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    things to give as gifts
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  1. Welcome to Crochetville!
  2. Good morning, Quiet day here, I'm crocheting a dress for my granddaughter's doll and enjoying a marathon of The Librarians. Have a good day!
  3. Good Morning! We had thunder yesterday but no rain, Florida weather I've waded through water at Disney a few times. One of the cast members told us during a rain shower that people get angry with them when it rains, like they can control the weather. Laundry and grocery shopping today. Hope you all have a great day.
  4. Welcome to Crochetville!
  5. Those are very pretty and fun.
  6. cshort


    Welcome to Crochetville!
  7. Good morning everyone! Hope you all have a great day!
  8. That is a lovely gift and sure to bring many smiles to your friend.
  9. Welcome to Crochetville!
  10. Good Morning Brenda, prayers for your sister and family. Usual stuff today, laundry, cleaning, etc. Have a good day everyone.
  11. Welcome to Crochetville!
  12. Of course we missed you. It sounds like you had a great time. Good luck with your book.
  13. Good Morning It's quiet here this morning with no grandkids or puppy, it won't last long, my little granddaughter will be here tomorrow. I'm working on costumes again today, I'm hoping to have them finished this week. Hope you all have a great day.
  14. Welcome to Crochetville!
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