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  2. Here is one. It uses 4 strands. I cant work with 3 and work tight as it needs to be. There is discussion at end as to yarns tried and failed. http://byjennidesigns.blogspot.com/2016/01/Marleyscatcaveorbed.html?m=1
  3. Hello everyone! Welcome to the group, NeutralGround! I love the sweater, Cindy! Really cute. Brenda, nice shawl--the colors work well in your layout. I am so ready for a normal week. DH had two apts this week so two 3 hour round trips. Still getting information to and from the insurance companies on the storm damage. Paid property taxes today. Wrote a letter to go with an AFLAC claim dispute. Phone calls trying to get paperwork started for DIL to adopt her nephew. More calls trying to get our email working after the provider migrated it to a new server. Washing clothes so we can go to a hamfest tomorrow. It's just overnight so not even gone long enough to really have any relaxation time. My brain is throwing its little hands up and saying enough already. LOL It was cold earlier this week and now it's raining--nasty all week. Looking forward to a sunny Sunday. Off to drink a Coke and have a snack before the grands get here.
  4. Ratdog love how it turned out. Like the reminder to pray and not worry. Collette nursing home for this place is just across street. I met a lady that volunteers in assisted living that suggested the nursing home here and assisted living. I am so new I am just trying to learn how things work and not step on anyone's toes. Met another lady that quit prayer shawl group and said she was going to make lapghans but when I suggested that to our area manager she thought one group was making them quilts. Very thankful today its 37° with drizzle and dense fog. We had appointments this afternoon that we made back in Nov and the only reason we got today was she had a cancellation. Another address change taken care of. Too bad we have to go back in May to renew but she went ahead and made the appointment.
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  6. That happened at our Prayer Shawl Ministry--they weren't handing the prayer shawls out! So we just started donating them to some of the local nursing homes! The ladies (and some guys!!) are really thrilled with them!!!
  7. I agree, I think of 'cat (or dog) bed' as something shaped like the pic in your video link. I took her literally when she mentioned roof. The UK site link that I posted had a some items that one could say had 'roofs', most were more like bags. this one has a roof, for example - the second pic made me laugh, the cat 'helping' by chewing on the yarn, And that's what I meant by 'cat sized', she just fits in there curled up. But, the bed would have also worked just fine if stopped at the point of the second pic (without the roof, but sides to make her feel 'safe'). edited, meant to add, that's a good idea, a 'cat tipi/tee pee', however you spell it. I bet the cone-shaping should give it a lot more structure that would encourage it to stand up--again, the tighter the stitches, the better.
  8. Hello all! Reminder: this is the last week of the month, so please post both your WTD and YTD scores Saturday.
  9. WHAT ROOF? I really thought when she used that "roof & house" expression it was just like a metaphor in comparison by her. And I was going to say:"What roof ??, you need flat foundation & straight wall around". I just did not wanted to bother with that. In the original post she is talking about a Cat bed, noting about any roof. Only how to fix the sides to stand-up. If that thing is having a roof would be more like a "Cat Cave" or a "Cat House" :). If we are talking about something with a roof. That yarn must be thick, something like a thick T-Shirt yarn would work. Or maybe double or triple strand worsted weight yarn. And that needs to be crochet VERY TIGHT. Good pattern is very important to get good results. That is not very easy to make, that would work. Roof can NOT be flat. It needs to go up to the point, like a TP. Granny Square maybe you can help here. I know I need to give up. Krys.
  10. I didn't look too hard, but I found this (UK site. If I were picking a pattern for my cat, I'd pick this one, which has a sort-of half roof that is supported with plastic filament--you could probably use heavy fishing line (maybe a couple of rounds of it to be sturdy), just make sure to cover the overlapped ends well (I think I'd use duct tape all around, overkill but less likely for the cat to chew apart hopefully; you'd have to be careful washing it). edit - Something occurred to me just as I was hitting post above--a couple of things that might work instead of plastic around the opening. In old time Irish crochet doilies, a common element was a padded ring--which was made by wrapping doily thread a few times around something (a crochet hook's back end, a pencil) to form the padding, take the thread off the 'form' and then you crocheted around the thread circle (stick your hook in the middle of the ring, pull up a loop, finish the stitch around the wrapped thread) so the wrapped thread was covered. Another old-time technique is 'clothesline crochet', where you worked in a spiral to make baskets, usually - make a sc into a sc in the row below, except around a clothesline 'rope' that travels under the stitches around and around. Where I'm going with this, is instead of using plastic fishing line, maybe on the above pattern you could make the opening stiff enough by crocheting around clothesline-like rope, or 2-3 lengths of yarn, to create a 'stiff enough' opening. The key for firm shaping, which you will need for this half roof pattern, is you are going to need to crochet very tightly. Use the smallest hook that you can manage for the yarn.
