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    Originally from OK. Am married and have 5 kids. Am Christian.
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    England (husband is English)
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    Crochet, spinning, knitting, other fiber crafts, reading, walks in countryside/geocaching,
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    Homeschooling mom to 5 and owner of 2 chickens
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    I don't know!
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    since the 70's but did more in 80's and then really got going since 2000
  1. The link didn't work so I couldn't see the page. But, I could see it was a Sugar n Cream site so I went to the main page and I found the bag I was looking for! (It is called "Spring Bag" btw.) I'm not sure it's the same as the page you directed me to, but you helped me a lot by posting the link anyway!! Thank you so much! ~Karen
  2. I'm looking for a pattern that was on the web last year, but I can't find it this year and have lost my copy. It is a drawstring bag (purse) with flowers that are crocheted as you go - i.e., on one row you do the bottom of the flower and then on the next row you complete the top of the flower. I can't remember what stitches were used - it was not like a fishnet pattern but it was looser than a hdc, say. If I remember rightly, the pattern showed the bag as worked in blue, but that may not be correct! The bag in the picture was sitting on some grass. My description is quite vague so I imagine this is a bit of a long shot, but anyway, thanks for reading this!
  3. Thanks for the pattern. I have started one and hopefully I will finish it for my dd's birthday in late January! (Have to do it in secret!) It's a nice pattern.
  4. What a great idea - and you did a great job on the afghan too.
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