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  1. Good Morning. Of course I'm up early even though I don't have to be. Our temps are up in the 50s this morning, that's still a little chilly for me. I'm enjoying my coffee and then I plan to do some sewing, I need to finish a dress for my granddaughter and make tops to go with the skirts I made last weekend. I guess I should do some laundry too since it's nice to wear clean clothes. I hope you all have a great day.
  2. Hello from south Florida!
  3. They're adorable!
  4. Hello. It was 44 with a feels like of 37 when I headed out to work this morning, the wind was cutting through me even with layers of clothes and a jacket on. Pineknott, as much as I like having my planning days I'm not sure I would want the school year extended in june. My school district is in session more days than the saw requires so we only had to give up 2 early release days to make up for hurricane Irma. I stopped at Whole Foods on my home because I decided I wanted some yummy bread to go with split pea soup I had in the freezer. I'll probably take some for lunch tomorrow to, it's perfect for this weather. Then a stop at Joann's to get fabric to make tops to go with the skirts I made for my oldest granddaughter last weekend. Now I'm relaxing on the sofa. I hope you all have a wonderful and warm night.
  5. Hello from south Florida!
  6. Hello from south Florida!
  7. Hello, Katy, I think it's kind of funny that you're excited about 40 degree temps and I'm dreading it being in the 40s tomorrow morning when I leave for work. Snowbear, I'm glad to hear your mom is doing better. Carole, it sounds like you are feeling better, I hope you have hot water again. Owlvamp, those are some very spoiled and very loved fur babies. Immafreek, I'm sorry to hear about your back problems. Jade is adorable. I took care of my littlest granddaughter yesterday after work. Today I went to walmart after work and did most of my grocery shopping. There were a few things walmart didn't have so after unloading and putting away those groceries I went to Publix to finish my shopping. My doctors office called with the results from my blood work on Monday and my cholesterol is higher than last year and I need to really watch what I'm eating and start exercising or I will need meds soon . I think I'm tired now so I will say good night.
  8. Good Morning, Brenda, the hat and hot pads are great. Carole, I hope you all get rid of that bug soon. Mary Jo, it's still chilly in south Florida too. It's a holiday so we are off from school today. I woke up at my usual 4:30 and went back to sleep until about 7:15. I stayed up until about 11:30 last night hoping I would sleep late today. I have a 10:45 doctors appt. and can't eat or drink until after the appt. I called just over a month ago for the appt. hoping to get in as soon as they opened but those appts. were already filled. It's my annual check up and blood work. Then I'm going to the imaging place next door to my doctor's office to see if I can get my mammogram if they can't get me in today I'll make an appointment for after work. When I'm done with all that I'm picking up coffee and a snack at Starbucks. Then it's back to my sewing room until I have to face the real world again tomorrow. I hope you all have a wonderful day and stay warm.
  9. Hello everyone. It's in the 50s here but the wind is making it feel like the 40s. I dressed in layers to go to church and make a stop at Joann's for some elastic and sale patterns. Then my son-in-law dropped of my grandbaby for the day, she is napping right now. I finished 3 cushion covers and an apron yesterday and most of a skirt, I felt very productive and accomplished . I probably won't get much else done today since the little princess keeps me pretty busy. I hope you are staying safe and warm. Enjoy the rest of the day.
  10. He is adorable!
  11. Good Morning. Carole, I hope you are feeling better soon. Mary Jo, I hope the shots work. The pillowcases are beautiful, Brenda does such beautiful work. Frozen cars and roads with sheets of ice sound very scary. I've been in south Florida for 40 years now and I don't think I could handle those kinds of winters again. Kristy, Frank Peretti is one of my favorites, but I don't much reading these days, too many other things that I need or want to do. I spent the past 2 afternoons/evenings babysitting. Thursday was my grandbaby and yesterday was a friends 2 little girls. They're all really good kids so it was pretty easy. I am spending today in my sewing room . I haven't had much time in here over the past 3 or 4 weeks with the holidays and grandkids and back to work, so I am looking forward to getting a lot done today. And doing laundry, the rest of the adulting stuff will have to wait until tomorrow or Monday . I hope you all have a great day. Stay warm and safe.
  12. Hello from south Florida!
  13. Hello Not much happening here, work, groceries, dinner and now I can crochet if I can keep my eyes open. We had a grey day with a little rain but temps were comfortable.
  14. Hello everyone. Yesterday was back to work but no students so it was pretty easy. Then I picked up my grandbaby from daycare. I didn't get to bed until about 10:30 and of course as soon as my head hit the pillow my mind brain went into overdrive with ideas so it was after 11 before I fell asleep. I was up at 4:30 this morning as usual. Students were back today so it was a little busier but still a good day, I'm just very tired, it'll take a couple days to get back into routine. As I was leaving work I suddenly wanted orange chicken and steamed rice from Panda Express so I picked that up for dinner, it was yummy. I need to get a couple of things done around here and then I'm going to call it a night. I hope everyone has a great night.
  15. Hello from south Florida!