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    Welcome to the 'ville! Have you ever done a DC 2 together? Or a cluster of several stitches into 1? A cluster and a "x together" are almost identical, except a cluster is several partial new stitches made into 1 stitch and joined at the top, and a "x together" is 2 or more partial stitches made into 2 or more different stitches, and joined together at the top. When you do either of those things, right before the last yo and pull thru, the # of loops on your hook is the number of stitches you are joining, + 1. So this transaction has you pulling thru 5 loops, which means you are joining 4 stitches together. I think the use of [ ] versus * for the repeat is a little confusing. It says [do this and know it will be repeated because it's in brackets] twice - so read it as "*dc2together just short of the last yo and pull thru, repeat from * once more and pull thru all 5 loops".
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    Came across this while browsing for Christmas ornaments in Bing search (images). Read the pattern but it’s so simple just make assorted size granny squares,fold, sew and decorate. Going to make another or maybe more. The snowflake on top was a lace pattern that I made with worsted medium yarn.
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    Here is a picture of the baby in the Llama blanket. Looks like he will be nice and warm this winter.
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    Oh WOW that is so cool. It is always fun working on this project. Can't wait to see the picture if you can.
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    There are two types of prayer shawls. Ones used in prayer such as this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tallit Then these given to people as a sort of hug which are the ones I make. http://blog.lionbrand.com/prayer-shawl/
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    just wanted to share this bit of fun. I made this card for a friend and I think it will get a lough or two. I love making cards with pocket bits so I had to add "lunch". also the 'end' wiggles :rofl I have decided I hate paste - the card looks better in RL but the camera shows every flaw in the gluing.
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    ya'll in the storm path hunker down and stay safe... Brenda so glad to here our sis is coming along, if you think a card would give her a pick me up pm me her address.. Krys, love the tree... I did something like that for sandra a few years ago.... Sandra, can ou put your photos in google photos? Chris does that then he can share with all of us.. Just got back from a trip to Gatlinburg with half the family... Here is something non political in less you don't like donuts... Enjoy the princess...is growing up so fast!!
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    I don't have any instructions to add just wanted to say, You did a great job explaining this one Brenda!
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    I finally crocheted some last night! I just haven't felt like doing anything. I ripped out the scarf for the Grt-GD 2x because I just did not like it. I am now over half way finished on the 3rd go at it and am pleased with it. It matches the little drawstring bag I made for her. There are so many things I want to make and when there is no incentive.......all of you get it, right? Still not feeling that great yet. I put my feet up and read, or sleep, as some of my meds make me drowsy. I have my GD remind me to get up and walk around about every 30 or so minutes. She and my oldest DD have been such huge helps. My SIL came over yesterday after work and trimmed all the greenery in my yard. It started sprinkling just as he was finishing up, but, only enough to tease, it never did do anything productive. I had such high hopes for some rain in this dry ol' desert. It's completely clear out today with deep blue high desert skies and a high of 85°F. At least it not blistery hot anymore and no wind today. Today I'll rummage through a few of the many yarn storage boxes to see what I can make some ear warmers out of. Right now I can only concentrate on small projects- and here I have 3 afghans to make for Christmas- yeah right. I don't think I'm going to succeed with those. I'm not sure what to make the 4year old grt-GS as he doesn't like hats but, it does get cold and wet where they live. I don't think he'll wear gloves either. I just read that England is going on Lockdown again as of Thursday. Too many new Covid-19 cases. We are still having new cases in our county daily. When I do go somewhere, which is hardly at all, I always wear a fresh mask and still practice safe distancing. Hope everyone is doing well and is healthy and happy. We will get through this! OH! And I did vote (by mail). I sure hope this post doesn't sound like a downer. I really do feel blessed for so many things that are great in my life and give thanks all the time. My glass is always half full! Love you all!
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    Here are some pics of hats I crocheted. A possessed zombie dog, pig, panda, pumpkin and puppy. I didn't use a pattern. 🙂
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    My pumpkins grow really fast! I wanted to give them to my friends, but they stay home and work on-line, so the pumpkins stay with me at the moment...
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    Wow, Bailey, your brain must always be buzzing with a whirlwind of ideas! And they're all awesome and unique, too💝
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    Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.😁
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    The grip could be an i cord that was completed and then slid onto strap before completing the strap. An i cord is a tube and can be knitted or crocheted (single crochet). Looking at the stitches it looks to me like it most likely was crocheted (single crochet) flat and then wrapped around the handle seaming or crocheting the sides together around the strap.
