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  1. Good morning. I've been up for little over an hour just puttering around. I'm all by myself today, I think it's the first day since I've been on summer break, and I'll be missing the kids by this afternoon. I'm planning to spend the day in my sewing room. I set up my new ironing board this morning and it is very nice and sturdy, it has a wider top too which will be great for sewing projects. Guess that's about it for me for now. Have a great day.
  2. Hello, Mary Jo, baby tree is adorable! My little granddaughter is napping so I thought it would be a good time to pop in to say hello. The little princess woke up way too early this morning so hopefully she will take a really good nap. Our shopping trip for a new ironing board yesterday wore me and my daughter out. It has been a very long time since either of has walked the entire length of the outlet mall twice, I couldn't believe how tired I was when we got home yesterday. But it was also a lot of fun, we had lunch and found some good bargains along with the new ironing board. Today the little one and I stopped at Walmart for a few things on the way to my house and then came home to play. I'm glad I did my errands this morning because it is now 93 degrees with a feels like of 103. I hope all of you are having a wonderful day.
  3. Those are very nice.
  4. Good Morning. I wish my body would figure out that it's summer break and I don't need to be up before the sun, oh well. I'm enjoying my morning coffee and playing on the computer. I'll be heading to my daughter's for the day and I need to go buy a new ironing board today, mine gave out and collapsed a few days ago, they get a real work out at my house irons don't last more than a couple of years either. I guess that's about it for me for now. Hope everyone has a great day.
  5. Hello, I made it home today after a stop at the grocery store. I have my littlest granddaughter with me for the day. I've emptied and repacked my bag to go back to my youngest daughter's house tomorrow since she works on Thursday and will need me to watch the little one. Yesterday's lunch turned into a bit of an adventure. The restaurant we went to is near the inlet and marina so we took a walk after lunch. We found a manatee education and observation center but it's closed on Mondays so we will have to go back another day. The restaurant is also in a historic district and my daughter and I always enjoy seeing the older buildings, one of the buildings has been there since 1882 it was trade center for boats and cattleman. It has some small shops in it now. Brenda, I'm working on some dragon scarves, here's a link to the book https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/crochet-ever-after-18-crochet-projects-inspired-by-classic-fairy-tales I don;t even try to grow plants any more, I think I could kill anything. The little princess just finished her lunch so I'd better go get things cleaned up. Have a great day everyone.
  6. Good Morning, I've been awake for a long time but haven't done much. Mary Jo, you're very busy already today. Lyn, hope all goes well with your doctor appointment. I think my daughter, grandkids and I are going to lunch and maybe a stop at Joann's or Hobby Lobby and then I will need to leave. I'll be heading to my other daughter's house so I can watch the little one tomorrow while my daughter works. That's about it for me. Have a great day.
  7. My guess on the stockings is 73. The new Incredibles 2 movie was pretty good, we all enjoyed it. The kids are in the pool now and the adults are sitting on the patio. It's actually pretty comfortable with a slight breeze and the ceiling fans going. My son-in-law is going to grill burgers and hot dogs for dinner. It's been a very relaxing day.
  8. Good Morning, Mary Jo, the placemats are very pretty. We made it to my daughter's house yesterday before lunch. Just hung out at the house and made a quick trip to Old Navy, my granddaughter is going to camp at the end of the week and needed a couple pairs of shorts and a new bathing suit. I did some crocheting last night, finished the body section of one of the dragon scarves I'm working on. I think we're planning to go to the movies this afternoon to see Incredibles 2. Temp here is 77 already with 97% humidity, it's going to be a very hot and sticky day, I'm sure the grandkids will be in the pool sometime today. I guess that's about it for me. I hope everyone has a great day.
  9. Those are very pretty.
  10. Good Morning, I've been awake since about 3:50 a.m., but didn't get out of bed until about 6:30 because I was afraid I would wake the grandkids. So I'm having coffee and then I'll get ready to take the kids home. That's my plans for the day. I hope you all have a great day.
  11. Brenda, that's a lot of mini stockings and the afghan looks great, you have been very busy. I finished my grandson's bag and did a little more sewing today while the grandkids occupied themselves, it was kind of a laid back day. We're getting ready to get comfortable on the sofa with a movie and some popcorn, I might do a little crocheting too. Have a good night.
  12. That's nice
  13. Good morning, late morning but still morning. I was up early but was busy with bills and laundry and grandkids. I finished a bag I was sewing for my grandson since they will be going home tomorrow. We don't really have any plans for today. I think July and August need to be catch up and try to get ahead on squares for me, sorry to everyone that I haven't sent squares to yet this year. Mary Jo, those little dolls are too cute. Brenda, the scrubbies and coasters are super cute. Katy, I'm not sure what we can do either, I don't want to lose our little group. Ok I need to go deal with children. Have a great day everyone.
  14. Those are very cute.
  15. Hello everyone. The grandkids kept me very busy yesterday and by the time the littlest one went home and I got the other 2 settle for the night I was too tired to do anything. Today I only had the 2 oldest so the day was a little more relaxed. We baked cookies and made jewelry. I worked on some pajama pants, did laundry and made chicken and noodle soup (granddaughter requested homemade) while the kids played. Now we are relaxing and watching a movie. Tomorrow will be busier since we are going to the splash pad and then Monkey Joe's bounce houses and inflatable slides, my youngest daughter and granddaughter will going with us. I guess that's about it for me. Have a great night.