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    My latest baby afghan. Colors are: ILTY in tropical pink and cream (although the cream looks very yellow).
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    Making flower dishcloths just wanted a smaller project. Pattern by Doni Speigle
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    Hello, I will show you some pictures of my latest project, the dragon lamp. This is my version of the pattern found on www.dinegurumi.com. The color of the lamp can be adjusted.
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    The pattern states the dimensions, width is 35.5". For the swatch, chain 6". This will result in a square slightly less than 6", but the point was just to be more than 4" to avoid the edge stitches, so should be OK. Work back in pattern, you will have a few chains hanging off the end probably but don't worry about it. Based on your swatch, figure out how wide 1 stitch is - don't measure 1 stitch, measure across the 4"--example, if your gauge is spot on, 18 sts=4", so 4 divided by 18 is .22222". 35.5" divided by .22 is 161.36 stitches. I would chain, say, 170 (notice the pattern says 164, which I looked at after I picked 170 out of the air - I picked a number that I knew would be slightly too many. Reason: your may not hit gauge exactly, and you need to think the same way -- you can pick out extra chains after working back (the piece will not unravel) and it's better than being to conservative and having to start over. Don't worry about the stitch count matching the pattern repeat, just figure a rough number and add a few extra, and work back to the nearest pattern repeat, and pick out the extra chains later & weave in the end. edit- meant to add, I used the pattern gauge, but you will need to do some math on YOUR gauge to figure out a ballpark number to chain, plus a few extra. Fun fact: I've seen really vintage patterns (circa 1900) not say 'chain x', but rather 'make a chain x inches long, turn, xyz instructions for working back, cut off the excess chain'. Eek! But older patterns didn't spell everything out like like modern patterns, it was assumed the crocheter knew what they were doing to get the result they were after, and didn't need to be told how to finish it off properly.
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    Beautiful work, Ladies! I just finished this small baby ghan (keeping it in case there's a need- I always seem to be caught short) I made it using donated yarn (thank you!) except for the deep rose I already had in stash. It'll drape better after a wash
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    Birthday candy-whale, anyone? 🐳🎂 Here are the baby whales I made for my daughter. Well, I made many more - I stopped at 80 - and very soon they will find their new homes. More pics here: https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/162464-birthday-baby-whales/
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    Some Hats I made from yarn I had odd and ends of and left overs from afghans I've made. Plus I figured I get a pic of me trying on one. They're fun to make. Thanks for looking
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    Cindy....lovely RR! You have me itching to make them again! MaryJo...can't wait to see the thread tigger. Not sure if I could do such work in thread! And a crib size blanket...I played till I got dangerously close to playing chicken with both the blue and yellow.
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    I've been stash-busting for a few weeks now- off and on anyway. These potholders are double sided so can also be used as hot pads. All cotton, some out of Peaches & Cream, some from Lion Brand Cotton. These go in the box I keep last minute gifts in. Easy to make and now that I see the photos, I see the flaws. Oh well, so be it.
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    GrannySquare, I so enjoy reading your posts! You are a wealth of information and your posts are always well thought out. As you've commented, we often post at almost the same time and frequently say pretty much the same thing. However I think you usually say whatever it is more clearly and with more detail, and i have learned from you over the years we have known each other on here (and Ravelry). I hope everybody who posts on Crochetville realizes that there's a whole range of experience and opinions in the world of crocheting. All the way from some of us "vintage" crocheters, to people who only decided to learn to crochet this morning. We can all learn from each other. Many questions will elicit a range of answers and the OP can then digest them all and use the parts of each that are useful. If I answer a question, my answer isn't competing with other answers....they all form a sturdy fabric of options!
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    You are very welcome Bgs! I also throw in a few extra chains when following a pattern says to chain more than 100-ish in case my attention is needed elsewhere for a moment in the middle of chaining, picking out chains is better than the aggravation of ending up 1 short, and I don't like to fudge if I don't have to. BP, you are right I should have discussed how to hit gauge because this IS a garment, but I was focused on answering the OP's specific question on how to add stitches in pattern, and gave a tried and true answer that will work with a minimum of math calculations. It's a more appropriate technique to enlarge a blanket or table runner than a garment, but I don't think this neck warmer would be unusable if it is off by a stitch repeat (which appears to be very short for this pattern). I try to pay close attention to the question asked, in order to give a response that not only solves the immediate problem but also provides a skill that will help solve future issues.
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    I liked the second attempt better than the first but I'm keeping the pair. Almost done with the first of the two I need to send. Bonnie Bunny
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    Thank you so much for the math! I now know how to save myself a lot of time when I need to hit a specific width on some of my projects.
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    It's a recap of what you've made in the row, so you can count and be sure you're on track. If you need further explanation please tell us the name and location of the pattern.
