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    I totally love this technique for making a wreath with the cheap vinyl tablecloths. I have the 'cloths' to make a circle one in 4 different colours/patterns but I saw this gingham and wanted to try it. I recommend the "Sissy can do it" version on You Tube - I find her easy to follow and she is so down home. I do 'see' the gingham in this - no , really
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    I just realized that I didn't share the two baby blankets that I crocheted for Kathryn's NICU drive. She hasn't posted on Crochetville but I emailed her and see is doing the baby blanket drive again this year through Facebook. Here are the blankets I sent her recently.
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    The basket full of crocheted and knitted toys, made by my aunt and me - for selling during charity action of raising money for a friend, who fights with cancer.
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    Some Hats I crocheted with a size H hook, did not use a pattern. Thanks for looking. 🙂
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    Also...newborn blanket with the baby's name. Used a chain stitch to embroider it
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    Last of the NICU blankets made with odds and ends I was gifted
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    These are great! With all the 'stuff' going on I have missed a couple of haircut cycles; with temps nearing 100°F now I've been starting to look at hair band patterns--perfect timing!
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    I know I can find Darski on here, so I want to thank her for the shoe pattern for my Cheerleader. My doll is dressed in your pattern called Go Team, I think. I have used it several times. Here she is. Now she is waiting to be shipped to her new home in Ma. There are also other outfits for her, a tote and 3 doll blankets.
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    Along with getting rid of old yarn I've also been experimenting with patterns that have been around for a while that I never seem to quite get to making 18 Inch Doll Back to School
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    Finished up my last outfit for the doll I am sending to Bailey4. She is in a Patriot's cheerleading outfit.
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    30 inches square and includes all the colors of the nursery. Not sure how I'll personalize it yet. Lumps will smooth out after a wash and dry.
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    Rainbow block blanket. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rainbow-block-crochet-afghan It's for an almost 3 year old. I was looking for something he wouldn't immediately outgrow, but was a relatively simple stitch pattern. Not up for a complicated pattern or appliques right now. Up side of buying the pattern was it's in a book with a number of others that look like I would enjoy making.
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    My yarn order came in....-14. Luckily I got the pattern book the same day.
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    MJ and Krys, so very sorry for your losses......prayers said... Sandra, if you are reading this send me a message.... I am free all next week and lets meet at the lake of a park and bring our lunches and chat, I can even come there and take you out to lunch.... we can cheer each other up! This is just an emotional time foe everyone, no matter what the feelings.... they are rough.... anger, sadness, ..all the feels except the happy.... I am crocheting a giraffe right now... did you know those little fuzzy things on the top were called ossicones.... learn somehting new every day
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    Well, the 3 H's have played havoc on my brain. Today is Sunday, so no sprinkler people till tomorrow. Tuesday is the mulching people. I must stay inside today.
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    Cute and I like the flower closure!
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    Happy 4th of July! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. This one is definitely a little different. There will be no fireworks here. We'll just hang out at the house and possibly the pool. Brenda and Krys those are very pretty table sets. Ratdog I have a some other "sons and daughters" who call me mom and now their kids call me nana. Sandra I hope all goes well with your daughter's test. I heard from a coworker/friend yesterday that he and his 3 college age kids are waiting for test results too. Have a great day everyone.
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    I made those little whales for my class. I asked my students: If you had a whale, what color would it be? So they told me their choices - my favourite answer was "indigo" 😁 But they didn't know what kind of whales I was talking about (and why whales???). I gave them the whales (added key chains) and the whale-shaped cards with some wishes from me. We met only for very short time on the last day of school year to give students their diplomas. You know, sometimes people are like whales. You can only see that little fountain above the water. You have to be patient and wait for a long time to see more. But it's worth to wait.
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    Neat idea. Nicely written pattern too.
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    Judy your work always amazes me! Cindy, I keep a stash of dishcloths tucked away for last minute gifts too.. nice job, and the stockings are adorable.. MJ, I just bought a pattern from Pamela's ADC for a patriotic dress for an 18 inch doll, I am hoping to do some outfits and but an 18 incher for Savannah for christmas
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    Would the below photo be right? I just worked the whole thing into one stitch. I've done a drawing as well, but it's a little fuzzy!
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    This could be easily adapted for the sweater, the body is dc, ch1, dc to get the openwork look but you could sub dc for the chain spaces easily enough, and stop short at the length you want. https://joyofmotioncrochet.com/new-beginnings-cardigan-free-crochet-pattern/ It comes in LOTS of sizes, and has a diagram, which is a good sign. Back with flowers hopefully...
