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    I finally got a photo of the 3 pumpkins I made and am sending to my DD in northern California. They were fun to make and when she was here two weeks ago, she claimed them as hers. I can't seem to get organized, but, I'm on the right path to doing just that.
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    Here is a link for the hat: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cool-beans-hat Here is the link for the scarf: https://thecrochetcrowd.com/crochet-bean-stitch-tutorial/
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    Don't think I checked in last week. Movers were here Tues so big stuff and several boxes are at new place. We are still sleeping at old place--dh on a cot and me in my chair which is where I sleep the most anyway. Still a lot to go thru at old place but it's starting to empty out. Church this morning. Then a guy came out to pick up some bee equipment. I gave his wife my molds, wax and melt and pour soap. She seemed tickled and the said the kids would have fun. After they left we took a load to the new place and from there swung by sis's church for chili, back by new place and now back to old place.
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    Hi ladies. Coming to you from the beautiful Smoky Mountains. It is gorgeous weather, sunny and in the mid 70s. Yesterday was lovely here in the valley but apparently there were high winds in the mountains that caused road closures due to downed trees, electrical outages and a campground evacuation. Things seem back to normal today. We were in the park but we didn’t notice anything going on. We heard it later on the news
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    Hi everyone! I got to that point in the CAL where you finally finish skeins!!!! I'm doing 4 of the Rozeta CAL simultaneously, so this week's score is great lol. Between the 4 blankets, I finished off 8 skeins!! WTD: +16 YTD: +13 I'm back in the YTD positives!!!! I'm going to be working on a bunch of angels that I've been commissioned to make this week as well as the next section of the CAL. Here are the pictures of my 4, completed through part 3. Part 4 is coming out on Wednesday. I'm calling them Jewels, Pastels, Unicorn, and Halloween. All being made with 100% stash yarn!
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    My daughter (14) was thumbing thru a 1998 Magic Crochet magazine and found this tablecloth she begged me to transform it into a shawl.... Took me a little more than 3 months and 5 balls of size 10 thread and anitique button...finally got it done though 🤪
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    Very pretty. They just dress up the jars perfectly.
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    I finished a greyhound sweater for DS's smaller than usual hound and rolled two skeins into balls....+2 = +4.
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    Mary Jo your table and tree look beautiful as always.
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    Here is my latest round ripple blanket crocheted using Aggie May's 12-point pattern. I always love round ripples and this is mostly scrap yarns and a few skeins of vintage yarn I got from a local Veterans Outreach. They are giving me yarn and I am crocheting them blankets and lapghans. Such a wonderful deal for us all. Finished size is 47 inches wide.
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    I made this last night for my GD. She wanted more, but, I had to beg off and get back to Christmas gift making. It's about 4 inches high and wide including the stem. Actually, it looks more sad than grumpy to me- LOL. I couldn't quite get the mouth right. The last of the Halloween and Fall crochet.
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    I love the Bernat Blanket Yarn. It’s a chenille, and makes a very cozy blanket.
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    Oh hey Magic, we are at it again posting at the same time!
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    Looks like I’m going to be in the negatives again! My order from Annie’s Attic just came in. I joined the Striped Crochet monthly club. I got my first shipment for the first three stripes of the Seaside Sampler Afghan. I’m looking forward to the challenge.
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    I did some this week. I finished a teddy bear, started another teddy bear and made parts for another turtle. I used a skein, a ball and rolled a skein down (+ 4) . I got ball of yellow from a friend for turkey pins (- 1) . I need to assemble the turtles, make at least 12 turkey pins and 1 or 2 hats this weekend. Maybe I'll have more points by Sat. night. WTD: + 3 YTD: + 100 Ellie 13
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    I almost finished a skein Sunday and used two balls yesterday...+3.
