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    I finally took the pictures of my Nativity. Some of the figures were parts of the Advent calendar for my kids. My first task for 2018: animals! I need sheep and an ox - I have one but it is bigger then Joseph I posted more pictures here https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/159969-nativity/
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    Gifts for my 10yo niece's birthday next month!
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    I finished my son's hat and scarf. They were both so much fun. Now, on to my dad's hat.
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    Ratdog love the magnets. Gardeber the fingerless gloves are pretty. I am with bgs, I make one look great and for some reason the second one never looks right, especially with baby booties. Well I have the graph ghan done except for the edging. I am, as of now, putting 2 rows of dc of each color. After that is done, I will see if it is big enough. Here is the picture of what is done.
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    All of these were taken to PCH (Phoenix Children's Hospital) to the cancer floor as today Jeremy has scans again. My daughter took the picture and posted to Facebook she says these mean so much to the kids there undergoing treatments. A new friend to cuddle and hold and keep them company. I'm now waiting for his scan results. My FGM in Florida helped out so much. She made the beautiful mermaid, The little doll with the mop cap right next to her and the doll on the far left with the pink mop cap, Bugs Bunny and Sylvester. She is so very generous with her time and talent and I know the kids are going to love her creations. Thank you so much FGM. (We all know who you are as you're so well known for your love and generosity. )
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    And we have face! The colors are washed out because of the light, but the rest will go fast.
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    I made this small mat with the remaining skein of the RHSS Stripes from the unicorn I made for my niece. I figure she can use it with her dolls. But wow! I may need to go against my no yarn buying pledge except to finish WIPs and make a full size blanket. This just makes me smile.
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    I finished dd’s afghan. This is a project that I started back in 2009, when I first started to crochet. I quickly got bored with it and mostly ignored it. A few months ago, I decided that I needed to finish some long standing WIPs. This is one of them. I apologize for the poor picture. (I’m not a photographer!). It’s in the washer at the moment, hope it comes out ok. I figured that a project that old definitely needs a trip through the washer! the color in the picture isn’t quite true to life, this looks a bit yellow, and it’s really a creamy white. ( Its the color clothing manufacturers used to call winter white, if you are old enough to remember what that is!)
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    I've marked the first thing off my list. Lion Brand's Easy Peasy hat and scarf in Lion Brand Tweed Stripes, color Prism.
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    Tonight is my night for pictures I guess...I just finished the Bavarian rainbow baby blanket for my friend at church...it's all done in Vanna's Choice and I used (from the center) fisherman, lemon, raspberry, pink grapefruit, shocking rose, dusty purple, eggplant, sky blue, and pistashio. Less than a full skein of each. I repeated the colors in reverse order for the border. I'll be giving it to her the next time I see her at church!
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    Merry Christmas everyone!! I love all the beautiful gifts on the thread!! Well done! It's never quite what we think it will be but it's always lovely. I made a cute baby blanket for my new nephew..pic to come later. I forgot to take a picture!! my big project of the year has been in my Grandma's memory. My dad and his 10 siblings miss her quite a lot. She's been gone 1.5 years but I thought I would send them something to know I was thinking about them. We found some beautiful larger Christmas cards to send these in and I hope they will be loved. It took me a while to make all these and they are all different, except one pattern I did twice because I liked it so well. Her favorite color was blue.
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    Hello! We're so glad you've decided to join Crochetville. We're always thrilled to meet new crocheters and share in the fun of our craft with each of you. After posting your introduction to the board in a new thread (please do, we'd love to say hello!) be sure to check out the Rules Forum and the FAQs and Tips Forum before you post in the other areas. You'll find all kinds of good information in those forums, including guidelines for acceptable image size, copyright law information, and tips for how to post photos in a thread. Trust us, you may not want to post a picture now, but you will soon! We also try to give important updates in the Board Announcements Forum, so be sure to drop in there every so often to keep up with the current Board News. If you've got questions on how to use the board that aren't answered in those sections, please post a question in Board Help and someone will be along to help you quicker than quick. We're very glad you joined us, so stick around and show us what you're working on today!
