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    Just a collection of tops for our girls The PDF is here: you'retheTops.pdf
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    Lea's Birthday Gift. She was born today!!! I am in love... Savannah Grace.... 8lbs 13 oz...21 inches long
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    Hi peeps! Been a while since I posted but I have been lurking. Haven't been doing much crochet lately. But did get one gift done for DH for our upcoming anniversary. He has a demanding job which allows me to work part time. So I started calling him my "scrubbing bubble" because he works hard so I don't have to!
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    Yarn puzzle ....on a roll!
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    Here is the octopus for 2 weeks old Lena, my friend's first child
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    Katy hot here too---real feel 103°. Your red white and blue cake sounds really good. This morning we hauled 5 more loads from the woodpile to the washes. While I loaded he sawed up big pieces. While he hauled and unloaded the trailor I had to go in and cool off. This afternoon while I worked in the house he weedeated around the pond and used the lawn sweeper to pick up grass clippings to put down between the grow beds. I have been inside for 4 hours now and still feel like I am hot. Severe storms have been forming overhead and moving to the west. Sandra bet you are glad its all behind you now. Was this wedding bigger than the one from a couple of months ago? Carol hope the plumbing issues are resolved soon. Glad you have a useable bathroom. Today I remember back when we called it Decoration Day and it was on May 31. School was out by then and my folks would take and leave us with my grandma on her farm for the summer. We would spend the day going to cemeteries leaving flowers either real or plastic. I hope everyone had a good weekend and to all our Military/Veterans (and their families) Thank you for your service.
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    well carole, bgs, and trib stress seems to be a part of our lives for the long run im afraid we must find a way to either ease it or lose it forever my daughter is going to yoga as she gets so stressed at work and that will help i think she gets an eye twitch now and then but nuerologist sees nothing wrong so she is attributing it to stress so, now the yogo ol hope it helps i think it will for stress, i crochet or color or, read and or my most used deterrent is clean or sort something, and just stay busy!! lol and those are all free!! yes bgs i read about the lost box pam had stollen sheesh bet they were certainly surprised to find nothing but yarn squares!! heres hoping it still turns up!! or at the least i hope whomever has it makes something out of the squares i dont remember hoe many squares were there do you? sis in hospital again this time for her intestinal probs haven't heard anything today but shes looking at a surgery for that problem in her very near future so keep up the good thoughts for her thanks all for now i guess did two loads of laundry one load and then one self imposed a second as i pulled all the whites we had in our drawers including drawers lol and did a clorox load too i try to do that every once in while as i dont usually have enough whites for a bleach load so just throw them in with the reg stuff sometimes but i like to brighten them up now and then you know sso that is all done and put away now handy wont even know lol but i know!! lol does anyone out there have a "my pillow" pillow (s) if so how do you rate in on a scale of one to 10 qnd why im in the market for some new ones but honestly dont see how those would work for me i dunno and question #2, being if any of you use a color safe type of bleach what do you use?? thank you now later
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    Thank you Cindy! Well I waited til Feb to get started on turning my little scrap balls into stockings. Then I got out the red green and white and before I knew it this is what happened.
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    Slowly starting to get some doll clothes put away for the Christmas donation 18" Doll Bathing Suit
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    My old placemats were faded and starting to unravel. They were dark blue, light blue and white. I went to make new ones, but no Light or dark blue. So I went looking for something I would like. Ended up with celery, Christmas Green and white. I was worried, but they turned out good and have brightened up the table. I did discover I have a lot of variegated cotton. Have to start looking for patterns for those, as I refuse to buy more. Here are the placemats. I made 3.
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    My NE FGM sent me more blankets for my doll donation. Thank you so much. The blankets are beautiful.
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    Up at 6 this morning and finally able to sit and check out the Ville. I finally got pictures of my new placemats. I went green this time, as it was really the only color I had that was solid. I refuse to buy me, till I work on getting my stash down. Well, all except white. You can always use white. You can see a close up here.
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    Finally got another lapghan done for Warmth for Warriors. It is now packaged with the one I made months ago waiting for a trip to the PO. And I have the next batch of ministockings (72) ready to go too.
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    Thank you to an amazing FL FGM for sending me dolls and clothes for them for my Christmas toy donation. She is such an amazing artist. Her hand written note was a recipe card for chicken soup.
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    Good morning, late morning but still morning. I was up early but was busy with bills and laundry and grandkids. I finished a bag I was sewing for my grandson since they will be going home tomorrow. We don't really have any plans for today. I think July and August need to be catch up and try to get ahead on squares for me, sorry to everyone that I haven't sent squares to yet this year. Mary Jo, those little dolls are too cute. Brenda, the scrubbies and coasters are super cute. Katy, I'm not sure what we can do either, I don't want to lose our little group. Ok I need to go deal with children. Have a great day everyone.
