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  2. There are many good things for us and they are closed right now. Like Gyms. I paid for the whole year Membership to my Gym. It is closed now. Not sure if I will get my money back?. I do agree with Gov. I guess fitness is not that important compering to death. Because of that Virus many unfortunate people with back pain and other serious health issues right now can not get their surgery. Those surgery are called: "Elective surgery". Many people are suffering with tremendous pain and can NOT get those surgery's. The reason for that is: "Doctors , nurses, hospital beds & medical supply can NOT be used up for surgery that can be postponed for later..!!". Try to tell that to someone in big pain :(. My friend father is one of those unfortunate people. And there is many of them, just waiting and waiting.. Krys
  3. That reminds me I had several clumps of crocus scattered through out that yard too. Never messed with tulips because at my other house squirrels ate them.
  4. When we first moved here we planted tons of perennials some started from relative's, now passed, garden offerings and I'm so glad we made that choice because even in years when I haven't been up to doing tons of gardening the flowers always come. This year I've only had crocus so far. It just hasn't warmed up enough yet for the early spring flowers. The crocus have been known to come through the snow. One year I planted tulips in all kinds of colors because I love the bright cheer in the spring. Some made it but the squirrels have a thing for tulip bulbs so some have disappeared over the years, too.
  5. I get that. I have been watching to see what flowers pop up here. There have been daffodils, hyacinths, and large beds of tulips blooming. It was even good seeing a dandelion.
  6. I gave my seeds, grow boxes and planters away. For several years we would be searching for seed potatoes to plant near St. Patricks day. I really loved gardening in our raised beds. Miss my asparagus bed too. I think gardening and watching things grow can be therapeutic. I was always amazed at how much plants grew or changed over night. My avatar is a photo of a small section of a very long row of my daffodils at old place. One of the reasons moving made me sad was because of leaving all the flowers and bushes most were splits or starts from friends and relatives most long gone.
  7. How do I make the bottom WIDE enough to fit wide hips?? The pattern is way too narrow. Thank you so much!!
  8. That is part of it! Anyway some people need couple drinks to keep their sanity at this times!. I do not drink alcohol. I might change my mind very soon! LOL. Can not take any longer that good News every day...!! :(. I am worry a LOT about my children and my granddaughters Krys
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  10. Online is a great idea but I'd tell her to do it soon. People are shopping like crazy for plant stuff online. That's a shame the gardeners can't use their plots. Perhaps they will credit them for next year. Our local independent garden store is still open. DH was able to get some soil for the asparagus garden. I believe because they sell veggie plants they fall under essential? Or is it because they sell ice cream and its considered food? I'm not sure where they fall but I was grateful as we were able to mix the compost we've been building up and the soil to prep the asparagus garden when we uncovered it last weekend. I do love fresh asparagus and its a short season around here. It might depend on what she wants too. I have lots of perennial flowers that if someone wanted in my neighborhood I could split and leave out front for them to pick up leaving appropriate social distancing. It allows neighbors to thin gardens and not waste plants. I've given them to people over the years. I have my eye on a new planter for veggies but I'm thinking once I can get it shipped it will likely be a prep year this year and ready to plant next year with the way things are going. I'm not going to order until I know when it will ship which means waiting until this social distancing thing is done. DH and I are looking into a Keyhole Garden that is a little lower than waist height so no getting on my knees which aren't happy with kneeling these days.
  11. Yes Chris that is funny thinking about that Patriots truck hauling those masks into NY. I would love to be able to hug/snuggle/pet your beautiful girls about now. Well we got an email this evening that an associate working in a non- patient care position in a contained area at the care center here on campus has tested positive for covid 19. They were asymptomatic when on campus. Governor finally put whole state on shelter in place. Many counties had already started shelter in place 11 days ago. Sis and niece decided to give me the weekend off! ·
  12. Bgs I would think the plants would fall under,they got them to improve their mental health,see I have already been thinking how I was going to get my plants,I think at the 45 day mark,I'll want something to make me feel happy
  13. Hi and welcome to the 'ville! Confession: I am not the best at figuring out stitch multiples, I just make a chain that I know is a bit too long, turn and work back, and pick out the extra chains later - it won't unravel from the knot end. I also do the same thing if a pattern says to chain eleventy dozen, I do count BUT have gotten distracted and miscounted often enough and found myself short a couple of chains, so I count to eleventy dozen and add a few extra. The pattern sounds like it is going to look like this |||°|||°|||°|||°|||, correct? Where | is a DC and ° is a chain. Looking at |||°|||°|||°|||°|||, there are 15 DC and 4 chains in this mini-version of 19 stitches. To make any pattern that is 1 stitch into 1 stitch* (like this one), and the first 2 stitches after the chain are DCs, you'll want to chain 2 more than the number of stitches, turn, and make the first DC in the 4th chain from the hook. The 3 skipped chains=the first DC. To test this, in your head: chain 4, DC in the 4th chain from the hook. How many DCs are there? Two, because the skipped 3 chains are the 'turning chain' and stand in for a DC--therefore 2 more DCs than the number of chains. So, back to this |||°|||°|||°|||°|||. 19 stitches, so chain 21 by my reasoning. Multiple of 4, plus 5 does not work. I get the logic of it tho, which is probably why I am bad at figuring out stitch multiples in the first place. * the chain between DC groups doesn't go INTO a stitch, but you skip a stitch to make room for it, so the count is the same.
