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  1. April 8-10 --- Grapevine Convention Center, Grapevine, TX, DFW Fiber Fest Featured Crochet Teachers are Mary Beth Temple, Robyn Chachula, and Linda Permann!
  2. I was searching and searching for this on C'ville yesterday. I remembered seeing it about a year ago and I just could NOT find the post about it. Thank you for posting this!!! I love this afghan and want to make it someday.
  3. Pretty pattern! Can I ask you where you got it from? My "big sis" in college used to do this pattern all the time and she's the one who taught me to crochet. I've lost touch with her, but I think about this pattern often and I've wondered where to find it. I would appreciate any pointers you have.
  4. I haven't done the pattern and don't have access to any yarn to play around right now, but are you doing the three hdc's of the hdc3tog in the same stitch? The dc2tog is over two stitches, but the hdc3tog is in one stitch. Make sense?
  5. And the winner is ... Lisa (Elle Marz) of Cats For Brains is the random drawing winner! Woo hoo! Everybody congratulate Lisa. And go to her blog entry for her winning doily and show her some love. A big round of applause! This Crochet-A-Long has been so much fun to host. You've all been true Yarn-letes and risen to the challenge. Congratulations to all of you! Anna, your Olympic hostess ;-) http://www.jinglelady.us/crochet/ http://www.jinglelady.us/crochet/olympics/
  6. Hello All! I waded through all the emails and I made it to the other side! Woo hoo! I have a total of 50 entries for the random drawing I'll do tomorrow evening. If there's anybody else out there who finished before the Closing Ceremonies and would like to be put in the random drawing, send me an email before tomorrow at 6pm CST. And thank ya'll! You are all wonderful people and I feel honored to have competed with you in this event. The YahooGroup is switching to a monthly crochet challenge group and I'm thinking of using that as incentive to finish my crochet sweater within the month of March. I'll definitely post photos when it's done.
  7. Hi Stacy and falfal - if you completed your "event" by the end of the closing ceremonies and want to be entered into a random drawing for a $20 gift certificate to KnitPicks and a $10 gift certificate to Adagio Teas, send me an email with a link or photo of your completed item.
  8. Awww....ya'll are making me blush! And tear up.... Thank you! It was enjoyable and just seeing everybody get all fired up and crocheting their hearts out was worth it.
  9. Hello All! I'm still wading through the emails, but I've gotten through about half of them. I updated the Crochet Olympics site with the Silver (90-99% complete) and Bronze (80-89% complete) medals - go snag one if you earned it. It's all self-reporting, so be honest! I'll be doing the random drawing Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on when I finish going through the emails and getting the list all compiled. When I do the drawing, I'll email the winner and post the results on the site, here and on the Yahoo Group. :manyheart This has been a LOT of fun hosting this CAL. The most fun has been seeing everybody challenge themselves and seeing all the lovely projects that came out as a result. You are all Olympic champions!
  10. Hi All! I hope everybody reached their goal of Olympic goal! I haven't read through the replies, we just go home around midnight last night and fell into bed. I also had NO time for checking mail or the board or Olympic crocheting over the weekend. On the other hand, it was a lovely visit with the parents and my brothers, plus we got a LOT of bridal planning done, and I had a quick dinner chat with one of my bridesmaids. So it was a great trip. I'm going to need until this evening to look through all the board messages and the 290+ emails (mostly from the Olympic Yahoo Group, but still....). I'll post the Silver & Bronze medal buttons this evening. It's going to take me until probable tomorrow or Wed. to do the random drawing for all the Gold medal finalists. Once again, congrats to EVERYBODY who participated in this mad goal , and double congrats to everyone who FINISHED. :cheer:clap:hug
  11. Hi All! Please keep emailing me when you complete your "events". I'm leaving in a few to fly to Florida for the weekend, but I'll check email and the board once a day. Maybe more, but that's iffy - our time is planned down to almost the minute! Wedding plans! I didn't get a chance to crochet at ALL yesterday - work was non-stop and then the homework with the stepson-to-be was non-stop and this morning was watching the tape of the skating last night while packing. Ack! Good luck to all who have yet to finish their events - I hope you all acheive gold medal status! I have buttons for silver and bronze, but I'll put them up Sunday night (LATE) along with their definitions. Remember, you can pick your gold medal up at the Crochet Olympic site (http://www.jinglelady.us/crochet/olympics/). Keep on Hookin'!
  12. Eurolyons - I've used that yarn! And do you know, I never noticed that it's name was the same as the Seattle company? I knew it was Microsoft, but the connection never clicked. Duh. I loved using it because it just works up so beautifully...even with the tendency to split. It just looks lovely!
  13. I (nearly) completed the sweater back - just one row left. Plus, I did two of the seven motives for the crochet sweater neck on the front. Woo hoo! I'm actually getting a little more hopeful that I'll get very close to finishing by the closing ceremonies. Photo is posted here.
  14. Thanks Kimberly! Although I can't take credit for the button - that's Cris's creation. (Didn't she do an awesome job?!) Good luck on the gym bike knitting. Let us know how that works out, ok? I hope you don't get any yarn tangled in the spokes!
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