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    more items for future donation... A friend asked me to 'make something' of this clock as it no longer works but she wanted it to look (more) decorative. someone will enjoy it. for the little 'bug' I have seen things like this and just wanted to try one. I might just keep it for the fun of it but at this point it is slated for donation.
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    I did a quick google "doll face crochet pot holder" http://allcraftsblogs.com/crochet_home_patterns/doll_face_pot_holder/doll_face_pot_holder.html Also lots on pinterest if you have that app
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    Hello. Katy your cleaning made me tired. Lyn I was amused by it too, maybe we've been inside for too long. Mary Jo we have the heat advisory again today. Right now it's 91 with heat index of 102. Ratdog I hope your son stays safe and healthy. Hopefully the restaurant will reopen quickly. My daughter took 2 days off from work because her asthma and allergies were acting up because of all the packing and cleaning she is doing to get their house ready to sell and because of the Saharan Dust that is hanging over us. So she went back to work at the hospital yesterday and they required a covid test and sent her home. The test was negative so she will be back to work. I'm pleating fabrics to do some smocking and doing laundry today. Have a good day.
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    Aha, I figured MCL might be some sort of cluster, but you never know. That is an interesting basket. Ah, I see an unusual thing - right before 'round 13' it says "After making your initial MCL, begin each subsequent MCL in the same stitch as you finished the previous cluster." But now...I'm stumped. I just sketched out 10 stitch tops (from 12), then what round 13 said, and not counting the turning chain, I get 9 clusters and 9 chains. See below, where ° is a chain and / and \ are the stitches making up the cluster ( _ _ are the stitch tops from the row below). The only way (or at least, that I'm imagining) the pattern's count would work if there was 1 cluster in each stitch from the row below (no overlap), and 1 chain between (again, not counting turning chain) edit, read sketch from right to left, 2 stacked chains being the turning chain
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    ^yep. You can put many, many stitches into 1 stitch, many decorative stitches are made this way (shell stitches for example). It's also a very common way to start a circle's center by putting up to 16-20 stitches into the second chain of the hook for US SC, or in the 4th ch from the hook for US DC. Some advice from an old crocheter to a new one - always follow the directions, word for word, even if you are thinking ?what? 98% of the time it works out, but when it doesn't work out, I can usually figure out what the pattern meant to say.
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    Oh, no...again!!! I’ll make a not to do the totals next week! I’m probably going to be in the running to shoot the moon NEXT week, too, as we had a “socially-distant” visit today from my stepdaughter, her hubby, and the grandchildren. It was lovely to see them (from 6’ away), but she’s been having trouble with her wrists and carpel tunnel, so she’s decided to give up crocheting for now. She just gave me 6 skeins of yarn!
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    The only part I fixed was the shirt. The skirt, since it has a rubber band for the waist, fits great. I had to add a couple of rows to the top and of course make sure there were less stitches on the rows I added to the top. This is a great pattern and if can be made with little change to fit any size doll. I also have this on an 18" Springfield doll. She of course is dress for the Eagles.
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    Working on a Three Billy Goats Gruff play set to go with the book for a July bday for one of the younger relatives. Starting with... The Large Billy Goat
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    Love the dog blanket Judianne! Tampa Doll - What a great doll outfit and love the pom poms!
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    It worked up really nice.
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    I'm an idiot when you sent me the picture I didn't even connect the colors. She's beautiful.
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    oh too funny, lol i am not one to fear thunder at all, even the loud cracks but lightning is another thing i have seen two trees in my life be struck and severely damaged so i dont like lightning at all lol its another hot humid day here, but we are inside mostly so dont fret too much about it till one of us goes out lol usually him, and then he comes in and turns the ac down even lower lol like clock work so i wait a few minutes and sneak back and turn it where it was so i dont freeze lol its just a game we play i guess lol I always heard eat all your vegetables, there are starving kids in China that dont get vegies i always thought to myself, send them mine but never said it, just ate most of them lol i got two more rows on my ghan sewn together, but not sewn on the ghan yet as i always lay it out before sewing them on the main part to get an idea of what goes where lol and i dont feel like doing that today as i would have to vacuum first lol good for you and the ear savers brenda, and the the masks lyn good on you both, keep up the good work l!!! all for now see ya soon keep well 👍🧡😍
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    I totally missed that this was for a sweater, I apologize--I must have stopped reading after you said "I don't know what (the multiple instructions) mean". This is really odd for a wearable pattern, I'm trying to figure out how that even works, unless it's a cardigan that is kimono-style, or a pullover that is made like a T-shirt (in other words, just rectangles). Meaning, patterns that gives you stitch multiples are usually more for blankets than something that has to fit. But, at least it gives you measurements, and we know you want to end up with 60". So, gauge swatch - do one for sure, I'm going to make up numbers for my example but don't USE them unless by some weird coincidence I guessed right (which would be a 1 in a million chance--I'm just picking random numbers). Do that swatch, at least 5" across (for MOST wearable patterns, you can fudge the stitch height by adding or subtracting rows, but you have to pay attention to gauge for width) . Measure across 4" - reason, the outside stitches are sometimes less consistent than the rest. Count the # of stitches, even fractional stitches Let's say that over 4", you have 20.5 stitches. That's 0.195" per stitch. 60 inches divided by .195 = 307.7 stitches, lets call it 308. Your stitch multiple is 4, plus 3. 308 divided by the stitch multiple 4 is... exactly 77. So, I'd start with 307 stitches, which is 76 x 4, plus 3. Does that make sense? If it doesn't, come back and tell us what your swatch says and I'll pull out my calculator again for you
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    Very nice. Thank you for sharing.
