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    I crochet chemo blankets and then donate them to the chemo patients so they can wrap up while they are taking their treatments. These are some examples:
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    I have finished the last doll, monster to go to the kids in AZ. Here is Monty the Monkey. He and his friends are all packed up and ready to be picked up by USPS. Oh the sock monkey in the back is knitted.
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    Good Morning. Wish I could send some of this Florida weather to you all. It is great, but it does mean the pollen is up. So off to the Asthma Dr. today. Fun, then the grocery store. Brenda love the afghan. Oh Sandra, I had to laugh at the girls asking who made Mom mad. I love it and I hope they keep it up. Have to check out why the U on my keyboard only wants to work when it feels like it. Have a fun day and I hope every one has a good one.
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    If we did not hit a record low last night it was close. Definately a real hard freeze. But the sun was shining this morning so it didnt seem as bad. Clouds are moving back in. More yuck the end of this week but they are taunting us with a 70 a week out. We had dental check ups this morning stopped for lunch and then groceries. Lyn such a pain when they cant find out whats wrong with your car and then its a pain in the pocketbook when they do. Sandra glad to hear they are doing for you for a change. They need to take that saying " if mom's not happy nobody's happy" to heart. I finally finished this lapghan for w4w.
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    Happy Easter. The table is done and ready for the Holiday. It sure has crept up on us. I have also added pictures of Ami Ville and the Tree.
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    I forgot to mention the 9 balls of Easter Yarn in the pictures. Can't wait to find the right pattern for them.
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    ....well, then you probably know the consequences... Some time ago some Special Person gifted me three books from the series "if you give...". My daughter loved them. I had a mouse crocheted for another book and I used to present the story to my pre-school kids (I teach them English). They enjoyed it a lot and couldn't wait to see the moose book. I was very busy and didn't have time to make the moose, so I took a moose toy from my daugter's shelf. I was surprised because the kids were DISAPPOINTED and told me: Why don't you have the crocheted moose? Why didn't you make one??? I didn't realize they could notice the difference and appreciate something hand made, something different. I told them the moose was too shy to visit them and I'd try to encourage him next time. So I spent last weekend crocheting a moose... The pattern is by Sharon Ojala - Amigurumi To Go. It's free and you can find it here: http://www.amigurumitogo.com/2015/06/amigurumi-moose-pattern-free.html Of course, now the kids wait for a pig and a pancake...
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    I just finished this set... pattern may be available soon. the blankie is just 20 inches but seems to fit...
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    My daughter just sent me that. Subject line was: "I wish my animals could do that!" https://www.facebook.com/GrewUp70s80s/posts/1590186054440809 Krys
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    morning all well i just this am finished the third lap ghan and at this time i wont probably do another right now but it sure did help me take a break from thinking much about other things i will do more and will let you all know when i do yeah brenda i think i made one of those threads but seemed very little interest in it i know you and i were about the only ones that posted and i know there is another one too but seldom get there Usually i just come here anymore so here is number three, .. ILTY burnt orange ( more of a rust if you ask me) some impeccable varg called kimono, off white caron one ponder and rhss jade and a touch of impeccable orange lol not much left, a small ball of the varg and some rusty orange left but that is about it im am really burning through some stash on these lol yay then i can get more!! its a neverending circle of yarndom huh ! the colorway on this i like and was going to do the colors in Fibonacci order but kinda forgot lol but this looks good too and the off white as always makes it pop lol so eye candy with a warning alert for orange lol its tempered well with the other colors though lol balance is everything right lol
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    So glad this week is over. Tired of seeing Dr.'s and such. Well here is the gang, that will be going to AZ. If you want to see the last monster you can look here. I am trying to knit ugly sweaters, I think I may try on in crochet see how that goes. Well, off to make breakfast and have some coffee. Have fun today.
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    Those blankets are beautiful. I make stuffed toys for the children getting chemo in AZ. It is something they can hug and yes, it makes me feel good also.
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    Good Morning. Ah Sandra, I think the end is always the worse. Hope you feel better soon. Arlene glad you found the foot you were looking for. Carol the best part of LoveCrochet, is that they usually ship the next day. Also if you can't find what you want there, in yarn, you can go over to LoveKnitting. They are sister sites. Lovin2crochet. I am glad the curlers are working. I forgot all about them. Well the AC people could not come the other day, we had a day of all rain, so they are coming this morning. The sun is shinning and it is a little cool (66) right now, but they say it will warm up. Off to make breakfast. Got up late this morning. Have a fun day.
