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    Hello! We're so glad you've decided to join Crochetville. We're always thrilled to meet new crocheters and share in the fun of our craft with each of you. After posting your introduction to the board in a new thread (please do, we'd love to say hello!) be sure to check out the Rules Forum and the FAQs and Tips Forum before you post in the other areas. You'll find all kinds of good information in those forums, including guidelines for acceptable image size, copyright law information, and tips for how to post photos in a thread. Trust us, you may not want to post a picture now, but you will soon! We also try to give important updates in the Board Announcements Forum, so be sure to drop in there every so often to keep up with the current Board News. If you've got questions on how to use the board that aren't answered in those sections, please post a question in Board Help and someone will be along to help you quicker than quick. We're very glad you joined us, so stick around and show us what you're working on today!
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    Ah Fall, the time for cooler temps., beautiful colors and lots of good food. As a young girl, I remember looking forward to fall, as we use to rake up piles of leaves in the yard and jump into them. Don’t know why we did this, but it was fun. I remember the smell of burning leaves and traveling to see the colors of the trees in the mountains of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. It was always fun and beautiful. It was a great time to go camping also. Cool nights and even cooler mornings. This is also the month of pumpkins to be made into pies and as my Dad liked, mincemeat pie. Still don’t’ know what that is. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and all the trimmings for the Thanksgiving Dinner. This was one of the Dinners my Dad use to go to the Philadelphia Navy Yard and come home with at least 4 sailors, who could not go home for the holiday. My Mom loved it, as she would have someone who would eat. Having 3 girls, we did not eat like these sailors. It was fun to hear the different accents and learn about where they were from. I am sure they liked it also, as they got a home cooked meal. I had trouble trying to figure out what color I wanted. The dark colors of Autumn or the golds of Autumn. Then I found, I did not have enough of either to make a full tote, so I used one on one side and the other on the other side and linked them with burnt Pumpkin. The handles are camel and we have a cream colored flower. Later I will show you the extra's I added. Now it is time for the next tote #140, called Autumn Leaves.
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    There for a while every month I posted my tree and table. I stopped for a while, as I thought everyone was getting tired of them. I was asked where they were, so I had new pictures taken. I love Thanksgiving, as it reminds me of family and friendship. I have both Pilgrims and Native American's on my table. I even have the TeePee with the opening facing east. I tried to match the bead work to pictures I have seen. I do hope you enjoy the pictures and remember all your family and friends. I know you have had some trouble with adds on PhotoBucket, but here are my gif's I hope they are better. Tree Decorations Table Tree Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving
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    These wonderful toys were sent by my Florida FGM for the Phoenix Children's Cancer Clinic. I assure you my pictures do little to show off the wonder of these beauties. They're going to make several children very happy and Jeremy too as he loves taking in things for the little kids. Many grateful thanks to you my FGM.
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    In my defense Tampa Doll (Mary Jo) Has misplaced (lost) 10 to 20 hooks over the years. I don’t like to see her frustrated searching the couch for hooks or needles ( yes she has lost multiple large sewing needles ..lol) So on occasion I offer some constructive suggestions’. A thankless Job of a husband…lol Found Hook
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    I was asked to make baby blanket for a friend, for her friend who was expecting a baby, however she and the expectant mother didn’t know what she was having! She wanted to leave it as a surprise! I used variegated yarn, in brown tones. Once completed the corner to corner stitch, I stuck a shell edging border on!
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    Well we just got word that dh's cousin who was very dear to him passed away today at the age of 79. I always enjoyed when we got to go visit her and really admired her grit. She loved cooking huge meals for large family get togethers (something I am not good at all doing) She hosted family reunions at the farm where she continued to live after her husband passed away. Her kids wanted her to move or at least let them hire someone to keep up the mowing but she wouldnt hear of it. Matter of fact her dr told the kids to leave her be as that was probably the reason she was still alive ( she had beat a cancer or two and had bypass surgeries). The farm house is well over 100 years old but she and her husband had remodeled it updating it with electricity and plumbing doing a lot of it themselves. It has a woodburning furnace. I always found it incredible that it looked like such a little house on the outside but was huge on the inside--3 huge bedrooms,1 small one, and bathroom on second floor. Two bedrooms have a king sized bed in them and one has two. The first floor has a large kitchen, dining room, living room, huge bedroom and bathroom. She always made me feel welcome and like I fit right in.
