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    It is the dog days of August. As I sit here in my AC and listen to the cicada bugs, I know it is very hot and humid out there. Can you imagine wearing these cloths in August? Even the thought of it makes me hot. I love the movie Gone With the Wind. Several characters are my favorite. Starting with Mammy in her red petticoat, Prissy along with her "I don't know nothing about birthin no babies". Then the always sweat Melonie with her baeu Ashley. Let's not forget Scarlette and little Bonnie Blue. All these Southerners are fun, but lets put a couple Yankee's in. Namely Rhett and Belle. I have added a few Southern Bells in their fancy dresses, along with a couple in their riding outfits with their horses.
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    Here it is the end of July and it has been a while since I made a tote. I have been combing the Ville and finally found a reason to make one. Believe it or not, I had to get the pattern out to refresh my mind. I needed a project that would be easy to work on and I would not have to think too much to make while I waited for Tampa Guy to finish his stress test. It was a 2 day test, so perfect for the tote. I am adding 2 scrubby’s that are done in white with purple edging and yellow with white edging. They are made with Mary Maxim Scrubby yarn. The Peaches and cream colors are Freshly Pressed Ombre, Peacock (old PNC) and Purple. I did not name it as I could not think of one, so I just thought I would call it Tote #142. I hope to get it out tomorrow or Wednesday. Have fun and clues to come soon.
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    Oops!! Sorry I meant to add pictures lol...Here's the Something Magic CAL, part 3 completed and my huge pink giraffe!! Didn't get a pic of the arm warmers before I mailed them off today and I'll take a picture of the Mini Galaxy once I have it finished.
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    We also had the original Gimbel-Bond here in Vincennes, IN!!! And we always called Montgomery Ward's "Monkey" Wards, for some silly funny reason.!
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    I wanted to share this pic showing the up-sizing of my "Pink is for baby girls" pattern. it should just fit a newborn and it will make a great doll dress when baby grows up I am going to add a few rows to the blankie and then remake the dolly blankie
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    Mom sent me these knit outfits for the doll donation Knit doll donations
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    Legalwoman does that mean you are not liking the pattern or your heart just isnt in it? I have been have been struggling through projects too and if I didnt have so much yarn I would think about giving it up for awhile. In the past I have crocheted some and then quit for years. I have to credit these wonderful people here at Crochetville for keeping me at it for several years now. Right now I am working on ministockings for Warmth for Warriors. They make me happy. Lyn could you drop an inch of rain here as you send it to CA. We got 0.1 inch of rain this morning but really need more. Ministockings and lapghans for W4W. The colors are really brighter than what is showing up in the photos
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    It's me, it's me!! lol I am so excited and happy to have a bag by Mary Jo! It's beautiful. This last clue just about killed me lol I didn't want to get my hopes up when I read the clues, till this last one, it's hilarious and I did not know how to respond. Sorry you all had to wait for half the day to go by but my mail lady goes by between 2 and 5. I'm going to include a picture, I know you've seen it at Mary Jo's and now you'll see how it looks in Maine! The scrubbies are adorable too, I'm hoping to make some; I've never seen some like this. Thank you again! p.s. I live a bit further than 2 hrs from Stephen Kings house in Bangor ME.
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    Thank you Cindy! Well I waited til Feb to get started on turning my little scrap balls into stockings. Then I got out the red green and white and before I knew it this is what happened.
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    Carole we need a good shower here. Yesterday and today have been cloudy and once in awhile we get a sprinkle. Makes my head hurt when I ponder too long on todays problems trying to figure out where things went wrong. You are right in that anymore in general it seems as if people are self absorbed and no longer believe in the Golden Rule. I cant imagine growing up today with all the cyber stuff and now besides fire and tornado drills having to have active shooter drills. Like you mentioned I have seen problem kids come from families that I know were taught better. Many many years ago I was worried when I started noticing all the positive drug screens coming back on people in the hospital. I thought then this trend just cant be good. Funnymom that wasnt much bail. Dont blame you one bit for being worried. I find some of those online games very disturbing and cant help but think it cant be good spending hours constantly killing in them only for things to pop back up to be killed again. Collette.
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    I actually work directly with the lady who does the party for the foster children. She also has so many family she sees as so does the other case workers. So they tell me how many children will be at the Christmas party and I go from there. I also do for the homeless men and then the women's shelter. But I go directly to the main person just to make sure what I am doing it gets to the actual people. On the foster children she come to the house and we been doing thi for many years. I love it!!
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    I can't imagine wearing those dresses anytime of year! LOL So much work goes into your tables--I'm always so impressed. I LOVE the little crochetville bag!
