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WIP Wednesday


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This week I'm still working on:


:cheer Scarf in laceweight wool, shell pattern. It's half done.


:interest Scarf I just started this evening of Patons Cha Cha in "Vegas". I saw it this morning at Michael's; it was sooo soft and the colors looked pretty, and I was curious as to how it can be crocheted so I bought a skein. It crocheted fine, but...hmmm...it reminds me of Easter basket grass...I don't know...:scrachin


:blush Granny square afghan called "Granny's Granny" from Leisure Arts' Crochet Collection. I've been working on this ghan for....ever!


:c9 A brown alpaca teddy bear.


On deck:


Martha's poncho

book cover


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:knit Chris's second sock

:knitanother bath poofy thing (from the new Crochet me)...made one Sunday and LOVE it

:knitflower scarf (more then 1/2 way done)

:knitdish cloths


Frogged the cocoon sweater and will patiently wait for Deneen to rewrite the pattern :hook

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My WIPs:


:mug 63 Squares: Got one square done, no border, probably be a slow one.-still nothing done on this one.


:mug Lilac baby afghan for a friend who's pregnant-she's not showing yet so no hurry on that one yet, it's about a third done.-Just picked it back up, I'm on row 33 of 88


:mug Blooming poncho: I'm using lt pink and dark pink baby yarn instead of thread and an F hook-got 3 of the flowers done and 3 partially done. It's for the sister of the pregnant friend, both are daughters of our pastor.-I changed this one to the Granny one from Lion brand, finished, will take it to her mom tonight at church, she can get it to Carmen.


:mug A Fleuri bag for myself-have both sides done, no lining yet so it's not put together, its sides are varigated purple/blue/green/white and I did the rose in orchid. Not sure how I'll do the handles yet.-nothing done on this one either.


:mug Pineapple Pillowghan-have 2 squares done and joined together.Nothing on this one either


:mug A wrap done in orchid and an eyelet pattern, just getting started, think I'm keeping this one.-Nothing on this yet, have bought another skein of yarn so I'll have enough to finish it when I do pick it up.


:mug Well, the Star afghan is no longer on my to-do list, I started one last night with some yarn I'm not using for anything else and I'm on round 13, not sure how big I'm going to make it.-Have 16 rounds in 3 colors-gray heather, yellow and orange, not sure what color I'll pick up for the next rounds nor am I sure how big it will end up being.


:mug I'm working on a pair of socks using the extra yarn from the pink poncho, It's my own design and I've just about finished one sock. Hopefully I can remember enough so I can write it down when I'm finished.

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Even though I'm a major newbie, I'll jump in::cheer


I just started an Asymmetrical Cardigan - the pattern is in "Hip To Crochet" and called "On The Side Cardigan". I'm really loving the pattern & yarn I'm using - Cotton Patine. :c9


I'll be starting a baby afghan today. Acquaintances of ours are having a baby girl in 6 weeks and since they did us a big favor once, I'd like to make them something special. I found instructions for a round ripple baby afghan on the 'net & will get started this afternoon. :yay



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I am one sleeve short of a new sweater for my daughter. (Others in much nicer weather are making halters for their cuties. Mine can't even wear her sweater unless I put her winter coat over it!)


I'm still working on a white baby blanket. We're not convinced the baby's a girl, so I finished a girly blanket the other day and am working on a white one in case my instincts are correct.


I can't believe that's all I have going on!

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I've had a bunch of flowers sitting in a drawer--made, but with all the finishing to do. Started on that yesterday and will start sewing them onto pin back today. This morning made a Spring flower which will be a pin to send to a friend with health problems and waiting for tests. A triangular bag with fringe is asking to be finished, so I hope to get that done today.

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March 6, 2005



1. Lion Brand Suede Triangle Shawl in Teal

2. Beth's Star Afghan in LB Pound of Love: Mint & White (will post pic today)

3. 2 scarves for Swap partner

4. Bunch of flowers

5. Stitch Markers



1. Baby It's Cold Outside Sweater (started last night & almost finished), will match Star Afghan above

2. Sylvia Cosh sweater....just can't get motivated to tackle it more

3. Guardian Angel afghan (been a WIP for the longest time)

4. Mohair scarf

5. Flowers

6. 35 Squares Afghan Sampler

7. CureForHer Scarf (am converting a knit pattern into crochet)


I think that's about it. Am sure I'm forgetting things in both categories but this is the jest of what I've been working on & what I've finished.