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    Just a collection of tops for our girls The PDF is here: you'retheTops.pdf
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    This doily comes from Bucilla Crochet Book No. 1 published in 1914. Made with #20 LizBeth thread using #10 hook and measures 18 inches.
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    I was asked to show a new picture of Ami Ville. For those of you who do not know, it is where most of what I make goes. It is in the back room, where Tampa Guy has his computer. It gets quite crowded at times, but it is always fun to see. Sometimes something that is going out, sit there till it is ready to be packed up. So here is Thanksgiving at Ami Ville.
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    Mary Jo, your décor is just awesome !! May I come live with you?? LOL Just beautiful !
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    Well, we took a walk in a pumpkin patch and found this guy walking around. He said since Halloween is over, he can now be the Thanksgiving Pumpkin. We did not want to tell him that Thanksgiving Pumpkins become Pumpkin Pie. I had fun making this guy, but I think the next time, I will use a large hook for the pumpkin. It is a little tight, guess from all the Halloween Candy. Her is Gonk Pumpkin Patch. Oh and here he is with the hook I misplaced. Look at him spin.
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    Thanks for the giggles, he's wonderful!
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    Need some clarification. Would that be 10 to 20 hooks never found? I have misplaced the same hook easily that many times in just the last year. Love where you allegedly found the hook. I do know she has lost at least one large sewing needle as I found one in a something she sent me. We just considered it a little "extra".
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    hi all oh and thanks for the stories made me laugh out loud it did the glasses the t shirt and the dotting tool lol and time changes all so funny glad bgs is feeling better and mary jo what pickles lol my mil used to make the most bestest ever pickles and jar them they were terrific i remember about the time cause i have so many clocks lol but i do not do them all but the chiming ones are the hardest cause some chime 24 seven some dont chime at night handy got one wrong setting it as he said it woke him up at 1 am lol i will have to do it right lol hope your knee is on the mend too mj and im heading off soon to check out the latest table!! charis I have some squares for you going out by mid next week oh and kristy gonna need you addy again for dec thanks wishing for all to all keep spirits high and troubles at bay best of the best for the rest of the rest !!!
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    Here's the baby ghan and a close up of the simple border, which I winged.
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    Well ladies, one problem after another but hopefully i wont get kicked again.
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    What a sweet gesture to re-create your G-Grandmother's hangers. redrosesdz is correct! It is macrame'. And here's a link for a tutorial. PS- I like yours in crochet too.
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    here are some of the scarves i have 9 now i think all ready to go
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    Hope everyone had a good time last night. We were swamped. I ran out of chips, thank goodness I also had taffies and chocolate. So we had over 60 kids. Some real good costumes this year. I am trying to turn the tree and table over today from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Oh the tote is on the stoop waiting to be picked up and the clues are up. This should be an easy state. Have fun today.
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    Love this two sided tote,somebody is going to be squealing loud with joy. I don't like mincemeat pie,I have never liked it,but I think that is because my family put some kind of alcohol in it and I have never liked that either. My family thinks I'm a bit weird because I don't drink alcohol,but that's okay just leaves more money for yarn.
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    I want to thank my FGM in NE for the adorable bunny she sent me. It is made of wood and has ears, bows and signs for different holidays. I now have it dress up with orange ears and bow with a pumpkin in it's hand. It is now sitting on my table with all my Halloween stuff. It will probable stay there till after Thanksgiving. Thank you again for the adorable decoration.
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    Cherub, it may be that you are to make the sc over the chain and into the top of the scallop. That actually is a pretty common maneuver.
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    The rocks are very beautiful. The one my sister had made me was black with flowers on it. She would of loved the rock hiding. Ok, I am going to take some of you down nostalgia lane. We have a station here that show all the old cowboy shows. Rawhide, the Virginian, Bonanza, Have Gun will Travel, just to name a few. Once in a while I sit and watch them and think. "These people can't act". Then I laugh. There is another channel that shows all the old Star Trek shows, I have not seen DS9 though. It is funny to watch things we use to be glued to the TV to watch. Quite day today. Nice and cool, so maybe the humidity has gone away for a while. Have fun today.
