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  2. 2 things fnnny mom, wait till hes asleep or go by shoe size lol
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  4. Lyn, sorry for your loss. Katy, love all the hats. I especially like your glue gun holder, I've been wanting to make one for a few years now. Haha ya I'm slow at doing things. I'm crocheting some slipper socks, how do you sneakly measure someone's foot???
  5. So it says for a Preemie 3- 3.5 the height is 4
  6. However many it takes you to get to the diameter you need for the top of the baby hat. The number of rounds would depend on your yarn, hook, and personal tension. Look at the link that BGS gave in the second post, the 2 smallest sizes would range from 3" to 4.5" in diameter, whether you are aiming for premie or newborn size. That diameter determines the size, because the diameter x pi (3.14) equals the circumference, or head size. After you get to that size, just work even (without increasing) however many rows to the hat height it tells you to (measure from the circle center to the brim).
  7. One more question how many rounds should I do
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  9. No worries! Need to sign off now, hope all goes well
  10. Granny square thank you so much for your help
  11. I don't know what the rules are for that; is it not allowed? If it isn't, then joining rounds makes a 100% straight edge, and ending with a shorter stitch on a spiral hat isn't quite as nice, but looks better than no adjustment at the end.
  12. What about the distracting edging because these hats are for baby’s in hospitals
  13. Gaaa I forgot the link, sorry So if you want a smooth edge, the best way is to join the last stitch of a round to the first stitch with a slip stitch, chain 1 for sc, go around again, repeat. Either that or try to smooth the edge if worked in a continuous spiral, with a shorter stitch as the last stitch before finishing off.
  14. US yarn weight system chart, recommended sizes for crochet hooks by yarn size near the bottom.
  15. I don’t know if I can use distracting edging on these hats because I’m giving it to baby’s at hospitals what size hook should I use
  16. We were typing at the same time there. For hook size, it really doesn't matter as long as it 'goes with' the size of your yarn. Remember the goal is to make a circle x inches across for a baby hat, so if you use a big hook you might get there in fewer rounds than if you use a little one. My favorite to grab for US worsted/medium weight (size 4 in the little skein on most yarn labels) is an I hook, but anywhere from F to J size plus or minus could work too.
  17. Back to that slip stitch; you CAN make a hat in a spiral, round and round and round in all SC if you want--nothing wrong with that. The only thing to be aware of if you do this, when you end you will not have a straight brim, it will end looking like this ___--- There will be a little height jog, since your last stitch is 1 stitch taller than the next stitch you would have used if you kept going.. You can smooth the jog in SC by making the last stitch a slip stitch, or you might camouflage it by transitioning into some sort of distracting edging like a shell stitch, or little little loops (chain 3, skip a stitch, slst in next stitch, repeat). Or lots of other possibilities.
  18. Granny square I’m sorry to bother you but what size hook can I use
  19. Absolutely, you can use any stitch, or stitch combo, in a adjustable/magic ring; unless there's something really exotic that I'm not thinking of, and you'd probably not use them in a hat anyway. What you said above is correct, so it would start like this: round 1: 6 into the adjustable/magic ring, (slip stitch to the first stitch, chain 1) <==I won't re-type the part in ( ) going forward round 2: to increase by 6, put 2 sc into every stitch (total for the round =12) round 3: sc into next 1 sc, 2 sc into next SC, repeat (total for the round=18) round 4: sc into next 2 sc, 2 sc into next SC, repeat (round total=24) round 5: sc into next 3 sc, 2 sc into next sc, repeat (round total=30) With each round, there's 1 more plain stitch between the increases than the previous round. It works the same way for DC, except you are starting with 12 not 6 so the round total counts are 12, 24, 36, 48 etc.
  20. Can I use Single crochet stitch in Adjustable ring so how Would the row for a Preemie hat go like sc 6 in the ring then can I do in the next round two sc in the stitch and then I can do in the next round sc then repeat the same from Melissa
  21. Slip stitch is when you join the hat after every round
  22. I just saw this on Pinterest - Have to try the technique. I hope the link works
  23. Hi all. Hanging in here still. Looking for a job isnt as easy as one would think. i think im going to have to break down and go back to fast food, even tho i completely despise it. According to walmart, and most other places Ive applied at, Im not qualified enough to opperate a register. but enough whining, Just wanted to say HI
  24. Believe me that's been on my mind as these warm days fly on.
  25. Magic ring = adjustable ring or adjustable loop, so most definitely! Sorry if that wasn't clear in my post. I can't think of a reason where you couldn't sub the adjustable alternative for chains for working from the center out (except an oval maybe). Oh wait, you said slip stitch - assume you meant chain? You'd still (usually) use a slip stitch to connect rounds, unless working in a spiral.
  26. Katy we had rain Sun afternoon and night but thankfully no torrential downpours. It would shower for awhile stop and then shower again. Just what we needed. Yesterday it misted. Nice glue gun stand. I have one my dad made me out of wood. What a lovely bunch of hats. I love how you are adding poms and flowers to them.
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