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WIP Wednesday


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i am a busy mom with a 13 month old and i look after another 13 month old:eek , but yet i cant stop starting more projects!, ack!


1. crochet mesh bag 1/3 done

2. halter top for my daughter from Chelle at www.luv2crochet.com (started this yesterday and i cant put it down:)

3. prayer shawl 1/2 done

4. knit sweater for my daughter, just need to do half of the hood and then the dreaded assembly, grrr.

5. oh, and i went on ebay and bought the 63 crochet squares book (very excited to get that started) AND if didnt have enough, 63 MORE crochet squares. sheesh



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I dread trying to remember all of my WIPs....


1) Afghan for my sister's future child (due Aug 1)

2) Afghan to enter into Iowa State Fair competition

3) Bed jacket for ME

4) Washcloths for a Crochetville charity project

5) Pencil bags, which will soon undergo a major modification

6) Knitting swatches (I'm teaching myself, so these are all over the place)


Plenty of WIMs, but I'm trying not to let myself think about them :D

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I haven't posted my WIP's in a while; let's see...


still halfway finished with my first afghan

ripple shawl (just need to weave in the ends)

trellis stitch poncho (just need to assemble)

LusterSheen lacy shawl, just started

spring cardigan in mint green Simply Soft

long knit vest

openwork scarf made with Cotton Tape (thanks, SP!)


Too many WIMs to list, LOL.

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I'm in trouble! My daughter is at her dad's for 6 weeks and my husband is at an Army school for 8 weeks, so I'm home by myself with nothing to do (besides work) but crochet! So, I've added a few projects (and I'll be adding more!):


1. About 90% done with giant granny throw.

2. Started a round ripple throw.

3. Started a shawl using LusterSheen.

4. Half-finished bath pouf.

5. Still have to weave in ends of daughter's birthday throw.

6. Afghan that I started about 7 years ago:eek

7. Almost finished coffee cozy.

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I've been bad about posting my WIPs but here is my current list:


Bookmarks for the exchange

Snowfalke Afghan (Christmas gift)

Granny Afghan made with four inch squares

Blue and White Doily


Not too bad I guess. I also posted pictures of some of my WIPs on my blog (link below), so you can check them out there, too.

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1. beach coverup1

2. mittens for CAL - done

3. tanktop

4. Seed Stitch Scarf

5. Royal blue Diagonal Scarf

6. Helicopter Sweater

7. Stained Glass Afghan

8. curliegirl hat- 95 % finished (why don't I just do it?)

9. white scarf

10. beach coverup2

11. scarf - alpaca

12. dishcloth done

13. Solomon's knot shawl

14. cable scarf

15. yellow shawl


completed this week: mittens, dishcloth

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Well, I haven't had much crochet time lately. All I have in the works are some bookmarks,dishcloths,hair scarfs, and stitch markers. Hopefully things will calm down a bit and I and I can get to my bigger projects.

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1.Granny Afghan

2.Snowflake Afghan

3.Bookmarks (it's taken me awhile to get uesed to working with thread!)

4.Simple Scarf


I was working on the 63 squares afghan, but I don't think I'll work onit anymore until I've got some Christmas gifts out of the way.

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Let's see....always working on something :hook

1. Outfit for Ro's organization

2. Knitted cloths

3. Shawl that I have been working on forever..hoping to finish one day

4. reading "The shop on blossom street"...only 6 chapters left :)


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:firecrack I'm working on an Afghan from the Country Afghan book. The pattern is called Red White and True. I have to make 36 flags and then stitch them together. I have made 4 flags so far.

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Slowly making their way towards completion:


1. 6 ft long x 5ft wide chenille afghan for me...3 skeins done...14 more to go!:cheer

2. Halter top for my daughter....DONE

3. 5 inch teddy bear for my youngest son...DONE.

4. Turtleneck sweater for me....FROGGED

5. Baby afghan for next door neighbor (she is due in 3 weeks)...DONE

6. 35 Sqaures for Random Square Swap.....4 done

Made Unexpetedly:


1. Baby Sweater, 2 hats & 2 pairs booties for neighbor

2. Cowgirl hat for me

3. 4 Squares for Random Square Swap

4. Another Halter for daughter


Wanting to make next:


1. Poncho & skull cap for daughter...SKULL CAP DONE

2. Slippers for me

3. Tank top for daughter DONE

4. Little gifties for RAOKs

5. Towel toppers for my kitchen & bathroom

6. Roses tissue box cover for my bathroom

7. Cowboy boots tissue box cover for my living room

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Goodness, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with severe ADD when it comes to craft projects, hehe.


:hook My WIPs:

Baby Girl Sleeper Set - This is for a co-worker that just had a baby girl. It was 85% complete, but after showing a friend the dress she says it's too small for the baby, so I have to frog it and do some dreaded math to figure out what size will fit, heh.


Trellis Stitch Poncho - A simple but cute project I'm adapting to be shorter and lighter for summer. When complete I'm gonna keep this one! :D


Aunt B's New Angel Wrap - I've got 2-3 of these lil cuties going for friends and their babies.


Jute Sandals - I'm 1/2 done creating my own pattern for crocheted sandals, woot! I'll share the pattern once it's complete and throughly tested.


And that's it... for now! :P

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June 29th, 2005

I have the following WIPs:

1-Di's Hooded Scarf pattern

2-mohair shawls (one in pale blue & one in camel)

1-Guardian Angel Afghan

1-35 or 36 Square Afghan (12 squares done)

1-Sylvia Cosh Sweater

1-Scarf hanger (had forgotten all about it)

1-Wool bag (am designing as I go, will be felted)

1-Cathedral Rose Window Afghan (CAL)

~ Designed on paper about 5 new designs (with basic instructions which now need to be worked up & tested.


