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    Hello everyone! Have always wanted to join a crochet specific forum and so here I am. I love to crochet amigurumi and have just recently learned Tunisian crochet, which I have become addicted to. Looking forward to chatting with you all about a topic that I am very passionate about: CROCHET ! Thanks for allowing me to join this group. Please bear with me while I learn the ropes of this forum and figure out how to navigate it. Here's a sample of my work ...
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    Judy enjoyed the picture. Cindy I hope your mil starts doing better. I dont know how social she was before this but I can see myself doing what she is doing as I have isolation tendencies. I was painfully shy as a child. Tues we had rain, flash freezing that night and then a touch of snow on top. Wed we had the first sunshine we had seen in 10 days. We are looking at a few bitterly cold days down to around 0. I have made and made and mailed off a couple of shawls. Both were made with Lion Brand Mandala yarn.
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    Carole on the sugar cookies try taking them out of the oven sooner. My dad liked soft chewy cookies so we had to pull them out while they still looked a little doughy but they go ahead and set up fine. In my experience with sugar cookies if you wait to pull them out when they look done they are over cooked. Dh likes hard crisp cookies so I leave them in til they look done. I am intrigued with the Scotchas. A lady I worked with once brought in a bread with pepperoni in it which was so good. Mary Jo from what I am hearing they achieved this year what they thought would take them until next year to do. They knew MaHomes had potential but had no idea he would develop so quickly. They had a special about him on the news. He has an eidetic memory. They had some film of him playing in high school and he was throwing those amazing passes back then. Now I am already concerned about at what point they will decide we cant afford to keep him. Katy we are a one tv house and dh isnt into football so we rarely watch it even the Super Bowl. Sun night after he goes to bed I catch Chiefs Rewind. He has become more interested because of Mary Jo telling us about the Chiefs coach and the teams she follows. He was checking the score on his phone during the Eagles last game because of Mary Jo. He has also been more interested this year because of the new qb. It didnt take long to see there was something special about him. We watched the first season of Dexter. Second season they moved it to cable. The only games I ever played was pacman and tetris and that was when I took my niece and nephew to Chuckee Cheese. We never had Nintendo or playstation. Bright sunny day. Hadnt had sun for 10 days. Woke up to a dusting of snow over a thin layer of ice. It was raining yesterday and then there was flash freezing when the temp dropped.
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    Got two more blankets edged for Project Linus.
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    Oh no lyn maybe it got up and went try bribing it back with some chocolate lol hi everyone snowbear wants to know how to down load a pic to a post now without knowing if they are on her puter in a picture file or still on a digital camera, im sure i was not too helpful i told her how I do it but that wasn't probably too helpful so i referred her to the help board anyone think they can explain to her please give it a shot lol i just use the chose file option find the pic after i have put it in comp. from my camera nd open that pic easy schmeasy right in fact the longest part is putting it on puter but that only takes a minute or so but you cam has to has that usp port cord to do it i think at least i do it with plugging in to cam and computer comp show me new pics i hit download all or pic the one and that i want done the the chose file option button open pics and open the pic you want and it loads to your post in seconds anyway thats how i do it lol sometimes i drag it there with mouse too either way its pretty easy here are 10 dishloth/wash cloths i have made so far i will probably do more to make an even dozen lol before mailing them off to women's shelter at pine ridge my hands are tired now though lol ok well see ya all soon dont forget your chocolate lyn lol
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    I finished it. It is not good, but I feel a big sense of accomplishment and my dd is eagerly awaiting it and says she doesn't care what it looks like she will love it no matter what. I named it ragamuffin. I put some weighted beads in it along with fiberfill.
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    Wanted to show off my pretty towels and birthday cake that Brenda sent me. I had a good chuckle with the card. The reason for not going back North is the weather. The cold kills my knees and hands.