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    Here is the last doll, for now for AZ. This is Chris and she is a total Tom Boy. I finished her yesterday and today I am going to work on a dress for a doll for Bailey4's charity. One of several dresses this doll will have.
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    Yesterday we went to my sister's for a bit and did a couple more odd jobs for my niece at my dads house. Guess one of these days I need to start calling it my niece's house. It was snowing this morning so we did not try going to church. We didnt get much and since its upper 20's heading toward 34 the main roads are clear. Its supposed to snow a little more tonight and the temps are going to drop near 0 for a couple of days. We splurged this Christmas and bought all the seasons of the 5 Star Trek shows and started through them last night. I made a hat for my niece on my Knifty Knitter loom. Got the Christmas light hotpad made for her. And she wanted some of the magic hotpads in this color. This article was shared on a Ravelry group this morning about living conditions ar PRR. It sure makes me grateful that I can sit in a warm house, watch tv and crochet. https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5a54ddd0e4b003133ecca7bb
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    Finished the first of 3 make up pouches.
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    I have a neighbor who is a big baseball fan and his team is the Tampa Bay Rays. He was a big help during and after the hurricane. I wanted to give him a little thank you. The colors are Navy and Royal blue with white and a yellow star. I got the graph on Free Graphs on FB. The edging is 6 rows of dc. 2 rows of each color, except the yellow.
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    Finished 2 bag holders to go with the kitchen sets.
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    Here is the second doll I have made. She is called Belle the Ballerina. I could not figure out how to make the bun, so I did this style of hair.
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    The GS ghan I;m making will look almost identical to this one. Will be making a more girly border for the recipient. It's lapghan size. Took the pic standing on a chair.
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    I have been watching that Nor'easter, as they are calling it down here, very closely. I have family from VA to South NJ. I remember watching those storms to see how early I had to leave for work. Working for the Phone Company, they use to come and get us. Be careful and hope it move further east. Welcome MadreBug. It is so nice to see new people. I do have to get my act together, to get some belated squares out and get ready for the new year.
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    we have some updates aelene aka snowbear would/ is changing up from 6 inch to 8 inch squares now and a new member has been added or will be here in a minute lol she too wants 8 inch any colors i think so check out the first post before you mail anything thanks and welcome MadreBug!!! our first new member this year!!
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    First gift finished, a pair of fingerless gloves for oldest dd’s Birthday at the end of the month. I designed them myself, and I must confess that I had quite a time making a second one to match the first. However, I did finally figure out what I did, and have written the pattern down it will appear on my blog after DD gets them. The pattern is a bit hard to see in this dark purple yarn, but it’s a shell stitch design.
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    Terri yes I would like for us to have some sort of wish list. This year I had wished at the very least we could have had a Christmas/ Holiday card sign up. I never pressed the wish list issue for two reasons-----first out of respect for you. I know you have had a very tough year and secondly because that section has been messed up since the forum upgrade in May. I hope you can figure out an easy work around. And everyone please participate even if all you request is a card in the mail. I cant tell you how happy it makes me to get postcards, cards, and letters in the mail.
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    Super Cute Doll Mary Jo..... I had caught the Flu the wed before Xmas so I am just getting around to posting my last bit of Xmas Stuff that I made man this Flu stuff was a royal pain here in Phoenix Lots of people are very sick (my parents & me)... For My Mom I made Lots of various size Hot Pads (10) & Wash clothes (10-12) using scrap cotton..Here is a small sample nothing major...
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    Forgot to add the graph ghan I am working on. This is in progress.
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    Well Dec birthday girls I spent Christmas eve making your squares. Now to get those ends worked in ( got some done tonight) and then packaged to mail. I have gotten so spoiled making squares to mail to the lady that assembles squares into afghans for PRR. She wants us to not work in the ends so she can do it herself. I think our Christmas gathering at my sister's house went pretty well. All the nieces and nephews made it this year. There are no more little ones---- my great nephew is in middle school. Food was good and as usual I ate too much. My bil smoked brisket. We might get another little snow along towards morning. I saw a MINUS 5 degrees actual temp in the forecast around New Years. I hope they are wrong.
