good ideas for a shoe box you have i thought of kitchen sponges or powedered drink mixes and a set of measuring spoons or cups, or other gadgets or useful items too the possibilities are endless!!! its for the elders so im thinking anything you know. at walmart they have everything in trial sizes like toothpaste and deodorant and lotions and mouthwash and everything too that is small enough to help fill up a nice shoebox too !! i will send one near the holidays i think we ok all for now gotta do a few things around here today lol take care all keep cool !! from candy to nuts hey lol why not lol
  14. oh wow if i had to pick my fav this would win hands down simply love those colors and flavors of it lol vvry much summer!! yes we still have the twin pops here but they are hard to find sometimes my fav was and is cherry lol nice job mj simply delectable!!
  15. The pictures are taken and the tote is posted here. I hope to have it in the mail on Saturday. Have fun and hope you like it.
  16. The pictures are taken and the new tote is posted here. it should go out Saturday. Hot and humid. Have fun.
  17. Thanks for confirming I'm not losing my mind (well on this subject, anyway ) I know I've referred to them in the past (like RR did above) but there did used to be a number there.
  18. Dog days of Summer. That is what my Mom always called August. This was the month before School started. We always went back the day after Labor Day. We always went to the shore in August. Our neighbor use to go to Ocean City and help her friend run her boarding house and we use to go also. So one week in August we would pack the car and spend the days on the beach and boardwalks and just have fun. I think this was also a vacation for Dad, as he had the house all to himself for a week. Once we got home, it was time to buy school cloths and supplies. I always like the idea of a new notebook, paper, pencils and as I got older pens. The little case that clipped into the notebook to hold our pens, pencils, pencil sharpener and erasers. Let’s not forget the erasers. One thing I also remember is popsicles. They were called twin pops. Don’t know if they still have them. We use to be able to break this popsicle in half and share it with family and friends. This tote reminds me of popsicles. Lemon, Lime, Pineapple, and Lemon. The pocket and rose remind me of Grape. The tote is made of Peaches N Cream Pink Lemonade, sides Lime Green and handles Yellow. The pocket is made with America’s Best Dark Purple with yellow writing and hook. Tote #137 Twin Pops. Close-up
  19. No post numbers using chrome on my phone, either.
  20. I also don't see any post numbers, I am using Safari on a Mac. I honestly don't remember post numbers from before the big changeover; maybe I had my settings to where I didn't see them then...or most likely, I just plain don't remember
  21. Off topic and sorry for the hijack, but...can you guys see the post numbers?? I know they used to be there, but I just noticed they aren't there now when I went looking for Redrosesdz's post 2. Just doing a sanity check before I report it in the problems section, in case I'm having a senior moment or something. (Windows 10, no post # showing in Edge or Chrome) This is what I see
  22. #1 glad you checked in as I had been wondering about you. Hope things get better. I have been wondering about Lovin2Crochet too. Linda I can believe the 6' weeds. They love this heat and humidity and seem to shoot up over night. Mary Jo hope this bulb lasts for a very very long time. Its another hot humid one here today. More storms expected tonight and there are still about 1000 without power from Sat nights storm. My eyes are gunky and I am congested from mowing yesterday. Well is everyone ready for the Great American Total Solar Eclipse on Aug 21. We are on or just outside the outer edge of the band of totality and it sounds like things might be absolutely crazy that day. One article says 12 million people live within the band of totality and another 25 million live within a day's drive of it and that the population inside the path of totality may double that day and that it may be one of the worst traffic days in national history. I have a friend who is with a group flying into the area from CA to watch it. We were going to try to get together and watch it at the airport in St. Joseph (which is in the center of the band) but learned that it was going to be way too crowded for comfort there. They are going to rent a van and try to find someplace farther north west. I have another friend that lives in St. Joseph and they are expecting lots of traffic problems that day so much so they are recommending businesses to shut down. She said we could come up and watch at her house but I think we will be staying at home. Of course I keep thinking it could very well be too cloudy to actually see anything except for it getting dark and then light again.
  23. Good morning its pleasant out today,high of only 80,so will try and get some 6',yes you are seeing that right, weeds dug out enjoy the day
  24. Love the rock. Mojo is not working this week. I mean it is taking me 2 days to make a broom doll. Well today is picture day for the tote. Pictures should be on soon. Have a great day.
  25. Good Morning. Love the lap ghans and squares. They are really pretty. Up early and out to get the paper. Also had to change the bulb outside near the pool. You can see the fan and light out the window when we take pictures of the tote. When that is blown out, it is so dark in that area nd the kitchen. So for the last time we changed the bulb. To much for us. Pineknott, sorry to hear about the tire. Hope when you get the car back, everything is fine. #1Crochetfan I do hope your Summer improves. Keeping you and all others who need it in my thoughts. Well, today is picture day for the tote. Back later.
  26. Hi and Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell
  27. Hi and Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell
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