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    We went to lunch with two of my sisters and a niece. Brother in law couldnt go so we visited awhile when he got back. Linda love your rocks. Thanks for posting the pictures. Showed them to my sis and she thought you did a great job with them. She has found a couple and posted her finds on the fb page for them and rehid them. We went to pumpkins on parade with sis and niece while it was still light out and we saw 3 painted rocks but left them for others. It sprinkled a bit and rain is mo ing in later. Mary Jo I wasnt into Star Trek when the original one aired. I didnt see many of the Next Gen episodes when originally aired either but caught them in syndication. Guess I sort of learned to love them all.
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    here are some that I worked on second is the balloon bouquet and the rest are Rene's work
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    Hi Sharon, I know the tutorial shows US dc but I think the tutorial shows the basics, that are the same for any stitch. Stitch height won't make much difference. Funny thing, I looked at the pic and saw US sc, then didn't even realize the pattern said dc. Lol
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    We love the Orville. We started to watch it because of the main character. We become hooked after the first one. I use to like Star Trek the original one. Did not like the ones after that. I have the new Star Trek Movies, I really like them. John is still have fun with the phone. He got me the new Kindle 10 with Alexis on it? I can read my books better, as the writing is larger. My heart is aching for you and DH Brenda. It is the hardest decision we all have to make. Beautiful day today. Cool, clear and the sun is shinning and making the pool sparkle.
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    Difficult morning as expected. I feel so bad for dh as he is taking it extremely hard. To they top it off as we were leaving vet they were shutting streets down all around us for a high school marching band invitational. Sure didnt need to be trapped there for hours. Its warm and wind is blowing. Storms are brewing.
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    Brenda it was just a short visit,they got in Fri. afternoon and left Sunday around noon.I have my first batch ready to go out,I'll have Rene' post a picture of them,she has put out near 50,and there has been some responses back,my find this week was a balloon bouquet,made me smile
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    I just remembered this...check this out, from a 1847 crochet book (by Eleanor Riego de la Branchadiere. I'm sure by the year this is out of copyright so OK to post If you're interested, its in the AntiquePatternLibrary site, if you do a search on the catalog page on "instructions and crochet terms" you'll find it.
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    Aw so sweet having a birthday party for his kitty. We somehow managed to miss the first two or three episodes so was glad to see them rerun the first one last night. Dh laughs and says we never saw Sulu and Checkov high five on the bridge.
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    Mary Jo has dh got bored with the new phone yet? Have you watched The Orville? We are getting a kick out of it. Think the gelatinous crew member that looks like mucus on the mucinex commercial is hysterical. Cant believe tote time is here again. Linda is the company still there and have you found or painted any more rocks? Katy what are you Handy and Max up to today? I did a few things outside like bag the birdbath for winter and pick some tomatoes and hot peppers. Dont think I have touched a crochet hook in a couple of weeks. Tribble have you watched The Orville? Whats Little Trib doing for Halloween? We would have went to Glow tonight and look at all the elaborate jack o lanterns if things had been different.
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    Thanks. dr was going to send her home last night but I told him I was scared to take her so he suggested we come get her this morning because he would be there today if we needed him. He and his office have been terrific. Today is dh's bd and I was going to mow so he could stay in the house and spend the day with her.
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    Darski, more beautiful dresses! I love the Christmas-colored one.....and the pink variegated. Wow, so pretty! Do you save these up all year long and donate them all at once? Do you look back at them and see favorites?? i finally have something to show...just another plain vanilla design. We are working on learning an entirely new financial software system at work and a few days a week, we are training in an entirely different building from the one I work in, and they usually give us an hour lunch. I never get an hour lunch...so I have been taking my crochet bag with me every day and work on hats after I eat lunch while I wait for the session to start again.
