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  2. Cute set!
  3. That's quite an under-the-sea family! They're all adorable.
  4. Those are really cute!
  5. Hi Ladies, Judy, The baby blanket is beautiful! Love the border! Mary, I haven't seen that yarn. I just picked up two large skeins of green and white to make for the grandbaby in August. DIL is an MSU spartan fan so I thought I would make it green and white. Just have to come up with a pattern. Cindy, Your grandsons birthday sounds like a fun day. I don't know if any of meds are the cause of my problem or not. I haven't had any changed until the 11th when I went to the doctor. But I have wondered about the sleep apnea machine. I'm not sure how that effects your lungs. My brother had a doctor tell him not to go on a sleep apnea machine because of his lungs. You have to add water to it ,mine no less than every other day and sometimes daily. I'm not sure how it works but I will ask the doctor about it. Joanne, Hard to believe Jali is going to one already. Asking for prayers for are friend Mary. I called her today to see if she wanted to go to some garage sales. I couldn't make sense of what she was saying. I hung up and told hubby we needed to go check on her. I thought she might of had a stroke. I gave her no choice of going to the hospital. She didn't have a stroke. It's worse. The catscan shows a tumor on her brain. She was transferred to Grand Rapids where the specialists are. They did another catscan on her chest and adnominal. They are going to schedule an mri within the next 24 hours. That's all we know for right now. Her daughter did say she had a bad headache for 3 days last week then the speech problem came on. I have an appt wednesday for an echocardiogram. Then the doctor the following week with another set of blood work. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
  6. He's adorable
  7. So cheerful.
  8. Its been a humid day and no air movement. More rain supposed to move in later. Its been a day full of one little chore after another. Glad to finally get to sit in my chair. Oh neat one of my favorite movies is just coming on---John Wayne in El Dorado. Working on a lapghan for W4W.
  9. check this out!!! it's on Pinterest so I hope you can see it.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Opal and her friend Octie Baby Pearl in her oyster bed with her buddy Shy the shy clam and a little pearl And the whole gang.
  12. Welcome to Crochetville! There's a woman at ravelry, Nancy Liggins, that will graph any popcorn stitch word pattern for $5.
  13. Happy Friday! And it's a long weekend! MaryJo, Groot is adorable. It was a rather quiet day at work since half of my class was absent, there are a lot of family events and graduations taking place this weekend. I'm spending the evening in my sewing room. And the weekend will be spent with my kids and grandkids. Have a great evening.
  14. hi all. i will check out groot when i find myself on rav sometime soon. they are just not chatters over there you know lol it seems lol yes i noticed the dish clyhs group too but i rally don t have that nuch cotton i do have a lot of yarn however!,, thinking about getting out my looms and doing some hats a bit later on i the season i think well tgif for all of you workers out there!!! yay huh!! hope all is well with all and i may check in a bit later on take care
  15. Oh so cute!!! You did such a great job. It will be treasured for a long time. 23 years ago I crocheted all 3 characters for my 1st GD when she was 5 yrs old. She still has them tucked away in a cedar chest and drags them out once in awhile and shows her kids.
  16. MJ - Groot is a hoot! I can picture you smiling as you made it.
  17. Hi: Is there anyone that can help me do a pattern using a reverse popcorn stitch or popcorn stitch to write out the words "Life is Good" for a child's crochet afghan? Thank you.
  18. Oddly enough I'm getting email notifications recently and I saw this. Are you still working through it? I can either draw you a diagram or a photo step-by-step guide if you're still struggling. Cheers,
  19. I haven't been around for a long time but I saw this on my email, and it reminded me of the favourite type of yarn to use for poufs and rugs: It's thicker and less stretchy than shirt yarn, and it's from upcycled fabric 80% cotton 20% other material made from Netherlands: Hoooked Ribbon XL. This type of rug pattern is commonly known as "Mandala Rug". As others have mentioned, the component and methods are identical to crocheting doily. You may visit the pattern here for the rug: Similarly, a step by step photo guide for a thinner (t-shirt yarn) mandala rug could be found here:
  20. good morning Its so nice to have the sunshine back,it will be short lived,rain again tomorrow. MaryJo,that groot is too cute,so is the daisy to the side. Hope the others who came back just before the break,find their way back again one was Angel RoseLite enjoy the day
  21. Good Morning everyone. Just stopping in. I swear I am a glutton for punishment. After getting a full nights sleep the other night, last night I was up till midnight. Watching a hockey game. Of course the team I wanted to win lost. No more staying up late. Here is Groot I finished him and he is 5-6 inches tall. You can find the free pattern on Ravelry. Just type in Groot and Wa La. Hope everyone is doing well today. Off to check the calendar for Birthdays, Have a great day.
  22. Awww! He's cute and goes well with Thistle.
  23. Good Morning. Another beautiful day here. I did not do much yesterday and I hope to get back to work today. Here is Groot. I finally got a picture of him. I am hoping to do one in thread now.
  24. I found this pattern on Ravelry and I love it. It was easy to make and worked up very fast. This one is made in yarn, I hope to make one in thread. It is about 5 to 6 inches tall. The pattern is free just type in Groot and you will find it.
  25. So cute and put a smile on my face this morning.
  26. So cute.
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