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    Just popping on to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas. Love you all and wish the best for you in the coming new Year. BGS Thank you so much for the card and angel. She is beautiful. It is currently snowing out Enough it has covered the ground so far. kids will all be here about noon for dinner tomorrow. Here are the lovies i made the grands
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    we have since opened a new thread as our posts were getting so long to load please join us and welcome to you all . this list is getting shorter and i hope we get more members to join in our cal!! Come make some friends and squares and have some fun!! welcome to our members and any new members or want to be members you have come to the right place. It is pretty simple really, we like to make granny squares. We found the best way to do it was to open up a thread on whom might want or need granny squares to maybe help complete an afghan for themselves or charity or anyone they chose. Every one could use some help as sometimes collecting enough squares seems a daunting for any one single person. If you would like to join us and make or receive some squares here is the info I will need from you to get you on our list. We have some angels l members that only send out squares at this time And a lot of us do both send out and receive some that is up to you Again you do not have to send out to receive squares. Here is an example of the info you will need to send to me through a pm please do not post your personal info on the thread as that is just asking for spam. Info as follows.if you were on the list but are no longer please just let me know and send me your info and ill get you back on ok Example: Anne Ghan ( your name first and last ) screen name annghan44 1234 Square Plaza. (Your address) Friendship Springs Ne. Zip code here. Email address and Birthday month is optional but strongly suggested size color and preferences for squares you like or need as we will pm or message you to ask for your addy if we have some squares to send to you its as easy as that Most of us use RHSS or a comparable 4 ply acrylic yarn. So if you would prefer 6 inch ( or 8 or 12) squares In shades of greens for instance it could read as such. . "I am looking for 8inch squares in shades of greens or blues. variegated yarn is ok if in those shades,and solids or mixed of those colors is fine thank you please pm me or email for my current address and thank you . Please check this post regularly for updates and changes. until i can get info on an update i would advise that you contact the party for current wants and or needs thank uou !! . You do not have to send in order to receive it is up to you if you would like to send out some as well to our members We have lots of talented and generous people on this thread and w like to chat so if you are looking for some squares or some new friends or some place to make or send grannys to or even New Square Friends then please join us. You might end up with a truly one of a kind Ghan that soon becomes one of your favorites not to mention some new friends you might make !! we need some new members to "square" for!! Many of our months are empty leaving us all holding the hook so to speak!! please join us and keep us busy !!! some of our members are listed below by their birthday month January birthdays Tampadoll. although not collecting squares at this time she does send and she gives so much to us all please send her a pretty card to thank her as she says she just loves cards! Howieann. she is collecting any six inch squares in Christmassy colors no updates recvd yet . . Tribble.she. is collecting six inch squares in any color. MissyKrause awaitining preferences Feb Birthdays Snowbear she would like 8 inch any colors in pastels please March birthdays Picsiescrocheter . Rene would like 8 inch squares and likes blues and purples Immafreak. she is collecting any size any yarn any color any pattern squares katyallen8090. not collecting at this time but sends out Grannyannie. At last contact is accepting any color not sure about the size squares no updated info MadreBug our first new member this year she would like 6 inch squares with personality!! April Crochetfan#1. she is not collecting at this time no updates May Birthdays Owlvamp. please contact her for current colors and or sizes needed vary thanks Miniwifeof4boys .please message hher for current needs thanks Pineknott. 8 inch no orange or red no soft yarn (Caron ss) but caron pounders are ok update coming soon? June Birthdays Bgs. not collecting at this time but sends!! How bouta nice card ?..or. ?.. july aug Sept Oct birthdays cshort she is not collecting at ths time. but sends Nov birthdays Charis. she is collecting 6 inch any colors Dec birthday Katiebug Any size any color Kristy Taylor is now collecting Working on the blankets for all my kids birthdays. Starting with Shane. His bday is 4/22 I will update Katy on the squares I need. 168 paddy green 107 gold 50 coffee 10 white using a j hook , 4 rounds, approx. 5 1/4 inches This will be a green bay packers afghan. LOvin2crochet Christmas colors< red green white gold silver 6inch squares and she was born on Christmas day please pm for updated address if any of your info is wrong, or if you are not on the list but should be please message me and I will correct it. at .katyallen815@gma0il.com thanks!! New members will be added on the list as they sign up and send in their prefs in size and Colors and miniwifeof4bys awaiting info from lea Pine Ridge res. is always needing squares for the blankets they make and hand out to those that need them please pm me or check it out on Ravelry for much more info squares and much more are always welcome no square goes unused so Come be a square with us.
