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  1. I joined Crochetville in 2004 and was quite an active member. Life got crazy and I tucked Crochetville away for safe keeping. I was knitting actively for a while but I have put down my needles. I am now picking up my hook again and have wanted to get reinvolved in the community. So here is a little 411 about me. I am 30 years old and married, living in northern NJ. I have been crocheting since 2002 and knitting since 2004. My yarn stash is taking over my house. I am glad to be back.
  2. Absolutely precious. Nice work!
  3. I just PMed you. I am really looking forward to this swap.
  4. Since I am just getting my feet wet by returning to the 'ville, this seems like a good first CAL to get my going. I am in.
  5. I am not new to Crochetville, I have been a part of the community for the past two years. I had surgery in March and have pretty much been MIA since then. A lot has happened so I took a little time off from the 'ville, but now I am back and I want to say hi to my old friends and to all the new ones I will make.
  6. I don't live there, but I travel to Dugway Proving Grounds for work a lot and I pass right through Tooele. In fact, the next time I go I think I am actually staying in Tooele.
  7. Jimmie Lu group #2 I am going to send your square out on Saturday with all my other packages. Start looking for it next week. Sorry for the delay but I had a wicked case of tendonitis for over a week now.
  8. Very nice! I keep meaning to get mine started but somehow I think I should finish the original 63 squares first.
  9. Stunning! That is absolutely gorgeous.
  10. I received my shawl on Monday from Theresa and it is gorgeous! Thank you so much. Check it out on my blog. http://lvierheilig.typepad.com/hook/2006/04/as_promised.html
  11. I received my April square from evelyn yesterday. The square is really nice and it is done in green and white, very springy! She also included a thread snowflake and some tea. Thank you so much, it was all perfect!
  12. Nice work. The colors are very cheery.
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