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    I had to stop by just to let ya'll know, especially Brenda and Mary Jo, that I went to the Dollar Tree and got me some of those sponge rollers to roll my yarn on while crocheting those heart squares ~ I absolutely LOVE this idea! And it works SO good, too. Keeps this ol' lady's brain from gettin' frazzled ~ LoL ~ this also keeps me from fighting with all that big yarn stuff, and makes it a pleasure now to get back into finishing this Mended Hearts afghan for our niece. Glad you found a zig-zag foot for your sewing machine, Arlene! That's great! Hopefully things will get better for you, Sandra. I sure hate that you're going thru such a trying time. I hope the girls are still helping you more, and being more considerate towards you, too. Today was up in the 60's temps, but the wind was blowing like crazy! Hubby's wind-blown hair made him look like a "mad scientist" ~ LoL Couldn't keep a hat on to save his life, either!
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    I found a zigzag foot online. I found it on ebay for $5.10. Now I got it today. I sure would use it a lot. Thanks everyone for your advice.
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    Started out coooold this morning but got up to tolerable. The snow last night didnt amount to much. Now to see what form tomorows precipitation takes. We spent most of the day with my sister and niece. Sis had made me some more rice krispy treats. After supper she got out the paint and rocks. Tribble glad you checked in. Arlene I wouldnt even think to look at Walmart for a zig zag foot but they might have them. I am always amazed at some things they have or dont have. I did see a generic one on Amazon that is supposed to fit many brands.
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    Hello, Sandra, I hope the girls appreciate everything you do after this. Snowbear, I hope it warms up for you soon. Mary Jo, it's really getting warm down here now. Sorry to hear your asthma is giving you problems. Brenda, we have 42 school days left, June 6th is the last day for students and June 7th for teachers, I think I can do it. Lyn, hope you hear something soon, preferably something good. Today was pretty good but I'm tired. I also stopped at Walmart on the way home and ran the vacuum cleaner after I got home, so that may be the real reason for being tired. I attempted to start sewing a skirt for the littlest granddaughters birthday but I didn't get very far before I got hungry and had to stop to heat up some leftovers. Maybe I'll try again when I finish eating if not my crochet bag is waiting for me on the sofa. I hope you all have a wonderful evening.
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    Hello, It sounds like you are all staying busy. Brenda, the afghan is pretty. Lyn, I hope they figure out what is going on with your car, that is so frustrating. Sandra, I hope you are feeling better and that the kids are still helping. Carole, lower bills are always nice. Katy, snowflakes still? I think summer has arrived in south Florida. It was a better day today but a little off since we started the day with spring pictures which threw everyone out of routine but it wasn't too bad. I stayed an extra hour work to try and get caught up or ahead of myself but I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. Came home, had something to eat and started a load of laundry and now for some crocheting. Hopefully I'll be in bed earlier tonight too.My daughter didn't leave work until 8:15 pm yesterday so by the time she got here, we had dinner and I got things cleaned up it was almost 11 when I went to bed. Guess thats about it for me. Have a great evening.
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    Chris love your teapot. Darski cute paw print but like you think it would be a better corner accent than a big afghan full of them. I wonder about it working as a dishcloth pattern or making some in squares to mix in with other squares in an afghan. I finally finished this lapghan for Warmth for Warriors.
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    hey all good day! oh sandra im glad too that the girls really stepped up to the base this time and hit some out of the park homers too!! good for you good on them and happy happy to all!! glad your pain is subsiding a bit Mary jo sheesh huh lonf process piney what is with that car?? lol sensor? maybe i dunno handy would know though lol well handy is working on someones something or other so iam just chllin for a while did a load of laundry and some dishes and that sort of thing but nothing left i wanna do so im chilling got you tube running in the background and right now air supply is speaking to me lol out of nothing atll used to love them grew up with air supply crooning out the his! And reo speed wagon Cant fight this feeling anymore, T that electric guitar in there just hypnotizes me and kool and the gang lol Cherish the love we have ah the good old carefree days of youth huh its true what George Bernard said and i quote : youth is u wasted on the young" indeed huh so much better music then compared to now some of the music on some netflix shows i have to mute lol funny how music changes with each generation it seems huh oh well Every breath you take, every step you make lol every single day every word you say ill be watching you: lyrics that might be misconstrued these days eh lol Im gonna bookmark this you tube link that im playing all good ones for sure any one else want the link for some easy listening days gone by songs i will post it for you i dont do rap lol I know all the songs coming on by the intro music lol I guess one could say ive been through many rounds of music, starting with my oldersibs recods collection like some beach boys, Beatles, further back yet to elvis and the turtles, and then to my records, and radio favs, then i went through a bout of country, and i liked achy breaky heart, and i swear and boot scootin boogie and roy Orbison r andd Bobby Vinton and Kenny Rogers and a bunch of those songs, and then back to my daughters age, back street boys, and nickle back, and Creed, and nsync and, gimme what you want what you really really want Spice Girls lol so on and Uncle Cracker with Follow me and the Coors lol so heard a lot, love a lot., the rose and American pie lol . and so on and so forth lol ohh Kansas now Dust in the wind lol Billie Joel Piano man , yay ok well ill keep listening in the background but i will get some stuff done too lol later
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    to my MO FGM for my Easter wishes and a very cute scissors holder.