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    What a cutie. I read on another site that a library had encouraged patrons to put pictures of bears in their windows for kids to see when they were walking as they'd posted an activity for parents about the poem "Going on a Bear Hunt" and it gave the kids something safe to do while social distancing in their neighborhoods. People have put up colored pictures and stuffed bears. I thought it was a cute idea. Nothing like that being posted locally here but I did put some crocheted bunnies in my window as we have an exceptionally large number of families out with kids walking when the weather has been warm enough. I haven't seen this many people out walking with the exception of Halloween. Nobody is stopping to chat with each other, all practicing social distancing but I suspect the kids need to get out and the parents are happy to get them some fresh air with the hope it helps them nap. I changed the garden flags in front to the Easter ones. I hope it gives the kids something fun to see.
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    Finally! A proper finished project for March! Hobbii C2C blanket. I reduced the size a bit. I knew I wouldn't have enough stash to complete an entire throw. Ended up 42" x 42" and quite heavy at a little over 2 lbs. I used Hobby Lobby "I Love This Yarn" & an H hook.
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    Gold medal with + 3, come on people, you can do better! What happened to all the other players? I made another hat and 2 pocket prayer shawls. Used up a small skein (+ 2) . I got a big ball of blue from a friend to finish another UFO I found (- 1) . Still on the + side though. WTD: + 1 YTD: + 46 Ellie 13
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    Three doll beds for the toddler room at the preschool where I work. I also have to give back the doll I borrowed !
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    Thought you could all use a good chuckle. Found this on one of the sites I visit.
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    this one is 50" around crochet in red hot and mistletoe. one more to go
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    When my daughter saw the first baby whale I made, she asked for many more for her birthday. She wanted to pack the whales like candies and to give them to her classmates. And techers. And good friends from other classes. So I made 30 for her. And decided I could make some for my class and give them as Easter presents. And so on. It takes only half an hour to complete the whale, so one day I found I have 80 whale's swimming in the sea 🐳🐳🐳 The pattern is free from letscrochet. org My daughter's birthday is on Thursday and she will be 9. Unbelievable for me I hope the kids will have fun at school. 🐳🐓
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    I like it too. I think its nice that with fewer dolls you can see and appreciate it more.
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    Here are some mini 6" Christmas stockings I crocheted for this year's Warmth for Warriors stocking drive.
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    Hello all! I haven't finished any skeins this week. I've been diligently working on the Spice Market CAL. I finished Part 7 of 10 last evening. I also started a Hobbii C2C baby blanket. Update: We made a stop at Hobby Lobby while out shopping last evening. 😔 I bought 3 balls of Artiste thread. WTD -6 Have a Happy week!
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    I just erased what I'd written, I misread your question. I wouldn't. That's too much of a difference in yarn size; I have subbed a sort of chubby dk weight for a worsted pattern successfully, but not gone from UK 4 ply (sport weight in US) to worsted. You would need to completely re-write the pattern. Does the pattern give a schematic? If you are very brave, you could toss the pattern and just work to the shape of the schematic, but you can't just follow another size's direction - do the math on the width of 1 of your stitches at the fabric drape you like, and multiply it by the largest size's stitch count across the bust --this will answer your question (it will probably fit a child, not an adult). Also, you are going to need more yardage of the thinner yarn, than the worsted weight pattern called for. Your best chance of success is to find a similar looking pattern designed for the weight of yarn you are wanting to use.
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    a special favour please Chris... I have finally finished this pattern - the original copyright was 2018 and I couldn't take pics until I finished 2 rows of dc around each leg Would you be willing to try this pattern to see if it fits your baby dolls? it fits Baby Born but I find him to be bigger than other 16" babies. it is also a generous fit <<sigh>> PDF is here:feel pretty.pdf
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    Mississippi has a shelter in place order starting Friday at 5 pm until April 20. Not that it will make any difference in our current schedules. Post office, drug store, dr apt and groceries are our only outings already. I finished the tax stuff this afternoon. I'll take it to the accountant tomorrow. The girls are coming for a sleep over tonight. Hope everyone is doing well!
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    My Ami version of Our Lady of Lourdes. With the world's tiniest Rosary! I hope to go to Lourdes someday. Been talking about it for two years but things keep getting in the way!
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    Hey I started hoarding yarn way before toilet paper hoarding became popular so I am good to go..........
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    Face it, even if it is more expensive, we need to bring essential manufacturing back to the USA. Permenantly!
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    Sunny here and lovely, participating in the hats not hate challenge so I am working up two today... planted jalapenos in a pot today and cleared out the chickens and hens bed... We don't own a freezer, but I do pressure can a bunch... one of the finer points of living in the middle of nowhere and having a garden... I also can chicken when its on sale, good for chicken salad, soups, hot dishes...don't do much beef.... So big news... another Princess due in Sept!!!
