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  1. Yes, it is available here on Crochetville - do a search for Jacob's Ladder Round Ripple (or Jacob's Ladder RR). Have fun with it!
  2. I love the dark tones, Debbie - great way to use up those scraps!
  3. I've just finished this one for a young lady in my church choir who will be off to William & Mary next fall. Julee, I love this pattern!
  4. Thanks everyone, for your comments. Next RR in the queue is for a young lady in my church choir who got in to William & Mary on early acceptance ... so some green/gold is in my future. I have plans to use Red Heart for this one. I have a few other projects lined up first, so this next one will take awhile to complete.
  5. Here's my latest for a student at Longwood Univ. in Virginia. First time I've used Vanna's Choice ... I love working with it, but I'm not sure it will take the abuse of a college washer/dryer, LOL! Anyone use Vanna's Choice for a RR? What's your experience with VC holding up over time?
  6. I will have another to share soon ... I've been working on one for a friend's daughter who attends Longwood U. in VA. This is the first time I'm using Vanna's Choice yarn and I love it! I'm using Colonial Blue and Silver Gray with an 8-pt pattern. Every one of the recent ones looks fantastic and I'm glad we're all still sharing these here!
  7. Jeannie - this turned out just gorgeous! LOVE the shade of brown. Thanks for reminding me of this pattern, I have a few wedding presents to make for 2011 ...
  8. I love your red & white as well - it's crisp and fresh looking. great job!
  9. So sorry, but the pattern is copyrighted and I am unable to write it out for you. That's why I gave the book name - you may be able to find a used copy on Ebay or another auction site. Try CrochetDad/Gene's 9-point RR - I've made a few of them as well and his patterns are easy to follow.
  10. Here's my VA Tech RR for a young lady I know: I like this 8-pt RR pattern because you don't have to count rounds to do increases at the points. It uses 2dc, ch2, 2dc at the points on every round once the flower middle is established. Nice and mindless stitching ... The pattern is in Leisure Arts New Crochet Basics titled "Ripple Baby Afghan." Everyone's projects look great! I love the red one that's in progress.
  11. I'll have my VA Tech RR finished tomorrow, I hope. Pic coming soon!
  12. Really pretty, Judy! I like the two-strand ones, they work up so quickly.
  13. Can you stand one more? Penny seems attached to this one, and royal blue is definitely her color This one is going to a college student. It was finally cool enough to complete it!
  14. I have two more in my queue to finish ... will have pictures here soon of progress and finishing. Both going to college freshmen - the hot hot hot of summer and cantankerous AC kept me from completing them sooner.
  15. Judy see my most recent post for the new pattern link
  16. thanks everyone for your comments. I stumbled upon the Sew on Fire pattern via Ravelry not too long ago, since the link was changed ... try http://www.sewonfire.com/pattern_roundripplebabyafghan.html The picture is not the pattern provided - the pattern is the round ripple we know and love.
  17. The first is a graduation gift and the second will be a baby shower gift:
  18. LegalWoman17 - your RR turned out great. Love the greens! And on the de-stash!
  19. I always seem to have one or more RRs in process these days! This first one is in RHSS Amethyst & white, 12-pt Sew on Fire pattern: And this second one is CrochetDad's 9-pt ripple done in double-strand RHSS with N hook:
  20. Here's the latest one that someone asked me to make for a friend of theirs: It's Bernat Softee Baby - and boy, is it soft! I love working with this yarn, but you have to take your time because it tends to split when working with it. Don't try to make anything in a hurry with it!
  21. here's the most recent one for a college-bound teen: And I've started the next one - it will be purple/white.
  22. Thank you! I am in the midst of making 6 more in various college colors for my nephew and other young folks we know from our churches - and a baby one that has been requested of me by mid-August. Almost have the first college one done, and have queued up all the yarn thanks to some recent sales! Will post as I finish them.
  23. here's another that I just finished in RHSS delft blue & ocean variegated:
  24. Here is mine on its side: And here is a closeup. I love how it turned out, I hope the bride and groom love it as well! The colors were as the bride requested.
  25. Not ookie colors at all - very cheery! Yes, that looks like it.
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