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    Originally from OK. Am married and have 5 kids. Am Christian.
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    England (husband is English)
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    Crochet, spinning, knitting, other fiber crafts, reading, walks in countryside/geocaching,
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    Homeschooling mom to 5 and owner of 2 chickens
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    I don't know!
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    since the 70's but did more in 80's and then really got going since 2000
  1. Well I'm currently not really working on anything. I could be working on the mile-a-minute afghan for our home. I should be working on: another dishcloth for MIL's birthday later this month snowflakes afghans for two of my children - just trying to decide on a pattern
  2. I'm working on a shawl for myself - have frogged it so many times, it or I may start catching bugs with our tongue in a while. Hopefully it's really going now. Have a granny square poncho for myself I *could* work on and do occasionally like when the littlies are in the bath. Have an afghan I could work on, but don't. If I finish my shawl this week then I think I will start my new spring poncho with the gorgeous eyelash yarn I got. I'm scared I'll look like a dork in it since it will be a bit shiny and not retiring (I'm very large). I need to do some more snowflakes too.
  3. Cindy, I sure understand about that MAM afghan - mine is more like mile-a-day as well! I've got one on the go that is not quite half-way done. I put it aside a lot to do things that reward me more quickly!
  4. I'm still working on my ds3's serape: I finished the dishcloth I was working on, which I started last week sometime. (photo on my blog) I also did a towel topper. Both of these are part of my MIL's birthday gift. I'm waiting for more yarn to do more of her gift. Besides working on the serape, I have my own poncho to do, and an afghan for our home (that's always a "background project"), and gifts for my parents, and the Sunday school teacher. I've made one snowflake for the SS teachers, have about 12 more to do. I'd start some things for one or two of my older children but I'm
  5. here are my WIPs My poncho (granny squares) - about 17 squares of 42 needed. DS3's poncho - about 3/4 finished:)) MAM afghan for home - set aside at present but is about 1/2 done I think. Plan to do this week (starting today DV) - gift for SP:bounce and if yarn arrives (from CraftsEtc) - I hope to start gift for MIL, and possibly afghan for DD1 :)h So some are not started, but definitely on my mind to get started with this week if poss.
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