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  1. lauravee

    Pooh & Friends

    They look like a happy bunch! Nice work.
  2. It has been a while since I have posted so I figured it was time to get going and why not start with this thread right here. 1. Circular Skipping Stones Afghan (2/3 done) 2. Bamboo Purse (Just need to line it) 3. 63 Squares Afghan (5 done) I think that is it for now. I have loads of things runnning thorugh my mind, so I am sure this list will just grow. Happy WIP Wednesday!
  3. Wednesday March 30th: Green Felted Ballet Slippers, I am unhappy with them so they will be getting frogged shortly Raspberry Scarf from Dovetail Designs Star Afghan for Heather, I started it in September and now it needs some attention I finished the afghan for my husband's friends last night, its in the dryer now so I will post some pics tomorrow.
  4. Here are my Wip's 1. Diagonal Homespun Afghan for friends 2. Raspberry Scarf 3. Felted Ballet Slippers For once this is all I have going on, usually there are more. Anywho, Happy WIP Wednesday! Laura
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