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    10:20 two days in a row checking in at the same time.,woke in the wee hrs for a potty break,4 am was just a bit early,yrs ago I did this time every morning when he worked at a carpet warehouse. its very warm,need to make a library 2 city run,stop and get some Turkey Hill chocolate peanut butter ice cream its 2/4 at Food Lion,I have a dollar off coupon so it will be 2/3.yay cheap ice cream.its usually 3.59 for one was thinking of all different name changes,but without the head team to change it,it would be next to impossible,so they will just rattle around in my mind for awhile. forgot to mention,our yard could have been called bunnyville the other day,momma rabbit and one of her wee ones,so cute have a super fantastic day ( Trolls movie speak )
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    Katy I dont know. On the one hand I am a little afraid if we make major changes we will lose touch with our little group. I always liked the birthday list because it motivated me to keep crocheting. I have crocheted off and on during my life. There were a lot of years not crocheting. This is the longest I have ever stayed with it and it is because of this group. If I dont crochet anything else when someone's birthday rolled around I was motivated to start again. I am just so sad that its so quiet here anymore
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    I have one cup that never empties till about noon. Then I make a small pot after dinner to go with my dessert. Waiting for a delivery of white crochet cotton. Yeah, I ran out of white. As Tampa Guy says, all that cotton and no white? Got some new babies yesterday, so I now have to get ready to dress them. I could not resist the bottom 3. They are adorable.
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    18 Inch Doll Ballet Dancer Finally got a project finished for the doll donation. Darski as we discussed I am using one of yours as a model and she is beautiful. Thank you so much. As for the Springfield line much to my dismay I discovered last fall they were discontinuing what we'd call the traditional Springfield dolls. I found out later than I'd liked but I picked up a bunch of dolls on clearance for the donation. I was very sad about this as they are one of the more reasonably priced 18" dolls. They were a great first doll for little ones who may or may not become interested in moving on to the more expensive dolls. I found them great donation doll as I was often able to get them on sale, use my reward certificate or on rare occasions use coupons to bring down the cost. They were also well sized for fitting the other lines of dolls. I made clothing for my niece's American Girl and Next Generation dolls over the years and had good luck getting them to fit after sizing them on my Springfield doll.. The dolls are different sizes but close enough that you can make it work. That made them good for people who didn't want to buy the more expensive dolls to try on the clothes they were making to gift to a child who did own the more expensive dolls. I suspect when my Springfield supply is done I will move on to Next Generation as they are local and I don't have to pay shipping. Springfield was supposed to come out with another upgraded more expensive doll line, but from the state of their website that doesn't look like its going to happen. I suspect some of their vendors thought so too. I know AC Moore where I've bought my Springfield dolls had replaced the Springfield doll with another line Penelope and Friends that starts at the $30 range. The reviews on that line are mixed. The doll doesn't have a cloth body and is thinner. There have been complaints the limbs break easier, which concerns me as my old Springfield doll has been highly abused over the years as I've dragged clothes that fit and didn't fit on and off it without damage other than to the hair, which was always a draw back to the line. I went to Mary Maxim US and it does appear they are selling an upgraded version as you said that looks like a cross between Springfield and Next Generation. It's hard to tell via a picture but the hair certainly looks like an upgrade from the Springfield dolls which was the one thing I didn't like about the dolls. It sounds like something Mary Maxim would do. They had a soft bodied baby doll I bought for several years as it was a great doll and one of the few soft bodied baby dolls on the market at that point. When they discontinued it several years ago, they still have the plastic one, I bought out several years worth of donations which allowed me to find the model I'm using now.
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    How many skeins of Mandala yarn did you use? And what color? This is absolutely gorgeous!!!
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    A big thank you to my NE FGM for these cuties.
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    Katy huge box with these little guys arrived today. Thank you!
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    Graduation afghan is wonderful! The crazy colors are perfect! I've just finished the big octopus today - well, not so big, just for a newborn baby, but bigger than my key-ring octopi I wonder if it's an Octopi Year for me? I make other projects, but I've made many many many octopi.... Kids have fun
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    Oh, dear! Well, I’ll make a note to do the scores next week. I’m still working on my granny square tree skirt, so I doubt I’ll be using up a skein this week, as I’m using multiple colors.
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    Graduation Afghan I finished this a while back but finally got a picture taken. Before you ask, yes this is the crazy color scheme requested. I made a similar one for another niece and she wanted one like it. In other good news I FINALLY finished an 18" doll outfit. I don't want to jinx it but I started another one. Starting with some of my easier patterns, but I'm hoping to get my crocheting rhythm back.