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    Holey moley, I haven't used AOL in decades. Are you using a really old computer and operating system, that may be the problem. Minimum computer requirements for Chrome is given here https://smallbusiness.chron.com/google-chrome-software-requirements-48820.html This is the link for installing Chrome, which I accessed thru AOL.com https://www.google.com/chrome/
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    Krys, I do have Chrome and the comment on that page was below--there's no pattern, the poster said the same thing as you did above. Unfortunately I could not find information about this dwarf.I found on the internet.you can do it by looking at the pictures. Strange you can't load Chrome. I used to use Windows browsers at home and work (pre Win 10 and Edge, so Windows Explorer), but at work they required the use Chrome at work (I was told it was more secure), so I switched at home as well.
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    Oh, dear. I was afraid my crazy yarn splurge was going to put me over the edge...it’s all worth it, though! I’ll make a note to do the totals next week! 😎
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    Scores for the week ending 11/2/19: Gold Medal Winner: TexasPurl +8 Silver Medal Winner: pineknott +6 Bronze Medal Winner: howieann +4 New yarn to play with: Inkked0317 -6 greyhoundgrandma -8 Shoot the Moon Winner: PBLKNP -16
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    Welcome to the 'ville! Something in round 28 makes sense but sounds odd (but I think it may just be a translation quirk). "(in each dc from the row below) make 3 dc tog + 2 ch in the next 5 sts." I think it should have omitted 'in each dc from the row below', because you can't dc3 tog in 1 stitch, and what it's describing covers 5 stitches (3 dc tog, chain 2). What I sometimes do is draw a little stitch diagram when something sounds odd, which is a pain when you have say 300 stitches but not a big deal with 40. You have 40 stitches to work with, draw 40 dashes -------- etc., representing stitches from the row below. Then over those, writing right to left (same direction you are crocheting in, assuming you are right handed), write out what it says, putting a stitch symbol into each - where it says to make a stitch. I do use symbol diagrammed patterns, but when I'm sketching something simple for a sanity check for myself I just use dots for chains and | for DCs and x for SC, which covers the most common stitches (and sort of mimics the 'right' symbol). For a DC3tog I sketch something like /|\ , spread over 3 stitches at the bottom.
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    I confess I went to the New England Fiber Festival today up in West Springfield, MA...I got 8 skeins of lovely yarn! Incidentally, if anyone is in the area, it’s going to be continuing tomorrow 9 am - 3 pm! Stashbuster Total: WTD -16 YTD +9
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    Lovely! I have to get busy, that was in my Rav favs too, but my SIL loaned me 2 doily books so it will have to wait...
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    I just came across this Keyhole type scarf pattern this morning by "Made-With a Twist" and thought it looked quick enough to make. I'm thinking of a few Christmas gifts from this pattern for family members that live in snow country.
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    78 this morning when I got up at 7. Sun is shinning and not much going on. Our friend is coming over today to do some handyman work. Yeah Lea, sometimes DH is iffy here also. Somedays you just need a day of vegging out.
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    Sometimes dh does not spark joy (reference to Konmari method of organization and getting rid of things----hold the object and if it does not spark joy get rid of it).
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    Super cute, great job!
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    Jessie, all four of your color schemes are great looking! Congrats on getting back into the positives for the year! Just when I think I'm getting close, I order some more yarn. LOL 5 skein this time that will hopefully be in next week. We're headed to Little Rock today and I should have lots of crochet time while waiting on DH's procedures and tests. I hope that will include finishing some skeins. Hope everyone has a good week!
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    YTD scores for the end of October: Gold Medal Winner: pineknott +160 Silver Medal Winner: Ellie 13 + 97 Bronze Medal Winner: owlvamp +70 PBLKNP +25 Inkked0317 +13 greyhoundgrandma -33 October's Shoot the Moon Winner: TexasPurl -619
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    WTD scores for the week ending 10/26/19: Gold Medal Winner: owlvamp +16 Silver Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +16 Bronze Medal Winner: tie--pineknott & Ellie 13 +5 TexasPurl 0 greyhoundgrandma 0 PBLKNP 0 No Shoot the Moon Winner this week!
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    It makes cute dishcloths!
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    Hello from Mississippi!
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    Mary Jo, I'm SO envious of your neat storage!!! I have yarn stashed in every little nook and cranny in my house!!!! I could probably start a yarn store!!!
