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  1. Hi Ladies, Merry Christmas! It's been a long time since I've been here. I can't wait for this year to be over and my family to have a fresh start in 2020. My cousins husband has stage 4 stomach cancer and it is not operable. DD is having marriage problems. She is letting him stay at the house. Two miles from where she lives there was a home invasion. This couple and baby had only lived there for 2 weeks. The husband was killed and 3 police officers were shot. So she is scared to be there with the kids by herself. They do have a rottweiler pup who is 9 months old. I told her she will let you know if someone is around. She said she will be getting a gun and learn how to protect herself and her family. She lives out in the country just a few miles from the closest little town. There area has been very quite until about the last 9 months. DS had problems with DGS (Payton) he has been diagnosed with Cyclothymia which is almost bipolar but he don't meet the criteria for #1 & #2 bipolar so it's that plus adhd. The counselor said to have them both at the same time will be a long road for him but can be managed. DS, Payton and Jocelyn spent the first two weekends of the summer months at are house. The third weekend they went to Chicago where DS lives. It's was a long and different summer for all of us. I hope they get the right medicine that will work for him. The granddaughter who had five kids now has number six. I am really disgusted with her. These kids are 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 1 month old. Of course now she says she doesn't want any more kids. Bad topic for me. But on a good note her brother Zach and bought his first home. He's a correction officer and doing well for himself. Maya is 13 now. I don't know where the time has gone. She is such a joy! We facetime all the time. She is getting so grown up. She plays the flute in band. Her class is the biggest they have had in awhile. Gerimiah just turned 4 a month ago. He is such a joy! He uses the ipad and facetime a lot. He still wants to snug with his grammy. I love it! His mom called me last week one night after they got home from work/school (he goes to pre school now) we wanted his grammy. He woke up the next morning with drainage from one ear (he has tubes in both ears his second time). Off to the doctor he had an ear infection and sinus infection. Preschool has been so good for him. He has blossomed so much. I asked him what he wanted for Christmas. He said a Christmas banana. I asked Maya how we going to get a Christmas banana. She said wrap it with Christmas wrapping paper. LOL I asked him what else and he said stinky socks. I asked Maya where he came up with these at and she said he watched the Grinch movie. He got a Christmas banana. It had a ribbon on it. And new stinky socks. I got pneumonia again in November. I went to urgent care on the 18th and was diagnosed. Thankfully my oxygen was to bad. I am just getting over the cough. It just doesn't want to leave. We are in Texas now for the winter. We got here on the 7th. We have had some cold days but quite a few warm days. Hubby is schedule for foot surgery in May after we get home. There going to replace a joint on his big toe where it connects to his foot. It is arthritis and very painful and stiff. The surgeon said it's just like a hip replacement. I read back a few pages. Seen some really nice projects. I finally finished a RR for DGS Maddon. He is two now. I brought the yarn with me to make another American Flag that I will donate to a family that I grew up with. One of the girls lost a son in Afghanistan. They have a weekend of fundraising. They do a poker run and raise money for a veterans group. I'm not sure what else goes on. Cindy, It sounds like you retired since I was on here last. Congratulations! I love that I don't have to go out on the snowy/slippery roads if I don't have to. Your stockings are cute. I hope everyone had a nice day with family and or friends. We had a potluck Christmas dinner here at the park today. Last night we had a gift exchange. Man bought for a man and the same for women with a 10.00 limit. You were able to steal from someone if you wanted what they had and didn't want to open a gift. It was a lot of fun. Hope to back soon! Have a great week!
