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    I did want to let y'all know what I have been up to. It took me 3 months to make the 2 stroller blankies and one dress (I had the first one made ages ago.) I am trying to decide if I should just donate all my yarn (and get about a million points in stashbusting) or if I should keep some in case I can crochet again. (In the old days, it would have taken me 3 days and not 3 months to do this bit 😢
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    My current project--6 flower squares make a blanket. Making one each for my GDs. I've got reservations about the pattern--Bernat Pop Petals Blanket, but I think the girls will love them. The last 5 rounds of petals don't have an increase, so it cups. The white section helps to pull it out, but not completely.
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    Tote bag is done! Took inspiration from my friend's love of ladybugs for the fabric lining and found a pattern for a lady bug on a leaf ....she'll be floored! What looks like raspberry is really rose....Caron pounder
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    Hi everyone! I first learned how to crochet many years ago at the age of 12. I quit for many years and took it back up about 12 years ago. I enjoy crocheting various things. Look forward to learning new things and getting to advice. I am 51 year old mom, wife and Nana. Also a dog mom to two 14 year old mixed breeds. I also dabble with photography, knitting and various other crafts.
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    Hi everyone! My name is Nathalie, I am French living in the USA. I am so glad to join this forum! I have been crocheting for a few years now. I learned when I was pregnant with my son. I actually started knitting first but quickly realised I was much faster at crochet! I especially love small amigurumi! I am a busy stay at home mom and I don't have the patience and the time for very long projects (even if I love them!). I now design my own patterns and I gave them for free as free patterns have been so useful for me when I learned how to crochet! You can find them here: www.natalinacraft.com. I can't wait to meet you all!
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    Stopped by to say Hello Just recently began to crochet again after 25yrs while in med recovery. Being on bed rest & meds that cause insomnia drove me to find something to keep busy & I stumbled upon some amigurumi YouTube videos and went crazy making a complete circus toy set (will always be a WIP, always new things to add) I've found a passion for freehand yarn-sculpting. After not finding the exact patterns I liked, I began pulling elements I did like from multiple patterns & creating freehand "mash-ups" to achieve the look I was going for. Can't wait to get to know everyone & see your awesome creations!
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    Spring and Summer is busting out all over. June is the month of Brides and Graduations. I must make a graduation gown for one of my dolls. The table is full of brides and one lonely groom. My favorite is the Roaring 20's doll. May the weather clear and may our summer and spring be better for everyone.
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    My new Double-Filet crochet wall hanging, I'm pretty addicted to this technique. This is my own design. It was so fun to watch it come together!
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    hello and welcome from Chesapeake,Va.
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    Awesome! I'm going to have to try this...
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    I'm going to a convention tomorrow with a friend and am going to be out of town all day and night so I'm posting tonight. I've put on a little bit of work on my spellman sweater and I've worked up half a skein of rainbow yarn into some catnip filled cat toys. WTD + 1
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    Another batch of ministockings.
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    Hi and Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.
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    Hi all!!! This week I finished my Elmo graphgan for my younger grandson ♡ used a total of 4 balls and 3 skeins on it. Now I just have to finish the Avengers logo for my older grandson and then I can ship them off....I'm hoping to have the Avengers done by Thursday because there's a Game of Thrones CAL starting Friday and I've got all my yarn just sitting here waiting for the first pattern... I feel like I need a project to-do list intervention though. Because I've got the Avengers on the hook, the yarn for the Crochet Crowd Flora CAL in a bag next to my chair just waiting for the next block to be released (on the 15th of each month), I've got the yarn for the entire Game of Thrones CAL in a tub next to me, plus a list of cuddlers to make for friends kids and a trio of expectant momma's to make for...and I still keep thinking "oh that's pretty, I'm going to make that too...." and all of that is in addition to keeping 4 humans besides myself & Hubs alive and taking a full course load at college...including one class that is seriously going to be kicking my tail for the next 10 weeks. Sigh. So my crochet time is going to be impacted, but I'm still hoping to get 110 rows of this graphgan done in 5 days...2 of which we're running all day long with family activities....I need my head examined lol WTD: +10 YTD: +48
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    Are you asking if you can do a row of sc in the foundation chains and then work hdc for the subsequent rows? Yes you can. Its pretty much up to you. Do what is pleasing and works for you. As for the twisted single crochets a photo might help us figure it out. What comes to my mind is reverse single crochet or crab stitch which is sort of a challenge for me to do. Or is the whole piece curling or twisting? It usually lays flatter after a few rows. Its easy to make the foundation chains too tight so it helps to make the foundation chains using the next size bigger hook than you plan on using for the rest of your project.
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    I found a vintage pattern for this cute little rooster. It won first prize in our local fair last summer. I tried three times but the scallops on the tail feathers did not want to block nice and round.
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    here are some things I have been making through the winter some of the dolls I bought at the sally ann others I've been colicting for years.I have alot more going to have a yard sale this summer those I don't sell I will take back to the sally ann .when I got them they were a mess the hair was all notted and naked so I cleaned them up and made clothes for them I have a lot more I've been colecting them for years but they do take up a lot of space. may be next year I'll do the same
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    I agree with Jayashiangel Pink one!
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    Hello Everyone:) I got here a picture of one very "lonely" Hot Pad LOL. I probably should crochet one more, at least I would have a pair. I got that pattern from here, I do not have a link to that pattern. I remember one of our members crocheted many of them, they looked very nice:). That hot pad is made out of cotton yarn Sugar & Cream. It is double and is very thick. I am not crazy about my color combination here. I think it looks little "anemic" LOL. Those picture are from the same Trivet, both sides. Have a Great Day:) Krys PS: I know I am little late with posting baby stuff pictures. I did said I will post them yesterday, I was busy. I need to look and see what came out on those pictures.. LOL. I will post them tomorrow.
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    VERY EASY Baby Slippers rug crocheted