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WIP Wednesday


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Still working on the little girl's winter set for my 9 yo grandchild, just started on the second mitten yesterday. I might have been much further along, but spent all my time working on the Edwardian Shawl over the weekend and through Monday, and now it's off the wip list. I will continue to plug away at this winter set, even though it's going to be too late for her to wear it this season, will save it for a birthday present for her in September.


Homespun ripple ghan for bf - I plan to start making quick progress on this one starting this weekend now that I joined the ripple-along.


Mesh market bag using Lily Sugar & Cream cotton yarn, 80% done, just need to make the final push and finish this.


Fun fur-trimmed homespun cape, for a friend as payment for a favor given. About 20% into the project, not counting all the frogging. May be posting in the help section about this one. Since it's a suprise, I can't post about it on my blog.


My to-do list is out of control, but here's a few items I have planned for which all materials are on hand, the only thing lacking so far is the time to do them:


Blue and yellow toddler pullover sweater for a dear friend's son, who is now 15 months old, will make it for the 2 yo size, for fall wardrobe.


Tote bag made with homespun and chenille t&q, from a pattern out of Crochet! magazine.


socks, using the simple stripes yarn I recently got from Knitpicks. Since it will be my first effort, may start with an easy-looking pattern, such as the toe-up one I've seen mentioned several times here.


2 different shawl patterns, also using yarn from Knitpicks (Alpaca Cloud and Shimmer, both laceweight)


Sweater hat and scarf set using Caron's Jewelbox, also for lucky little Zoie, though I will have to try and modify the pattern a bit if she hits a growth spurt between now and fall. This was also from a pattern out of Crochet!


These are just the ones I can recall off the top of my head, but trust me - there's lots more where they came from! I've certainly got more enthusiasm than good sense here - either this stuff will take me a couple of years to do, or I'm going to learn to be a much faster crocheter than I ever thought possible. But I will eventually get them all done, I'm stubborn that way.


Well, went over the deadline while writing this, oh well! Would have had it done sooner, but I couldn't seem to help taking catnaps over my keyboard. I really have to try and get more sleep tonight, at least of the kind where my head is actually resting on a pillow instead of my chest!

:yawn :zzz

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secret things for eyes who read here

bday presents


I have more WIM's (work in mind) than WIPs actually for once.

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Well I'm currently not really working on anything.

I could be working on the mile-a-minute afghan for our home.


I should be working on:

another dishcloth for MIL's birthday later this month


afghans for two of my children - just trying to decide on a pattern

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Just adding to this list, not finishing anything

-extra squares for a swap (squares I don't need to send) - just need to weave in ends

-Started a few squares for the afghan I'm making for my bed (needed a travel project)

-Wedding gift afghan over half done - yay!

-Cotton squares for afghan sort of at a standstill

-63 Squares at a standstill

-Many many projects to be started, yarn purchased.

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I haven't been having good luck with my crochet lately :(


In progress

afghan--almost 1/2 finished, haven't touched it in a couple of weeks

Homespun cloche--pretty sure I'm going to junk it until I feel comfortable enough to try Homespun again

did a row or two of the "Super simple trellis stitch" poncho last night, using Caron Simply Soft, but it's looking weird, so I might start over (no biggie since I just started)

Rolled brim hat from Lion website--ended up frogging it again last night, starting again tonight.

small felted pouch for my mom to carry her phone, keys, etc. on her daily walk; I'm going to have to frog this one too :(

camera pouch for my friend--just need to felt it, probably will wait until I felt my mom's too since they're the same color



Felted purse for a co-worker's daughter--just got the yarn from KnitPicks :)

Rectangular felted bag (for ME)

more book thongs

Doggie afghan for Preston (see him on my blog)

rolled brim hats for my SD's, once I get mine done, LOL

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:bounce eddie's rippleghan...50 percent done (still)

:bounce 63 squares...moved back to the project box...too frustrating to work on at work!!

:bounce mil's shawl (now using prayer shawl pattern on the lion brand site) I wound the yarn into balls TODAY to start working on it asap!!

:bounce and a toilet paper cover inspired by the sushi cover over at crochetme (online) I'm doing mine in all navy right now


works in mind:

:bounce I'm wanting to design something...I'll disclose something soon hehe

:bounce chelle's bathing suit cover up and halter top

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Well, I am working on a pair of sock for DD #1, a shawl for myself, and a couple of dishcloths. I rotate when I get bored - LOL! I have an adorable froggy afghan to start on, but I am saving it for our trip to NJ next week. :drive (Maybe that will keeo me from getting ticked off at my MIL) :nana

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I'm really in trouble because I want to start more projects than I have in progress, and believe me, there are a lot in progress in my house! :lol


In Progress

Swap partner's poncho.. in pink. :)

Butterfly shawl for my mom

Rectangle granny ghan for my cousin

Bamboo purse (needs sewed together)


On the Back Burner

Moroccan Tile afghan

Socks in Shoes (I can't find the sock!)

