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WIP Wednesday


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Well, let's see!



I'm working on a bath set - poof (done), face scrubber (done), soap saver (done). Still need white hand towel that I want to put a topper on with a flower to match the poof & a washcloth. I have to work with my cotton yarn while I am waiting for the dishcloth & kitchen swaps to start :lol


Trying to finish up 3 more preemie sets: onsies are done, booties just need to be sewn together & I still need to make 2 hats. I am giving them to Sally on Sunday (guess they will be done by then,:think:lol )


Still working on my current stars & stripes blanket for the Blankey Brigade (I got side tracked with the preemie stuff).


Wrist bag - it is half done!


Finished :


The wedding afghan is done, yeah:cheer

2 preemie outfits - onesies, booties & matching hats

3 bookmarkers (the spin off pattern for the Nor. filet one)

2 snuggles


Oh well, that is enough to make is sound like I am doing something:lol

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Wow! Some of you have quite a list of WIPs. I'm currently working on 2 baby blankets, a doily, and an afghan that's taking forever, but I'm about to get sidetracked again by another bath pouf for my sister's birthday next week.

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Well, once again I am a day late, but hey, it takes a while to dig out from my pile of WIP's.....which are


Sweater Jacket (just have to make 2 flower pins)

Tank Top (adult...my design...so it is taking forever and so much frogging)

2 of Chelle's tank top patterns for my 2 daughter's

Summer scarf (going between 2 ideas to see what i like best)

Coming Home poncho for myself (still don't want to touch it after frogging the whole thing....)

baby blanket for my cousin(need more yarn)

3...ugh...3 kids ponchos for a lady at my mom's work

Some little pins and things for RAOK's

:eek .......what is wrong with me? And that doesn't include my work's in mind list.....*shudder*..and I cannot even think about dh's face when I tell him I need to go to Walmart for more yarn tonight...:devil

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This has been a very long week... but I did manage to get some crochet in...




afghan 1( just need to do fringe)

afghan 2( needs to be done by May6)

2 granny square teddy bears for a friend who just had twins.



I did teach our new foster daughter how to crochet...she is actually doing great for a first try

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oh boy...it's that time again, eh?



still working on "Jessie's Dressies" sock pattern...just haven't been motivated

dishcloths for the upcoming swap

and a butterfly shawl that just sort of happened on Sunday morning gggg

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Wed. 4-20-05 My WIPs & FOs



:hook Sylvia Cosh sweater from "The Sweater Book"

:hook Poncho for my sister made out of Bernat DenimStyle, pattern from the Groovy web site

:hook Guardian Angel afghan

:hook 35 Square Sampler Afghan

:hook Thread butterfly bookmark

:hook Dragonfly pin

:hook Flowers (I'm always making flowers)

:hook Mohair scarf

:hook Funky scarf

:hook CureForHer scarf

(this list is growing & I don't like it!)



:hook Cloche hat

:hook Fun Fur scarf

:hook Tawashi scrubbie


I didn't get much done this past week because my sister came down for a visit.

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I'm about halfway on the babyghan and I have the first 2 rows of squares and the pocket done on the pillowghan so I have 4 more rows of squares to do on that. It was much easier I think to go ahead and put the pillow pocket on before the ghan is finished.


I still haven't done anything on the 63 squares, think I'll pick that up after the baby stuff and pillowghan.


I'm tempted to leave the Star afghan the way it is and give it to my friend also, we'll see.



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Weeellll...here goes:

-wristlet bag almost done, need to do flowers/leaves

-working on wristlet bag in the round-1/2 done

-floppy brimmed hat from magazine-1/2 done (working on brim)

-flower shaped washclothes for almost new nephew-just bought cotton chenille

-knitted blue socks-1/4 done

-knitted mercerized cotton sweater-1/16 done

-knitted shell with cable started last year(!!!) 90% done

-i could go on but I am becoming depressed now.....


:eek I have WAY too many projects started. Perhaps I have ADD?


Hope you all are doing better than I

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I'm STILL working on the white baby blanket! I don't know if I'll ever be finished with this one.