  11. It has a 'roof'?? No way ANY crocheted item bigger than a couple of inches is going to support a 'roof'. You'd need some sort of solid framework. Off topic a little, but your bed seems awfully big, even if it's supposed to be inflated to a 3-dimensional ball shape with a roof. If the sides were turned up to a shape like the tutorial that Krys posted (second post in this thread), it would be almost large-dog size. Cats like to cram into little 'safe' spots barely bigger than their curled-up selves, just sayin'. If your bed was a quarter that size (to be barely bigger than a cat to get into), and crocheted much tighter, it might stand up enough to work. In the photo of the posted tutorial, the sides (appear to be) stuffed with fiberfill, which will help them stand up.
  12. Just realized I didnt post a picture of my completed pillow.
  13. It could be Lion Brand- Go For Faux- Thick & Quick Yarn. Or even Premier's- Bunny.
  14. It would help a lot a better picture of that bed. All I can see from that picture above that there might be some "ruffles" on that bottom-circle and that side looks "ruffled" too. That is what is showing on that picture. If you could put that bed flat on a floor and take that picture (from the top). It would help see what is "going on" with that bed ...? Krys
  15. I'm considering a green blend to use up misc green skeins I have. We will see when I get there what I find as I did into the stash. I'm determined to attack it this year.
  16. Nice job. I just cant seem to master 3 strands and crocheting tight. Have you thought about using 2 or 3 different colors of yarn instead of having to come up with 3 skeins same color? I have liked the effect when I use 2 strands with different colors.
  17. good morning everyone Lea,yes I finished The Day the World Came to Town,9/11 in Gander Newfoundland,other communities could learn alot from those town folk,beautiful story at a stressful time.Also finished How the Woman at the Well became the Well Woman by Donna Rhodes. working on Sweet Tea and Secrets by Nancy Naigle,lovely lady,met her last year at the writer's festival in Suffolk,Is Advance NC near you?she has a farm out that way. have a great day everyone
  18. Can you add a link to the pattern you used?
  19. Doll Carrier The first one is done for the year!!! It will be a little while before I attack number 2 as these are nasty to my hands, but it will get done.
  20. Making them the right size has been a headache for me...I start out at the right size and my edges are fine, but somehow a few rows in I check again and it's too big.
  21. Your yarn looks thick enough. Almost any weight yarn would work. No, I would not recommend something like fingering weight yarn for that bed LOL. If YouTubes and patterns do not work for you..All I can tell you to fallow those few points and it will work. 1) Do not crochet too loose or very tight. If is very tight that fabric becomes stiff & feels like a cardboard. 2) That bottom circle must be flat. IF is not flat it will not work. 3) Once you get to the right size STOP increasing stitches. Just make rounds in the same amount of stitches as that last round in your bottom-circle. Make twice as tall as you want those sides to be. Do not make that too tall. Flip half of that side inside and stitch that to that bottom-circle. And you are done. I think that is very simple and it will work. =============== This is little more "complicated". 4) IF you want to make those sides like a stuffed "roll" -puffy. You would need to increase some amount of stitches about half way up on those sides. How many? I can not tell you off hand. Because I do not know how "puffy" you want those sides to be?. You can try increase 6 or 8 stitches around maybe 10?. On that last round you would need to decrease to get to the size of that circle to be able to sew that to that bottom (to look flat). Before you sew that, you need to stuff that. That polyester stuffing-bedding is washable. Good Luck! Krys
  22. Yes, I have a flat double bottom I followed a youtube video to create it, but I guess my yarn isn’t as thick as theirs and the walls don’t support the roof.
  23. First of all you need to make sure that bottom-circle is FLAT. Is that bottom (circle) flat?. I can not tell from that picture. Once you get that bottom to the size you want, you need to stop increasing the stitches. If needed you might stuff that a little. You know kind a like a puffy roll around. You might consider making double bottom so you can put some "stuffing" or a pillow inside for that cat to be comfortable in that bed. I can not write down everything here. I think the best thing for you is to look at YouTube. YouTube on how to crochet a Pet Bed: Krys
  24. How can I fix the sides to help it stand up?
  25. I crocheted this cat bed for my friend, but the sides don’t hold. What would be a great way to fix it and still be machine washable???
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