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finally, i think i have a complete list on my blog... i am making the committment to work on these projects - solely - and i'll keep 'em updated there


okay, already, i'm making an exception - i have previously committed myself (not the white jacket kind, though i'm seriously considering it:P ) to making a baby blanket for each of my MOPS friends... so these will be added here and there.



my list :eek

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* Spring poncho for my daughter


* Dress for my daughter



Working on:


* Spring poncho for a friend who requested one after seeing my daughter's


* Two more dresses for my daughter, should be done today or tomorrow

* Book mark for a friend


* Baby blanket surprise for a friend, haven't started yet but need it done before end of the month


* Hopefully three ladybug purses or something else to send with the baby blanket


* Granny square exchange afghan for my daughter


* Ribbon afghan for a friend


* Shawl for me, on hold for who knows how long


* Green granny-ish afghan, on hold, don't know what I'm going to do with it when I'm done



I think that covers it. lol

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Ok, let see where I stand right now:


Finished projects: (It feels better to put this list at the top):lol


1st star blanket for Blankey Brigade


Med. Coral Afghan for Project Linus (from yarn a friend gave me)


Off-White Scarf to test pattern I want to use for swap partner (I liked it)


4 Dishcloths & a Daisy Dish scrubber


Scrunchie (ok, it's a small one, but it counts):D


25 beaded stitch markers





Stars & Stripes blanket for Blankey Brigade.

Afghan for wedding present (only need to finish border on one side):cheer


Huge granny square for Project Linus from scrap balls my friend gave me (this one will be on this list for awhile. I need more same type yarn. Looks and feels like a lightweight 3 ply wool? maybe)


More stitch markers (from some glass beads I had left from beaded fringe on bags) I can't seem to stop making these things!


Planned projects - Very Near Future:


Many more Dishcloths & scrubber flowers (specially since I picked up new colors @ Michaels yesterday)


Wrist bag for my daughter, to match a new outfit she has (the bag is a secret)


Mile a minute afghan for Project Linus (yarn from my friend again)




I think that is it for now. I won't even begin to list what I want to do sometime:lol :lol

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1. That baby sweater still has been sitting here for weeks, i must finish sewing it soon. (okay it's a week later and I must finish before Friday, she's leaving work early). (I finished it today Wen. April 6, 2005)


2. The crocheted monkey still looks exactly the same. (Still no changes).


3. The knitted poncho hasn't had any work done on it either.


4. I did start the knitted hat for the other co-worker (Now I just have to finish the ear flaps and do the ties).


I got some yarn from my boyfriends ex. It's burgandy and I can't wait to come up with a project with it.


Crocheted Monkey:cheer

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Wow! I can't imagine having so many projects in the works.Good luck to all of you:) . I am still working on my daughters afgan and I am wanting to start on a ripple afgan or join in the 63 square group.


Kim M.

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Count me in.... if I can remember to post it that is!!!


Hmm this is Sunday.... hopefully by Wednesday I can have some more WIP's to report..... and have them listed on my blog


I'll steal the button later... can always come back here and do it. I've almost got too many wip's to list!!



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it's Wedensday again, so here's my list


Summer scarf for my swap pal

last part of Jessie's sock pattern (Jessie's Dressie)

WOW...that's it? I guess I have no excuse not to get something finished this week :)

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I guess I will post this week... Wednesday comes too soon now :)


--An Evening Shawl- this is actually coming along (it's my car pool project- some days, that's the only way I get any crocheting in!)

--I started the Bathing Suit Cover-Up from Chelle's site, but I have to keep this one hidden, or my husband will say "Did you buy more yarn?" "Uuuhhh...":lol It's for my neice, who will be two next month.

--Rectangle Grannyghan, now that I got yarn to finish it!