  2. Hi Ladies, I went back and read thru the post into February. Seen some really nice projects/gifts. Judy that's a lovely picture of you. Mona, Wishing you and DH the best. Judy, You are braver than me when it comes to getting rid of that mouse. Brenda, We live in a rural area also. Our doctor visits are 2 1/2 hours round trip. Could get some local, but I really like the ones we have. Cute way your niece announced her engagement. Mary Jo, So kind of you to make the dolls and give them to ladies at the nursing home. Cindy, Great idea making the grandkids neck warmers and a hat. As a kid I grew up in the country and we lived on a farm. We were out sledding and ice skating no matter how cold it was. We got home from Texas last tuesday. It was a very cold and very, very wet winter. Probably are second coldest winter there. A group of us ladies started a quilting/sewing group. We had a couple of fundraisers. We had a chili cook off and I crocheted another American Flag Afghan. We are going to buy supplies to have for someone to use if they don't have something. We made a holder to carry are rotary cutters in, soup bowl holders, baked potato bags (I love it. Potatoes taste just like there were baked in the oven), and placemats. The pattern for the placemats can be made into an afghan. It was so much fun! Can't wait to get things settled here so I can start sewing again. We had a good winter despite the weather. Both have stayed healthy. Maya and Gerimiah are coming this weekend. Yesterday was DD's birthday and she wants to go out saturday night. Gerimiah is going to spend next week with us. He was so excited to have us home. He did not want me to come home. He woke up yesterday morning and said where's my grandma? lol Hubby spent last weekend at his daughters house with granddaughter and her 5 kids. Tisa was in the hospital. She had an injection for the pain she has in her back. She had a reaction with her sugar. It jumped up to 800 so she called the ambulance. DS came by and visited us for just a few minutes on one of his runs to Texas. It was a nice surprise. Haven't any of his kids yet. He's in a battle with the ex and who knows how long this will go on. Can't wait until Jocelyn is 18. She will be turning 13 in a couple of weeks. I certainly missed being here. Until next time I hope everyone has a great weekend. It's going to be a cold weekend here, we may even get some snow.
  3. Merry Christmas everyone! Cindy, I hope your mil is adjusting well to her new living quarters. Changes are never easy. Hope your feeling better. Maya and Gerimiah are growing like weeds. She is 12 now and Gerimiah is 3. He is not happy about his grandma not being around. He told his mom he was coming to Texas. She asked how and he said flying. lol Today he told me I have to come back to his house. I told him I will, but it will be awhile and that I will let him know when. I have given him a tour thru facetime of the trailer to help him understand where I'm at. Judy, Sorry for the loss of your friend. Your afghan is beautiful! Mary, I hope having Sue around for a few days helps lighten the load. We had a Christmas Eve party here last night. Exchanged gifts (men for men and women for women). Then you could still someone else's gift. It was a lot of fun. No one stole my gift. I got a huge cooking pot that could feed an army a big pot of soup or anything. I don't cook that much food for anything. Found out there are a lot of women who don't cook. Lucky for them there husbands do. Today we had a potluck Christmas Dinner. We had 89 people. I hope everyone had a nice day.
  4. Hi Ladies, I went back through the pages since I was last here in July. I seen some beautiful work that you have all done. Brenda what is w4w? Judy, So sorry to hear about Sparkie. Hugs Cindy, Hard to believe your little GD is 4 already. Mary, I had to get glasses in 3rd grade they were ugly. I broke them on purpose on the playground. I told my mom they got broke on the playground, but not that I did it. I got new ones and they were not ugly. I just lost most of this post. I can't remember how to get it back. I need to get some stuff done here, so I will be back later. I hope everyone has a great day!
  5. Hi Ladies, I wanted to come and wish you all a Happy Fourth of July! We are staying home and replacing the kitchen floor. My brother gave us some flooring they had left over. My kitchen is small so I hope there is enough. If not we will be off to buy some. We will also be doing the bathroom floor this week. We have friends coming from Nebraska/Texas to visit all of us that live in Michigan in a couple of weeks. I have some projects that need to be done. After being sick for two summers I am ready to get things done. I will be going in the hospital this fall for 2-3 days. I needed to change one of my meds that the drug company was giving me at no cost. But when I refilled it in June it was 137.00. There was a 3,000.00 limit on it per 12 months. I found out my insurance doesn't pay much of it, the drug company was covering most of it. Which I was very thankful for being able to have. I'm back on the amoidarone now for a few months. This is the medicine they put me on and told me I was to young to be on as the side effects are not good for long term use. The medicine I will being going on I have to be in the hospital for 2-3 days to be monitored due to the problems it can cause. I'm not looking forward to that either. But on a fun note, Maya was here for a week and we meet her mom, Gerimiah, friends Liz, Colby and Cameron at the water park. Gerimiah came home with us for the weekend. DD had a biopsy monday so I took them home sunday and I came home yesterday. Mom is on vacation this week so they are home with them. Saturday I will meet them and the kids will come back. Gerimiah for a week and Maya the rest of summer. He told his mom last week he wanted to come to grammies house. Maybe next summer he can come for the summer like Maya does. I need to go get ready for the day. I'll be back and catch up soon.