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    Hello, everyone! Cindy, I love the vehicles and trees on your stockings! Glad you're feeling better and you've found your mojo, too. Marisa, I did. Hope the weekend included some relaxation/fun along with the classes. Brenda, thinking about you. I hope all the work is about done and it's settling in time. We'll have our regular Tuesday on the road followed by the grands in the evening. I hope to get an early start Wednesday and take my jeep in for a front end alignment, tire rotation and a leak fixed in one tire. Then Thursday is pick up spaghetti for supper and have the grands that evening. Friday we start getting everything ready to go to Little Rock on Sunday. Saturday is our town's Harvest Festival. Hope to enjoy some of it in between house/trip chores. DH has tests Monday and Tuesday, then dr's apt Wednesday, get home late afternoon. So a busy week and a half. Hope we can avoid out of town company that weekend. I've got to get busy and sew the eyes on GS's Halloween bag and three pumpkins are waiting to be put together. I've decided to skip Halloween this year. It's just grown all out of proportion. We're a town of less that 400 but we had over 200 trick or treaters last year. Maybe I would feel differently if it was all little ones. It's time to recheck my list of projects to finish before Christmas. I know I need to make and sew the cars on Max's blanket. Almost finished with a blanket for older son and DIL. Just got a pattern for a greyhound sweater for them, too. I want to make a snowman basket and stocking that I have the yarn for. Huumm, what else? Hope you all have a good week!
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    Reminder: this is the last full week of the month, so please post both your WTD and YTD scores on Saturday. Where has October gone? Yikes, I can't believe how close Christmas is! I've got to stop procrastinating and get the eyes sewed on a Halloween bag. I've kind of lost my mojo the last few days.
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    Lea I am so sorry for you and your family.
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    Hi ladies. Finally feeling better. Of course, once I felt better I decided to craft. I guess the cleaning and laundry will wait for me. For a while, I’ve been thinking that we need new a Christmas stockings, something neutral and all co-ordinating so that it will look like once in my life I had a plan!:). I like the looks of burlap stockings so I put a trip to the fabric store on my to do list. A couple of days ago, I stopped by the nearby thrift store. They had a couple of yards of what they said was wool tweed, although it looks like burlap. (It does feel like wool, but I can’t imagine anyone sewing clothes out of it!). It was only $2 so I bought it. Then for my next brainstorm, I decided it would be a good idea to embroider names, using the monogram attachment that came with one of my vintage sewing machines. The attachment works well, but I discovered that I lack the patience to arrange all those letters in a straight line and keep them centered. I will do the first letter by machine and hand embroider the rest. That will take a lot less time, plus it will be portable. I have two out of 13 started. I would at least like to get the ones for the grandkids done this year I have also pulled out several yarn WIPs, a knit scarf, a crocheted hat and an afghan. At least I have my craft mojo back!
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    Pammy is VERY cute! Krys
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    OMG, she is adorable !!!
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    is that ever cute or what,love it
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    Good morning!....Well, Afternoon now! lol Judy - gorgeous ghan! I love the colors Mary - I am currently working on a Stained Glass Window Afghan. My goal this year was to only finish WIP's...with the exception of things like baby gifts. I finished 1 or 2 others (plus a baby ghan) and have been working on this one for a while. It's all sc, which I think is why it's been sitting. When I looked on Ravelry...I bought the yarn for this in 2010! Yikes! My yarn night got cancelled the other since one of the girls had a migraine So, we just decided to reschedule until we're all available. And...that's about it. It should be a low key weekend! Super excited about that
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    Welcome to the 'ville! I can give you a 'recipe' for this, luckily this is a pretty classic pattern style. Nowadays ripples seem to be commonly done in DC, probably because they 'go quicker'. Vintage patterns that I've seen seem to have mostly been in SC (I am using US terms). The 'recipe': if you look at it, a repeat is a hilltop, hillside down, valley, hillside up. Each hillside is the same number of stitches whichever direction it's slanting. (often 8, but not always) Each hilltop adds the same number of stitches (often 2) as the valley bottom decreases by. Example, putting 3 stitches in the center stitch of the hilltop increases by 2, and stitching 3 together also decreases by 2 (the increase uses 1 to make 3, so 2 added; stitching 3 together makes 1 stitch top remaining, so using 3 but ending with 1.) A variation would be to put a 'V' stitch in the hilltop's center stitch (stitch, chain, stitch), which leaves a little gap, which it looks like your grandmother might have done. Or could also be done in the valley, instead of stitching 3 together, over the bottom 3 stitches stitch the first and third stitch, leaving the center bottom valley stitch unworked, to leave a hole. Vintage patterns done in SC were often done in the back loop of the stitch, which makes the ridge - this might be the part that you overlooked trying to duplicate the look of your grandmother's blanket. My first ripple (way pre-internet) was from an old pattern, done this way. I will try to find a free vintage SC ripple pattern, will be back.