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    Not sure if you mean how they did the drawstring and tie part? Can't see much of the stitch pattern, but the bumps are popcorns... General recipe: make a 'bag', either 2 rectangles sewn together leaving the top open, or if you have ever made a hat from the top down, make a very large (or not) hat - start with a flat circle for the diameter you want*, and work even for the length to the holes for the handle. To make the hole row - any stitch, *make some span of stitches, chain 2, skip 2 (or whatever number that makes a gap big enough to thread the handle thru), repeat. Obviously plan this out so the spans between holes are spaced evenly. Next row, stitch around, putting 1 stitch into each of the chains of the open span (you can stitch over the chains if you want, for this I think it would look better if you stitched into the chain). A few more rows for whatever distance you want above the tie. * general recipe for a flat circle, US stitch terms: SC=6, HDC=8 or 9, DC=12. Make an adjustable ring, put that number of stitches in the circle (lets say SC, so 6 sc in the ring for round 1). Mark the first stitch of the round, and move the marker up each round. Each round increases by 6, so round 2 is 2 SC in each stitch (total is now 12. Round 3: *1 sc, inc in the next stitch (inc=2 SC in 1), repeat--total is now 18. Row 4: *2 sc, inc, repeat around--total now 24. Row 5: *3 sc, inc, repeat around, total now 30. See the pattern? You increase the number of stitches between increase by 1 each round.
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    Looks to me it was added later, like a wrapping. I could be wrong. Krys
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    Cindy, that sounds like a great trip! She'll love the purse, I'm sure. You have reminded me that I haven't made a stocking for Jay, but I don't think it's going to happen this year. Brenda, very funny mental picture of your refrigerator dance. That was a lot of cooking! The new cases are really scary. We didn't invite anyone extra for lunch like we normally would have. DH rounded up help to fry turkeys again this year. Seven Wednesday and then ours Thursday. I'm making dressing, and green pea casserole. I've used a jarred gravy for several years that everyone seems to like and frozen rolls. Bought a frozen chocolate cream pie and a ham. DIL is bringing real cranberry sauce and deviled eggs. That's certainly enough for 4 adults and 4 little kids. I haven't gotten completely rid of the sinus gunk yet but it's a lot better. For some reason the cough is back today after being off the cough meds yesterday. Went to the dentist this morning to have my new crown put on finally. It didn't fit, he had to numb my mouth because it was sensitive with the putting on and off. The old temporary crown was put back on with instructions to not chew on that side. There were no issues with it before, but it's sensitive to cold now. DIL suckered me into baby sitting Wed afternoon. I thought she had an apt but she's swimming with a friend. The day before Thanksgiving?! But she did redeem herself somewhat by arranging for someone we know to come Saturday and cut my hair. Ok, time to get off the computer and figure out what HAS to be done this afternoon. I'm becoming an expert at putting things off. LOL
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    Hope everyone is doing ok. Cindy your trip to the Smokies sounds lovely. Cute purse. Yes grandma must get that stocking done----at least before grandchild figures out she is only one that does not have one made by grandma. Mona you sound busy with all sorts of things as usual. I woke up about a week ago with a painful knee so have been hobbling around as best I can. It gets better and then I move it just right and hurt it again. The Village made all the local news outlets last week as highest covid outbreak in eastern part of county but its a reflection of whats going on in the county. 156 residents and employees and 30 deaths most all at care center. Scary and sad. I cooked Thanksgiving stuff for dh yesterday. He keeps hinting for pumpkin pie but the refrigerator here is not as big and configured as well as mine was at old place. Because it sits in corner you cant open door wide enough to take the shelves and drawers out (without moving it from wall and pivoting it a bit). Between door not opening far enough and the shelves inside door I have about 12 inches so I have to stand sideways and stretch to reach things in back. My boobs are always hitting the lock button on freezer ice water dispenser on freezer side. We will order curbside from Village restaurant on Thurs.
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    Welcome to the 'ville! When in doubt, look at the pattern photo. DC, ch1, DC is in the 'v stitch' family (x stitches, y chains, x stitches into 1 stitch--x and y can be the same number). Making rows of V stitches is a common thing, and usually you make a V stitch into the chain space of the V stitch in the row below. It just occurred to me by "same holes for 5 rows???" , are you thinking you are to be working rows 8 -13 all into row 3? No. When a pattern says something like 'repeat row x', and you way beyond row x, it just means to follow the instructions contained in row x, which will create new rows way beyond the original row x. It's sort of a lazy, um efficient way for the designer to save a little typing There are times when a pattern will tell you to reach down a few rows below your current row, but it will clearly and specifically say that--this pattern is not saying that.
