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    WIP Wednesday

    I am working on Ninakate's Ophelia Sweater and writing up a pattern for a fulled bowl.
  2. Beautiful set Marvie! I love it! Thanks for sharing!
  3. I can't wait to see it!
  4. Okay, I missed that one. I want a tie on the waist, no buttons, but I could accomadate for it........
  5. Coralie, thank you that is what I was looking for (of course, a faster-easier version-LOL)/ Diamond, I did a search for Pareo and sarong, pareo had few listings.
  6. Does anyone know of any crocheted sarong patterns on-line?
  7. deneen

    WIP Wednesday

    Today is WIP Wednesday and what have I accomplished: 1) 2 blankies are mae for the CAL 2) I am working on the two caps to match. Anyone who reads my posts knows how I feel about hats, but it MUST be done. 3) Yarn purchased for the 63 Square CAL, will start later
  8. deneen

    WIP Wednesday

    This was such a productive crochet week!! I finished both scarves for my daughter's teachers Valentine's day gifts. I finished a scraf for my mother I finished my swap partners poncho/shawl and shipped it I am 80% done the "suede" shawl for my SIL 15% done my husbands scarf for Valentine's day (I think the 15% is being generous) It feel so good to post this week!!
  9. deneen

    WIP Wednesday

    Ah, another week has passed and what have I accomplished: 1) My swap partner's poncho;/shawl is half completed. After a 75% frogging, it's well on it's way. 2) Yarn wound and everything is set for a shawl I am making for my SIL. I am using the Lion Suede shawl pattern. 3) Thread, yes I did say threas, purchased and pattern out for the flower I have to make to cover the fray in my jeans that are only two months old (errrrrrr) from Old Navy. 4) Two scraves I am making for gifts with eyelash yarn and regular yarn.
  10. deneen

    WIP Wednesday

    Oooh-perhaps we've started a new forum. My WIP's: 1) DawnsRays Tweed Shawl pattern 2) Get yarn wound for sueded shawl 3) Finsih felted bucket bag
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