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    I am so thrilled to be in the bag lady club! It couldn't have come at a better time. In December I ordered a hook case. I don't sew, but I imagined what I wanted. Last month I had to re-order it from someone different. Deb, Threads Of Fancy, made the case, after letting me pick the material, and got in the mail super quick. Then Jonas dumped 30+ inches of snow and it got delayed. The day I got it, Mary Jo (Tampa Doll) let me know I was getting this month's tote! BOTH are purple and green!! The case is designed like a book cover. It holds 20 hooks, has 2 zipper pockets for notions and a scissors slot for easy access. The pockets double as cover/holder for the hooks when it's closed. The scissors slot is on the other side of one of the pockets. If anyone wants one, just click on Deb's link above and let her know. She had fun making it. I love it!!! Actually, I love both the tote and the case!!! All of my new goodies Tote and Hook Case together Closed Open Hook Slots Scissor Slot Left side Right side
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    Alicia-Ann-18" doll AliciaAnn.pdf The inspiration for this outfit was the pink top that is actually the dress pattern called Alicia Doll™ in the Mary Maxim catalogue. So I can’t provide that pattern but I have made another top that will take the place of it. Because I started with Alicia I decided to call my new dear one Alicia Ann to account for the changes I made. The progression from catalogue to headband… It began with the Alicia Doll kit that I purchased from MM I decided to stop with a top rather than making a dress. My gauge was way too lose and I didn’t need to make the dress . I added a pair of jeans that I had hanging around. A dear friend requested that I make her some white Capri’s to go with the pink top… here we are White Capri pants. Join all rounds Legs: make 2 and break off yarn after both legs. With WW white yarn and 5 mm hook, ch 18 Row 1: dc in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across. Join in top of turning ch. (16 dc) Row 2: dc evenly around. Row 3: 2 dc in first st, dc around Row 4: dc to last st, 2dc in last. Row 5: 2 dc in first st, dc around Row 6: dc to last st, 2dc in last. Row 7: 2 dc in first st, dc around T Row 1: Align the two legs with the flaps to the outside and join with 6 sc, ch 1. Begin working in dc around the leg sections, Put the first dc in the same stitch as the sc join. Go to the back to Mark out your increase stitches. Put markers in the stitches that are 5 from the Centre Back join on each side. Dc to your first marker… work [2dc, 1dc,2dc, 1dc, 2dc] in the five stitches, work (dc, tr, dc) into the CB join, work [ ] again then continue in dc to beginning of row being sure to put stitch in sc-joined stitch on this side, join. Row T2-T5: work evenly in dc. Row T6: work a row of sc around an elastic waistband. Join. Break off and tidy all ends. The Capri’s are cute but they needed a top since I can not give the purchased pattern and so we have a totally wow white top White top…Please note… I got all messed up on this top so I am going to tell you what I should have done. Ch 38 Row 1: dc in 4th ch from hook, hdc in 3, 2dc in next 2ch, dc in 4, 2dc in next 2ch, dc in 10, 2dc in next 2ch,, dc in 4, 2dc in next 2ch, dc in 5. (44dc) Row 2: sc in 7, ch 1, sc in 8, ch1, sc in 14, ch1, sc in 8, ch 1, sc in 7. (44 sc, 4 ch 1sp) Row 3: dc in 7, 3dc in ch 1 sp, dc in 8. 3dc in ch 1 sp, dc in 14, 3dc in ch 1 sp, dc in 8, 3dc in ch 1 sp dc in 7. (56 dc) Row 4: sc in 8, 2sc in next, sc in 10, 2sc in next, sc in 16, 2sc in next, sc in 10, 2sc in next, sc in 8. (60 sc) Row 5: dc in 10, sk 10, dc in 20, sk 10, dc in 10.