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    I am married with 3 nearly grown daughters.
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    Houston, TX
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    I like many crafts. I sew and obviously, I crochet
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    afghans & booties
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    Too many years to count
  1. Well, I know I have not been heard from in awhile, but I have been here lurking. I wanted to thank everyone for their pa ticipation in the June Blitz. As you can see, we received a really nice assortment for all of those really sweet little souls. These are being delivered this weekend. Thank you again. Shari
  2. Mellowe67, wanted to let you know, I received your package yesterday. Thank you so much. Everyone is being such a great help.
  3. I have received goodies the last 2 days. I received a package from Angelfire yesterday. Today I received a package from Tracy & Heather Seger. Everything is just wonderful!! Thank you so much.
  4. Clueless, Wanted to let you know, I received your package yesterday. Oh my, there will be sooo many fortunate babies. The duck made sure everything arrived safely:lol
  5. I am sorry! I received them on Saturday, but missed the note inside. Have been so busy, I had not taken time yet to figure out the screen name. The note really helps !!! LOL:lol Thank you so much. What sock pattern did you use?
  6. Clueless, Those look wonderful!!! There are really going to be some lucky babies.
  7. I did the same thing with memory blankets for the Feb. focus. I had a local hospital actually request some. So I gave them what I had made and then had to scramble for some to send. Oh well, they are still being given to those in need!!!!
  8. I received a package from sfgwife with 6 really pretty little hats and and a nice, soft, fluffy little blanket. This is sooo much fun, getting to everything being made for this charity. Thank you to everyone for your efforts. They are so very much appreciated.
  9. The focus for this month is for preemies/babies. That having been said, I know that the hospital would welcome items for any age child. I would be more than happy to donate, on the 'villes behalf, any preemie/baby/child items anyone wants to send. Thank you so much for your help!
  10. Don't worry. You are putting things in the right perpective. You will be in my thoughts.
  11. Those are just tooo coooool!!!!
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