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    Get ready to get your gnome on because the free pattern for my Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament is now available! There are two different versions of this pattern: Version One uses Fable Fur yarn from We Crochet to make the beard/base of the gnome. Version Two uses a faux fur pompom for those of you that aren't quite ready to dive into the loveliness that is Fable Fur. Find the free pattern here: Gnome Christmas Tree Ornaments by The Loopy Lamb
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    They are adorable. Thank you for the link.
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    It seems like week after week just keeps on being so busy. DH had his last in home PT today. They just won't approve the in home for very long, but he's using the walker some and his leg muscles are slowly getting stronger. We had dermatologist apts yesterday and his wound clinic one tomorrow. I thought today would be a little catch up and a little relaxing, but DS and family dropped in for a couple of hours this afternoon, so the dishwasher hasn't been unloaded and reloaded and no clothes washed either. Oh, well, it'll still be there tomorrow or Saturday, whenever I get around to it. I ended up with a sinus infection this week, but after two shots and starting on antibiotics, it's getting a little better. Just another thing to sap my energy. Looking forward to a quiet, I hope, weekend. Have to get the DR table cleaned off, but hopefully some down time too. It'll just be us and DS's family for Thanksgiving. The older DS has to work this year. Hope everyone is well and has a good weekend!
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    Here is a sketch - red o is chain, x is sc; the red squiggle at the left is the yarn tail/knot end of the chain. The top of the stocking would be on the right side.
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    Krys - I love the Santa wreath! Mary Jo - the llama blanket is so cute and baby is adorable! I spent the weekend at a scrapbooking retreat. It was fun to get some memories down on paper and to get away!
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    Wild turkeys. The road to the office my doctor was previously located at used to get swarmed with wild turkeys. The main road here on rare occasions has issues with Canadian geese crossings. They start to walk across and then decide to hang out and have a convention.
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    That T. honeycomb is pretty, it really 'shines' in that variegated yarn. A tutorial by Kim Guzman, a Tunisian Stitch guru.
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    Dropped the boxes off this afternoon and the woman I was supposed to see was unavailable but the women I did meet instead were blown away by your donations. They were mature women who clearly had an appreciation for hand made items and they immediately opened the boxes and were quite stunned by what they found. They didn't expect the quality or quantity of what was in those boxes. In the past the students have packaged the requests for the students they've been assigned so they've never seen the stuff as it goes directly from the high school students to the parents to have for Christmas/holiday celebrations. I don't think they see the raw donations that come in before the students put them all together to be sent on to the parents.
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    I can add this new red 4 inch (10,2 cm) doily to my collection. Again I have used Gütermann C Ne 50 sewing thread and a 0,35 mm TULIP hook.
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    Just a heads up we will be donating directly to the organization that distributes the toys to the kids this year. I just heard from the school today and they put me in contact with the group they donate to so I can arrange to drop the stuff directly to them this year. I've been in contact with the woman and they are thrilled as there is a huge need this year and sadly donations are off for many organizations this year with COVID. I'll let you know when the donation is gone out and we can think about next year again. The woman at the school wants to get back to it next year but who knows. At least we know the kids will be getting toys this year.
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    I was part of a prayer shawl ministry for a while. The goal is to make shawls for those in need of prayer, support, encouragement, etc. In our group the shawls were prayed over before being distributed. There are many different traditions for making them. They are often given to people who are old, getting treatment for illnesses, or even positive things like setting out for new destinations. A church group made one for all the girls graduating so they'd know the church was always praying for them and would always be with them. Sometimes it is just a means of comfort and not really related to prayer but the patterns have become designated as prayer shawls so they often get called that as people look for patterns to make comfort shawls for people going through treatments, who are grieving after losing someone, etc.
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    Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.😁
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    Two fewer rounds on the wrist and two additional on the fingers was what DH requested when he tried on the first one.
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    Hello Krys those are very pretty decorations. Not much happening here. I hope you all have a wonderful evening.
