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  1. Oh my goodness, they are gorgeous. I admire your patience to work with such fine thread and needle. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  2. Love the colors and the turtle is oh so cute! Great idea!
  3. msmusic

    Afghan In Progress

    This is just gorgeous! Definitely a winner of a pattern ... Good luck with the write-up, and I will be interested to hear when you have the pattern available to purchase,too. If you are short on testers, let me know, I'd be happy to help in that capacity as well.
  4. Beautiful! It looks snuggly and warm.
  5. I love how this turned out ... It is a wedding gift for a young couple getting married next week. Pattern is from Crochet Today, Nov-Dec 2011 issue
  6. They are all lovely! Thanks for sharing.
  7. it's beautiful, Heather! I love seeing your work.
  8. msmusic

    Stitch Sampler

    Beautiful! I loved working on the ones I've completed, too. Can't wait to see your solid one.
  9. Really, really pretty! I love the colors you chose, it's so cheery!
  10. Oh, yours turned out lovely! I'm glad my version inspired you! They are easy to do once you have the pattern down.
  11. thanks everyone - the pattern can be found here: http://www.bernat.com/pattern.php?PID=3663 You need a Bernat login to access the pattern. Kim Guzman's is very similar to it, but I haven't tried her version yet.
  12. I love it, it looks fabulous!
  13. msmusic

    colorful afghan

    What a beautiful assortment of colors - it's gorgeous!
  14. msmusic

    Turtle afghan

    great job! I'm sure the young fella hugs it daily!
  15. msmusic

    Daisy Afghan

    You did a beautiful job with this afghan. I agree, it's such a burst of spring freshness!
  16. msmusic

    Daisy Afghan

    Agreed! Another method is to finish 25% of the afghan and sew in all ends, that way you have a sense of accomplishment sooner!
  17. Yes, it is available here on Crochetville - do a search for Jacob's Ladder Round Ripple (or Jacob's Ladder RR). Have fun with it!
  18. What a gorgeous first project - can't wait to see more of your work posted here. Great job!
  19. This is gorgeous - my kind of colors, too! It came out perfect!
  20. Congratulations, Julee, I love the pattern. I am using your pattern to make an afghan for my neighbor - he loves black, brown & grey, so I will use black as the primary color. Hope to have it complete by the end of Feb.
  21. Thanks everyone! I have another in mind to make from scraps with black bordering ... it will be awhile until I can tackle that one.
  22. I love it, this is beautiful! Perhaps on another one you might consider blending in a strand of pearlized/opalescent thread with the crochet cotton, and that would really give it a seashell effect.
  23. This is a free pattern on the Bernat website. Theirs uses two contrasting colors. The young lady I made this for loves pink & purple, so I used two pastel shades with a plum outline. All in Caron One Pound ... ta dah!
  24. ooooohhhhh, pretty! I just finished one using this same (or very similar) pattern! Love how you used all scraps, it turned out great!
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