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    Mary Jo glad the sun finally broke through for you. Lyn surely it will make an appearance your way soon. Showers and storms have been rolling thru here this morning. Looks like the sky is starting to clear up a bit so the sun can make an appearance to work on brewing up the next round. The garden (grass and weeds) are loving it. I have some (no lots) of the prettiest poison ivy you have ever seen. Mary Jo figuring out what pattern to use often takes me as long or longer than actually working it. It seems like the more elegant looking doll clothes are thread or sport weight except for bed doll dresses. Katy thank you! I will be on the lookout. No big plans on my birthday. If its not raining we should probably mow that day. I will have some birthday deals to use that month and a few weeks ago I purchased a discounted gift card to a special steak house but we will wait to use it during the week at lunch time and not on my birthday. Birthdays have never been a terribly big deal one way or the other. As a young kid a lot of mine were spent on the farm with just my grandma and two sisters. Grandma would make me a strawberry shortcake and I would get a few birthday cards and was excited that some of them had $1 in them. You always think about how hard it is when birthdays fall at Christmas but I always felt mine was just as bad. You started with Mothers day, dad's bd on May 23, graduations, Memorial weekend, my bd June 3, sis #1 bd June 12, weddings (then anniversaries), vacations and Fathers day. As teens and adults my sister's and my birthdays were lumped together for a family dinner. I did get a lapghan started yesterday but didnt get very far. Hope everyone is having a good day.
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    Yeah, seems like there should be an extra point category for resisting. LOL
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    Mary Jo and Linda what kind of rain are you getting-----gentle constant rain, unending intermittant showers, torential rain with wind, hail, and lightening or a mix of all? We had another pop up storm last night not bad here but hail, wind and lightening in the city. When the sun breaks through its a steam bath which then sets us up for another round of storms. This morning I worked some on the old woodpile. It had been there so long there is good composted soil at the bottom so I am sifting through it separating soil from chunky stuff putting the chunky stuff in a flower bed and the soil in my raised beds. Well its Warrior Wednesday over on the W4W Ravelry group so its time to make a mini stocking or work on a lapghan. We started it last Wed with the hope that it might help keep us motivated.
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    I finally finished something. It feels like forever since I finished a project. I've just not had great luck with crochet lately. My niece is graduating from an Aggie high school with a Vet Tech certificate going on to college for Pre-Vet school. So I found a Barbie Vet doll and crocheted the Barbie graduation gown and made up some of the honors stuff. Barbie Graduation
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    I kept telling myself that I needed a sweater to finish that stacked hearts blankie and hat so I finally did it. the sweater just seemed to call for a dress as well it's nice to tidy up some todo list items
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    Here are some early Christmas gifts I have been working on lately. I got all these towels after Christmas last year and add toppers to them. More details and the free pattern links found here.
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    Yes the wedding was much bigger than other daughters. The reason I planned so much on the same weekend was cause that's when family could come in that live 500 miles away. So they couldn't make it to both unless we did the same weekend. It was a lot of work I kid you not but worth it to see family..
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    Thanks to all those (and their families) who have served and sacrificed to keep our country safe!!!
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    9:20 I enjoyed them,Mary Jo I was reading the on line paper Bklyner,they are having a parade in BayRidge wait for it,the deputy grand marshall is named Thomas Trombone tell me he didn't get teased as a kid. went out yesterday and sort of lost track of time,got back to the car and the clock says 7:05 pm,I was shocked but loving the longer daylight hours,since I don't drive at night,so in winter I'm in the house by 5 pm need to plant the last pot,I was so happy I found the polka dot plants like what I had last yr,this yr they have a red variety,last year and previous they were pink or white. have a wonder day,cshort not much longer till school is out
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    Good Morning. We were suppose to see the sun this morning, but the rain decided to come in early. Couple of funny stories about gators. This one couple got up, got their coffee and went to sit outside and enjoy the sunny day and the pool. They sat, looked into the pool and saw a 300 lb. gator swimming in their pool. They said the dog woke them up at 4A.M. barking, told him to be quite and went back to sleep. So what a way to wake up. The next was a picture of a small gator who walked right up to the front door of the police station. Someone got a picture and said he was coming to apply to be a police dog. Sorry, I know I have a strange sense of humor, but I found both of these funny. I am safe, I have a fence around the pool along with the screen house, so I don't have to worry about a gator in my pool. Not much going on. Enjoy the rain and I will be sitting down soon to do some knitting. Have a fun day.
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    have a great weekend all and thanks to all past or present for your servcies to the red white and blue
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    its once again memorial day weekend please take a minute and give thanks to all those that fight for our freedoms listen to this it says it all All Gave Some, Some Gave All some stood true for the red, white and blue, and some had to fall and if you ever think of me think of all your liberties,and recall some gave all .