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    No such thing as a dumb question, just a new thing you haven't run into before. I agree with Bgs that it is pretty terse, it's giving you the relevant info but not spelling things out--except for the brackets, it reads like I'd expect to see in a vintage pattern (like, 1950s and earlier). More current patterns tend to spell things out more (like my re-writing of that line above). Sometimes you have to put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and pull out your mental magnifying glass to figure out the clues a pattern is giving you in place of spelled-out instructions. BGS pointed out the clues in this case so you can proceed on this pattern, and also learn to recognize clues to solve a pattern mystery the next time. Clue: the stitch count on row 9 is the same as the following 3 rows. Deduction: there are no increases. Clue: no mention of changing stitch type. Deduction: continue with the same stitch as before. Another clue is look at the pattern photo--what is going on at that spot in the pattern? Does it look like all the same stitch, and that it seems to be not getting wider at that point?
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    Ok you can all laugh. It is 65 here only going to maybe 75 and I am ready to get out the sweats. YES, I am COLD. The wind is also blowing, making it fell colder. Off to my corner and I better get the afghans out.
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    On row 2 you would double crochet, chain 4, slip stitch into 3rd chain from your hook, chain 1 , double crochet into same stitch as other double crochet. On row 3 you would chain 6, make the double trebles chain 6 slip stitch (in picot on row 2.) Going to have to think about row 4. Sometimes it makes more sense when you get to that point and are actually doing it.
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    I just got a pleasant surprise from Mary Maxim. I had an email yesterday and was looking--found a coloring book I thought the oldest GD would like, half-price. Then, of course, the shipping cancelled out the savings. Looked on amazon, full price, but no shipping. Didn't do anything on either shopping cart. Today I got an email from MM with a coupon for free shipping. How great is that!! We're having some great weather, cool and sunny, cold at night. Frost warning tonight. We're going to grill hotdogs with the grands late this afternoon when they come over to get their candy bags. They have three prearranged trick or treat stops to make.
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    After a cold snowy start to the week today is a beautiful warm sunny day. This morning dh and I took a ride to an orchard on the other side of the county and bought a bushel of apples. This afternoon we had reverse trick or treaters! The Village CEO, Activities director, and one of co-head groundskeepers dressed up in costumes and went door to door handing out bags of treats-----candies, popcorn, instant cider, along with Halloween pen, tablet, and can cozy. Our church in Odessa is doing trunk or treat with precautions tomorrow night but we arent going to risk it. I have to stay well. Sis is scheduled for surgery on Wed.
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    That sweater is really nice!. I love that hood Krys
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    Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.😁
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    Welcome to the 'ville! I sympathize as a fellow 'yanker', but having to pull up a loop .75" for SC -- I can't even imagine. If I could control those huge loops, which I doubt, I'd think it would look like hairpin lace. The designer has a very unusual stitch gauge - you, me, and designers are all human after all. Once in a while I run into a project where the designer's gauge is extremely different, and I've gotten used to improvising--I make a lot of doilies, and there are few I haven't had to tweak one way or another, since it doesn't take much 'violation' of the law of plane geometry to cause a center-out doily to cup or ruffle. I just grabbed a skein of Red Heart Super saver, the label says 12sc across and15 rows=4"--if this is 'average', your designer makes SCs that are about 1.5x 'average' height. For garments I normally just add rows if I have to, there is nothing wrong with that, and I'm sure that's what 99.9% of crafters do as well. There's no reason to try to match a designers' (possibly) extraordinarily unusual stitch gauge by uncomfortable and probably unsustainable attempts to meet that gauge with the same stitch (I know I'd revert to my 'usual' gauge after a few stitches, and just make a mess). However, you could try to swatch using extended SC, or perhaps HDC and see if you hit gauge with taller stitches that you can make comfortably and consistently.
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    Hello from Mississippi! Looks like self-taught has worked well for you--great projects! We always enjoy seeing pictures.
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    Well I finished the stocking and I have to say that stockings are just not my thing. But I saw someone who made a little blanket that is attached to a toy, but without the amigarumi. I thought this was a genius idea and I loved making it. This is a stuffed animal from the Dollar Tree. I can for sure make more of these to donate and might even sell some. We'll see. vquilt
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    I forgot to take a pic of the cat toys I made for my GS's 2 kittens so he took one for me. The mice were easy and quick to make. I chose not to put eyes on the grey mouse since the other 2 wound up looking like zombie mice. LOL. The blue toy is made with a piece cut from a paper towel tube, then stuffed. It has a tail on the other side with a small bell on the end. I closed both ends of the toy since I wanted to stuff it to keep it's shape. Patterns: Mouse, Blue Toy
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