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  1. I made this cape for my sister a couple years ago and must tell you that it was gorgeous and very easy to do. I was amazed at how fast it was to make as it's mostly done in double crochet. My sister lives in southern MO and uses it a lot as it's very warm and doubles as a small throw when she's watching TV on the colder nights.
  2. WOW! That is so lifelike! I can't wait for the pattern!
  3. OMG! This outfit is the cutest. My favorite so far!!
  4. That is AWESOME, Darlene!!! My DD is in nursing school now and would love this. Will have to get her her own AG doll to go with it of course. Thanx for another GREAT pattern. Looks perfect.
  5. But longer. Ferrets bodies are like cats but longer and bendable. You can actually twist a ferret or bend them in ways that you can't with a cat. Face & legs is very much like a mouse/rat. Tail like a bushy cat tail but not super long hair. Here's a good image of a ferret face.
  6. Not stuffed but graphed. Ferret Ferret with ball My son has 2 ferrets: Pudge and Alaska and they are always getting into trouble. We've had them for over 5yrs now.
  7. Very cute! I can't wait to begin making your outfits for my dolls. I have Dora and 4 American Girl dolls. Only 1 AG doll is for clothes...the others are still in their original boxes as they are discontinued. Dora I bought just for your outfits!
  8. Such a cute & snuggly outfit. Another great one, Darlene!!
  9. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the spring colors. Well done, Darlene!!!!
  10. Another AWESOME outfit for Dora, Darski! HOWEVER, you must slow down!! (JK)....I can't get one outfit finished before you come up with another great pattern. How am I to get my doilies done??? Dora will have a larger wardrobe than I do soon at the rate you are going. JK.....keep up the great work. I'm printing & filiing as fast as you create!
  11. What a great idea! I've often seen people with their small tanks and wondered why they make them so so obvious & ugly. Now they can look like a giant water bottle, be functional & be pretty at the same time. Great job on a great idea!!!
  12. Too cute, Darski! I picked up a Dora doll today at Target as I love all your outfits. I can't wait to start making clothes for her. You inspire me.
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