  14. Hi Marylou, welcome to the 'ville! I suggest following what it says, word for word. If you dc2tog, it's over 2 stitches, and turns 2 stitches into 1. It IS possible to DC4tog, but then it would have said so, but you would end up with 1 stitch after doing so. I interpret it to mean dc2tog, then dc2tog again, so decreasing 4 stitches into 2.
  15. Hello Everyone. Lea your little princess is a cutie. Katy I'm sorry to hear about Pam. I think I've lost track of whats open and whats not. I know the grocery stores and walmart are open, I've had delivery orders from them. The county south of mine has put some restrictionson the grocery stores, they only allow 50% capacity in the store, they have to have someone at the door to enforce it. They can't have salad bars or self serve food areas open and food samples being handed out. They are also allowing the store personnel to wear masks and gloves now. I wonder if my county will follow them. I worked on school stuff from 6 am until about 2:30 pm. Hopefully I have everything ready for next week. I am so tired, I know it's stress related so I am going to enjoy some stitching tonight and over the weekend. I need to take care of some things around here tomorrow but it shouldn't take much time and then I can play with my yarn and fabric. Stay safe everyone.
  16. Chris I was just talking with a friend yesterday and she was wondering about buying plants to put in her garden spot but not wanting to shop for them. I told her to get online and check out the old seed catalogue companies, order seeds and start them herself. I feel a bit bad for those here at the village that paid for their garden spots for the year and planted their spring crops because last I heard they werent allowing them over there. On the nice days when I am here I watch the grounds guys busy at work-----mowing, fertilizing, cutting trees down etc.
  17. Good evening. I've been looking through an older book, Crocheting in Plain English by Maggie Righetti, specifically at her stitch patterns. I noticed a number of mistakes in there, and though I was able to figure it out, I cannot for the life of me get the herringbone to work out. First, the pattern says to use a multiple of 4 plus 9 for the foundation chain, then says to cast on just 40, not 41, which would be correct. The first row says to "ch 2, 1 dc in next 2 sts," then tells you to ch 1, sk 1, dc in next 3 chs, to end. No matter what I try, it never comes out right; the only way it does is to crochet into the first ch from the hook. I've tried using 41 and chaining 2 for the start of the row to end up with 43, I tried chaining 40 but skipping the ch 2, working the first dc into the 3rd ch from the hook, I tried with 42 sts, I tried using a selvedge edge on both sides; nothing I do is coming out right. I also don't know if she means for you to use the ch-1 sps to work dc into following Row 1 or not; it looks different each time I try, and this isn't really clear. Help, if anyone can! And thank you. Amy
  18. Is this the pattern? https://www.expressionfiberarts.com/products/romance-of-the-sea.html
  19. Hardware is logical in this area as we have lots of old houses and let's be honest the more time you spend in your home the more things break down. I also don't have an issue with people buying gardening stuff. Come on we all need something to do and as long as people are social distancing fresh air is good for you. We've had too much rain lately to get much but I'm not against people getting stuff if it keeps people busy. There are far worse things people can be doing. My niece and her kids started seedlings before the indoor orders came and they've been enjoying watching them grow while being shut in. I suspect it wouldn't be bad for other families to get out and grow as it gets warmer again if you can do it with social distancing to get supplies. For some families the extra food supplies might be helpful this summer.
  20. Sin taxes are a huge income in this state. I suspect they will stretch as long as they can to keep them open. They've had complaints from local health officials because the pot stores haven't been practicing social distancing. I suspect most of those are a result of neighbors who have been complaining to the health dept since the shops opened in their neighborhoods and have been praying for a means to get them shut down.
  21. Joann's here has made a big point about encouraging people to make masks for local hospitals and part of me wondered if that was in part a push to be allowed to stay open as people need access to material if they are going to make the masks.
  22. It was just one thing I heard. Most likely its like everything else around here. It depends on who is in control and where their money is coming from.
  23. Mary Jo at first I was surprised by hardware stores being open but I would sure hate to not have running water or electricity for lack of the needed part. Many of the hardware stores here also carry all kinds of cleaning supplies and pet food. Menards also carries quit a bit of food, including milk and lots of cleaning supplies and maybe even toilet paper. The issue here has been with Bass Pro. County told them to close but had to let them open back up because there is a state law prohibiting cities and state from restricting the sales of guns and ammo in a state of emergency but they can only sale gun and gun safety related products. Guess you gotta protect that toilet paper. I was shocked yesterday to learn that Michaels JoAnns and Hobby Lobby were still open. I thought sure they were closed as I was trying to figure out what I was going to need to make masks to wear in public. I really dont want to cut up my new 100% cotton night gown. I might have some fabric but with moving dont know where its at and most likely it is a cotton poly blend. I have the large red or blue 100% cotton hankies so I am leaning towards the bandito look.
  24. So again if you have problem habits you are rewarded. If you stay calm with safe habits too bad. Say what you will but if we are talking essential services you can argue that crafting and other things that keep people comfortable at home aren't necessary even if they keep people occupied and calm. However, please don't tell me if I have bad habits I am rewarded because the gov't is afraid of what I might do if I don't have access to my bad habits because I can't control myself. That's stretching the essential services thing a bit far. Oddly people survived for years without legal pot. Suddenly it's an essential service? Really?
  25. I am on row 61: this is what I don’t understand and can’t figure out what it would look like dc2tog over next 4 dc thanks so much! Joyfully, Marylou
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