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    I have been making monsters and dolls to send to AZ for the Children's cancer center. I saw this pattern and could not resist. He sort of looks like Animal from the Muppets. The only difference is that he is cream and gold. So Meet Hairy Harry. His eyes are green.
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    hi all pics as promised from my craft room i have my owie leg up but im here lol ok in order baby chick iis front and center she is not a scrubbie just a cutie with little legs lol handy always calls me chicken legs lol so now i dont mind so much as she is so cute she is perched on the hot pad which is orange but my camera hates orange lol and behind is the scrubbie and the card from her and an easter sweet card from brenda!! and last but not least the washer and dryer lol we had to put the laundry room vac in there like that as max would get himself stuck behind there lol and trust me he will not go near a vacuum lol isnt it pretty!! handy says its a bigger washer than our old one so im ok with that i usually wash smaller loads but can now set it to small med large and ex large i like them no confusing lights and or settings thank goodness and i got one more thing to show you but not on the camera yet but carole sent me a card with a crocheted holly hobby or sunbonnet sue bookmark thank you i will post that tomorrow so precious thank you all
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    Good Morning. Hope everyone is doing better this morning. I can not believe this is Palm Sunday and next week is Easter. Boy has it snuck up on me. The sun is just starting to come out and I am getting ready to start my day. The coffee is made and I just have to get changed and start my exercises. Enjoy your day.
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    Afternoon everyone. Wow I am so glad this weekend is over. The stress levels were way to hard and today I am just going to let go... I got to find a way to just let go. I crochet but there is so many angry stitches and it really doesn't help my mood. I journal and took it up to help but it does at times and others not so good. BIL is hanging in there and pretty good. He is still on hospice.
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    Good Morning. Yes, I am still on a break, but always on the look out. I heard that about cats. Several people have told me their cats love to crawl into the tote. Must be because it is cotton and it is soft. I also hear of a duck trying to steal one. I remember you told me this is the place to post pictures of charity work. I have finished my first project to go to the Children's Cancer Hospital in Phoenix, AZ. I just have to pack up the box and get it ready for pick up. Here they are. Most are crocheted, but the monkey in the back is knitted.
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    Katy, prayers for your family. Not much going on here today just work and a stop at Walmart. It was a very fun and busy weekend and I'm paying for it today, a couple of times I thought I was going to doze off in my classroom today but I managed to stay awake. I hope you all have a good evening.
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    That was our Fri ----tornado watch most of the day but its common here this time of year. Its always more worrisome at night since you cant watch the wall clouds. Last year one did a lot of damage in a subdivision in a nearby town and then bounced up and down along the interstate doing some damage just 8 miles from us. A couple of years ago one of the weather vans was in an area broadcasting. The weatherman back at the station was guiding them where to shoot by watching the radar and lo and behold we watched live footage in real time of a tornado forming. Thankfully it wasnt a big one and didnt last long. There was some roof damage but it could have been really bad as there is a high school and hospital in the area. Its an area we frequent. For a watch tv stations here scroll the watch areas across the screen but as soon as a warning goes out anywhere in the area the weathermen are on with the radar map and reporters in the field and they stay on the air till the warnings expire in their broadcast area. I am so glad the fire dept no longer goes out as storm spotters. Places they were dispatched to often only had one way out so you had to hope if one formed they werent trapped in it. I hated being here alone and worrying about dh. For a long time after I came out here I couldnt recognize where I was on the radar map. I hope the watches expire soon for you and dont turn into warnings.
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    hi ya yep they are for warmth for warriors that brenda turned me onto is one more in the works dont know yet lol
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    here is my progress for today! lol few more rows to go tomorrow and sew in a few ends lol i like this one im happy with it its a 12 pointer rr again mostt rhss stray balls and such still nothing weather wise here happening but blizzarding wesrtern pat of the state so we really dont know had thunder and rain last night, and a tornado watch and now expecting snow?? What is happening? is everyone enjoying their saturday??