Is that it? Well I have a couple WIM I need to start, too. But that's all I'm working on right now...




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dress for Belle


freeform scrumble (yeah I am taking the plunge)

scarf for my swap partner (I wanted to send two)

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I am only working on (with slow progress) the white blanket for our baby.


I wish to be working on my full skirt halter top for my toddler, but I have to get some yarn. I read some posts about American Wal-Marts having good sales this week, so I'll head over to mine and see if, by chance, they are having a sale as well.

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Almost done with the socks, working on the toe and heel today.


I've done some more on the baby blanket, will be working on that more.


I have 2 rows done and attached on my pineapple pillowghan, will also make that a priority.


I seem to have misplaced my first block in my 63 squares, will have to hunt it down. At least it's in a plastic bag so it can't get dirty or anything. That one's on the back burner till I get the pillowghan and babyghan done.


Everything else is also on the back burner, my priorities are the pillowghan and babyghan right now.



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I'm only really working on one thing right now, though there are a few unfinished things lurking in the background (rectangle-kitty hat, fingerless gloves/mittens, cotton chenille socks...) - the LB Pound of Love hooded baby blanket. Considering all my time has been taken up with getting organised for my wedding (11 days to go!), the baby blanket hasn't gotten very far, despite the fact that the pattern works up pretty quickly.


Queued up are two rompers (I've got 3 friends who are pregnant & due May-June) that I've already bought the yarn for, but (again, considering my limited time) I wanted to get the blanket part of the LB PoL blanket done before I started anything more! Of course I also wanted to get that much done before I went on my honeymoon, but I'm not sure that's gonna happen either! :D


Welp, that's my Wednesday update. Laters!

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Yeah, Hump Day! This week has already been a long one. ;)



In progress

Still pluggin away at the afghan, still almost 1/2 finished :(

"Super simple trellis stitch" poncho, nearly half done

Rolled brim hats for SD's (can't finish them until they're here for the weekend and I can make sure they fit)


I have finished the Posh Poncho and a bag I designed myself, but have yet to post them.



felted purses for the SDs (need more pink wool first)

Doggie afghan for Preston (I think I've found the pattern I want to use)

SSTS poncho for mom

rectangular felted bag from Marlo's site

Microspun shawl

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Wed. 4-13-05 and my WIPs are:

1. Sylvia Cosh's Sweater....still working on it (it's my first sweater ever so I'm entitled to take a long time)

2. Scarf for my Summer Scarf partner (pretty knotty mohair)

3. Another scarf I am designing (it's a secret, can't give details)

4. Another scarf I'm designing (another secret)

5. My first thread bookmark

6. Serafina's Shawl made out of Sirdar Yo-Yo (in purple)

7. 35 Square Sampler Afghan (12 out of 35 done)

8. A shawl/afghan filet pattern (major secret)


FOs this week:

1. Flower hat I tested pattern for

2. Shawl (from LB pattern)

3. Beth's Little Star Afghan

4. Baby, It's Cold Outside baby sweater

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It's WIP Wensday.


Currently I am working on...

1. The infamous crocheted monkey for my step-daughter. I'm still thinking I will never get this project done.

2. The knitted poncho for a christmas present. Still no more yarn for that project, so no progress either.

3. The Diamond and Lace poncho. I have to buy more yarn for that one.

4. The Blue Jean Shawl. You guessed it, I need more yarn.

5. And finally... The crochet tote bag that I am designing. So far I've made the back and the bottom.(I cheated, I copied and pasted from my blog, I didn't want to type it all out again).


Crocheted Monkey:cheer

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I figure if I write them down, maybe just maybe I'll get them done.


1. Teal wool Filigree Shawl - done

2. TLC Amore Shawl

3. Brown Cocoon - done

4. Seed Stitch Scarf

5. Royal blue Diagonal Scarf

6. Helicopter Sweater

7. Stained Glass Afghan

8. curliegirl hat

9. black shrug -done

10. Elegant shawl (fringe only) -done

11. Filet? scarf

12. dishcloth

13. Solomon's knot shawl


I am sure there are others, can't remember though :)

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