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  1. Crochet Pattern Central was moved to a new server this week. If you cannot access it, it is due to temporary DNS issues that will resolve themselves shortly. So, check back!
  2. Thank you all so much! You are so sweet.
  3. Hi all, After nine years (I can't believe it has been that long - time flies when you're having fun!!!) filled with amazing memories and so many talented crocheters, the time is right for me to retire from maintaining CPC. Instead of spending time finding patterns, I will be able to spend time following some of them. I will always treasure my time spent maintaining Crochet Pattern Central!!!! CPC will go on – no worries on that front. Expect new pattern links and eventual improvements, just like always. Happy crocheting, Rachel
  4. RachelG

    Sea Mist Earrings

    They're gorgeous! I vote both. Some with crystals and some without. That way you can make several pairs.
  5. Those are fun! I've not tried the crocodile stitch but I love the look of it.
  6. You're right, that shawl is GORGEOUS!!
  7. You're just being honest. And I agree 100%.
  8. Oh wow those are so elegant!!!!!!!
  9. Amy, I wanted to vote and went to the link you provided but there is no place to type in Crochetville and submit it. I tried viewing the page in both Mozilla Firefox and Explorer. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. There is something about logging into Facebook. Does one have to be a Facebook member / log into Facebook first?
  10. Your link loaded without a problem. Everyone's right...it has to do with the weather. My site stats are always down down down the hotter it gets and up up up the colder it gets.
  11. We're glad you all find it useful!
  12. It's beautiful! (I love how you took the photos too...with pretty props.)
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