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  2. Taking a break from the chaos. Sat morning buy out guy was here. Lots of stuff gone now. He said he knew tools but my glass not so much. Said he was sorry he could not pay me anything near what I gave for it or pay for the emotional attachment and kept asking me to shoot him a price. I told him I knew it was no longer worth near what it used to, I just needed to be free of it and wanted it to have a home with people that appreciated it. It was time to let it go. I had fun searching for it (back then you had to make an effort and connections to find it), made life long friends and met a lot of interesting people. He was also very interested in my books and magazines on glass. Sounded like he was going to study them. He said hand shake agreement if it brought more than he thought he would give me additional money later. There was one piece in all those boxes that I kept saying I would like to find but there was too much to go thru. I did quick looks in boxes I thought it might be in and just kept saying if I am meant to have it I would find it but didnt. The guy said he would keep an eye out for it and return it but I said no it was ok. Fast forward to Sun afternoon noticed a box in attic that had not got carried from the back. The second piece of glass I unwrapped was the piece I had been searching for. I was meant to have it after all. I have been fascinated with art glass ever since I was a little girl and watched the glassblowers at Silver Dollar City. The chemistry and history behind it is also interesting. One particular glass formula requires gold and uranium. Sat afternoon guy came and picked up my lawn tractor to sell for us. It was harder for me to see it go. Then we ran a load of stuff up to new place. Sis and niece stopped by for a bit. They pick up up my recycling, trash and things for thrift store which helps a lot. Got back to old place about 11pm. Still trying to recover and keep moving forward.
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  4. good evening still waiting to see some sunshine,its bound to warm things up even a little bit
  5. Iris.F


  6. I was so excited the baby dolls I use for the doll donation were on sale at Amazon today so I ordered the 2 I need for next year's donation!!! I have never seen them on sale before so I was quite pleased. Now if Walmart will only put their 18 inch dolls on sale next year could be made. 😊
  7. Hi Krys- I'm not having any problems with the Scarfie yarn, so far so good. I had problems with older Scarfie yarn too. It frayed easily and was not evenly spun, too thick in places, then too thin. This new skein seems to be much better. Part of the shawl pattern uses the Moss st and it seems too tight with a J/ hook as the pattern suggests. The yarn label recommends a K/ hook so, I just may frog it and start over. I'm only about 7 inches into it. In other words, I should have known better and made a swatch. Lesson learned.
  8. Another nice one Chris! I am so glad to see all the doll stuff you are finishing. Seeing them and dreaming about crocheting doll things again has become my happy place from all the moving chaos.
  9. Reni sounds like you are doing pretty good I hope they are making now that Scarfie yarn better. About 2 or 3 years ago I bought a lot of that yarn in different colors. I had a LOT of problems with that yarn and and lot of waist of yarn.. & many hours of my work wasted.. I still have few balls of that yarn left. I do not think I will want to deal with that anymore. Happy crocheting! Krys
  10. Little Angel Baby Doll Layette
  11. Little Angel Baby Doll Layette
  12. Little Angel Baby Doll Layette Another additional to the doll project. At the moment I find myself splitting between projects as the Christmas mailing/dropoff deadlines approach. I do 10 rows on one project switch out to another project and so forth. It seems to be working and I've finally finished the main items I neglected to finish for the doll diaper bags for the donation. I'm not sure how it got to be this late though. I thought I had been doing so well.
  13. Last week
  14. Cold here too. Went to Joanns last night for two skeins of super saver, DH went to use the restroom, came back amd asked "did you get what you need?" Me:"Yes, and a few other things because you left me unsupervised" I now have materials for 3 projects and had better get started!
  15. I located it on Ravelry, I think----is this it? https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/denim-pullover There are errata for it, (which looks like it adds a row 3 and then says to repeat row 2 and 3) so does that help with the question? https://www.crochet-world.com/revisions.php?issue_date=2008-12-01#correction6 edit to add---if you bought it from e-patterns central, I think they should have added the corrections there!
  16. For the Week Ending on 11/16/2019: Gold Medal Winner! owlvamp +12 Silver Medal Winner! Greyhoundgrandma +4 Bronze Medal WInner! PBLKNP +2 Using up that Stash! pineknott +1 Holding Steady! howieann 0 TexasPurl 0 NO SHOOT THE MOON!!! Thanks all!
  17. Glad you like the pattern. I haven't had a chance to make not even one yet. I got my so called crochet mojo back and set aside my Crystal Wave blanket and made a cotton angel then had to start a shawl for one of my daughter's for Christmas. The shawl is moving along quickly with Scarfie yarn and a J/ hook.
  18. How lovely and they fit right in. I miss having a fireplace to decorate for the holidays.
  19. Not 100% certain, but I would interpret the repeat for row 1 is the stuff in the (outer) parentheses; this is a little unconventionally written; I'd expect Annie's Attic patterns to use asterisks. As in: row 1 - sc in first st, *sk next 2 sts, (dc, ch 5, dc) in next st, sk next 2 sts, sc in next st across turn. row 2 - ch 5 (counts as first dc, ch 2) dc in first sc, *Sc in next chain 5 sp, (dc, ch 5, dc) in next sc across, sc in next ch5 sp, (dc, ch2, dc) in last sc, turn. Row 1 is repeated all the way across. The row 2 repeat stops short of the end, and the underlined part is a different ending, in other words the repeat stops where the underlined starts. The wording tells you that subtly, the repeat stops at the word 'across' near the end.
  20. Ditto for this area of Florida. I am sitting here in Sweats and DH is under one of the afghans I made. This is January weather not November. I don't mind the high temps., I just don't like the humidity. Working on some ornaments. I was surprised. I copied a pattern from the Crochet World of Santa and Mrs. Clause. Then I went on Annie's Attic and there was the same pattern for $8.99. WOW that was a surprise. Going to have a practice Thanksgiving dinner. Chicken Breast, stuffing, cranberry-orange relish and a veggie dip. Have a fun day. Off to watch Football and then start dinner.
  21. Cindy, hope the next time is the charm! Diana, I understand about not being in the mood for a particular project. I have pumpkins waiting to be put together. Instead I've started on a scarf and a snowman basket. We had company for the weekend but I still managed to get in some crochet time. Our temps are warming up a little with showers at the end of the week. Overall looks like a good weather week. I got some Christmas shopping done on line this week so that took the edge off the panic of realizing it's not that far away. Hope everyone has a productive and/or relaxing week!
  22. Goodness are you using any sort of gauge. Bwg How are the stockings coming along? Cold and windy here Finally found my Amy Gaines Christmas pattern now don’t feel up to starting it at the moment (items like snowman)😊😜
  23. Hello. I think winter has arrived in south Florida. We are in the 50s and 60s today, good reason to get out my warmer shawls that I love to wear. Went to church and the grocery store. I'm trying to finish up my littlest granddaughter's Christmas dress today. Not much else happening here. Have a good day everyone.
  24. I finished off another skein of yarn. WTD +12 YTD +89
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