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WIP Wednesday


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I just frogged a dress for my daughter because I really disliked the pattern after a bunch of rows. I don't know what to do with the yarn. It's Caron baby fingering and I just have partial skeins of 6 colors and some white.


I'm still working on a blanket for our new baby. It's a pattern from a Winnie the Pooh book, although it doesn't have anything to do with Winnie the Pooh. It's pretty, though.

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Wednesday, March 23


Working on:

dishcloths and pot holders for a friend

charity blanket for the local Oncology Unit



and.. dare I mention... the 63 Squares.. (Have I touched them in weeks.. ?nooooooooo :lol )

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Last night I started the "no hole" baby ghan. I had 5 rows done when I hit a nasty spot in the yarn. I stopped and checked and that's when I noticed that I'd grabbed one of my "damaged" skeins. :oops I thought I'd gotten rid of all of them. :bang So I snipped the yarn and tossed it in a bag of "give away" stuff. Tonight I'll restart it with different yarn.


I'm also working on my second sample for a design I've got. I'm kinda bored as I just finished the first sample ... so it'll take me a bit to get this done. ;) It's probably be a forever wip. Although I'd like to have it done before I move later this year. :lol

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Ok, it still counts as wed. if you haven't gone to sleep yet, right.:lol Here's what I have been working on:


blue afghan for a wedding gift.

a Yellow, Verigated & blue labghan

a white, pink, grey & black motif afghan

Star themed dishcloths

white baby booties-still have one to make (been working on the other projects)

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Ok, so I missed Wednesday, I'm a little behind...here are my current WIP's

1. Lime, Yellow, and Lilac Microspun sweater, hat, and booties for future nephew

2. RH pink, yellow, and baby blue scrap ripple afghan

3. 63 Squares Afghan on #52, I think, it's been about 2 weeks since I've worked on it


Recently finished:

Pooh Fleece blanket with decorative crochet border.


That's about all I can handle at the moment with a potty-training 3-year-old!!!

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Well, I am 2 days late......have so much going on.



My list

-Seraphina Shawl for mom...75% done...ran out of yarn :rant but now have more so I can finish!:cheer

-Wrist purse for Gabrielle (my 3 yr old) about 50% done..just have to keep putting it down to run after the kids...grr...

-Star Baby Afghan for cousin-about 5% done....geez I need to get moving

-Easy Peasy Poncho for me...about 2% done!!! Lol, that is bad


And I have a ton of things I need to do, but not enough room to list them!

Some though....a Martha Poncho after seeing Stacey's, a Lacy Shell Poncho for my 8 yr old, Sweater Jacket for Gabrielle and halter tops for my 2 girls (chelle's patterns), a hook holder, and a cell phone holder for mom, even though I need one too!....and the list goes on and on and on

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:eek I very nicely avoided this forum last week, and i probally should this week too since the most progress i've made is yarn winding all my 1/2 used skiens :P but ive got a wim I'm going to start today! (the pretty as a peacock shawl/shrug for my mil) and i'm still working on my son's rippleghan....if only i can get out of my slump...i did do a row on it this week at work, so thats a LITTLE progress :devil

hopefully doing this project for my mother in law and getting it finished, I'll start working on more things like i should :blush Happy crocheting!! :hook :hook :hook

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Wed. WIPs:

1. Sylvia Cosh sweater from her 'Sweater Book'....silly sleeves are giving me troubles still.

2. Swap scarves (3 in progress)....can't describe them or it won't be a surprise for whoever I give it/them to.

3. Flowers, flowers, flowers. Have been working on a 'freeform' type of thingy.

4. Guardian Angel afghan....put aside to work on other things....really need to finish it just cuz. It's in pink and I really wish I could wiggle my nose to make it blue....my nephew is expecting a boy in September! Grrrrr

5. 12 squares of the Leisure Arts "35 Granny Squares Combine to Make a Granny Sampler Afghan" by Martha Brooks Stein. (Intended to be a Christmas present....I've started making things early this year.)


I think that's all. Got lots in my WIM list and want to get started on them but want to get at least a couple off my WIP list before I start anything from my WIM list. :think:knit

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So it's Wednesday again? I can't keep up with these Wednesdays!:D


-- An Evening Shawl (it's been sitting in the car, my car pool project, and the kids are on Spring Break...)

-- A Seraphina Shawl (Am having big time problems figuring out the pattern, but someone is helping me...)

-- Still working on a Rectangle Grannyghan for my FIL ( has been sitting in bag by my night stand, need more Simply Soft in lt blue...)


I guess that's it. Pretty boring. I have a WIM but need to figure out which one I want to do, it's a bathing suit cover-up (for me).