But I did finish:

~ Made about 21 bookmarks in total for Bookmark Swap (need to choose 10 to send)

~ finished Kitchen/Bath Swap items & mailed

~ finished apron for Kitchen/Bath Swap

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My WIPs!


:rememberWork Doily - "Mocha" (from Leisure Arts Book "Sugar and Cream Doilies") I work as a tour guide at school, and between tours we have downtime to do whatever we like with. So I crochet! :hook I have nine rounds left to go... they just take so long now.


:rememberHome Doily - "Shell" Doily (from vintage doily book) On round 13. Don't know if I'll make this a medium doily or a large one... the pattern is getting really boring, so maybe just a medium, hehe.


:rememberHanging Dishcloth This is for the boyfriend--he loves to cook, so I decided he needs a dishcloth set. ^_^ The current one is a loose weave and can hang on a fridge or oven handle--more to wipe your hands with than to clean dishes with.




:check Small dishcloth. It didn't come out to well, so it's staying in my kitchen instead of going to the bf. :P

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I know it's Thursday, but I just stumbled across this thread today, so THERE! LOL


* basketweave dishcloth for friend in MN (LOVE the pattern!!!!!)

* unisex baby afghan for SIL (her first!!:) ) Almost done- started Wed, June 22nd -- she's due Dec 14th

* Embossed Ripple afghan for myself (like 10 rows done -- don't pick it up much)


That's it for now....I keep getting MORE and MORE ideas though

One I need to start is a RH purple and variegated purple ripple for my best friend....I'm so afraid I'll TELL her about it and I want to give it to her for Christmas!

Oh, and a dishcloth for my MIL too....her birthday is July 14th so I better HURRY!

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i have just found this post. i have a blanket which i am making for the preemie babies at my local hospital. i am also making baby booties too for them. I have some filet work in progress too. :yay:h5

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A Rose in Bloom afghan-size I hook

2 thread ties-a red one in a pineapple pattern-size 8 hook and a blue one in hdc-size 10 hook

A Cocoon sweater-size K hook

A 63 squares afghan-size H hook, could be anything from G to K, depending on pattern

A pair of crocheted socks in baby yarn, 2 colors of pink-size E hook

A pair of knit socks in RHSS camo-size 3 dpn

A pair of knit socks in baby yarn-lilac-size 3 dpn

A pair of knit slipper socks in Caron SS-baby varigated-size 7 circ

A crochet tank top-size G hook

A sherbet tank top-size H hook

A knit basketweave scarf-size 10½ straight needles

A crochet eyelet wrap-size J hook

A doily for the doily swap in Aunt Lydia's ecru-size 7 hook(hope that's ok with my swap partner, AL is the only thread I can afford)

Finish detangling that tote of yarn, almost there, just got tired of it, plus I need to finish that shawl and those ties. There's some more stuff in there that needs frogging too.

A beret from the Homespun I used on my black/white pineapple shawl.-size K hook

2 mini-shawls-black in size 0 hook and blue in size F hook, same pattern as the pineapple shawls I've been making only in lighter yarn and smaller hook. This is really an experiment to see what it'll do, it could flop or it could fly.

A knit dishcloth-size 8 needles

A crochet dishcloth-size H hook

A Fleuri Bag-needs to be lined and put together


UFOs I found that I want to finish:


An arrowhead afghan-if I can find the colors I'm using-size ? hook, will have to experiment, not sure if I used hook specified in pattern or went larger.

A scrap afghan in the step pattern-I'm calling it Around the World in 80 Scraps-it's in the quilt pattern called Around the World and I probably can find 80 different scraps to use in it.-size H hook


Also: A hat from Yarn Cat's site-Claire-almost finished


A Cats Afghan-using baby yarn and a H hook


This list keeps getting longer and longer......



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This is probably the most I have had at one time and it's driving me nuts


* Cathedral Window CAL ( I am making it into a shawl and having to rework the pattern for rows instead of rounds...looks stunning so far)

* mittens for Josh (nearly done...but well...lost interest but shh don't tell him)

* learning to knit socks

* alhabet pillow patterns (I and L are with testers now)

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I'm working on:

- finishing the test pattern shorts for Etaria.

- starting another size 0-3 months test pattern because I used the wrong yarn and ended up with a shirt big enough for a 3 year old.

- Not crochet, but I'm working on the first of five new PJ sets for my daughter. I can't find PJs with shorts here and what I do find is way to hot, so I bought two pieces of fabric, frogged a bedspread (I ripped the quilting out and it was as much a pain as frogging yarn) and got a piece of fabric from my mother, so I can make at least 5.

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WIPs include:


* A skirt for me (not the spider skirt) a different one ;)

* A colonial flag afghan (didn't meet my July 4th deadline - there is always next year)

* A peach summery blankie for my new florida room once its built ;)

* two Aran afghans - one for a gift - one for me to use as my "st. patrick's day" afghan (I'm making afghans for each holiday and season)

* Just started on Chester the spider - as a halloween goodi for one of my friends

* A hallowenn ghost out of thread (making one for each family)

* a rust/tan colored ponchor from Crochet magazine - almost done with that one

* oodles of barefoot sandals - they seem to be a hit up here (Go figure!)

* a kelly green scarf in knit

* a pair of knitted socks (trying to learn so that I can make some for xmas gifts)

* a few book marks

* a Giant doily for my antique table


FOs this week

*bathing suit and matching wrap for me :D

*a halter top that ended up being to large (GAUGE DOES MATTER) - it will be frogged and turned into something else

*more barefoot sandals (did I mention they are a hot thing up here?);)



WAY TOO MANY TO LIST. I think I need to finish the things I started first ;) but you know the holidays are coming and I need to start working on gifts. AM I the only one like this? Would love to hear that I'm not :D



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