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  1. Hello from south Florida!
  2. Hello from south Florida!
  3. Good morning, I just realized that I didn't stop in yesterday. The fundraiser walk yesterday morning was fun but hot. Then I stopped at Joann's and came home and got busy with stuff around here. Today it'll be church and then home to do a little laundry and hopefully some stitching. Have a great day everyone.
  4. Happy Friday! Mary Jo, why are you putting your head in the freezer? I use my standing mixer a lot so it stays out on the counter. The toaster gets put in the pantry between uses. I don't have a dishwasher either because I didn't want to give up storage space. I could really use a new kitchen sink, mine is acrylic and is scratched up. Everything else in the kitchen is ok. I'm back at my daughter's house for the night, we're doing a fundraiser walk early in the morning with a group from her job. Other than that I don't have any real plans for the rest of the weekend. I hope you all have a great weekend.
  5. Welcome back!
  6. Hello from south Florida!
  7. Very cute.
  8. Good Morning, I guess Irma caused sinus problems for all of us. I've tried Mucinex but it didn't help, I prefer Advil Sinus and using lemon, peppermint and lavender oils in my diffuser. The pictures from the islands don't look good and the pictures from Mexico look even worse, it's heartbreaking. We really need to keep praying. I spent the night at my daughter's house to take of the baby today but my daughter got a "push back" call this morning so she is still home. They can still call her into the hospital until 1 pm so I'll hang around until then. I forgot we are doing an autism fundraiser walk this Saturday until we went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to get t-shirts and iron on transfer paper for the printer, my daughter is printing t-shirts for us. So I picked up some puzzle print fabric and I'm going to make my granddaughter a skort to match her shirt for the walk. Looks like my day off is going to be busy. My daughter decided to go get Starbucks for us this morning. I drink decaf coffee because caffeine and I don't always play well together. As she walked back into the house she realized that my coffee was not decaf, I'm drinking it anyways so it might be an interesting and very energetic day I hope all of you have a wonderful day.
  9. Very pretty.
  10. Hello. I've heard about the rock painting and hiding but I haven't participated in it. Mary Jo, have they restocked the shelves completely, our stores are still trying to get caught up. Maria is suppose to turn north but what she does after that will depend on what Jose does since he is still hanging around, at least that's what the weather man said this morning but we all know those storms have a mind of their own. I know the islands have been hit hard, I'm praying for everyone there. We have the day off from school tomorrow, it's Rosh Hashana. My daughter has to work so I get to spend the day playing with my granddaughter. Guess that's about it for my corner of the world. Have a great evening.
  11. They're adorable.
  12. Hello from south Florida!
  13. Those are very cute.
  14. Hello Ladies, Not much happening here. Work and a dentist appointment and now some laundry and dinner. I am still tired, my body needs to get adjusted to being back to work. Have a good evening.
  15. Very cute