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  1. I guess the moral to this story is if someone begs you enough for the same thing they probably really want it lol I have made many things for people & most don't care or use the things then there are those people who are just so thrilled. Maybe you should make another set for him next year
  2. I used to always use safety pins but a friend sent me some of the little plastic pins looking ones & I love them. They're really quick to get off & on when making toys.
  3. This is one amazing bear! I love all those patterns but I fear trying them lol
  4. Hmm I feel the same way about purling as you. Maybe I knit like you?
  5. I'm not a left handed knitter but I think I knit wrong too. I don't really notice my knitting looks different just that when I see people knit I don't knit like that. If that makes any sense at all. I don't really knit anything more than dishcloths and hats allthough I have upped the ante & tried new patterns for dishcloths. In some ways I feel like I'm knitting wrong and then again I feel like I'm knitting just right for me : )
  6. I think I will use regular yarn and brush those little boogers lol I'd rather have a root canal than attach all of those doodads and then weave in those ends.
  7. Mary Jo the bears and dolls are all so cute. I have yet to make anything like that at all. Are they done flat because I cannot knit in the round yet.
  8. Just wanted to day I LOVE this show!
  9. Most people have multiple projects but I am one of they weirdos that doesn't like to do that. Only time I do that is when I have to get more yarn or I have to make something fast for someone and need to stop a current project to get another one done in time. I do have a knit dishcloth always partially done to take with me if I need an on the go project but that doesn't count does it lol
  10. Most of what I make I design my own pattern for now. I can hardly follow someone else's pattern because I like doing it myself. For me I love everything up until I have to take pics and type up a pattern I thoroughly hate that part lol I have tons of things I've made that I have never typed up the pattern for or even taken a picture of.
  11. Hmm well if I do that it will take a couple of months to make lol I'm trying to make my husband a Nudu hat like Billy Gibbons from ZZTop wears. I didn't want to felt the hat part for 2 reasons my husband wanted the hat to not be itchy on the inside and I'm concerned about how much the hat itself will shrink.
  12. I use Red Heart or I Love This Yarn and I usually use a G Hook. I crochet so tightly that my hands hurt so other people may use an F hook instead. Mostly all I crochet are toys.
  13. So I'm making a hat but I want to crochet on some pieces using wool and have those felt. Will this work? Will it make the non wool part of the hat's shape change?
  14. Really cute! I have many of them dead and alive lol
  15. She is adorable. Thank you so much for testing the pattern for me
  16. She is just too cute Mary Jo. I guess I missed her I never thought to look in doll and doll clothes lol Thanks so much for testing for me.
  17. I have a new doll pattern available in my Etsy shop here https://www.etsy.com/listing/152530559/crochet-pattern-sugar-shortcake-doll?ref=shop_home_active She is also available in my Raverly shop & on Craftsy http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/toy/sugar-shortcake-doll-/56615
  18. Please delete
  19. I would make them in the round so they're double thick they will then stand up & if they do flop you could put a pipe cleaner inside then stitch them on. I do almost all parts in the round to give them they extra thickness. I designed a pig pattern and the ears on it stand up really good.
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