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    I was born a poor first & last to a yarnless hookless & uncreative family & then I grew up to be....
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    South Dakota
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    YAS, PAS, frogg'n, HAS & oh yah.. crochet!!
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    To be happy happy happy!!
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    since August 11th 2004
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    So far.. flowers for the flower exchange
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  1. tween

    December 2006 Table

    WaaaHooo!! I've been waiting ALL December for this Mary Jo!!!! *stares at the pix for hours* *sighs* Gorgeous!! I lQQk soo forward to your tables!! This one is amazing!! Thank you for all the wonderful holiday wishes!! and the same to you & your whole family!!! Even Tampa Guy!! Err...uh...I meant, especially Tampa Guy!!
  2. tween

    baby sweaters

    WOW, those are amazing! Great work!!
  3. tween

    New book - 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns

    I have this book & I luv it!! So many idea's & great patterns made sooo easy to follow!!
  4. tween

    Someone liked my idea for shawls

    I have the book too, & I like most of the patterns in there. It was a great idea you had darski!! If anything, it opened up tons of possibilities for me! Its got my mind work'n overtime!!
  5. tween

    Update 11/26 My Crochetville Wip Bag/second bag

    Very nice Maryjo!! I luv it! Hey, tell john, or... hmm... don't tell him... but I saw a crochet pattern for a humidifier for cigar humidor, online. I honestly don't remember where, but I did see one!!
  6. tween

    Grapevine Table Runner

    Stunning!! You are so gifted!!
  7. I made this today from this pattern: http://www.crochetmemories.com/patterns/dollmenu.php It was very fun to make! Very easy too!! MY kind of pattern!! I haven't blocked it yet, so its not "ready" to display, I just wanted to share, anyway!! http://www.tweenhookz.com/4chris/pilgrim%20girl%20002.jpg
  8. tween


    I made a turkey, used scraps. Pattern located here! http://www.crochetmemories.com/patterns/thanksgivingmenu.php
  9. tween

    Shaded Panels Afghan

    I made this for a friend at one of my jobs. She bought the yarn & I crochet'd it! It was a freebie pattern at the store. By Red Heart called "Choice Afghans". This one is called Shaded Panels & its done in 5 panels then you sew 'em together, like a MAM I guess. I dunno for sure bcuz I've never made a MAM or an afghan for that matter, except a skull one for my cousin, from a graph. This was NOT as easy as it lQQk'd! LOL, but once I got the hang of it, it went ok, lots of sewing, which I hate, but that went fast too, I guess...eventually....towards the end... LOL She bought RHSS & Bernat Silk yarn. The bernat silk I had used before, & while I know the yarn snobs will scoff at me, but I really like working with it, & the drape is wonderful. I like the way both yarns are shiny & no splitting like happens with SS sometimes. IMHO. The colors she chose were camel, sage, celery, violet & pink. The pix don't really do it justice, again IMHO, but I'm showing them off anyway! http://www.tweenhookz.com/4chris/4Chris2%20004.jpg Folded over a chair http://www.tweenhookz.com/4chris/4Chris%20003.jpg Flung over the couch http://www.tweenhookz.com/4chris/4Chris2%20002.jpg close up of the stitches. Hope you like it, & even if you don't go ahead & tell me why. I can take it! (x posted to CPlist & Craftster)
  10. tween

    Baby Blankets galore! (Img heavy)

    Those are ALL gorgeous!! WoW, I luv 'em all. Great work!!
  11. tween

    Ms Piggy MiniMe and Ms Lacy MiniMe

    woohoo maryjo!! Both are awesome!!
  12. tween

    I have an idea with a pattern

    What an adorable cheesey ham!! Nice skirt/poncho too!! but I gotta admit.. the 2nd thing I noticed was the caron simply soft on the couch!! *drools*
  13. tween

    My November 2006 Table

    ahh maryjo.. your things are always such a joy to gawk at for hours & hours!! I just luv everything!! I especially luv the gorgeous angel!! WOW you are so lucky!! Someday when I'm like all grow'd up & stuff, & I have a house of my very own, I'm gonna have a table that I can display some of my things on I hope!! & when I do, I'll always think of you & John, when I lQQk at it, & remember how fun & talented you both are!!
  14. tween

    My doilies

    those are gorgeous!! very nice work.