I want to make my husband's grandmother an afghan because she's such a nice lady. I found a pattern last night and I want to buy the yarn today.


I purchased some chenille cotton online (thanks ThreeOliveMartini!) and I hope it comes this week so I can make some washcloths.


On the upside, I did finish MommaChelle's halter for my 2 1/2 year old and I cleaned out my WIP basket. It had leftover skeins from the last three projects, and now I have room for new projects. :) However, I should probably finish the baby blanket first!

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Well, it isn't too bad.


Some FO's from last weeks list...

Sweater Jacket

Coming Home Poncho

2 out of the 3 ponchos for mom's coworker....ok, so I still have 1 more row and fringe on the 2nd one...:blush



My tank top

Chelle's tanks for my girls

Scarf....I don't think these colors are summery enough...think I am going to change

Baby Blanket for my cousinn

Raok's, and some thank you's.......mostly done


Wait..wait...:eek ...oh my..this list is actually smaller than last weeks...I have managed to only finish things and not start anything new in 1 week.....


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Still a bunch of flowers to finish, maybe embellish.

New flower style, still to be worked out.

Diamond mesh scarf started a couple of days ago and looking as if I might be able to finish it today.

Scrumble--stalled for now, but I'm thinking about it.

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Here I go again


1. The monkey, still unchanged. I think I'll end up frogging it soon.

2. The Sweet February Shawl. Which is on hold for now.

3. Diamond and Lace poncho. Need more yarn still, so it's on hold too.

4. The Bernat Boa poncho. Yep, still need yet more yarn.

5. The crochet tote I've been designing is on hold until I finish project number 6.

6. A knitted sweater for a co-worker. It's a cabled sweater in Red Heart Supersaver, color "Country Blue"


Crocheted Monkey:cheer

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Afghan for my boyfriend's birthday, in Mainstays Dark Sage, using the pattern that came with the yarn (Diamond Trellis).


I had also planned to make Priscilla's Masquerade Mask but after frogging it 3 or 4 times because the eyeholes were uneven, I decided to give up.

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Been working on the "plastic yarn" goose dress. Think I have the pattern down pat, but making another to be sure. Then to write it out so others can understand LOL I know what it is..but will they?

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I'm about halfway through with the blanket for my husband's dear grandmother. Even though I've had frustrations with it, it's actually an easy pattern that works up pretty quickly.


I haven't picked up my white baby blanket in a week.


I want to make more slippers for my mother to send in her mother's day package later this week.


I am stuck with 50 ounces of Lion Brand thick and quick chenille in Black that I really want to get out of my stash, but I don't know what to make. I'll consider thinking about projects for that a WIP.

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Ah here we are again. I haven't finished any of my WIP's from last week. I did get the 3 ponchos done. I only have the straps to do on my tank top....other than that....everything stll sits. Neglected I suppose.:blush


Geez, what have I been doing this past week crochetwise? Oh....yes...reading the show and tell here and ading to my Works in Mind list...that's right.



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^Does that mean you frogged an afghan or that you're making a frog afghan? I'd love to find a frog afghan pattern :heart


My report:


I've made 2 star cuddles for the Humane Society and have another in the works. I'm also going to try a couple of other different patterns and see what works and what doesn't.


I'm just about another row in on my pineapple pillowghan


I'm a little over halfway on the babyghan


Need to finish those last 2 in a hurry so they're priority


No more socks


No more 63 squares


I'll get to those after completing my hurry up afghans ;)



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^Does that mean you frogged an afghan or that you're making a frog afghan? I'd love to find a frog afghan pattern :heart


There's a toad one in the current Herrschners 2005 afghan winners... kinda silly but also kinda cute. :)

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My list is still growing, to go with the projects previously listed I've now added...


A poncho using Paton's "Grace" and an F hook.


I must finish the projects before I buy more yarn for myself. (I'll try to be good this week).


Crocheted Monkey

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There's a toad one in the current Herrschners 2005 afghan winners... kinda silly but also kinda cute. :)

That is cute but I don't have that kind of money to buy kits. I did find a knitted chart for one that can be converted to crochet that might work.




I'll call that a WIM ;)



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