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    Lyn glad you feel better. With all the rain you have been getting I bet the ground is so saturated that 3 inches fast had no where to go but Lake Katie. Just hope it doesnt get any closer to the house. We are in a bad drought here. Havent mowed since June 3. Lakes and ponds are low and everything is stressed from the heat and lack of rain. I sort of dread getting rain though because any more its most always too much too fast and or high winds and large hail. Katy did you see that one of the mods on For the Children of PRR passed away last Thurs? It was sweetharmonyfarms (Mona) the one with the alpacas in her ravatar. Well its pretty well come to a point where we are going to have to go through a check off list when we leave the house. Neither of us is doing very well at remembering to grab everything. Nooo we arent stressed.
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    Love the pot holders and the afghan. I can't seem to get moving either. I have 2 projects started. Wow Anna, 250? Good Luck and yeah you have lots of time. Glad you have help. I am sure they are going to be beautiful and what a great wedding favor.
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    Lyn and Carole hope you are feeling better. Mary Jo the hose on the flag pole, swimming pool and beach sounds like a lot of fun. We did get to sometimes play when the sprinkler was on and sometimes we had those green flat hoses with the white stripe that shot little streams out the length of the hose. I was a teen before I ever got in a swimming pool or beach at the lake. We had little wading pools and did get to go swimming in spring fed creeks in the Ozarks. ( I didnt know until I was a teen there was warm water to swim in) Lacey Jade is sure growing fast. Sorry about your ex and child support. Katy we had tether ball at the grade school. I sort of liked it. Last winter I made my niece a hat with a huge pom pom on top. I dont like making them because big ones use a lot of yarn plus it was hard getting it pulled tight. I told her I was concerned this pom pom might come apart in a washing machine especially the new washers. Went to visit my sis that had the hip replacement nearly 3 weeks ago. She seems to be doing ok.
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    Jade is just growing like a weed. So sorry to hear about your trouble, hope this straighten out soon. We had a very big flag pole in the front yard and it was next to the ally. Dad use to hook the hose up to it, when the flag wasn't on it, and set the hose to spray. We would run under it and our friends would come over. It sprayed into the alley, so all used it to cool off. We were the first to have a pool. Dad put a pool in the back and it was so big, we could step off the porch into the pool. We would also go to the shore and play in the sand and ocean. Play ground was the whole neighborhood. We lived in row homes (brick townhouses now), so we were all close. We could go to the grade school, (k-8) for the summer program. Play games and do crafts. Up very early this morning, up before the sun. I know I will crash later. Have fun today.
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    Just dropping in to say hi. Had my last pt for my foot today, glad that's done. It will never heal but now I know exercises to help make it feel better. Did some christmas shopping this week! I found some sequin pillows for my grand daughters and now I'm crocheting some mermaids to go with them. Hope everyone is having a great crocheting day!!
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    Katy glad you got the computer working. We just were never allowed to wander like a lot of kids got to back then. Eventually we were allowed to ride our bikes on the street but we were not to cross certain streets or the highway which kept us within a certain area and had to report back at assigned times. Mostly we had to play in the back yard. Summer was spent on my grandma's farm so for the most part we only saw other kids at church, vbs, and the store. I followed my dad a lot and started pushing lawnmowers probably when I was 6 and following behind the tiller when I was a little older.
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    The Red Heart Crochet Textured Throw - My variation. The border is number 50, with an extra round of sc, from the Around the Corner Border book.
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    Katy if dh doesnt hand me my card when he gets back in after pumping gas I have always asked for it-----until this time. I wasnt feeling well and both our minds dont seem to be very sharp anymore. I cant remember Grants but maybe they werent in this area. We had TG&Y, Woolworths, Woolco, and Venture. Kmarts are all gone here. We still have a Barnes and Nobles maybe two and a couple of Sutherlands. I remember Katz drug store. It became Skaggs then Osco. I remember one Ben Franklin store. Most all of the privately owned Hallmarks have closed but there are a few corporate owned ones around. The provately owned ones were more fun and did special activities. We used to spend a lot of time at Borders. I remember Payless Cashway lumber and Builders Square. We used to have A&P, Milgrams and Safeway grocery stores.
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    My Crochet Club always signs up for as many crafts shows as we can every year! We don't make enough to retire, but so far, we're managing to come out about even--that at least pays for our yarn that we use to make afghans for Veterans' hospitals, and prayer shawls for the local Hospice. We're satisfied with that! We sell anything that we happen to see that "speaks" to us--towel holders, tissue box covers, little toys, scrubbies, and on and on! Good luck with your crafts shows, as well! The main thing is--have fun!!