  6. Hi Ladies, Thanks for your words regarding my losses. Saturday we met family members at MIL's apartment so everyone could take what they wanted. It went quite smoothly. We bought a lot of stuff home with us to a house that is already full. I did get a crocheted doily that was done by hubby's grandma. And lots of runners that she embroidered. Very pretty ones. Today we went back and picked up a love seat and helped clean everything else out. They have a cleaning company that comes in and cleans the apartment so we got lucky with that. Thursday we will pick up the file cabinet. No room in the car for it so his sister put it in her garage for us. Hubby has two appts thursday so it works for us. Mary, I am trying to take it easy now things are settling down. Sunday we stayed home and we replaced the bathroom faucet. I know I will not be a plumber in my next life. I told my son if it ever needs replaced again I will replace the whole cupboard it will probably be easier. I feel like doing lots of things but I still tire out easily. So I listen to my body and take it easy when it tells me. Did DH catch any fish? Brenda, We live an hour away from are hometown. We have been taking the back roads there lately. I was thinking this morning it's so pretty with all the new life on the trees. Just as nice as fall is when the trees change colors. Mona, Yeah for the lunch with DS and his family. I want to go to the flea market when Maya comes. She's never been to one and I think she will really enjoy it. We went to one in Texas. Cindy, New carpet, how nice! Lots of work but worth it. Hope everyone has a nice rest of the week!
  7. Good Morning Ladies, Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I spent it at DD's with all of them. Thanks for the hugs, prayers and thoughts for myself and family. We also lost hubby's mom the day after my brother died. I spent 7 of the 8 days my brother was in the hospital there with him and my family. Three of us stayed all night twice. We found out there he was in the final stage of copd. The doctor was surprised it had been a year since his last visit there. Uncommon with people in there final stage of copd. He's in a better place now. My MIL was 93. She to is in better place. I will miss them both a lot. Cindy, Congrats on the new granddaughter! Judy, A cute picture of you in your hat. You wear hats well. It's nice your brother came for a visit. That's a pretty baby afghan. I love the colors of those squares. What are you going to do with the squares? I bet you your goddaughter and her mom had a great visit. How is she liking Pennsylvania? Brenda, I looked those crockpot lid holders up and those are pretty neat things. My hometown (I don't live there any more) people paint rocks and hid them and people report finding them and rehoming them. I think it's a neat thing to do. Lots of work to do around here and lots of cleaning. I will be busy for awhile. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  8. Those are really cute towels. I like making towel toppers and gifting the towels. Thanks for sharing yours and your patterns.
  9. Hi Ladies, I sure have missed everyone. It has been a very busy winter for us. Replacing the trailer was pretty easy compared to all the work we had to do after getting it to the park. It’s like moving into a new home. Hubby had to level it, put it on bricks and tie it down. After all that we had to skirt it. And know he has tendentious in his elbow. He also having some chest issues. He has an appt with the cardiac in early May. I’m going to call and see if we can get his stress test done before his appt. The doctor said last year he should have one because it’s been 4 years since his last one. I thought he should go to Er this morning but he didn’t want to. We are on are way home today. We left later than usually but we did drive for 7 hours. Maya and Gerimiah are excited for us to be coming home. I can’t wait to see them. Gerimiah is growing. He loves Mickey Mouse and all his friends. He has all of them except Minnie. I bought him a MIckey Mouse hat and swimming trunks. Maya went with DS and his family to Disney in Florida on spring break. She bought him a Mickey Mouse hat and it is signed. Madden is getting pretty big to. He will be 8 months old this week. Did you all hear about Ellen and Lowe’s donation to Rockport HS to rebuild there gym. I heard it will cost 5 million to rebuild. They have 4 million now. With this donation and from insurance. We all said they should get 1 million from the funds George Strait raised. Word is no one in Rockport has received any yet. I did some crocheting done. Not as much as I would of if we had jam sessions like we did the past years. Suna decided not to have them. We don’t have to many players on are park and attendance was down last year. Maybe next year. I have been doing really well except my feet swelling. I hope after we get back home they go back to normal. I hardly ever had coffee. Some days I really missed it. We filtered the water and I even bought water at the store for coffee. One of my friends had problems with her feet swelling also. This is long enough. I’ll be back soon. I hope everyone has a great week!