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    yes bgs i agree as she has been suffering quite a while wit it i lookd it up and it is quite life threatening especially with it leak-through a fissure into other body parts and it could choke off the blood supply if left alone and unattended for long i hope this feels her better she just got the respirator taken off this am and cant talk strongly yet but i will wait till she calls me i feel as though i have accomplished a lot in the past few days just keeping busy of course the yarn balls were busy work i guess but got a lot done besides that and it sounds like you did too bgs lol i did notice too that some of the weights in rhss are just really thicker for some reason like that darn paddy green and now i noticed cherry red as well those two are kinda harder to work with and dont measure up to size as nicely either almost have to use a g or 7 hook to get them close to 6 inches fissy fussy arent i lol its very hot and humid here and will be for the next few days i guess broken up by some more rain tonight perhaps we were running a deficit in moisture now i think we normed out lol i cut up an old flannel gown i just got too hot in and made the nicest softest dusting cloths too i used the long sleeves whole as they fit over my ceiling fan blades nicely and catch any dust too like a skinny pillow case lol just one swipe per blade and top and bottom are done and toss the cloth in the washer with your towels lol just my own little discovery lol so i dusted all the stuff inn the bedroom and craft room too all tv screens i could find !! they do tv screens and mirrors and comp screens lol all for now taking a break and kicking back for a bit have a nice day everyone
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    i had it worked off pretty good as this small basket was overflowing lol till i added more that is 32 squares though so far!!
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    Scores for the week ending 5/19/18: Gold Medal Winner: darski +4 Silver Medal Winner: tie at +2: Inkked0317 & greyhoundgrandma Holding steady at 0: PBLKNP pineknott TexasPurl No negatives this week!
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    You sound like me on spending money on craft stuff and not shoes, purses, liquor, etc. Crocheting usually helps calm my nerves. The afghan is a join as you do the last round similiar to this https://undergroundcrafter.com/blog/2015/11/17/crochet-tipstuesday-how-to-connect-granny-squares-with-join-as-you-go/ but I find it lays better if I drop the loop off the hook and pull the loop up thru the spaces then slip stitch instead of single crochet. I have lots of yarn and lots of colors that I need to use and dont want to start something and not have enough to finish. I go for spells and try really hard not to buy yarn but then I see a new color out. My sister is spoiled and has towel holders in almost every solid color of RHSS. This winter after we had bad weather for several weekends in a row and couldnt get to the good sale at JoAnns when I finally got to stop I filled my cart up with yarn. I didnt need it. Just wanted it and told dh as much. Instead of encouraging me to put it back he said its something you use and enjoy so get it. It was on sale (but not as good as the sale I missed) and with dh with me they gave me a military discount on top of the sale. I felt so guilty by the time I got to the register but resistance was futile. To make matters worse they were low on big bags and it took the clerk forever to force my yarn into these very long skinny bags. You couldnt put them in the cart and had to raise your arm to hold and carry them to not drag the ground. Now I easily resist and do not order online but put me in a store where I can see and touch the stuff coupled with the word sale is really hard.
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    Here is my May table dedicated to My Mom and all Mothers. The table cloth was made by my Mom years ago and I do cherish it. I have a tea pot cozy, as she loved tea and we had a chair that she sat on all the time when she was relaxing. Of course the middle doll is a Mom with a new baby. Then we have the angels that our Mom's turn into, and proves they are always looking over us. Finally the flower babies for Spring and what our Mom's get at Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to everyone.
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    Hello everyone, The day started out with rain and thunder and lighting but is sunny out now. I went to church, got wet leaving there even with an umbrella. Stopped at the grocery store where my sandal broke and I walked out of the store barefoot, luckily I was at the check out counter when it happened. On the way to the store my daughter called and asked if we could change our mini vacation dates because her husband's nephew's first communion is the Saturday that we would be gone. So I had to call to change the reservation which was a process because I booked thru booking.com but it went smoothly and let me change the dates, the reservation is non-refundable and the small print said the date couldn't be changed but there were rooms available so the hotel agreed to the change. Then I had to make calls to find a sub because our on-site sub is not available on the new days. Tomorrow I have to check with the teacher who covers before care when I'm not there, hopefully he is available. Sorry for the rambling, I was feeling a litttle stressed. I spent Friday night and yesterday sewing outfits for my granddaughter for the vacation I just need to do some handwork like buttons which I plan to sit on the sofa and do this afternoon. I hope you are all having a great day.
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    Mary Jo - did you buy the pattern for the placemats? Pretty!!!
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    those are fabulous,like the flicker candle one
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    Here you go... http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=106856