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    Well, I have Merry, Belle and now Chris. She is one of the triplets, that will be going to AZ and she is a total Tom Boy. She loves to run and play, climb trees and throw balls. Merry is the studious one, Belle is the ballerina and Chris likes to do what the boys do. Here she is by herself and with her sisters.
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    Second pouch done. I am pairing them with new make up brushes for my neices.
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    I have a FGM I want to thank. My FGM from MO made beautiful cross stitch pillow cases, they are so beautiful, I do not want to put them on the bed, but I will.
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    I recently made this 4 inch lamb for my grt-grand-daughter and she fell in love with it and named it Lam-Lam. It was easy and fun to make and so versatile. I attached a very large lobster claw on top of the head so she can hang it on her backpack. You can't see them, but I did sew 2 black opaque 8mm beads on for the eyes and they were perfect.
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    Finished two kitchen sets. I might add plastic bag holders.
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    Working on the blankets for all my kids birthdays. Starting with Shane. His bday is 4/22 I will update Katy on the squares I need. 168 paddy green 107 gold 50 coffee 10 white using a j hook , 4 rounds, approx. 5 1/4 inches * edit* red heart super saver yarn. This will be a green bay packers afghan. Still cold here. no snow is a plus. Mary Jo graph ghan is awesome. Katy prayers for your sister.
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    My yarn is out, organized, ends ready to pull, and key card made. Hopefully I'll be able to make the gauge swatch this afternoon.
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    Here are my fingerless gloves and the baby booties. Also another one of those felt birds, a rose breasted grosbeak. Those little birds are getting addictive!
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    Welcome Madre Bug. We are happy to have you with us. Yes, I hate when they write a pattern wrong, too. It is 14 degrees here at 6 AM. It suppose to get up to 30 today. Then back down to 14 tonight. And snow flurries. Here in East TN. Well everyone stay warm.
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    Hey all. So I have this crochet book. The big book of granny squares 365 crochet motifs. I did the first one and ended up with a hexagon instead of a square. figured out where the pattern was wrong and fixed it. now onto number 2. it is so poorly worded that is cannot figure it out. i think when she is talking about circle one that maybe it should be circle 2. my question.. Is there anyone i can send the pattern to so they can try to help me figure it out. Being that it is in a paid book i cant post it here
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    to the Granny Square group, MadreBug ~ so glad to have you here with us!
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    Gardener the boots are ADORABLE!!! The stockings are cute and such a great cause. The first doll carrier got finished yesterday. I'll get pictures when the blanket is finished. I got 10 more rows done on the 18" doll outfit and with the combined New Year's Eve and Day work the doll carrier blanket seems to be close to half done. When I finish the blanket I plan to work on a Valentine package I need to ship. I will continue to offset one project with an 18" project to try to save my hands.
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    Hi everyone!! I have made my starting list for 2018, did a new inventory of my current stash, pulled what I already had on hand, and used my Christmas gift money to buy the rest of the yarns I needed for these projects. I'm all set! My first project will be a Hogwarts crest blanket that one of the ladies on a Facebook group I'm in created. Instead of the Gryfandor lion being all big and fierce, it looks like a child's stuffed toy..same with the animals for the other houses. I've been calling it the Baby Hogwarts pattern, but I'm not really sure what the official title is lol. I was planning on starting it on January 1st (because I really don't like carrying a WIP over from the previous year) and I thought everything was all set to go, because the program she used to make the graph also created a written stitch count. Unfortunately, I realized two days ago that the computer generated stitch count isn't accurate. So. Now I'm doing the stitch count manually. The pattern is 235 sc by 290 rows. I've got 60 rows counted. If I can do 60 rows a day, I'll still be ok to start actually working on the blanket on the 1st, so please keep your fingers crossed for me! This blanket will be a gift for my niece's first daughter, who is expected to be born in April. My hope is to have it completed for the baby shower in late February. Not sure if I'll hit that goal, as I can only work on graphs after the little ones go to bed at night, so it takes me longer to get completed. The other projects on my list (that I now have all the yarn I need for!) include...a Harry Potter graph-ghan for myself, a dreamcatcher with feathers for a friend, a Harry Potter ragdoll for the same little baby due in April (also hoping for the baby shower gift with this), and a rainbow baby gift for a friend at church. She and her husband have lost 4 babies in the past 3 years. I asked her if she'd be ok with me making her a rainbow baby gift so she has something to hold on to until they do actually have a baby and she was very appreciative of the thought, so I'll be making a Bavarian stitch blanket using cream to alternate with 10 different colors (to make a rainbow). Mixed in with these projects will be more stuffies for the littles at church (I have like 6 that I know of right now, hopefully will add more to the list soon) and stuff for donations to the local NICU and Operation Gratitude.
