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  2. hello all Glad you are taking a me day carol as it seems you work through most of your break if baby sitting counts as work lol ironing board, wow dont even have one anymore, not for years i gave it to goodwill when i started using it for other things i was working on lol i dont iron if it isnt wash and dry able permanent press it dont live here lol i do still have my Rowena steam iron and can use that in emergency iron jobs lol last time i used it uh thinking lol ok onto other secrets lol oh just finished soaking and then rinsing my kleenex cover it is on a towel drying now came out just fine looks a bit brighter too although it never looked dusty but at least i know it is clean and fresh i just ran luke warm water and dawn in my deep sink and let it soak for about an hour then swished it about a bit for a few minutes then used my sprayer to rinse well shake once gently to get the water out and then placed it on towel to finish air drying i did remember to remove the box frst lol when it is dry i will place it back over the empty kleenex box and into a zip lock but wanna make sure it dries thoroughly today so will do that tomorrow looks like it gonna work ladies!! ye ha lol experiment will enter the successfully performed category tomorrow when the final performance marks come in so stay tuned if you dare lol another first lol i did notice the other day that the drum to the washer turns freely when it is off, so as to easier remove the clothes you know like the ones on the back side now front and center lol yay again huh i didnt know that right off lol now i dont have to worry about falling in lol good luck with your blood work lyn hope you get low numbers lol ( thinking diabetis so i know there are other things where higher numbers are preferred lol other high if that is better for other things lol ) Im just usually happy i still have some blood after all they have taken from me the past year + lol i got my antibacterial bar soap today i ordered 4 bars right for 5 bucks with a new battery toothbrush well the box was oversized i though tbut that but opened it and i got the soap alright 4 packs of 4 bars each pac!! they only charged me the 5 bucks so i must have read it wrong or something never the less, no harm done i just will have bar soap for a while lol at least we will be clean huh lol it was a pleasant surprise and a bargain too so im good lol and my new oral b toothbrush lol i like oral bs the best hard to find here sometimes though and i dont usually buy in bulk knowingly lol as i have no storage to speak of but 16 bars of soap is easy enough to store lol so we are set for those sort of supplies for a while lol sometimes i get a great deal online on those sorts of things sometimes cos i just cant find what i want on store shelves, so i turn to the computer lol but amazon packs it well lol ill give them that !! only one time and not through amazon was i unhappy with a shipment it was tide and when it got here i found it had a broken cap and all the liquid all over the box and itself they replaced it and it came next time better packed but like i said was not through amazon overcast here looks like more rain handy declares we need to build a boat lol i tend to agree but also would like to see the sun soon lol almost chilly today in the house maxie's window is half open and the ac has not been on all day the sky looks grey. and cold and dreary with heavier blue grey clouds above the grey and i would expect rain soon today i am not a meteorologist but there are some things one just knows lol mary maxim has some 4 ply med weight (4) yarn on sale nice colors and 8 oz for like 2.99 a skein i have a cart started lol has anyone used this yarn before that can tell me about it?? oh reminds me too i have used my pillows now for about 2 weeks and honest opinion, although somewhat over priced in my opinion anyway, they do not go flat i assure you lol i think i have slept better on them but at the condition my old pillows were in. almost anything would have been an improvement!! but ill keep them lol they do stay nice no matter how you use them now i see on tv that he has a mattress pad out too i looked it up 30 % off usually means its way over priced to begin with so i investigated said web page " oh" i read only 350 for my size bed!! i think i will be waiting a long while for that folks lol but it might work lol but anyway i like the pillows and im happy lol just for those who wondered lol list as such pros they stay full and are comfotable cons they are a bit pricey
  3. Cute--it does make you think of poinsettias.
  4. Experimenting with a hook/pencil holder. I think I need to play with the petals a bit more. I also think lighter, maybe verigated colors. This one looks like a Christmas Pointsettia
  5. I love it!! thanks
  6. Good morning. I've been up for little over an hour just puttering around. I'm all by myself today, I think it's the first day since I've been on summer break, and I'll be missing the kids by this afternoon. I'm planning to spend the day in my sewing room. I set up my new ironing board this morning and it is very nice and sturdy, it has a wider top too which will be great for sewing projects. Guess that's about it for me for now. Have a great day.
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  8. Thanks ladies for the kind comments on my recycled tote bag!
  9. its 8:30 pm and just dipping down to 80 degrees have blood work in the am,so don't know when I'll be stopping by,the photographer said pictures will be posted tomorrow
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  11. oh wow its lovely brenda!! ok ill hang onto it but still gonna soak and swish it a bit in the sink ii will put in a zip lock once dried and not in use lol lol this time around to keep it from the dust this time lol glad you got one!! it served as my prototype so i will use it again !!