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    Beautiful Cinderella doll dress Mary Jo. I like all kinds of dolls.
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    Love all the recently shared projects. Lots of cute stuff! My office is now closed and only going to work as needed. For sure on March 3 to do month-end and reports. Strange times but gives me more time now to crochet. Stay safe and healthy everyone.
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    Awe. These are so cute. Thanks for sharing.
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    I really like that
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    I napped this afternoon instead of crocheting. WTD 0
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    Katy sounds like you need a hug. It is hard on everyone and with morons hording, it does not help. I know we increase some things, for Hurricane season, but after the season, those things we do not buy till it is all gone. My exterminator was just here. He said that the office is closed, all meetings are cancelled. That was ok with him, as he is outside anyway. We have what they call tubes in the walls. They pump bug stuff, thru these tubes in the wall and get anything that is lurking there, before they come into the house. He also sprays around the house. Everyone needs to take a deep breath, relax and go to your happy place. Mine is a pollen free porch with a swing. One bit of advice. TURN OFF THE NEWS.
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    Hi there everyone! Thanks for having me! I am a recent returnee to crochet after 20 years and I had forgotten just how much fun and how ADDICTIVE crochet is!! The rhythm is oddly soothing and having to rip back a row or two isn't as daunting as it is with knitting. I've only ever crotcheted scarves or squares for blankets before, so this CAL is brilliant! I love how portable crotchet is too and how I can work on it in a confined space. Last Thursday I had a cataract op on my eye, and while I was waiting for my turn, I was happily crocheting away. At one point I looked up and I seemed to have had an hypnotic effect on some of the folk in the waiting room! One lady said she was completely fascinated and absorbed in watching me crotchet and how an hour passed and she hadn't noticed as my blanket was visibly growing. She couldn't wait to see which colour stripe I was doing next! That day, I actually managed 6 rows when normally the absolute most I can manage is 4! I have a new grandchild due at the beginning of May and I am frantically trying to crochet some bits and pieces for Bump, plus a sweet little cuddle and play pig and blanket for big sister (almost 3 years old)! I absolutely love the star shaped wrap for a little one and desperately wanted to add it to the evergrowing pile of patterns! I'm using the crochet CAL as practice and slowly catching up with everyone else on it as I get my tension sorted out and make less mistakes. It isn't perfect but even my husband is loving it! I could easily spend all day homemaking, crocheting and knitting but other things are getting in the way! I have two and a bit weeks to catch up with the CAL but I really do need to put it to one side and start the baby things, if only I could just put it away...... I am virtually housebound and creative stuff is just up my street. I also love baking, animals, playing the piano and used to teach both in schools and music too. Strangely, I keep finding 'projects' I'd forgotten about that 'appear' from the back of my Narnia wardrobe!
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    red heart soft white,glowworm and hunter green
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    This spring ahead sucks. It takes so long to get dark and I do not like getting up when it is dark. I think they should make up their minds what time do they want it to be. A comedian said the other day, "What are they saving it for?" I found it funny. Krys, I was just quoting what some of the medical experts were saying. They did not say it would stop you from getting the virus, but, it could help with you getting a milder case. We always have a large bottle or two of the hand sanitizer in the house. One in the Master Bath and one in the Kitchen. Well, it is getting late and time to close up for the night. Have a great night or day, depending on what time it is where you are.
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    Cindy, I meant to tell you I love the stockings. Sticking my head in the sand here, not wanting to think of Christmas.
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    It’s the Woodland Stripes Throw kit! And no, I don’t know why my damn iPhone keeps posting these images topsy-turvy! 🤣
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    I got the new Crochet World the other day and DH saw this turtle. We have a friend who has had a turtle from a baby. Remember the kid you or your kids got? Well she still has hers. This pattern is using ww yarn and it is 14 1/2 inches long. I made it in thread and it is about 7 inches long, from head to tail. Took only a couple of days to make it, but I am sure it can take just one, this small one anyway.
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    if you use a mini knitty knoddy you can measure out how long one wrap is and figure out how many wraps you need for 50 yards. Also going by weight you can measure out one 50 yard ball and weigh it and then check the weight of the next balls until you get the right amount. I have done both ways when making sock yarn minis. I have a yarn counter too and it works but it's finicky. I only use it to measure the length of my handspun because the other two methods won't work well for my uneven yarn.
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    Hi! I’m very happy to show you the Union Flag dress I crocheted for my Beanie Baby bulldog, Wrinkles, a long time ago using tapestry crochet in the round. I love you, Wrinkles! I hope that you all enjoy! Thanks for taking a view!
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    Made from a German pattern. Too cute not to try to make them, in my opinion of course.
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