Lustersheen shawl for my mom (sort of replaced by the Butterfly shawl)

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Ok, I am a day late, but hey....I was lost :knit !


I just finished my

:clap Seraphina Shawl in RH Plush (yummy!) Wine (I need to take pics)


I need to finish the Lacy Shell Poncho for my 3 yr old in SSoft Coconut and Orchid


Need to finish some squares for HMB


Seraphina Shawl for my mom in RH Plush Lagoon


Lacy Shell Poncho for my 8 yr old


Chelle's Halter top for both my girls


Chelle's Sweater Jacket for my 3 yr old


Baby poncho for my 3 month old


A poncho for me...easy peasy in TLC Amore Black


and I want to get a pretty, soft yarn, maybe RH Symphony, haven't tried that yet, to do another poncho or shawl for me


:no So many projects, so little time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :coffee time!!



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I know it's a couple of weeks into it, but I thought I'd share too


1. Shawl for my Step-Mom, must finish before I leave on Friday. :rabbit


2. Knitted poncho for my Step-Sister, have lots of time to finish, it's a Christmas present :knit


3. Skirt to go with a poncho I made for myself. (Might frog the project though) :scrachin


4. A stuffed monkey for my partners daughter. :think


That's all for now


Crocheted Monkey

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I gotta finish the ties for my boys for Sunday. I have one completed but realized it's probably too long. Wanted them to be surprises...but surprise, I gotta try it on one of them first. ARGH.


Well...hopefully I can get them finished by Friday as I would like to make a ponchette kinda thing for Jessie's Dress

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After finishing three projects this weekend, my WIP list has shrunken. However, the to-do list has grown! :lol I'm off Friday, so you know what I'll be doing. :hook


In progress

afghan--almost 1/2 finished

posh poncho from CPC



rolled brim hats for my SD's

felted purses, also for my SD's

ripple shawl

Rectangular felted bag

more book thongs

Doggie afghan for Preston (that's him in my avatar :) )

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I'm working on

Finshed a Martha Poncho for my Mom, and she actually likes it and wears it!

Felted Wool Purse 100% done, now to make a lining

Ripple Homespun Lapghan 60% done

63 square afghan 33/63 done (I really need to get back on this) :blush

Lots of WIM ( i like this description)

Thats it for now


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Hi all!


This is my first post! Very exciting!:yay

I am currently working on:

a granny square afghan for myself

a scarf out of fun fur for my mom

the 63 square afghan( On #44)


And about a million (if feels like) things I want to try!



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Hmm, my WIP list is much shorter than ya'lls:


my first dog sweater is mostly done, but the neck and belly band still need to be made


a scarf for my niece (shhh--a Christmas present) made out of fun fur is 1/3 done


and I've bid on some wool on ebay for my first fulled bag (couldn't find any 100% wool here in town that I liked, so started surfing the web instead)



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Mine this week: (Decided to not be lazy, and I will write them all out here, too):) :


-- An Evening Shawl (still)

-- A Rectangle Grannyghan (still)

-- Motif purse for my mom is still sitting there, need to crochet tog, then do handles...

-- But!... The "Spidey" Pillowghan is just about done! YEEEEE HAW! :P I have all the squares done, and sewn together, I am trying to sew the "Pillow" part on, sewed it on the front, that was wrong, sewed it on a different way, now I think I have it figured out (since I went and looked... duh..) I want to wait to ship it, though, until I can take a picture, and I'm supposed to be getting a digital camera soon, so....


That's about it.



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Well let's see.....WIPs


1. Lion Suede Shawl I started yesterday and is almost finished.

2. Guardian Angel afghan I started a few months back that I put aside to work on other things

3. Sylvia Cosh sweater...put aside because the sleeves were giving me trouble


I'm one of those freakish people who can't stand something being left undone....I HAVE to finish a project or I lose interest in it but for some reason the afghan & sweater keep calling me to finish instead of frogging them. :blush

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I'm still the same


1. Step-mom's shawl. changed pattern, now using the butterfly shawl pattern listed on this site.


2. The knitted poncho for my step-sister.


3. The crocheted monkey (I wonder where I got my name) for my sort of step-daughter.


4. I forgot a about the baby sweater that I have to finish off for a co-worker that is due at the beginning of May


The skirt has been frogged. The list of stuff to make is growing. Knitted Ear flap hat for a co-worker. Sweater for another co-worker. A poncho for my soon to be ex-manager.


Crocheted Monkey:devil

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