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    Finished another dress for the 18 inch dolls. Sun Dress
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    Katy everyone that can go has been leaving or is soon leaving. There are only 3 left including dh from 2 units in this dept (used to be more like 30). Another one is leaving end of Sept. They are rotating people through but by the time they go through training and are certified their detail is about over and they have to wait a year before they can come back. When dh accidentally pushed the retirement button on his computer a couple of years ago he was contacted immediately. This time it was over 2 weeks (supposed to be 5 to 7 days) and he had to file a special trouble ticket. The automatic email also gave him some bogus address that we overnighted his paperwork to. Thankfully since it had to be signed for the papers came back. Thankfully this morning I got in my wallet to get out my insurance card and noticed my credit card was missing. We used it yesterday morning for gas. He forgot to give it back to me and I was feeling so bad I forgot to ask for it back. It was in his shirt pocket in the closet.
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    Good Morning. Love the yarn. Yeah put me in the old department. I remember that color also, but I don't think that is what it was called. I have some yarn in my stash that are from, ready for this(?) WT Grant. Sun is up and shinning bright this morning. Not much in the rain department today. I am doing wash, I have to finish with the table and the tree. We have our friend coming over today to work in the yard. Well, off to make breakfast.
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    I think I have an addiction to crochet hooks, I seem to have alot of them! My new "thing" to do with them is putting polymer clay handles on them! These are some of what I've made, there's more that need pictures plus I am making some for gifts.
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    Darski the shawl looks really cuddly but boy those are huge tassels. I think I have enough to fill an envelope.
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    I finally got all the ends of the woodland afghan woven in this afternoon. And made two pot holders this morning while waiting on DH at his oral surgery which went well.
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    Katy love your hats and scarves. Making a cowl is on my to do list as I would just like to see how they work. I dont think I would like a bulky one and not sure how I would like pulling it on and off over my head. I have seen ones that will also pull up on your head. Do any of you wear cowls and if so what are you thoughts on them. I am not overly fond of hats and scarves either. I would rather have a coat with a hood. Mary Jo glad you found someone to pick up the tv. Like Katy said some of the thrift stores here quit accepting the old ones. Also last time I checked they had started charging to recycle them. Dh and I wound up breaking down an old console tv at my dads house and putting it in the trash. We would have made a shelf or tv stand out of the cabinet part if it had been good wood but it wasnt. You know I think our supposedly portable tv is heavier and nearly as big as that console tv was. It was sort of fun taking it apart and looking inside. The heat is moving back in. I worked outside some this morning and got pretty sweaty. If I get sweaty then its hotter than I like. Carole. Hope all is well in your corner of the state. Carol guess your break is almost over. Seemed like it just flew by.
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    It's always nice when you make something and it's a huge hit. Took 1st birthday gifts to a family birthday a couple of weekends ago and they were loved by child and parents. Down on the Farm
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    Darski another cute set! More ministockings and lapghans for W4W. The colors are really brighter than what the pictures show. Both lapghans are granny stripe.
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    Here are pics of the small comfort blanket I made for the 8 yo girl whose father died suddenly. He was an avid Jets fan. I heard that his daughter loves the Hunter green and white blanket. And yes, Sparkie is right there next to me...
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    I am working on a neat little set. I hate doing sleeves - don't know why. this is one of my 'interesting' colour combos
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    Thank you all. I am packing up the tote as we speak. It will go out tomorrow and I will start the fun then. I took mine to the Dr. and I had someone give me a compliment and asked if I was making another one. I told her mine was given to me and yes I was making another. I have missed making them. I have my eye on a couple more, but maybe not right away. I think I will stagger them this time.
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    Mary I hope your hot spell breaks soon. Looks like we are going to have another normal hot July day. Its very dry here. We have not mowed since June 3. Its going to really affect the farmers. They are struggling to get enough hay to get through the winter, corn is still green but plants are on tassling out on the short side, and soybeans are still green but not very tall at all. My dad liked doing woodwork so he bought a couple of dulcimer kits in Branson MO and put them together. He never played them. When he passed away stepmom was still in her nice phase and said we could have one. My sis had to decide which one of the 4 of us would get it. I really wanted it and thought dh would learn to play it. If one of the others got it it wouldnt have been played. Dh was working on learning to play on his own. Then last Dec we attended a dulcimer Christmas concert at one of the library branches and found out about the club. Dh went in Jan and and his playing greatly improved. Things sound so much better when your instrument is in tune. I had bought him an electronic tuner but they had to show him how to really use it. They also have a mentoring program for kids. Many there have told us my dad did a really good job on it.
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    Great works everyone! I'm on a summer camp with kids and everyone got their new friends- little octopus. Kids were in 7th heaven 😍
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    A few weeks ago we were at a stop light. The left turn light which was a couple of lanes over from us turned green and the van in the front sat there long enough someone behind it honked. The van backed up into the car that was behind it. When our light turned green I told dh we needed to get out of here before someone pulls out a gun. I mean you just dont even want to look and make eye contact with people anymore.
