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  1. welcome from washington state, you will love it here if i can be of any help give me a holler:):)
  2. i made my daughter a hat and scarf set which she loved and a quilt and a pair of lounging pants and she went absoulutley crazy over it all said was the best gift i ever gave her well besides the afghan i made her with tweety xs on it. she loved all the gifts i made which made me realize just how much she appreciates my work needless to say was very happy:manyheart:manyheart:manyheart:manyheart:manyheart:manyheart
  3. thats sooo cute i bet they loved them thanks for sharing:manyheart:manyheart and merry christmas
  4. very cute are those your own design? cute model too :lol:lol
  5. as some of you know this pattern came from the stitch and bitch book, i made my dd this hat and a matching scarf for christmas hope she likes it this year was so quick to come all i have is this for her but will be making her some other goodies hopefully tomorrow
  6. my friend fran on here did for my nephew, maybe you could pm her and ask that question, is a very nice rug you will love it
  7. oh honey i feel for you yikessssssssss im glad your going with the im not cut out to teach kind of person, i tried that once but it didn't work cause they knew i taught crochet at joanns sigh i made them come and pay for my class though and neither could crochet with a darn but once they paid the 40.00 each i didn;t mind, yes it paid that well lol joannes got 25% which was 10.00 and i got 30 per student.
  8. oh sweetie i was soo happy that day we found each other and now instead of just knowing the name of another viller we have become very good friends and not just that but we think of each others as sisters in crafts, i sure hope we can get together next week before christmas i so want you to have your goodies i have for you lol lets pray for rain that ought to do it hehehehehe i am the one who has been blessed in finding such a wonderful friend, even though i am a bit(alright a lot older than you) i feel so special when we are together, im gonna be sad if you guys do sell your house and you have to move, course it don;t mean we can't still get together right? remember sweetie think rain think rain just chant that rain rain rain :lol:lol:lol:lol hugs and sister love:manyheart:manyheart:manyheart
  9. the pattern is beautiful and personally i love the pink cammo great job keesha you did a wonderful job with it, not everyone enjoys cammo as you said but gosh isn;t it nice that so many of us do i got to make that shawl too one of these days, and in those colors :D:D
  10. pm me your addy hon i have some already made and can share them with you:hug:hug thanks for doing this for this woman and her kids your a angel yourself:hug:hug
  11. tia do you know how to make granny squares? those are easy and you can make them as big as you need them sweetie. if not let me know and i will try and find some other easy ones. my sis knows that we are all busy with the holidays and she said grannys are fine so anyways let me know kk thank you for wanting to help:hug:hug:hug
  12. i will make what you need sis, this makes me so sick to my stomach i want to throw up, how very sad that people can do this to innocent children and the mother does nothing i hope they hang both of them i will make what you need talk to ya soon
  13. you can count on me sis i will make as many as i can
  14. toni, maybe you started a new thing ya know like DD can stand for alot of things darling daughter darn daughter ect so who says LOL has to stand for laugh out loud. i like your version better LOL to you back(your version of it):hug:hug:hug
  15. hi lee will send you some i have alot of 8in made up in purples greens and blues will this work? just need your addy sweetie, welcome to the ville sorry did not say earlier i also have a spinal cord injury so know what ya mean about back pain long story short i live in severe pain also so know what your going thru i hope this will help hugs
  16. you can do it either by hand or by machine make a pocket and then put inside and hand stitch it in works great:hug:hug
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