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    Just wanted to share my snowman and reindeer stuffies. Both are my own pattern 😊. They turned out so much cuter than I expected.
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    I finally got to finish the second kit of Mini Ugly Sweaters. I like the graphs in this kit better. When things calm down, I am going to try and do it in crochet. So here are some more of my give-aways for Christmas. As you can see, there is even a flamingo in the group.
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    I'm headed to a knitting retreat today--home Sunday-- and hopefully will be using up some yarn.
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    The Aztec Wishes Donation for 2018 was delivered and I think it was the biggest ever thanks to 7 Crochetville elves. I am still in my happy place after visiting the high school this morning. The kids were amazing. They were so excited by all the stuff we brought, all the stuff you made and the dolls you sent. For those of you who wondered if your doll blankets would be needed as I predicted they were a HUGE hit. They will be used for additional doll and stuffed animal donations. The girls were cast back to their childhood looking at all the baby and 18" doll stuff. I heard so many, "Man I wish I had this when I was a kid." What blew me away was my husband told me one of the upper classmen boys told one of the freshman, "That's the couple that brings the cool stuff every year." Sometimes we wonder if our hand made stuff is understood in this world anymore, but this is evidence that people still do love what we make. We just need to find an audience that wants what we make. I continue to love working with this group because it does reach two groups, the high school kids who organize the stuff to be sent and the children who ultimately get the toys. I spoke to two of the Senior girls who are helping to manage the drive this year and this project means a great deal to them. The kids are amazed at the hand made donations. They look forward to our stuff arriving every year to see what we will bring. You had to see them going through the boxes and the bags and carefully sorting the donations to look at each item. They were thrilled that their donations came from 6 states not including ours (one family member for those who saw my comment about Crochetville elves) and 2 countries outside the US. It is often hard enough to get people to donate locally with so many charities asking for help this time of year, but they have stuff coming in from around the country and internationally. Thanks for doing that for them. I don't have the words to describe their faces or their excitement so you can feel what I felt today, but it brings tears to my eyes as I type this. It was beautiful. They were inspired, excited, and they felt like what they were doing mattered and we can all use that in our lives. So again thank you for bringing that to these kids. That doesn't even cover the kids who get to open up you amazing presents on Christmas. I just want to thank all of you for taking the time to make this such a huge success. My great thanks to all of you who sent stuff. There were plenty of people who couldn't send stuff who answered wish list requests, sent me pattern links and ideas to solve problems, encouragement to keep me going when I was in a tough place. All of that makes this donation work.
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    Debbie, I'm glad it all worked out. I have a friend who has even baked a pie on the grill. It's surprising what is possible. I got lucky today. Mary Maxim is having a 99 cent download sale and I found the cars blanket pattern that I bought as a kit. I want to make it again but haven't talked myself into looking through all the patterns I have in multiple locations to find it. Maybe I need a pattern intervention. LOL WTD +4 YTD +91
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    I saw this in one of newsletters I receive and just had to make it for a friend. She has a small girl who would look cute in this if it fits. I used Barky as a possible indicator of size .
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    This little one's name is "Dolly". She told me so herself. I bought her because she is about the size of a newborn in both body and head. The PDF is here:hellodolly.pdf I bel;ieve I have one more pattern to clear out. Almost to the top of the mountain
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    Here are some dollar store towels transformed using this double layered towel topper pattern. You just fold over the towel and crochet the towel topper onto the top without sewing or cutting. The jingle bells were also from the dollar store. I crocheted these for our local nursing home fundraiser this week.
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    Cindy, hope you MIL is doing better. It's been a busy cold week here. I'm leaving for a weekend knitting retreat this afternoon. Looking forward to lots of hook time. Hope everyone has a good weekend!
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    I am new to the forum, but not crochet. I have been teaching my wife to crochet (yes guys can crochet....). Since it is late in the year, all of our gifts are for Chanukah. We arm crocheted a jumbo yarn throw for mah-in-law. Two eldest daughters' winter hats (in Texas many call the toboggans but most others call them beanies) in a size six yarn with an undersized hook (6mm) to keep them tight and warm. Still working on the one for the youngest daughter (should be finished tomorrow). Crocheted a basket-weave toboggan for my wife's friend. Needle pointed a kippa (a birthday gift from mah-in-law). Most of the rest of December will be working on projects for us. After the first of the year, I'm sure more gifting opportunities will present themselves.
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    This is adorable, thank you for sharing your pattern!
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    So darn cute. Both of them
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    Hello from Mississippi! Thread is not my area, but there are others here that use it. Ravelry.com is a good place to look for patterns. It's free to join.
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    I finished the hat request, didn't use the whole skein though. I was told to keep any extra . Only about 1/4 left, so I rolled it down (+ 1). I might use it for a hat band on another hat. I have to leave in 30 mins (+/-), so I should pack up my suitcase now. WTD: + 1 YTD: + 131 Ellie 13
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    Good morning! Thought I'd post my Foto Friday before I get busy in the kitchen. We have a house full for today's festivities! 💖 I finished my Malia Shoulder Bag. I was going to line it, but that was a total fail. I'm just not a very good seamstress. Love it any way. Have a great day everyone!
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    Veronika Rohrhofer on here has inspired me to begin crocheting with size 50 thread. I will never be able to compete with her skill and the beauty of her work, but here is my first sewing thread project completed. Piece is 6” diameter in Sew-ology size 50 with a Lee Ward’s 0.50mm steel hook.
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    sooooo lovely. think of all the joy of winning those points back with that thread
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    Looks as though I'll be the Shoot the Moon Queen this week again. I may need an intervention. But they're so pretty! 15 new balls of thread. -30
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    I love these! They make me smile. Would make a great gift for a teacher (owls=wise).
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    'Morning all. After two gorgeous days in the 60's, we're back in the 30's with bitterly cold wind! Cindy ~ You deserve an 'easy' Thanksgiving this year! You'll have more time to relax and visit...does your DS do dishes, too? Brenda ~ When DH was still driving, he was always on the go, too! He could turn one errand into several and still came home without something on the list. Lol Judy ~ Your soup recipe looks wonderful. Over the years, hubby has decided he likes soup after all. I try to make things as healthy as possible and it's such a good way to get lots of veggies in one dish! I haven't had a chance to take pictures when the sun is out, so hopefully soon. Mona ~ It is a lot of work to decorate, cook, shop... Our DD started a tradition the year our oldest grandson was born and it's always so special. We all go to their house Christmas morning and have a brunch/buffet and play with the kids. We draw names among the adults but of course that doesn't apply to the kids. Better get busy! Have a good day, friends.
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    oh wow!!! Another beautiful rose. The purple is as beautiful as the pink one. Nice work
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    happy saturday everyone ! wind was a gusting all night again and its not too warm out there today chance of flurries too Im sitting watching Christmas with the Cranks the movie i had read the book ( Skipping Christmas by john Grisham ) years ago rather i am listening to it in the background of checking out some stuff on the internet lol and i checked and verified my debit card purchases and no one is frauding me lol so that went well is everyone prepared for thanksgiving?? i cant believe its almost here already can you ? Have any of you got out of town plans or staying in planswith company from out of town lol tis the season right lol well im off for now maybe ill be in later see ya soon
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    Hello my name is Peter. I'm from Slovenia and I just love to crochet.