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    here is a pic of the dish cloth/wash cloths i made in the past couple of days they measure about 8 by 8 and a half or so each i have more cotton to make a few more so will make a few more before sending so that is my job today i guess more stormy weather on the way but we are ok for a few days without having to go out in it might go east and north of us though we may just get the freezing drizzle and a dusting which is bad enough but puzzles me the schools closed this am early, like they are expecting a bad storm?? its getting rough for a lot of people out there with this shut down i hope it can and will be solved soon we are attempting to make a vegetable beef stew today! got a good recipe for it, so we will give it a shot bout all for now and legalwoman buck up more snow coming for us both darn it take care all
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    Hello again, I can't believe that it is time to set the new Boxing Day CAL into motion!! This CAL is here to encourage any kind of charity crocheting (or knitting or sewing or volunteering). The name Boxing Day was chosen years ago by another villager and I like it! There are many stories about how Boxing Day got its name (just google it and you will see), but they all come back to a day of giving. Although we donate all year round, we kick off every December the 26th for a new year of fun. We celebrate all kinds of charities here. You can tell us what you are working on and where it will be donated, or join the cause one of our seasoned charity veterans. Over the years we have seen blankets for hospitals, nursing homes, troops and animal shelters, preemie hats and blankets, toys, bird nests, stockings, and a wonderful doll and doll clothes donation program that you just have to read about. We triumph in even the small achievements, so stop in any time and show us what you are donating! PS, "Baby Pooh" is my now 13-year old cat. When he first came into my life, I learned how hard animal rescues work and knew that despite cat allergies, I wanted to help. My little Poohbear sent me down the path of volunteerism and I am now on the board of directors of a small, but growing animal shelter in the Metro Phoenix area. I also donate hats to the MANA House and other shelters in the Phoenix area. I never thought that Phoenix was place that needed hat donations until I got locked out of my car one cold January evening and had to wait outside for AAA to arrive. We all have a story about why we donate, we'd love to hear yours!
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    oops hi tribble happy late bday!!!
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    oh glad you survived the root canal carol, and glad you are not int the freezer Christmas carole lol piney sounds cold doing laundry just put in a load and go in quick to get warm taxes huh purl well have t it lol mary jo, you and carol will both lose in the temp contest lol bgs, funny how you kept that guys autographed pic this long huh sheesh 🤪 cold here again and looking out my window it looks like if not a full fledged blizzard, a white out anyway!! blowing and snowing and snowing and blowing lol up to 5 inches expected through tomorrow and burr lol i did a few dishes this am and have a load of towels in the dryer i did get my craft room vacced but that is as far i think as i went today lol did a few 6 inchers for prr and pam always have those to do lol i did them a diff way i have always used the solid granny pattern cause of less air spaces so this one instead of starting out with a granny circle to eventually become a square i chained about 8 or 9 chains and worked in rows till it was completely square, in sc and then started doing sc rounds with 3 in the corners and you know i like the look i will show you them soon i made a couple i think lol there you be lol sometimes i just need to change things up a bit lol what do you think of them?? they look big but they measure exactly 6 inches lol ok back to the white out and an old movie, see ya all later keep warm
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    well I mentioned yesterday he was shopping today,well that was a bust,forgetting yesterday they were closed but they are always closed on Monday,and they take the following Tuesday as their holiday,so now its shoved to Thursday still only 30 outside,waiting for a bit of a warm up,to do more laundry in a unheated garage,brrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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    Its so cute. I especially like the bed doll and the lots of love baby.
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    hi all gonna snow today its only about 11 outside overcast and windy ☃️ i finished up two of the dozen wash or dish cloths for the ladies shelter and they will go in the half box i have with remaining hats and scarves and go off in feb i have more cotton so i may do a few more im not sure lol glad all went well at your appt carol good luck with the root canal i guess avon collette takes the record among us here for the lowest temp lol but im closing in on that 1 degree quickly had some left over vegie beef soup/stew it warmed me up at lunch watched a couple good movies over the weekend but not remembering the names lol oh one was Gone in Days which was good and one not so great was uh well i dont know without looking it up lol ill do that later i like that origin series as it explains the origin of everything i think but it is lots of episodes to get through so i watch one every now and then lol yep hope arlene figures it out soon i hope she found help on the board help page 🤪 well day was not wasted i found my bin of wash and dishcloths and restocked and removed the worn out ones and replaced them with the new ones i had lol didn't do dish towels though as they are in pretty good shape still so that is done ha ha we had a turkey dressing and potato and gravy supper yesterday and will eat the remaining of that meal tonight i am fond of turkey and it does not hurt my sugar levels at all but i do go easy on the taters and dressing lol well everyone try to stay in and warm ok and i will talk to you all later thanks for the comments on the wash cloths see ya soon!!
