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  1. My favorite scarf is Wool & Flax's 'An Inspired Lace Scarf'. It comes out beautifully and easy to do. Wool & Flax (Rebecca) is a Crochetville member so that makes it extra special.
  2. There's the Maple Leaf Luncheon Set at CrochetTreasures.com that could be made with yarn, a smaller hook. Crochet 2 leaves together and you have a potholder. It's one of my favorite patterns online.
  3. I use Photobucket or Flickr but mainly use my own site. I'm on a Mac so I can just click a button in iPhoto and my pictures are automatically set to my .mac web site or my homepage.mac.com site. Easy as pie.
  4. Out of curiousity.....why would a free pattern site have a free pattern of the day when all their patterns are free daily?
  5. It's on Bev's Country Cottage or you can go thru Crochet Pattern Central under Afghans. The original is called Kittens In A Row
  6. I agree with Peggy...they are facing us and have their front paws hanging over the fence.
  7. Your fall ripple reminds me of a giant sunflower. Very pretty.
  8. Of all the round ripples I've seen everyone make on here, I think your's is the prettiest (not that their's weren't pretty, cuz they were). I think it''s because of all the different colors. I see why you call it Celestial Dazzle. Great job on a beautiful afghan!
  9. Crochet By Numbers Now if this doesn't make graphing easy, I don't know what will. You send Todd a picture and he'll graph it out by numbers for FREE. How cool is that?
  10. WOW! That's an awesome afghan. Every year I go visit my sister in Mt. Vernon, MO for Apple Butter Pickin' Days. It's a huge craft fair/festival. This would be an awesome 'Thank You' to her for putting up with me these past several years and more to come. I plan on going again this October. I'll make it and take it with me! Thanx for the link.
  11. Why not take those squares (and more if necessary) and attach them all into one 'sampler' afghan?
  12. I just got an email from Sugan N Cream announcing their new 4th of July free patterns. Must be a member but it's free membership. They are really cute. Check them out.
  13. diamond

    Crochet Banks

    You could take TP covers and convert them into banks by adding a bottom and making a slit in the top for the coins. Using a small container inside to stabilize it. Check out Crochet Pattern Central under Cozies and Covers. Here's a cute couple Remember to look under tp cozies, tp covers, toilet tissue cozies, toilet tissue covers, etc. as they are referred to as different names by different people. My question: how do you get the money out when they are full?
  14. Hold onto your hat....it's on Ebay as a Buy It Now for $45.00
  15. There's a link to a pdf file at crochet.about.com called Ribbon Halter top. It was in the May 2006 issue of Crochet! magazine. It's about half way down the page. There are other tank top links on the page that you might find helpful as well.
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