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    Wishing you all a Happy Easter! Enjoy your day with family & friends celebrating His resurrection. A couple of Easter Crosses I made for special friends.
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    oh how nice arlene that is where i would have gone for the zigzag foot lol good job!! imglad you found it so easily!! Mary jo so glad your leg is better too i bet you are just so happy!! loving 2 lol yep that wind does a mess to hair in fact i had a convertible once and sold it as i could not deal with the windblown look lol brenda, got the round ripple done will show a better pic of it laying on the bed tomorrow as i dont have it made yet today lol but from this pic you will get the gist anyway turned out fine its a 10 pt and measures about 34 - 35 inches from point to point and was made with all rhss and an i hook i used wheat fiesta, small amount, buff fleck small ball blue fleckand green fleck small ball, heather grey partial skein and some kind of off whte but not sure of the color oh that was cream i think the rest of a caron pounder as i recall lol and the smaller ball of a varg i think with woods in the name but not woodsy lol i have a baby ball of blue left, fleck and and more of the grey but the wheat,, buff fleck, and varg are all gone lol finished it this am and sewed in the ends and all i have to do now is lay it out on the bed and take a better pic lol
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    Katy I will look forward to seeing your round ripple. You always do a wonderful job combining colors. I prefer doing smaller ghans too. They fit my attention span and are easier to mail. I have had good luck using darski's pattern. https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/152570-my-10-point-rr/#comment-2644479 Mary Jo sounds nice that they ship the yarn in a nice bag and include a candy. So far I have resisted the cake yarns. I have seen a shawl made from them and its so pretty.
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    Good Morning. Today is the hairdresser for a hair cut, then home and no place to go till next Wednesday. I am suppose to get my order from Mary Maxim today. I have never gotten an order this fast from them. Cloudy and chance of rain. Hope it holds off till we get home. Carole meant to congratulate your husband for winning the seat. Yeah, having a minister in the mist, will calm most people down. Well off to get ready to go get a hair cut.
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    Mary Jo you are not really complaining but just sharing your life with friends We all have those days. I have way more of them than I like to admit and I know they would be a whole lot worse without you all. I am so glad the pt is working. Seems like beginning allergy season is always hard. I am pretty much a zombie til I get used to it. Well Lyn you at least found a happy thought in the situation no matter how it works out. Sounds like you are due for some "Lyn" time and since you have no wheels to run away maybe you should put headphones on with an audio book and take your nests to work on and lock yourself in the bathroom. Its a thought any way. Another one of the brain teasers went like this. You are standing st the end of a street. There is a red house on one side and a blue house on the other side so where is the white house? Carole hope you have a good visit with your company but wish it was under happier circumstances. I hope the roads are ok and you all make it safely to the funeral and back. Two more squares to go on the Project Linus afghan. Then I have all the ends to work in and a border to do. I just left all the ends because I sometimes find it therapeutic to have so many to work in. I dont have to stop and think like I do when trying to decide what color square to do next. Its cloudy windy and cold today. Temp drops all day. Might get down to 14 ° by Sat morning. Snow this evening. Poor little daffodils. Wishing everyone a great day!
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    It is that time of the year for allergies, I am just feeling sorry for myself. Good Morning everyone. I do hope I am not complaining to much. Some days it just gets to me. Today we are off to PT again, the last for the week, tomorrow is the hair dresser. Yes, the PT is helping. Yesterday I went all day without any pain till the afternoon, but then I had been standing for a while putting together a walker. Today we feel good. Let's see how we feel after the torture chamber Sandra, sounds like what ever you had is going to make the rounds. It is beautiful today, but kind of cool. Well off to PT have fun today.
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    42 days for Carol. Sandra good for you. Arlene glad to hear you are feeling better. Katy the chicken story was indeed another matter. It went something like this. Farmer so and so had 10 roosters that laid 12 eggs in two weeks. How many roosters does he need to lay 80 eggs in a month. I told the guy I wanted to see the roosters that laid those eggs. I think he messed that one up. It probably was supposed to say the farmer had 10 chickens and then you were supposed to catch the rooster part on the second part of the story. Well we are sad. Blackie hasnt been by in over 2 weeks now after being pretty regular all winter. Cleo and Gray seem to be here a lot. Blackie was a sweet loving soul. Cleo looks cute and cuddly but is an ill tempered little spitfire. Gray has decided we are okay. He used to stay hidden but now he comes if the little witch doesnt smack him.