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    I assume that it's a UK pattern, since you said that you're from the UK in your introduction thread. 2dc means to make 2 dc stitches in the same stitch. It's also known as an increase. Do a dc stitch. Then insert your hook in the same stitch and do another dc stitch. Rnd 0: 6 dc stitches in the ring. Rnd 1: 2dc stitches in each stitch = 12 stitches. Rnd 2: 2dc stitches in each stitch = 24 stitches. Hint: when you're doing rounds it is very easy to lose count. Mark the first stitch of each round, so you don't lose it. You can use a stitch marker and move it up each round. Or a running stitch marker and pull it out at the end. (To do a running stitch marker, get a piece a scrap yarn in a different color. Lay the end over the first stitch in round 1. Flip it over the first stitch in the next round. Keep flipping it over each round's first stitch. It will spiral to the right for right-handed crocheting.)
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    I made this little guy from a pattern in the Crochet a Day Calendar. He was so cute I could not resist and he fits perfectly on the Thanksgiving table. His outfit is made out of thread and is just so cute. I need new starch to make his feathers stand up.
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    oh jade is such a cutie and she is always smiling!! glad you saw a doc pinched nerves can be so painful yep thanks kristy for looking after the baby kitties i would have had them all in the house mama and all hunkered down in my craft room lololol oh glad to see bgs has a jar too lol what is in the prescript bottle my guess is needles??my empty jars' candle jars hold my colored pencils and markers too i like to keep them out where i can get to them should the urge to color strikes me unexpectedly lol in fact i just received my order yesterday of 32 colored sharpies with gold and silver metallic so might get out a couple books lol today has been a slow day boy nothing on the tube thinking about putting in another movie in a bit lol last night we tried to watch one and it kept skipping so we put it in another device still skipped so didn't get to see it but then discovered totally by chance the same movie we wanted to watch was playing on history channel Fury so we got to see it anyway!! Once in a million shot huh lol if you watch it its very violent which is not my thing so i just would not watch much of that when it came on and im not really much of a Brad Pitt fan either lol next one i wanna watch is Gone Girl might have seen it dont remember lol but will find out jennifer annistan and Ben Aflack so might be good Daughter usually hooks us up with pretty good ones watched Nicholas Cage in Rage that one was full of violence too well lets see what else i think DD is coming to replace mu dvd drive tomorrow but dont know when exactly lol cant wait as i have i would say 25 cds to bring up of pics to see what is on them lol i did a few from the desk top puter but that chair hurts my back for more than an hour or so So i will wait till she installs the new drive and bring them in here to sort through I know there is a lot of duplicates so will weed out some of them and some i have at one time or another gotten them printed out at the Walgreens so those probably can go?? I dunno ill ask the kid lol well all for now ill see you in the am ok have a nice evening all
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    oh poor bgs are you taking some antibiotics for that?? im due for a flu shot and maybe a pneumonia shot if t dr advises one late this month and handy needs to get a flu shot as i think he is up to snuff on the pneumonia shot as it seems if you have one for two years in a row you dont have to have anymore so i dont know i will ask the dr. about that when im see him I'm also going to look online for somewhere in town that might check our water quality as sine the water was shut off our water looks cloudy even still today and i dont want it to turn into another Flint if you know what i mean might be temporary might not be we will see i think when handy goes up and gets popcorn we will put in that movie today nothing much else to do cept strip the bed and the washer can wash without me watching it lol and i have clean set to put on so did a few dishes earlier and the kitchen is all clean i might quirk steam mop the main bath around the toilet but not picking up that big throw rug again lol hope your sinus' bgs and mary jo's knee heal soon and what a nice thing for you to do Sandra for your friend everyone take care now and ill catch ya all a bit later perhaps my list for handy is getting longer lol 1 popcorn 2.box of kleenex 3. maxie treats 4. soda crackers 5. give me a few minures lol ill no doubt will have more then lol l
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    well guess we will watch the movie tomorrow aft as we are out o popcorn tonight Now we have Watched MOVIES WITHOUT BUT IT JUST ISN'T THE SAME LOL got my intimate apparel sorted 0ut t today, another thing off the to do list, lol bad news, bout half are going to a thrift store, good news, about half are staying,lol now im crashing and going to find something on the tube and finish my diet coke and call it a day see ya back here enjoy your weekend
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    Beautiful bag, Mary Jo. The idea for two colors is genius and makes for a beautiful bag.