(40 dc) Row 6: *Dc in 3, 3dc in next* to end. (however it works out) Row 7: *dc in 3, 3 dc in centre dc of 3dc group* Work this row so that you have dc in plain dc and the group in group. Row 8: dc in dc to 3dc group, work 4 dc group in centre dc of 3dc group. Row 9: dc in ea dc up to 4 dc group, [work 2 dc in 2nd dc of group, ch 1, 2 dc in next dc of 4 dc group (shell made)] dc in ea plain dc, Repeat to end. Row 10: *dc in ea dc up to shell, 5 dc in ch 1 sp of shell* rep to end. Do not break off Edges and neck trim: Work sc edging along left side edge, work sc ch 5 all along neck edge, work sc along right side edge working in button loops (5 tight sc) if you wish . finish at lower right back edge. Break off and tidy all ends. I have 34 ch 5 loops along the neck edge. Just letting you know and as long as you are close – good to go. Contrasting trim: att CC at left neck edge w/ sc, Row 1: ch 1, sc in 1st ch 5 loop, *ch1, sk 2 ch 5 loops, sc in next* rep to last loop and fudge if you must, ch1, sc in rt neck edge. Row 2:* sc in ch 1 sp, ch 3* to end, sc in last sc. Row 3: *sc in sc, ch 4, sc in next sc* rep to end. Ties: cut 2 strands of yarn abt. 40 inches long. Attach one to each back edge so it can be threaded through row 5. Try to get two even 20”ends when you tie in the yarn. Weave the strands through row five from each edge to centre front. Tie into a pretty bow and clip ends evenly. This means that you will be ‘wasting’ a goodly bit of yarn but it is easier to work with plenty so I consider it worth it. I keep a stash of yarn strands for marking so they are good for me Well then I had this little bit of yarn left that I had to finish for the stash busting points so the shorts were made... Shorts… Legs… make 2 do not break off after 2nd leg 5mm hook and WW yarn in CC Row 1- 2: ch 22 and join. Work 2 rows of dc evenly. T Row 1: Align the two legs and join with 6 sc, ch 1. Begin working in dc around the leg sections, Put the first dc in the same stitch as the sc join. Go to the Back to Mark out your increase stitches. Put markers in the stitches that are 5 from the Centre Back join on each side. Dc to your first marker… work [2dc, 1dc,2dc, 1dc, 2dc] in the five stitches, work (dc, tr, dc) into the CB join, work [ ] again then continue in dc to beginning of row being sure to put stitch in sc-joined stitch on this side, join. Row T2-T6: work evenly in dc. Row T7: work a row of sc around an elastic waistband. Join. Break off and tidy all ends. The bad news was that the little bit of yarn was not finished yet so … make a headband. Still not done… add to some white and make a pom pom for the headband The head band. With CC and 5mm hook… ch 4 Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in ea ch to end. (3sc) Work sc ribbing (sc in back loops only) Gradually increase stitches to 5 then gradually return to 3 sc. Join to fist row. Break off and tidy all ends. Make a pom pom or other decoration as suits your style. Copyright: Darlene Cutler - 2009 I do not have a problem with people/groups using my patterns to make a little extra money by physically making them and selling the items they make. However, I do not permit the selling of my patterns for money. I have once given permission for a booklet to be made of them for a charitable sale and I may do so again *if I am asked* and if it is for a church, charity or school type group. But first you have to ask. Furthermore, If you choose to use my patterns as a money maker, I do not permit my images to be used for any advertizing of your work. You must make your own item and photograph that. These images are as much a part of my Web image as a designer as the patterns are and I reserve that use to myself alone.
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