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    Good Monday morning, everyone. Mona ~ Keeping fingers crossed that the pathology results come back better than last time. Congratulations on being so close to the finish line on the blanket! Hi Debbie! Stay safe and warm. So many are having extreme cold right now - I feel fortunate that we're in the 40's this a.m. Cindy ~ I hope you were able to go out to dinner Sat. night. How is your MIL doing in her new 'home'? I saw the preemie hats you made and they're very sweet. Brenda ~ 100 thread ornaments! Way to go! I haven't worked with thread in years and really admire those of you who do. Judy ~ Have you warmed up yet? Your temps/wind chills are incredible! I love Lucy's trellis pattern and can't wait to see your afghans. DD, SIL and the boys came over yesterday and we had a wonderful day. I made sliders, pasta salad, tater tots and a fruit tray. Talk about picnic food in January! Lol The boys requested the menu except for the pasta salad. (I always put a ton of veggies in it and that could have something to do with it.) Luke taught me how to play Fortnite Monopoly...I definitely need more lessons. We're in for the day and I have a big pot of soup going. Crochet time later!
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    Always a pleasure to look at. Cheers us up for a dreary January
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    Good Morning Everyone. I've been up for a while started the laundry. A friend stopped by with her 2 girls so I could help measure them for flower girl dresses she needs to order. Now I think I'm going to do some sewing/mending and continue the laundry. Hope you all have a great day.
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    This tends to be a thread I read more than I post in but your post was one I just had to respond to because what you said is just so important. If being close to family and seeing them frequently is important it is vital you plan it that way because you clearly realize it is so much easier for your family to make you a regular part of their lives when you are close. My Mom finally moved closer to one of her more responsible sons and when she is ready for the next stage it will be some place close to him. It took me a long time to talk her around to the idea that it was hard for her family always to come to her when she lived so far away from all of us. She and my Dad had retired down south to be near a son that moved almost as soon as they got down there and once my Dad passed it was tough on her. My in-laws retired to FL and I fully understand why. It's been a great choice for them. The challenge has been that they can't understand why we aren't going down there on a regular basis. DH has combined sick/vacation time and the days the company closes for holidays come out of his vacation time too. The company closes for every federal holiday so even when you might not take a day off, his company closes and there goes another vacation day. It's a great job and he loves it so I'm not complaining,, it's just a reality that vacation isn't one of the better benefits. So depending how the year goes we don't always have significant vacation time to go some place for a week. The last time we went down there we only managed 4 days and they were rather disappointed but that's all we had. Thankfully, she has a sister in the area and they spend a ton of time together. It's important to both of them to have that family support. That being said for our local family we don't need vacation time to spend time with them. We are pretty active with those in the local area of all ages because we can see them on the weekends and evenings. When someone needs something it's easy to get a little flexibility from work when you don't have to be gone several days to help. Lots of prayers that you and DH find a wonderful place that meets your needs and is close to family. I also congratulate you on realizing how much this decision does impact the family dynamic. It really does make a huge difference when you can visit family and not need a vacation plan to achieve it.
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    Happy Friday!!!!! It's been a long week and I am looking forward to the weekend to relax a little and recuperate. Hope you all have a great weekend.
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    Good Morning, I just got an e-mail from owlvamps daughter. She said Sandra lost her fur baby and is pretty upset. She may not be on for a while. I have been doing the wash this morning. We are suppose to warm up in the next couple of days, then we will get cool again. So thought I would pop in and say Hi!
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    good morning,after a while I'll be back,sharing the computer
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    Hello Everyone:) Here are pictures of my "Book Worms" I made them for two little girls. BUT, they are going to my granddaughters instead. I thought my granddaughters would be little too old to like that. After I show them pictures, they want them! I just need to get 2 little books somewhere. So far I can not find any that I would like. Those little books for Doll Houses are too small, about 1,5". I need something little bigger, about 3"x 4" or so. I probably will need to make them. I am not crazy about idea. I hope everyone had a GREAT CHRISTMAS! HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYONE!! Krys
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    You're welcome! Ah, you are making a brick stitch, aka crazy stitch piece (I've not done this specific stitch and didn't recognize that was going on by what I read in the pattern; also didn't look closely at the photo, duh). I'm following the pattern with some scrap yarn...it's kinda fun but a bit disorienting, isn't it? I'm a great believer in stitch markers. I suggest putting a stitch marker around the chain-3 space (turning chain) of each round, and moving it up each row so you know where you are, since that's where the second block of a round always goes. I use bobby pins (they don't easily fall out, and are cheaper than purchased markers), but a safety pin would work too. Not kidding on the markers, I sort of got turned on round 3, oriented myself, but if I were continuing with this I'd have grabbed a marker at that point, and I've been crocheting for decades. I'm sure it gets more obvious as you go along, tho, but it can't hurt...
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    OMG!!! thank you so much! Now I get it!! I was about ready to throw this out the window.