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    I found this pattern on Ravelry and I love it. It was easy to make and worked up very fast. This one is made in yarn, I hope to make one in thread. It is about 5 to 6 inches tall. The pattern is free just type in Groot and you will find it.
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    Its been a humid day and no air movement. More rain supposed to move in later. Its been a day full of one little chore after another. Glad to finally get to sit in my chair. Oh neat one of my favorite movies is just coming on---John Wayne in El Dorado. Working on a lapghan for W4W.
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    Happy Friday! And it's a long weekend! MaryJo, Groot is adorable. It was a rather quiet day at work since half of my class was absent, there are a lot of family events and graduations taking place this weekend. I'm spending the evening in my sewing room. And the weekend will be spent with my kids and grandkids. Have a great evening.
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    Good Morning everyone. Just stopping in. I swear I am a glutton for punishment. After getting a full nights sleep the other night, last night I was up till midnight. Watching a hockey game. Of course the team I wanted to win lost. No more staying up late. Here is Groot I finished him and he is 5-6 inches tall. You can find the free pattern on Ravelry. Just type in Groot and Wa La. Hope everyone is doing well today. Off to check the calendar for Birthdays, Have a great day.
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    OMG! He looks just like Tigger. You did a FANTASTIC job on him. He's cute, huggable, and everyone is going to want one. WTG, grandma!
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    Hi House. Judy ~ The yarn colors sound so soft and sweet. A lot of DD's friends have used the softer colors in their nurseries over the last few years. Your weather almost sounds good to me...it's in the 90's and very windy here. Yuk! Marlene ~ Thinking of you and hope you're feeling okay. I worked in the yard early this a.m. before it got to hot. One more flat of annuals planted and mulched! I have a few more herbs to plant and then it's just keeping up with the watering so they don't die. Lol Have a wonderful afternoon/evening everyone! ♥♥♥
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    Finally got some rain yesterday. I lost the whole day, so not sure even what day it is. Had the sinuses headache show up yesterday, due to the thunderstorms and humidity. Took a couple of pills and that was all she wrote. I slept most of the afternoon and then all night. Feel human today. Good Morning everyone. I has taken me a while to catch up, but I think I am. Just wanted to stop in and say Hi.
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    Judianne, I love the afghan. It does look soft. I got nothing done yesterday, infact, I am not even sure what day it is. Had an awful sinus headache yesterday and took some medicine and slept most of the day and all night. I am in better shape today and hope to get back to my crocheting. I got most of the new tote done and hope to finish that up today. Have a great day.
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    LOL Redrosesdz, I know you are 3 time zones ahead of me, often I see your posts from way after my bedtime and I often wonder if you ever sleep! That 'join 9 sc' is just really odd and unclear. The only things that made sense to me is 'join so you will be working into 9 sc in the next round' or possibly 'join (gather) the 9 sc together', which made less sense unless the legs are just chains after that point...hmm, then the 3 unworked stitches might just look sort of like toes in that case, but it's still odd...
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    Cindy ~ You are welcome. And Gracie always looks so cute...even when she's flying through the house chasing Zoe or actually catching a squirrel. Lol Judy ~ Oh wow! It turned out absolutely perfect! Love the border. Just a thought...I wonder if "Our House" has a room large enough for all the wips in time out.
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    Hi peeps! The colors are softer looking in person and it will drape better when I wash it, but here is the baby gift I made at a friend's request. The original border I made was simple and white. I did not like it at all, so I cut it off. Yup, CUT, not frogged! I love the ruffle look on this one. A friend in the Our House CAL suggested the color sequence - and Cindy was right on!
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    Here's the blanket! The colors are softer in person and the blanket will relax even more when I wash it...I LOVE the way the border turned out! Again, thanks for the suggestion on the color sequence, Cindy!
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    I have some very exciting news to share with everyone. I will be opening studio space in Huntsville, AL with a friend of mine, Roo Kline. We will be moving in on June 1. Our grand opening celebration is scheduled for Saturday, June 17, at 2:00 PM. I'd love it if some of our forum members could join us! SPARKLE Studio will be a working / teaching studio, featuring me of Crochetville and Roo of Moonwood Farm. We will be focusing on fiber arts and mixed media, including crochet, weaving, spinning, knitting, dyeing, fiber prep, and more. Our goal is to help everyone find that spark of creativity hiding inside them and bring it fully to life. All of the inventory we have available to purchase at shows will now be available at SPARKLE Studio. We eventually hope to have an online store for some of our items as well. Website: http://thatsparklestudio.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/thatsparkslestudio Location: Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment 2211 Seminole Drive, Studio 103 Huntsville, AL 35805 Hours: W-TH: 12-6 pm Fri: 12-8 pm Sat: 10-6 pm Sun-TU: CLOSED