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4 designs published by Coats (Manila)


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Hi! I've waited several months for this and finally they're now out for sale in craft stores here.:yay These are my first four exclusive designs for Coats Manila Bay. All of these were made from Cannon mercerized cotton threads, size 8, but can also be worked with size 10 thread.






(These patterns and the Cannon threads are available in my website. Details are also linked in my blogpost.)


Thanks for looking! :hook

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Those are some great thread patterns Mimi. I'm always on the lookout for small-gauge tops and although these are a little too revealing for me, I'll keep checking your site for others. :)

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Thank you all, so nice to hear from you! I appreciate the compliments!

This forum has been a great source of inspiration for me since I joined (June 2005).

I would not have thought of being serious in writing patterns if not for all the generous comments that I get from my online crocheting buddies most of whom I first encountered here on crochetville. :manyheart


Oh wow, Ate Mimi!!


I'm so proud (and a little envious) ang galing galing mo naman!!!


I love all 4 equally, I just wish I was skinny enough to wear the halter!!


Awesome job!!


Salamat, Beth!

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