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    lets see watched the movie we got Pelican Brief it was a good story got a couple more reading audio books at the lilibrary we did today we have been lucky and ordered another movie too maybe we will watch that this weekend if it comes by then working on two scarves with home spun now i cm use that ok and have some to use up but that light and lofty i will bury in a bottom bin lol watched a couple tutorials this am and have done dishes made tuna salad and threw some towels in to wash when i get a little more to add to it smaller loads for me are easier cause they are just easier to transfer from washer to dryer to basket to table etc but when handy is here wash the larger loads as he will do the transfer but sometimes i dont want to wait lol oh finally got my steam mop too long story the day it was supposed to come in i checked online first and order had been canceled no notice no reason just said it was canceled so after a couple calls to the store it was supposed to come in at they finally found out it didn't come in on the truck or went to another store more calls no one said they had it she can reorder and put rush on it i asked why someone didn't call me first or even ask me if i wanted to reorder first and she apologized but in the end i just canceled the rush order thinking three more weeks no thanks got the refund back on the bank card and went to target and got one lol sheesh haven't used it yet but will very soon lol might be today!! all for right now folkies see ya soon hope all are doing well !!
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    I missed the last season or so of DS9. I got married and moved out here and he had a very old tv and was using rabbit ears and we are too far out for that. I did not watch tv for a year or better. We went to visit my aunt and uncle and my uncle asked me about our tv situation. I said we have FUZZY tv. My uncle worked for Zenith and was good with electronic stuff and I always got his advice on electronics. Shortly after that we got an outside antenna and got it hooked up to my tv. It was funny when dh commented he could see the newscasters faces now. We watched Ernest Scared Stupid Wed night. I still enjoy Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. We rotate the others like Nightmare Before Christmas, Ghost Busters, Haunted Mansion, Hocus Pocus, Lemony Snickets, and all The Pirates of the Caribbean. For the past few years on sat evening we have watched the old classic horror shows hosted by svenghoolie. I had never watched them before but dh loves them. Hope Little Trib has a great Halloween and Mr Tribs rehab for the knee replacement goes well.
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    Thank you both SO much! I've just started a square and I THINK I've got it.( The ladies at -two- yarn stores couldn't figure this out ). That's what I get for waiting some 30 odd years to start crocheting again. I also went up one hook size so the squares are a little bigger and will be easier to piece together. I will order that book now. Again, thanks. Carol Lee
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    Thanks Katy. I really wanted to do it this afternoon and thought dh agreed but then he decided he wasnt ready. He will go to work tomorrow and I am the one that will have to go face her through that glass door. I had a very difficult time when Onery came down with congestive heart failure between trying to give him his pills and even worse trying to get him to eat. He was a shell of his former self and hung in there just for dh. Foxy on the other hand was a surprise. She went in the night and we had not a clue. Her last day was pretty normal. I remember it was sunny and warm and we chased squirrels away from the bird feeder. I think she felt that was her job. She was my heart dog and the only critter in my life to imprint on me.
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    oh God im so sorry brenda if it helps, with ginger, although devastated to lose her, i felt a bit of relief in my sadness and despair, knowing she was not going to be suffering anymore, and i talked to her, and told her, its ok, just let go girl, i will always love you, but don't worry about us ok.. a little later, she was gone. we felt she was holding out i think as long as she could cause she knew we didn't want her to go, but in the end, we knew it was what was to be, no matter what we thought. She just closed her eyes, and minutes later she was with the angels. the next day i had made a home appt for a mobile vet to come out and put her at peace. she didnt make that day,but i was glad she went here, with us around her as i hated she was in pain.ill say a few words for you all and know i am with you. in heart and spirit to lean on through this heartbreaking time.i dont know what else to do, or say. but im sorry.. so sorry.
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    Have you tried sewing thread? I have used it to make a couple of doilies and I used 3 strands at a time. I am sure it will help with the scale and it will not split.
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    OMG that's so cute!!!