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    Mary Jo I actually got to watch the game Sun. We are usually out running around. It brought back memories of the Christmas game between the Chiefs and Dolphins in 1971. I dont really remember games ( shoot I cant remember what I had for breakfast) but I remember that game. We were at my grandma's house in southern MO for Christmas so we got to watch it on tv. It was blacked out back in KC. My 14 year old sis loved Len Dawson and watching the Chiefs. I think I actually have a photo of my favorite uncle watching the game with us. It was the last game at old stadium (before Arrowhead). It was warm and field was muddy. Shocking missed field goals by Ian Stenerud, game went into double overtime, Dolphin winning field goal by Garo Yepremium. Glad KC won but Miami had a lot of penalties that helped them out a lot. The Tampa Ray afghan for your neighbor sounds like a great idea. Dh and I were both hoping there was someone checking on you during the hurricane week. Belle is really cute. Well out of habit have you found yourself thinking I need to start a tote and then heave a sigh of relief remembering you retired. I wandered out to see if the mail had come yet, sweep the snow off the porch, top.off the bird feeder, put out a new block of suet and check to see if Cleo was around. Its another cloudy day and miserably cold out. I will check for Cleo a little later. If she is there she will get a can of wet food if not I will leave dry. Working on laundry and putting away Christmas presents. Sort of waiting to see if a friend calls or not. She doesnt keep in touch anymore except for sometimes calling when they get in this area. Katy I watched season 1 and 2 of Zoo on network tv. By season 3 I didnt want to continue watching it.
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    Good Morning, I wish my bladder would learn that no work means I can sleep in, I was awake at my usual 4:30 and had to get out of bed to use the bathroom. I went back to bed but couldn't fall asleep again. So here I am with my coffee and laptop. My oldest grandkids will be back later today to spend the rest of the week with me until then I think I might do some sewing. Yesterday was lots of fun with everyone here. I won't need to cook for a couple of days either because I have lots of leftovers and I made split pea soup with the ham bone. I need to take a look at our birthday list so I can get myself back in gear in 2018 and make birthday squares, I was really slacking in 2017. Guess thats about it for me. Have a great day everyone.
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    Merry Christmas to all,and Happy birthday Lovin2crochet
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    Lovin2crochet here are some that I've done its part of the kndness rock project,just something for someone to find randomy and perhaps give them a smile for the day,paint rocks,put them out,find others rocks,if you like them you can keep them,or re-hide,I've only kept two finds,my first one I found,was a rose,the other was a three sided Halloween one,it had a really well drawn silver spider.
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    Thanks Redrosesdz, and sorry BelgianCupcake for not being clear on the turning spots in the diagram - have fixed it above.
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    Lovin2crochet it is so good to see you back. This is one place you can always count on a shoulder or a hug. Immafreek when ever I need a pick me up or a smile, I look at the pictures of Jade. I love the afghan lovin2crochet. It is really pretty and I can see why it took 2 years. As soon as she gets her picture taken, I finished a new doll this morning. It will go into my charity box later. Right now she is sitting on the couch. Well, off to make breakfast and then off to my corner. Have a great day everyone.
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    oh thanks for those pics lacey!! jade has certainly grown up here on this thread lol they are all sleeping angels!! from tampa and bgs~~ thank you!! sorry about the bad pics camera batteries low