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    Well . . . it's a sunshiney day today! We've been to town (had to buy snackies for us, catfood, and ant-n-bug killer since the ants are trying to take over from the rain we've been having!), and just sent hubby off to city hall to pay the utility bill (which went waaay down! yay! turned off the heat lamps and heater). He's on since he won a seat on the city council yesterday ~ So he'll have to spend some time chatting with "the boys". Not much going on here for today now, so will probably spend more quality time crocheting ~ I got my order of thread and yarn, and a new pair of Rosewood knitting needles, too ~ Figured if I bought these larger needles, I may actually get into learning to knit MORE, ya think? They sure are pretty, too! It's still kinda chilly outside. Hope you all have a great day, and get a whole bunch o' stuff done on this beeeautiful "hump day" . . . you know, the middle-of-the-week day?
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    Spring has definitely come to your home. Lovely table and all the decorations. Happy Easter!
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    good morning boo hiss,its a rainy day here,that means wheelchair plus umbrella,well we'll manage feeling like a slug for some reason,and moving at the same pace,have a great day
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    I got the squares mailed off this morning and ran a couple of errands. I spent the afternoon scratching dried superglue off fingers on both hands----dont ask how that happened. At least I didnt get them stuck together just very well coated. It has been another depressing cold cloudy drizzling day.
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    hi all ive been on my own all day and have gotten so much done not that anyone will see it but me but i know its done lol handy is on his ramp building job for a brunch buddy so will be working on that a few more days i turned off the tv to enjoy some quiet lol wow brenda great job you have re- inspired me lol nice squares mine will go out april first week i know the spring and summer slow down on their donations so that will be a good time to have some coming in i forgot now my count i think it was 45 or there bouts i am slowly finishing the reaming rows of my 4 inch squares too for a new box soon of 6 inchers and i have a few 8 inchers for it too Final count when the box is ready to go out lol so glad you are feeling better mary jo and will Check out that yarn place today!! im resting now as i cleaned the kitchen and counters and got to sit for a few minutes with my leg up its better but my ankle still bothers me a bit keeping the ankle brace on when i am up moving about but after today maybe the knee brace might go back in the closet for next time lol i cleaned up my list on netflix this am as most i checked hsve been watched so i put some new ones on just makes it easier to see what i want to watch next fist up is a documentary on a great elephant migration me and max might watch that latter lol he loves animal shows The Hateful 8 was a good one with Kurt Russell and Bruce Dern in it watch it if you can!! reminded me of Sierra Madre a bit different plot but good show I took out chicken breasts so will have that and maybe for me a bowl of broccoli thats dinner lol handy might make a baked potato with it but im passing on that lol ok well see ya all for now enjoy you day!!
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    Mary Jo love Harry. Lyn hope you hear back on the car. Glad to hear from KatieBug, ImmaFreek and Tribble. Carol sounds like you are having a good break. Carole another damp gloomy day. I need a little sun to lift my spirits. Katy I forced myself to do these but my heart really wasnt in it. 50 six inches ready to mail to Pam for PRR.
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    here be the perfect dish cloths i got from cshort!! thank you Carol I love them!!
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    Not a donation but I did try the pattern Darski suggested Crochet Eggster Bunny
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    Lyn Carole I am with you on the new appliances. It was a good thing the guy delivering my washer ran it a bit before leaving or I would have thought it was broken. Push button sit sit sit pop whir sit sit sit whir sit sit sit water in sit sit sit agitate sit water in agitate sit pop and so forth. Mine has a special setting for sheets. Good thing cause towels can come out in knots. I washed one of dh's new shirts that had a pin stripe woven in and the machine wore fuzz balls on it. Now I tie up a lot of things in pillow cases before washing. And the first time I pulled clothes out of it I thought glad I am not any shorter or I might fall in. I have wanted a new stove for years but Lyn after hearing about yours I dont think I could operate it. I always need help figuring out my sisters oven. Growing up and many years after that all our appliances were Kenmore.
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    Isn't it nice when someone appreciates what you make. Since Easter is sneaking up on us, I can show the Ruffled chicks I made. I can't remember (getting old) who sent me the pattern, but I do remember them telling me it was free. Here are the two I made for Ami Ville.
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    KatyAllen ~ I sure hope your leg gets better, girl! It ain't no fun taking a fall! Just keep taking care of it and keep it Ben-gayed ~ (it's my new cologne, don'tcha know?)