  12. That is just adorable. Brenda made one for me. Thank you very much for thinking of me.
  13. Brenda, I love all your stockings!
  14. lemme me know if you could still use a cube kleenex cover ok i am going to soak it in a cool deep sink with some deterg in it and hopefully it will come out like brand new however if i ruin it i have no more lol so keep your fingers crossed ok!! course i store them with an empty box of gone kleenex to hold their shape lol so better remember to remove that first lol wish me luck on that prject lol doesn't look at all dusty but i know it must be you know i would like to try to soak it a bit but if you dont want me to so it doesn't go berserk and i ruin it say so lol otherwise im gonna try ok i will be a pioneer of sorts if it works lol ill be famous all over the world well ok the ville our world lol !! i truly forgot i had made one for me lol but seldom use it so if you can or will use it tell me ok lol i have been using the longer boxes lately with a kitty cover my sis (RIP m) had sent me it was so cute i usually use that lol it is quilted with kitties on it, she always found the cutest things and would buy three if she could so we three girls would all have one i found one in hello kitty style all white leather non the less with pink accents that i gave to daughter she loved it she was a big hello kitty fan lol i hear say she has it sitting under her Christmas story Leg Lamp that also was a mom gift as that is her fav xmas show its not as tall thank goodness!! lol now i am not fond of monkeys nor pink really but got a hooded sweat shirt once from older sis it was hot pink, and had a big monkey on the front i felt like Ralphie in that bunny suit when and if i wore it lololol but i did to please her not me lol and only the week or so when she would be here too lol we the three of us must have looked i dunno, insane at the least huh but we did make people smile a lot that time lol oh well thanks for the memories m!! and on that happy nostalgic note ill sign off for now see ya soon
  15. hi all oh darling baby tree lol hi all glad to hear you are all fairly well and keeping busy lol a nothing day no rain we will finish this audio book tonight lol hsndy cant work with his tools in the rain lol sowhen he gets bored with tv we put in the cd lol looks like it might pour again wuite soon \ i took my lacy curtains and topper in thr craft room down to wash them lol sneezed a few times no doubt the dust as i know i am not cold lol speaking of temps we are not bad today similar to your bgs we are in about the same air current huh lol watched a doc on worst catastrophes it was a good watch too hurricanes volcanoes, flash floods tsunamis, avalanches, tornadoes blizzards and landslides/ mudslides i think they covered it all dont you lol not counting of course diseases and or plagues mary jo sending you a pic of something you are more than welcome to idf you are interested in it i will try to soak/wash it a bit first though as i did use it once or twice then threw it on a shelf where im sure it collected dust lol it is blue, white,lt yellow and some green here it is lol
  16. My condolences to Joanne and her family. After all those days of being under a heat advisory today wont get out of the 70's. I am sure dh was cold this morning but I loved it. We had a little rain shower Tues and another one today but so far combined its less than half an inch. Mona its great to find a local need to crochet for. This morning I mailed 72 ministockings and 2 lapghans off to Warmth for Warriors.
  17. Thank You!!! I added the link on my blog for anyone wanting to make the outfit.
  18. Hello, Mary Jo, baby tree is adorable! My little granddaughter is napping so I thought it would be a good time to pop in to say hello. The little princess woke up way too early this morning so hopefully she will take a really good nap. Our shopping trip for a new ironing board yesterday wore me and my daughter out. It has been a very long time since either of has walked the entire length of the outlet mall twice, I couldn't believe how tired I was when we got home yesterday. But it was also a lot of fun, we had lunch and found some good bargains along with the new ironing board. Today the little one and I stopped at Walmart for a few things on the way to my house and then came home to play. I'm glad I did my errands this morning because it is now 93 degrees with a feels like of 103. I hope all of you are having a wonderful day.
  19. Thanks so much for the info, Mary Jo!
  20. Mary Jo Baby Tree is a cutie. Well Katy funny after you mentioned the College World Series they mentioned it on the news last night. Yesterday afternoon it clouded up and there was thunder off in the distance but no rain for us. It made for a comfortable evening outside at the ice cream social. I am sure dh was cold this morning when he left for work. Its going to stay in the 70's today! I ran a few errands this morning and got back before a little shower blew in. No thunder no lightening just a nice gentle shower. Just not long enough.
  21. Yeah it is called Annie's Attic Gingham Kitchen Set. If you look here, and look at the second picture, you will see all the patterns are in the book. From a towel rack to a rug. It is discontinued on Annie's Attic. Now Treasured Heirlooms has it also. I have only made the placemats so far.
  22. 'Afternoon, everyone. Sending big hugs and lots of love to Joanne and her family.♥♥♥ Judy, thank you for letting us know. I will post more soon. We've been gone a good part of each day this week and just got home.
  23. Chris very nice and darski a big thank you for reposting the pattern for us.
  24. Mary Jo - did you buy the pattern for the placemats? Pretty!!!
  25. the pattern is lost it seems. New posting here:
  26. this pattern has gotten completely lost so I am posting it here. it is one of my quirky bits but lots of fun The PDF is Here: Dovetailed.pdf
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