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    hey ya!! sent you a mail!! we are good here, been safe so far i guess, i was Leary about going in July to my dr appt. so now we have set a phone visit up so i dont have to go in!! i just wasn't comfortable going in there, even though they are taking precautions to prevent anyone sick from entering, but i was still a bit worrisome over the fact, that some people are non symptomatic and can still pass the covid so, now i will do it video chat, and get all my scripts refilled lol and will go in the fall and get my blood work and a flu shot and pneumonia shot as well so that is done and off my worry list lol Hope you all there in TN are holding up as well see ya soon arlene!!!!
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    OMG! 100 masks that is a LOT!. You probably need a break too. I made only 16 of them for my friend & her family and that was enough for me! LOL. Krys
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    Wow way cool. Thank you so much.
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    YES, that is the way to go! Really nice skirt. And yes all that weight of that yarn could be a problem.. Krys
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    I finished the 24 inch square blanket. It seems very small compared to the 36 - 40 inch ones I normally make, but that's what they want. I finished another hat, used a ball (+ 1) . WTD: + 1 YTD: + 73 Ellie 13
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    Forgot to say earlier if you don't have a pad of graph paper lying around, you can find printable graph paper on the 'net. Also, on the Antique Pattern site I linked, it might be a better idea to search under just crochet to weed out the alphabets meant for embroidery. On the homepage, under a big lace graphic, there are categories in red boxes you can click (Battenburg lace, beading...crochet...etc.)
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    Makes perfect sense, I haven't done a c2c using the so-called 'c2c stitch' but I've made other rectangular items from one corner to another in knit and crochet. So the general recipe: you start from a corner making a right angled triangle shape by increasing at each end. If you are making a rectangle: when the 'short side' is the right measurement, you stop increasing on one side--would not be a bad idea to put a stitch marker on that side. The non-increase side will start to form a parallel edge like the opposite side. When the long side is the right measurement, you begin decreasing on both sides, working toward the corner opposite to the one you started from. If you are making a square, both sides are the same length obviously so when you reach the measurement for 1 side of the square, you decrease on both sides.
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    Published books, mags, and yarn company website patterns are usually tech edited, and do have errors but they will usually publish errata (eventually). I have seen such ... garbage shared here by poor souls trying to figure out self published patterns written by inept pattern writers. Maybe not inept designers but making something fantastic looking and writing the instructions down accurately and clearly in standard terms so other people can understand them are completely different skills. Heck, I make notes of alterations I make on patterns sometimes and then later wonder what on earth I was trying to tell myself.
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    18 Inch Doll Summer Sea Shell Dress I finally finished off one whole skein of that sock yarn!!!!
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    I just ordered 7 skeins to make a blanket for our newest soon to be adopted grandson. So I'll be in the negative who knows when with how long orders are sometimes taking--maybe next week if I'm lucky.
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    This is the table for May. Mother's day and the celebration of Spring. As you can see it is mostly Angels, which represent Mother's who are here and have passed to be our Guardian Angels. We always gave Mom flowers and Dad would take us all out for Breakfast. Remember Mom who made sure you had breakfast before you went to school. She was there to hold you when you were sad and took care of you when you were sick. I remember whenever we asked Mom what she would like, it was always the same answer. She would say I want good kids and I want you all to be healthy and happy. We lost her many years ago, but I still carry her in my heart, and I see her in my kids. The tree celebrates Spring with it's flowers and butterflies. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY
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