  10. Hi Ladies, Mary, Happy Belated Birthday Wishes! Hope you had a great day! I hope DH's test come back good. Cindy, Happy Belated Birthday Wishes! We have been to Frankenmuth a couple of times. We bought a couple of big glass Christmas ornaments for Zack and Karli when they were little. Since they both are in there 20's that was a long time ago. You made a beautiful afghan for DD for her birthday. She is going to treasure it. We left on the 24th and arrived here at the park on the 26th. We had went to an rv show and found a trailer we both really liked. So I got online to see if the same model was available in Texas. It was, so I called the dealer and we put a deposit on it. We drove there did a walk through on the trailer and signed papers. We had to contact a driver to haul it to are park, but the salesman gave me a list of guys/companies they use. We were glad we did the walk through as I found one of the chairs was at least an inch short on one of it's legs. So they replaced it right there from another trailer just like it. One of the blinds needed tightening up but I don't think they did it as it don't stay up. One of the neighbors came over and did it for me and showed me how to do it. On the drive here we could see something flapping. We were probably 20-30 minutes into are drive before we could get the attention of the driver. We all pulled over and discovered 3 of the cloth panels that go the the sliding glass doors was what was flapping. Those three started shredding. I took pictures. I called the salesman and told him and was sent to a guy who said these things can happen in transit. I sent him pictures and we are waiting to see what they will do. I got a call from the secretary of state that they received a check for the title and plate for the trailer, but there is a 500.00 error. The plate was figured wrong 500.00 to much. So they should refund that to us since all the paper work is signed. We have a get together (we call it happy hour but only one or two will show up with alcohol) so we are off to that. I'll be back.
  11. Hi Ladies, We are finally on are way to Texas. My son rerouted us as there were 100 car accidents around 94 and 80 highways. Black ice. We didn’t get as far as we would of liked to but we are safe and that’s much more important. We went to an rv show last Thursday and found a trailer we really liked. I looked for one in Texas and found one. The cost of moving it to are rv park is a lot less. After things settle down (we will be moving into it) I’ll share some pictures. Leaving this morning was really hard. Gerimiah was home as daycares whole family has the flu. He was sick Saturday and Sunday. I had it Monday. Thankfully for both of us it was mild. Hi to the new ladies At The House. Your names are familiar but I don’t know you. I live in Michigan and winter in Texas. We were victims of hurricane Harvey and are trailer was damaged beyond repair. We usually leave December 26th but had to wait for things to be settled with the insurance company. I’ll be back soon and catch up with everyone. Have a good week everyone!
  12. Happy New Year Ladies! Christi, That's a beautiful poncho! Mary, We use to play croquet as kids at my grandparents. It was always a lot of fun. We don't have anything stored in are attic. It's about the only place we don't have. The garage and spare bedroom have it all. And they both are over due for a clean out. We are staying at DD's until we leave for Texas. Our water pump went out and hubby says since were gone for the winter we will replace it when we come home in the spring. DD said to just come here without even asking. The VA changed one of hubby's medicines and boy none of us are liking it (the side effects to him). I'm calling tomorrow and getting them changed back to what he was taking. DS has the kids over night today so they are coming to DD's and spend the night. It's going to be a full house here. Hope everyone has a great day!
  13. Hi Ladies, Joanne, The move sounds like the right thing. Lots of work, but worth it in the long run. Judy, Beautiful afghan and it will be so loved. We got snow yesterday and today so we have a white Christmas. It is pretty, but it wasn't fun driving in it yesterday. We went to step daughters for Christmas with her family and dinner and I went to my kids Grandma's house for Christmas with my son and his family and Grandma, Kelly and Erin. Today we had Christmas with DD, her family and my SIL's mom flew in last night from California. She's never met these kids before. A nice treat for everyone. I had a catscan on my lungs and an ultrasound on my right leg. I am blood clot free. I also am not using the oxygen. Once in awhile I feel like I need it especially out shopping. I just stop and catch my breath and all is good again. I hope everyone has a good week! Stay warm and be careful!
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