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    I need an opinion... I found this square and really liked it. as I worked it -from the start- I knew it would be wobbly. rather than working as a granny would where you put a cluster between cluster in this one you put the cluster (a V-st) in the V-st below. this mean you are gaining 4 extra bits on every round. this is in addition to the clusters that maintain your square. that is 4 extra on every round. You can see the effect of this when you look at the square folded in half on the diagonal. MY question is - should I finish this doll blankie or should I start over? I think I can get around this pattern challenge but I really hate to waste that gorgeous pink yarn.
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    oh so sorry carole thanks for setting me straight sorry piney for confusing you too lol she is such a cutie that little girl well bgs we didnt have a grandma with a cool farm lol so see everything balances somehow oh lacey so sorry but things will get better im sure i see some teeth on the little one lol when little, our house was the house everyone hung out at so we really had no shortage of friends i guess we had the biggest double drive which sufficed well for jump rope, with the big rope, or bike ricing in large circles, and a basketball hoop, and sometimes we played badminton in the side yard, or ran through the sprinkler or had water balloon fights for fun weather permitting and in the empty garage we had a ping pong table too we kept busy i guess lol we played on the front porch with trolls yes, and barbies too lol or sat on the back porch on a rug cracking walnuts with a hammer, lol and eating them more than not than we saved lol or or popping off red cap gun rolls for fun lol they never worked well in my brothers dumb guns anyway at one point, my brother had slot cars and or trains in a rec room downstairs but he never let us touch them lol and the neighbors knew we were supervised as well as mom didn't work then The thing with the walnuts also meant we had already picked the all up from the yard and put them in the other garage where they would dry out and always leaving the garage door open a smidge so the squirrels could still eat in the fall and winter we had five walnut trees on our propertty so sometimes those trees yielded bushels lol i remember taking some to a neighbor once in trade for some homemade with real bees and hives, honey umm it was so good i always thought we got the best of that deal lol and we never picked their peonies or lilacs cause we wanted the bees to have plenty lol He had plumbed our house when my dad built it and he and family were friends they were caddy- corner and down the hill and had apple trees too but the kids were all older like my older sis and brother so we never played with them well i think supper is hot beef sandwiches with some potatoes so ill leave ya now have great day lol a d keep cool and remember to smile its free and it makes a great gift to give someone
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    nothing going on here, handy had a couple of minor handymn calls today but mostly been a quiet day around here at least blistering hot out again though so glad to stay in the ac lol did some chores this am and this aft finished another hat so i think i have several both for sandras cause as wll as prr, but ill keep tryin to make some till mailing them in oct or nov
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    Good Morning Awhile ago I came across some from Zayre and Kmart another hot and steamy day,Katy I never got back to your question,mil has cancer on her ear,they gave her a cream to kill it,she didn't tolerate the freezing they did the last time have a good day
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    Carol I am so sorry about your Spunky. Hope you and dh are feeling better. Summertime colds are the pits. Katy yes dead head those geraniums. I have put one round of off white in squares for PRR so I could use it up. Yes good luck on the craft show. I like to go to them but never sold at one. I figure I wouldnt sell enough to cover the table let alone the yarn besides all the time sitting there with it. The heat is back and it really just makes me feel draggy. Sorry lhendrix hasnt made it back. We just cant afford to keep losing people this way. I hate tech issues. I think it could be something on her computer like a corrupted cookie. I sort of thought (hoped) the last upgrade eliminated the issue with the site blocking people. The envelope is now full.
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    This was the last item I made for the birthday party Mouse and Cookie
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    Just got an e-mail from lhendrix. She has not been able to log into the Ville, and she even tried to open a new account with no luck. I just contacted Donna. Any ideas on how maybe she can fix this? Or do we have to wait for Donna? We can't afford to lose more friends. Just walked out to get the trash can and I am worn out. It is o hot and humid.
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    Very cool. Glad you are Happy with both the tote and the scrubbies. I forgot how much fun getting the clues together and watching everyone trying to guess. Enjoy your tote and may it serve you well.
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    So perfect, Mary Jo!!! And it's like having an old friend come home again!! (AND...it is kind of like a sign that Crochetville may not be as close to death as we had feared!!) Thank you, Mary Jo!! Love ya!!!
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    Thank you Chris for the beautiful scrubbers and potholders/dishcloths for the American Legion Silent Auction. They are so pretty and cool.
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    Lyn sounds like our record heat has moved over to you. I have been wondering a lot about our Christmas Carole (Lovin2Crochet) too. Have you started back on rhe nests? I want to get one more big batch of ministockings done. I found one of the major items on my remember these items are lost list this morning-- my scissors I use for cutting wrapping paper and craft projects. They have probably been missing for 5 months. This morning I noticed them hanging out between the recliner platform and chair. Now I have repeatedly searched that chair ----between the cushion and chair and also flipping it over multiple times to check under and inside it. Dh thinks its crazy and the definition of insanity to keep searching the same places over and over for missing things but too many times that or somewhere close to there is where they turn up.