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  1. I really came to hate Blogger, and spent a lot of time looking around for a new blog site. I found that Wordpress now hosts blogs for free at wordpress.com. You can have as many blogs as you want, and they have loads of features. Nice templates, an active help forum, and lots of other goodies.
  2. I used to be a member. It's fine if you don't mind paying close to full price most of the time. Their discounts often don't make up for the high shipping cost, and they sometimes offer only the hardback versions of books even when a paperback edition is available. But they're reliable, and you do earn credits for your purchases and that helps a bit.
  3. Older books can often be tracked down on half.com. For leaflets and patterns, try Etsy, under Commercial Supplies. Also try blujay.com. Etsy and Blujay are both fixed price, so you don't have the hassles of bidding.
  4. Beautiful job! I'm jealous because I'm too lazy to get started on tapestry crochet. I have Carol Ventura's first book, so maybe some day...
  5. That's Irish crochet. If you have any instruction books, look for basic irish crochet patterns. Once you learn how to form the leaf/petal shape, you can probably adapt it to create something like the picture.
  6. I'm a member of the Yahoo international freeform crochet group. It's huge, and very friendly.
  7. Have you considered using metal rings?
  8. I don't feel so bad now. At least I haven't reached the point of stealing yarn. Just hope that kind of thing doesn't turn into an epidemic. I'm a recycler and I can see people being mugged for the sweaters they're wearing. "No, I don't want your money, just hand over that sweater and no one will get hurt."
  9. Catana

    My blue yarn

    Beautiful blues. But you can use food coloring by itself. Just add in some vinegar and mix with water to the intensity you want. Save the clear Kool Aid for drinks.
  10. My blog is at LJ. I used to use Blogger but got tired of all the glitches and downtime. I read Crochet Snark once in a while, but the only other crochet community I'm an active member of is Recycled Yarn. Since it's more focused than most communities, there's never any nastiness. It's intended to be helpful, and it is.
  11. Catana

    Plastic hook

    I have a set of Crystalites that I hardly ever use. Plastic has more friction than aluminum, so it tends to stick. It helps to crochet a bit more loosely. But I think I'll eventually get better hooks in the larger sizes.
  12. I'll give those exercises a try. The one (self-developed) that helps me is to interlock my fingers and then turn my hands so the palms face outward. With my arms outstretched, I push my interlocked hands away from myself, which opens up and stretches my inner wrists. The important thing is not to wait with the exercises until the pain is bad. I try to remember to exercise at the least hint of pain.
  13. Daina, not all wool felts, and even some that does won't do it that easily. I find that burning is the quickest and most reliable test. Synthetics melt into a hard shiney ball, wool and other naturals form an ash.
  14. AuntyM, I've always bought Crochet Fantasy at a local grocery store or at Borders.
  15. I doubt that any yarn, except untreated wools, will shrink. How many people would even knit or crochet if they had to worry that their hard work would be spoiled when washed? Manufacturers can't give accurate gauges unless the yarn is pre-shrunk and stable.
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