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  1. Hello Life is very busy these days so I haven't had a chance to pop in as often as I would like but I wanted to say hello
  2. Good morning! I slept in until almost 5 this morning. I attended church online and I'm hemming the kitchen towels I was weaving. Not sure what I'll do the rest of the day but I'm sure I can find something to do. Have a great day everyone!
  3. Good Morning Quiet here today. I need to do laundry and go to the grocery store, I should probably do some cleaning too. I hope you all have a great day.
  4. Hello. I missed getting on here yesterday because I was tired beyond exhaustion, some days are just like that. Today was tiring but not as bad as yesterday. I worked and ran a couple of errands on the way home. After dinner I might play with some yarn. I hope everyone is doing well.
  5. Good morning. I have the day off and no little granddaughter today so I think I will relax and weave or crochet or something fibery . Sandra I use a rigid heddle loom for weaving. I have this one https://www.ashford.co.nz/products/weaving/product/sampleit-loom2. Mine is 16" wide but I'm thinking I might want a wider one. I would really like a floor loom but they are really out of my budget range. Ratdog your cross stitch is so pretty. Reni I hope you're feeling better, headaches can be so miserable. Lyn I hope the piggies get to their home soon, the mail lately has
  6. It's beautiful and a wonderful gift!
  7. Good chilly morning. It's a little too cold for my liking this morning, 50 degrees. On my crochet hooks I have a sweater that I'm attempting from some really pretty fingering weight merino yarn. And I have some kitchen towels on my weaving loom. My little granddaughter will be here today so I don't how much I will get to work on either project but it will be a good day either way. I hope you all have a wonderful day.
  8. Hello everyone! It's been a bit of a crazy day and I am beyond tired. I'm hoping to do a little crocheting to relax and hopefully sleep good tonight. I hope everyone has a very enjoyable weekend.
  9. Welcome to Crochetville!
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