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I'm making me a bathing suit coverup should be called a fat coverup cuz that's why I'm making it :lol The pattern is in the new Family Circle knitting and crochet mag. I'm also trying to get a good Harley pic so the letters don't blur together for hubby a blanket then need to figure out how to change colors in tunisian or afghan stich.Plus having fun making clay covered crochet hooks to break thing up.

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My WIPs:


:mug 63 Squares: Got one square done, no border, probably be a slow one.


:mug Lilac baby afghan for a friend who's pregnant-she's not showing yet so no hurry on that one yet, it's about a third done.


:mug Blooming poncho: I'm using lt pink and dark pink baby yarn instead of thread and an F hook-got 4 of the flowers done and 3 partially done. It's for the sister of the pregnant friend, both are daughters of our pastor.


:mug A Fleuri bag for myself-have both sides done, no lining yet so it's not put together, its sides are varigated purple/blue/green/white and I did the rose in orchid. Not sure how I'll do the handles yet.


:mug Pineapple Pillowghan-have 2 squares done and joined together.


:mug A wrap done in orchid and an eyelet pattern, just getting started, think I'm keeping this one.


:mug Well, the Star afghan is no longer on my to-do list, I started one last night with some yarn I'm not using for anything else and I'm on round 13, not sure how big I'm going to make it.


This should give me enough to do that I can pick something up then put it down and pick something else up. ;)

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Hmm...well...This is my first WIP Wednesday posting:

1. Polka dot baby afghan, for my cousin's pregnant daughter -- I'm half done with the last strip. Then I have to sew the strips together and crochet a border around it.


2. Wedding garter for my daughter. Yikes. I wonder why I started this; it's all lace and much more difficult than it looks in the picture.


3. Looking at shawl patterns. I'm actually going to make myself something this year!

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Alright here goes.


Cell Phone Cozy (my first pattern of my own!) - about 90% done...still working out some kinks in the way the flap looks


Chelle's Sweater jacket for my 3 yr old....almost done...one sleeve and trimmimg to go!


Hat to go with it.. only a few rounds into it


Square for HMB...barely on the hook!


Wrist purse for my neice.....not very far into it


Starting within a day or 2: 2 shawls for my mom's coworker

a poncho and purse for someone's god daughter


One of these days I will get to a poncho for myself...i have the yarn...and the pattern...... *sigh*


That's terrible....lol. Oh well, keeps me busy and out of trouble....uh, for the most part anyway :devil

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The dress that was intended for my daughter that got frogged last week has turned into 20 squares for a baby afghan. I have to edge the remaining 17 and stitch them together. Oh, and crochet the border.


I'm still working on the other baby blanket, too.


I have to start on some slippers for my mother.

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Wednesday March 30th:


:cat Green Felted Ballet Slippers, I am unhappy with them so they will be getting

frogged shortly


:cat Raspberry Scarf from Dovetail Designs


:cat Star Afghan for Heather, I started it in September and now it needs some



I finished the afghan for my husband's friends last night, its in the dryer now so I will post some pics tomorrow.

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I almost forgot that it was it was WIP day,


1. That baby sweater still has been sitting here for weeks, i must finish sewing it soon.


2. The crocheted monkey still looks exactly the same.


3. The knitted shawl hasn't had any work done on it either.


4. I did start the knitted hat for the co-worker.


I finished the shawl for my step mom on Saturday morning while still at my step-sister's house. She loved it. Thank-you for posting the pattern.


Crocheted Monkey:devil

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I started the AJ Wrist Bag again, this time it's going good. I think I'm getting better with crochet finally :) I'm about 4 inches up the first side panel. I'm impressed haha





Working on another granny square purse, this time in white and black/white varigated.


Plus some various knit projects: Golf club covers, Kalaedoscope Blanket, Sock Monky Bag, Socks in worsted yarn


Then my major project I am just very impatient to get to, is dying up about 3/4 pound of roving so I can spin some yarn! 1/2 pound of NZ Corridale and 1/4 of Merino I think it is. My cold is keeping me from it, but hopefully by the weekend I can get started.

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This week, I'm working on -


:hyper A funky doily (or maybe a funky pillow), pattern is from Crochet me.


:yawn Rectangle ghan for my cousin - I'm loosing interest in it yet again.


:rose A doily from a Patricia K book - it's gonna be gorgeous.


:cowgirl A new version of my bucket hat pattern using Red Heart's Casual Cot'n. It's looking good!


:sew I finally picked up fabric to make the lining for my bamboo handle purse. Now I just have to sew! :scared

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