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  1. Thank you Tina-The shawl came in and goes perfectly with a sleeveless dress I have! Thanks for the tea also!
  2. I can't wait and will commence stalking the mail lady on Wednesday! Thanks Tina!
  3. No problem, thanks for letting me know.
  4. I haven't heard from my stole swap partner at all.....
  5. I received my reveal package from my SP today and it was Amy-Yarnaholic and the newest Super Moderator. Thanks Amy-Elena loved her stuff too!
  6. Photojenic- I finished it tonight and will ship it Monday-I hope you like it!
  7. Photojenic, I am almost done and hope to ship it out next week-
  8. deneen

    Dying failure...

    It smells, but really does help hold the color. Just a few glugs.
  9. deneen

    Dying failure...

    I never lost the color after felting before. Did you soak the undyed yarn in warm water and vinegar before you dyed it? Did you use vinegar in the Kool-Aid dye bath? That's always how I do it and have never had any problems with fading.
  10. Caney Lady Creations has a shawl that has cuffed sleeves.
  11. Thank you to my SP for the tissue holder, clutch and adorable bunny for Elena. I'll post pics tomorrow.
  12. deneen

    Got my Flavor-aid!!

    Faith-you should post the addy where we can order the Flavor-Aid!
  13. I have almost a full skein if you would like it.
  14. I am still selling some of my friends mother's older crochet/knit/needlework pattern books and leaflets. The auction ends tonight, but if you are interested: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZdsa0901QQhtZ-1
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